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Daniel Solis

2 years ago

Very straight forward and very friendly! Very happy to find this place close to home!

Mo Day

2 years ago

We’ve been with All About Paws for a few years. They are always great with our dogs. Recently I showed up without an appointment to get my puppy checked out before I left town for the holiday and they quickly took him back and took care of him. His doctors are great and remember us when we come back each time. Thank you for taking care of us!

Liz Goodwyn

2 years ago

My dog Charlie was spayed there in December of 2021. The team was amazing! They were caring and informative. Very patient with all my questions and reassured me about the procedure. They texted me as soon as she was out of surgery and were very responsive with my post surgery questions. You can tell they really care about their patients and I’m very grateful for their care!

Sara Campos

2 years ago

I took my newly adopted dog, mama randy there and everything went great the tech took her time to pick her up so she could warm up to her and the Dr was great! The rescue I got her from does the spay/neuters there so I went ahead and did her wellness exam there as well. Overall great experience and they texted the next day to check on her.

Gloria Crawford

2 years ago

Excellent staff and personalized attention for our dog. Thank you Dr. Coleman and all of the amazing staff! I know my dog is in great hands!

Bella Slaviero

2 years ago

The All about paws veterinary team was very helpful in getting my puppy scheduled for his first check up appointment and his appointment to be neutered. When we went in for our first appointment, the vet techs were very helpful and kind. Our doctor was extremely knowledgable and let us ask as many questions as we needed and made sure that all of our concerns were addressed. Sometimes at doctors they are so busy that they don’t have time for questions but we absolutely felt heard when asking so many questions as new dog parents.

Elizabeth N

2 years ago

We've been bringing our cats here for many years. Always reasonable with their priced and explained everything they would do before doing it. Sometimes there is a little wait to be seen but the lobby is never crowded or crazy.

Mark Viglione

2 years ago

I took my cat Shadow in for advisement on an overeating problem and they were very accommodating and helpful, got an appointment within 2 days and they updated my cat's vaccines as well. The establishment is clean and well organized and the doctors are very nice and knowledgeable. They also checked on my cat via text message the next day to make sure he was OK.

kendall s

2 years ago

Always great with Freya and her needs.

Joel Hunter-Pirtle

2 years ago

Though this is not our normal vet since we live across town, the rescue we adopted our second dog from does all of their spays/neuters and initial wellness visits through All About Paws. The check-in and drop-off process for longer procedures is efficient, and all staff, techs, and vets were very nice and professional. I appreciated the prompt and complete communication I received while our dog was there. Once I picked up our dog, they gave me a number to text where I could ask any questions, and even send pictures in case we had inquiries about the healing process. This was very helpful, and all of my communication was responded to promptly. Maybe most importantly, all of their staff were very good with our dog, you can see they care a lot! I highly suggest All About Paws.

Jack Linhart

2 years ago

Quick and good price. Advise parking across the street and using the crosswalk though

Brandon Curiel

2 years ago

I really appreciate the Staff taking time to see my Pup earlier this summer when I called with an issue. The staff has been battling through lack of air condition on hot summer days. When I went in, it was very uncomfortable in the building. However, I super appreciate their dedication and commitment to pushing through and being available.

Armando J. Gonzalez Dorta

2 years ago

Their service is ok. But it is near impossible to get a hold of an actual Vet. If you care for your pet and need some professional opinion/help in ANY form of timely manner, this is NOT your place. It honestly feels as if you and your pet are nothing more than a number and another client. Not a person and an animal with actual worries and issues. We even had to follow up several times on important test results from our mascot, that was not doing well at all, and they kept "forgetting" to call us with the results, nor would they check up on our mascot as they said they would several times. Ones pet's are family and just as with family, you want the doctor/vet to pay attention/respect to your issues and VERY rough and stressful situations a loved one might go through. Along with provide timely and effective care for them. If your pet is like family to you, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. The ladies at the front are nice but the overall system and efficiency is extremely frustrating, slow, stressful to deal with and inefficient. This is all after being a client with them for years, it never got better, just worst.

Angel Henry

2 years ago

I scheduled a spay for my puppy and they never bothered to reach out and send the reminder for it or anything so I happened to have missed when I thought the appointment was. So when I called to see why I never received a reminder, I get told they NEVER EVEN SCHEDULED HER!! 4 months and they apparently only tried to reach out to me ONE time by phone call bc they didn't have her birthdate. They left no voicemails, no text, no email. They send ONE phone call and made an executive decision to not even schedule her appointment. So when I call to figure out why I never got my email reminder, or anything they told me it's bc they couldn't get a hold of me when they called about her birthdate so they just never scheduled it.. i understand where Iessed up but the lady couldn't even admit that they messed up with the communication part of things. They didn't email me, they didn't text me, or leave a voicemail.They sent ONE phone call and that was that. The didn't even send me an email saying it wasnt scheduled or had been cancelled or anything. Over FOUR MONTHS and they couldn't BOTHER to actually reach out and figure out what information they needed. This is completely unacceptable and have reached out with your partnering rescues about this unfortunate experience. They are very unhappy with they way this was handled (being the lady couldn't even admit that it wasn't the right thing to do in that situation and kept ignoring the fact that was my issue) I now have a spay appointment scheduled and CONFIRMED with a vet whose not even taking new puppy patients. That says a lot about who is actually there to care about my animal and who is there to make their $300 check for every animal that doesn't get spay. What a joke.

