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Joey Nunes

2 years ago

Loved all staff overall amazing vets with great prices

Michelle Silver

2 years ago

Fix your hours on Google.

Jenn Swisher

2 years ago

I highly highly recommend this banfield location. Dr. Rahim and Dr. Farnsworth are AMAZING. Debbie who is the vet technician is incredible. They are honest and give you the best suggestions tailored to your pets breed and age. Thank you all for what you do. -Shay and Jenn

Lesley B Mumma

2 years ago

Very attentive and thorough. A bit on the expensive side, however they referred me to some low income places

Rebekah Coelho

2 years ago

This is my first ever review. I have been going to this location for years and have only continued going because we found such a wonderful vet there - Dr.Rahim. However, the staff are extremely rude, rushed and aggressive to both humans and animals. They are unprofessional and unkind. Today was the final breaking point. Dr. Rahim has recently left this clinic and we have not yet found another vet. Our dog needed a refill of his medication and so I scheduled for 1pm today. Unfortunately my partner is out of town and so, I had to take the dog and baby together to the appointment. There is literally NEVER a parking at this location so after circling endlessly I finally found a spot and was ten minutes late. As soon as I walked in the woman at the front desk started aggressively and loudly telling me I could not be seen because I’m already in to my appointment and they have other appointments. I explained to her and apologized and told her it would be a five minute appointment and she would not listen. Continuously interrupting me and raising her voice. There was not a single other person in the clinic. I was in tears with my baby and a dog in pain and had to leave. Please spare yourself and go to another location - there are so many in Denver!

Adam B.

2 years ago

I've interacted with multiple Banfield locations and this is without a doubt the best location in the Denver area. The entire staff, from front desk, to techs, to the vet team... Are all wonderful and carrying people that actually want to care for your pet. We've had nothing but great experiences.

Tony McDowell

2 years ago

Always excited to see and help my pup a lup

Cindy Wahkinney

2 years ago

BEWARE! Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible place! Left my dog in an isolation kennel for 9 hours with no opportunity to go outside to use the bathroom. She was so traumatized that she chewed through her very expensive halter collar which was left within her reach. I've had this dog for 8 years and she has NEVER chewed ANYTHING! Dr. Jacobs was rude, short, and totally unconcerned when she called to tell me the results of her examination. I was told that the drop off appointment was with her regular veterinarian Dr. Farnsworth who is wonderful! I am very sad that Dr. Farnsworth moved to this location because I will never take my dog there again!!!!!!

Gene Geiger

2 years ago

Great care great lady Vet.. lucky to get her

Alexandra Ryan

2 years ago

My pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) had been patients at two other Banfield locations in Seattle for 4 years before we moved to Denver and started going to Capitol Hill. When we moved, we were contemplating even staying with banfield because we always felt nickel-and-dimed in Seattle and each visit felt incredibly impersonal. We are no longer considering switching because this location is so fantastic! All the staff has been really great, but particularly love working with Dr. Farnsworth. We have super anxious and shy little dogs and they are always great with them. I also really like the Wellness plans because it spreads costs out over the year rather than being hit all at once.

Kendall Maddox

2 years ago

I just love Dr. Farnsworth! She's the Best!

Lauren L

2 years ago

to begin, I have never done a Google review. My interaction was just so horrid that I feel compelled to share with others so that hopefully they can stay away and it wont happen to them as well. I have been going to Banfield in Seattle for 4 years, it had been a really great experience. However, my review is strictly for this location in Capitol Hill. First off, my cat's diet has recently changed and he no longer wants to eat his dry food which is very weird for him. My first interaction at this location was with the tech. She was completely dismissive of my concerns and said "it's probably because he just randomly became picky, so if you just leave the food out, he'll eat when he gets hungry, even if that's in 4 days or so". Excuse me?? As a nurse for humans, change in diet is very concerning. Plus if you go in, already with preconceived notions about what's going on, you aren't going to be doing your absolute best to help out and get to the root of the problem. 20 minutes later I get a call from Dr. Jacobs saying that his kidney lab levels are elevated but he's just so aggressive that they are unwilling to investigate further. I was in complete shock at this. 1 if there's something wrong with his kidney's that's extremely important to get more information on. 2, I have never ever heard about him being aggressive or mean to anyone. I have brought him to different friends place, take him on walks, leave him at family or friends homes when I am out of town, I have never had a problem. If he is hissing though, this is a vet and they should be able to complete cares on him. That is what they do. Clearly, there is something wrong with how they were trying to care for him. Not only was my interaction with the tech bad and dismissive, it was the same when speaking with Dr. Jacobs. She was completely dismissive, condescending and short when answering our questions and concerns. It was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a vet. She didn't even seem to have compassion or care about what was going on. When picking him up, they were so concerned about his "aggression" that I was required to walk into the back and get him out of the crate myself. Again, I've been going to the Seattle Banfield twice a year for 4 years, this has NEVER happened to me. As soon as I got into the room, I opened his door, yes he was anxious, but with a treat in hand he was totally receptive. He even hopped out of the crate and was curiously wondering the room while I was talking to a different tech about discharge items. You would think they should be the specialists in caring for pets, even pets that are anxious. As a nurse I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve when handling "difficult" patients, but you are always able to get your cares done. So I have no idea what they were actually doing to him, because it clearly was mishandled and inappropriate. I will never be taking him to the Capitol Hill Banfield again, I would recommend no one ever go there or see Dr. Jacobs ever again too. It was such a bad experience I am debating canceling my wellness plan with them because of it.