Anna Gomez

2 years ago

By far the best place I have taken my dog. They are quick to get you seen and reliable. My poor baby needed to get a MCT removed and within 3 days of finding this mass, they had me scheduled for examination and surgery. They went out of their way to make sure that my baby was comfortable (he gets so nervous at the vet). They kept me informed the entire time Thor was within their care. We have a long road of recovery ahead of us but I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my dogs health. Thank you for taking such good care of my baby!

Helena Erbe

2 years ago

We take our 12 year old dog here for vet visits. They did major dental work for him as well as treated his bronchitis. They have been nothing but helpful and wonderful to our old man!

Joshua Koch

2 years ago

You guys are better than my normal human Doctor. My dog loves all of your staff which tells me you are treating him right. He always recovers very fast after any procedures or teeth cleanings compared to how doped up he was after his Banfield teeth cleanings and appointments. You are the best veterinarian service my dog and I have ever had. Thank you for all that you do.


2 years ago

Terrible experience and would not recommend. I talked to another client that felt the same way and will not be returning after bringing their dog in to be fixed due to a partnership with another shelter. The day before the surgery I received a text that not all costs would be cover by the rescue. Of course, at this point it was too late to find another vet clinic within a few months so I just took it in stride. When I dropped my dog off in the morning, it took 10 minutes for anyone to even acknowledge me or say they'd be with us in a moment. Once I finally got in I talked to a vet tech and was told what I would be charged for the procedure. The actual cost was almost twice that and I was told someone may have misspoke. Based on this experience I would not recommend this place to anyone. I strongly believe in the importance of spaying and neutering pets and greatly appreciate the efforts of local rescues to make these services accessible. It's a shame that clinics like this one make this procedure less accessible for pet owners. There are many wonderful vet clinics in the area (and even on the same road) but this is simply not one of them.

Sarah O'Dell

2 years ago

You clearly care about the animals and want to help us provide the best care for our pets. Prices are attainable and so glad I’m living near you all again!

Ralph Sanchez

2 years ago

The staff is amazing, very courteous, carrying and very helpful with a very tough situation. Had to put down my lab and best traveling buddy of fifteen years and they all went out of there way to make me feel welcome and the care for my pet was wonderful.

Judy Henry

2 years ago

Although this is not my primary vet, I was pleasantly surprised at their efficiency. Their location was easy to find and staffs were both courteous and knowledgeable.

Erin Elliott

2 years ago

We love All About Paws, they took very good care of our puppy! The staff is super friendly and very helpful, they answered all of my questions about my puppy's neutering and even called to check on him the next day. I highly recommend All About Paws!

Abby Doyle

2 years ago

Staff were so supportive and knowledgeable! It was our first time dropping our dog off since adopting him, and I felt so comfortable leaving him in their care. We came home feeling like we knew what to do to continue his care. The text follow-up 2 days later was also so appreciated. I feel like they love my dog as much as I do!

Alexandra Targan

2 years ago

The staff here is friendly and kind. However, I cannot recommend this vet. In the 4 months we've been taking my puppy here, I've never met the actual veterinarian once - the staff relays messages from her with incomplete information and inability to answer my questions. I've asked to speak to the vet and they sent out a tech. I had my dog spayed here and she developed a hernia, after which they told me to give her carpruofen and wait 7 more days because it could just be inflammation - this makes no sense as it developed despite carpruofen and her other scar looks fine. I found this response inappropriate and lazy as it did not address my concern at all. I also waited outside in 100 degree heat for 10 minutes with my puppy because they weren't open until my appointment time; two techs saw me knocking on the door and did not open the door to let me wait in the air conditioned lobby. They were following clinic procedure but could have had some foresight into the weather outside and the impact on my dog's health.

Kim Samora

2 years ago

The quality of care is remarkable and the cost of care is very affordable. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Victoria Luera

2 years ago

I only recommend if, like me, your pet needs major surgery and you're not well off financially but need the procedures done immediately. Not super kind or helpful or even willing to listen to feedback with the exception of 1 or 2 ladies.The lack of customer service and regard for owners feelings is, sad to say, extremely disappointing. ????

Kris Kersnick

2 years ago

Didn’t listen to my requests regarding timing. They actually did the exact opposite of what I requested which feels intentional. In addition to that, I started receiving promotional emails that I did not sign up for or give permission to send. Staff seems friendly but I am confused as to why my request was ignored and why they think it is acceptable to send me junk mail.

Sophie Clark

2 years ago

All About Paws is great. They are affordable, as well as professional. One of my favorite things about them is how personal they can be and caring for my sweet pup. They always remember me and my dog, and I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else! Would highly recommend.

Taylor P

2 years ago

Had my dog neutered here yesterday, they were super nice throughout the whole process. I rescheduled my appointment three times because I kept wanting to push back the date and they were helpful with that every time. The day of I was really late due to the random snowstorm the night prior and having to go into downtown Denver at 8:00 a.m., but they were more than accommodating, as they still were able to get me in. What really blew me away though was how kind and helpful they were even though I was a scheduling nightmare. That goes a long way with me and really helps reduce a stressful time when your dog has to go to the vet for surgery. They even checked in on me the next day which is nice. So far my puppies doing pretty good. I went to them because I rescued my dog from a shelter that they partner with, however I would recommend them for any one looking for a primary vet in their area! Everyone was wearing a mask and it was a really clean office.

Mac Jarrett

2 years ago

I was shopping around for dental work for my chihuahua and they were the only place that was helpful and nice. When we went for the pre-dental appointment the facility was clean and the receptionists were so sweet to me and my dog. My appointment was at 3 and they actually saw me at 3 with the tech and vet shortly behind. It was quick, easy, comfortable, and efficient. So thankful for this vet office!

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