Teashia Rose

2 years ago

they took good care of my clients cat

Jessica Bird

2 years ago

Everyone is kind. Entrance isn’t very friendly for pets that don’t love being in others faces. Pharmacy is lacking. Not very helpful doctors considering their pharmacy limitations. Also, didn’t love my last interaction with the doctor and their negative assumptions. Will move to the Banfield in Belmar.

Anne Severson

2 years ago

Only people I'll trust with my cat! Dr. Rahim was amazing, she even fit me in between surgeries when my cat was sick. Their wellness plan makes taking my cat to the actually affordable. Highly recommend!

Cameron Rice

2 years ago

I was told not to use Banfield by several dog owners because they apparently gouge per parents on unnecessary pricing and supposedly the health plans they offer are over priced compared to paying out of pocket, however I don’t get that vibe. Perhaps it’s because it’s a standalone location and not inside of petco/petsmart. I also like simply lying $50/month instead of al a carte as my new puppy is already costing WAY more than expected (my fault... I spoil her). The staff is great. Super friendly and my pup loves them too. She’s been in several times for shots and a micro chip and there’s no sign of her having anxiety or fear from the experience. They’re also extremely quick. I even managed to get an appointment within several days when seven other vets couldn’t get me in for weeks (assuming Covid played a part there). Would recommend for anyone who lives in the central downtown area.

Rebecca Roy

2 years ago

The one on Grant is amazing there always nice I have called them with random acts of information requested and they're always polite always patient keep up the good work and remember you do what others can't and we thank you

Tony Valdez (the vomit)

2 years ago

didn't honor my $250 voucher

Kelsey Gonzalez

3 years ago

Horrific customer service before our first appointment. Everything seemed to be a huge problem as per the sighs and attitudes given on the phone by the technicians.

mike fritz

3 years ago

Not a good place if you don't care to sign up for a monthly service. Plus a 49.95 enrollment fee on top of that?? No..

Colin Bailey

3 years ago

Great staff, my dog actually gets excited to go to see her vet! Would recommend.

Taryn Olivera

3 years ago

I am sad to post this review because the staff is very friendly and kind, but we took our little chihuahua in about a year ago because she was having some dental issues. They told us that her teeth look fine for her age and there’s no problem. Today we took her to a different vet recommended by a friend because I brushed her teeth and noticed they were loose in the front and two of them had fallen out! I was told by this new vet that there is significant bone loss and that all the front teeth including the canines have to be extracted because they are all incredibly loose. I asked if this type of thing could happen in a year and she said that this happened over two or three years. I wish banfield would have been a bit more thorough and we possibly could have prevented some of this. I am now looking at 1500+ to get all of these teeth extracted. We could have definitely kept the canines. It’s also upsetting to know that she has probably been in some amount of pain for a while and now she will have no front teeth. I don’t want to be scathing, but this is a pretty bad thing to miss if you ask me. Please take your pet somewhere else that isn’t just churning patients in and out.

Lauren Hefferon

3 years ago

They take unfailingly good care of our pup! We’ve worked with Dr Stasiak and Dr Rahim and she’s been in excellent hands for issues large and small. The front desk and vet assistant team deserves a special shout out as well. They’re great!

Mark Mogren

3 years ago

Friendly staff and very clean facilities!

Peace Franko

3 years ago

They are friendly as a staff to patrons and each other. Our puppy was treated with real care. We're going here for hisshots as well

Shannon Maney

3 years ago

This is a review for this Banfield location specifically, because I found a wonderful vet in the Broomfield location and a few that I liked when I lived in Charleston. However, the gross negligence by this location is the reason I am cancelling my wellness plan. They made me realize it's just a waste of money at this point. It was something every single time I went, but last month when I brought my dog in, it was the last straw. My dog has been on seizure medicine for several years now and they have refilled this prescription before. During his appointment in July, they were supposed to renew it again. However, the vet forgot to do so and when it came time to refill his prescription, I wasn't able to. When I called about this, they kept trying to brush me off and tell me I needed to talk to someone else about this, but when I insisted, they finally sent in the WRONG prescription. After even more pushing, the office manager corrected this herself. When I spoke to the pharmacists, they said this was a pretty common problem with banfield. The banfield employees were just plain lazy about this, no one wanted to actually help and the only reason anything got done was because I stayed on top of them with each mistake they made. Just beware. This location embodies all the negative things people have to say about Banfield. They don't really seem to care and you're going to get pushed from person to person.

Zachary Purcell

3 years ago

Told me my dog needed to see a vet immediately, but is unavailable until monday. This has happened a few times and the vet tech really couldnt pretend to care less. Never going to be my local vet because they cant be relied on unless you know almost a week ahead of time. Operated on and neutered my dog, buy unavailable for any phone call or visits about his difficulties

Zander Oklar

3 years ago

These guys are great! Take great care of my cat

Shannon Martinez

3 years ago

Great location and service! Staff is always friendly and loving towards your pet. Dr's are great too!

Kelly Nowlen

3 years ago

We entered on Sunday, May 24th around 11:50am, our dog was limping really badly, would barely move and so we went to this pet hospital. As soon as we walk in the first thing the receptionist asks is “do you have an appointment” while our dog is whining and clearly in pain. Like “sorry, no we don’t have an appointment we were expecting this?” She then goes, “well Have you been here before?” “No we haven’t” “well what happened” so we explain the situation and she says well i’ll go check with the doctors. Comes back and says they can’t take us in but we should go to urgent care instead. In an emergency we went to this pet hospital not knowing about the urgent care down the street at the time and we were happy to drive to the urgent care. The problem with this receptionist was that she showed no sympathy and was extremely rude to us while we were frightened for our dog. You literally have one job and that’s to help make clients coming in feel secure and comfortable that their dog will be fine with your care. We were googling a different place to go the moment this lady spoke her attitude was that bad.

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