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Jessica Stoker

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly is truly a miracle worker. She has helped my dog Rosie immensely, and I couldn't be more grateful to her. She's seriously the best. She's caring and so so knowledgeable. The best vet I have ever worked with!

Morgan Schneider

2 years ago

The best thing you can ask for as you make one of the more difficult decisions like putting a pet down in life is to surround that pet with the most loving people, and that's exactly what Dr Kelly is. She was extremely professional and calming as we made that difficult decision. Not only was she great with our pup, but she was so sweet with us as well as we went through a myriad of emotions. She accommodated us last minute before Christmas and later in the evening, and treated all of us with such love and care. She answered every question we had with extreme patience and kindness. I can't speak highly enough of her, and will recommend her service to anyone going through the same tough decision in life. Thank you Dr Kelly from the bottom of our hearts.

steve sandoval

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly Hutchinson and her team are angels. The decision on what to do with our loved ones when they become older and addled with heath issues is a difficult one. I was guilty of waiting too long to decide what to do with my 16 year old feline, Shep(pard). Despite a persistent problem, my love for him wasn’t allowing me to think of a dignified afterlife as a plausible option. When I finally made peace with my decision to do what was best, I realized that the best option for Shep would be for him to be surrounded by loved ones in his comfort zone. Contacting White Whiskers to make a home visit was made easier by a sympathetic and informative staff. They answered any and all questions, soothing any reservations that I had. Dr. Kelly was very communicative on the day of the visit. She arrived on time, and her kindness, and gentle demeanor were very much appreciated. She was careful with not only Shep’s feelings, but ours, as well. She was conscious of keeping the peace in the household. She had brought soothing music geared to comforting cats, while putting them at ease. She explained what was going to happen, encouraged us to ask questions, and was patient with us. When we were ready, she treated him with such a tenderness, as if he were her own. Knowing how hard this was for us, she afforded us ample time and space to grieve. There was never any time where we felt rushed or hurried to proceed. I will always think back to this difficult time, and know that I made the correct choice. I would have never found anyone that cared more, or could have been more humane or merciful. She is an amazing person. Thank you, Dr. Kelly!

Jennifer Norris

2 years ago

Saying goodbye to my cat was one of the hardest things to do that I can remember. Even knowing that there was not another option I still wonder what if. For anyone having to go through the loss of a furry family member I HIGHLY suggest doing this at home. My cat and I were able to lay around and cuddle all day and just get to spend our last hours together in peace and love without the worry and stress of getting to the vet and being in a strange environment. The vet from White Whiskers was wonderful and helped me feel comfortable in my decision and the situation. She explained the entire process and provided support throughout. While this was one of the worst days it was also one of the best being able to have such a loving day with my best friend that I will cherish forever.

Beth Hoppe

2 years ago

We employed Dr. Kelly Hutchison of White Whiskers Aging Pet Care for the last few months as our beloved dog Lady was slipping quickly in old age. Dr. Kelly came into our home and observed Lady as well as providing treatments for her anxiety and arthritis which helped for a period of time. During this period Dr. Kelly’s impartial and professional observations helped us to see clearly that Lady’s time was coming to and end as she was suffering and not enjoying the life she always had. When it came time to make the decision to have lady sent to haven, it was such a comfort to have Dr. Kelly come into our home and handle all the final arrangements. We felt having Lady pass with dignity and grace in her own home with us and this compassionate doctor was a beautiful experience.  Losing a pet is like losing a child; never easy. But Dr. Kelly helped to ease this painful event for us and our beloved Lady.

Kim Cook

2 years ago

We first met Dr Hutchison when we took our senior beagle for acupuncture as it eased his arthritis. I realized at first conversation Dr Hutchison had an outstanding passion for care of senior pets and was generous to provide us education and tips on senior dog care and what to expect. We continued to have our other senior pets get care with Dr Hutchison as well. We were thrilled when Dr Hutchison launched White Whiskers as this service is desperately needed. Caring for pets in their senior years is not easy and there are many ways Dr Hutchison can educate the public and pet owners and their families on the best ways to assist along the golden years path including getting around, pain management and when the time comes - hospice. John and I adopt senior dogs and thanks to Dr Hutchison we are more in the know about crucial care. Most importantly when it is time for our pets to cross over the rainbow bridge, we call on White Whiskers to come to our home and provide that transition service. At home euthanasia not only creates a comfortable and compassionate passing but aids the pet owners in knowing the process and provides relief and feeling of peace - Dr Hutchison is by far the most sympathetic, empathetic caregiver of pets in their senior years. The extensive knowledge, experience, dedication, and passion Dr Hutchison brings to families is amazing. We couldn't feel anymore thrilled about White Whiskers Aging Pet Care and the positive impact it will make on our community and the lives of our beloved oldies! Thank you, Dr Hutchison! RIP Barney Brunfeldt

keith hirshland

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly was our veterinarian for several years when we came to Colorado Springs with our Bernese Mountain Dog, Raleigh. We we very happy with the care she provided and Raleigh loved her. When our girl got sick we were thrilled to reconnect with Kelly through White Whiskers Aging Pet Care. She made the transition as easy as possible and it was crystal clear she cared as much about our well being as she did Raleigh's. I can't imagine having to go through that experience with any care giver other than Dr. Kelly Hutchinson. Her attention to detail and humanity was evident. If you're in need of this heartbreaking, yet necessary, service I can't recommend White Whiskers highly enough.

Stephanie Peters

2 years ago

I cannot recommend White Whiskers enough. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Rob are angels on earth. They are both the most kind, caring and empathetic people you will ever talk to. Immediately upon calling and asking about end-of-life care through tears, Dr. Rob was amazingly compassionate and put me at ease. He talked me through my kitty's state, gave me knowledgeable insight on her condition, and reassured me that it was time. We scheduled for two days later. Then, when things went downhill fast overnight, I left a message first thing in the morning asking if we could move it up. He called me back within 30 minutes and worked us into their schedule that morning. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but Dr. Kelly was patient, professional, and caring. She guided us through how to let our other cat involve himself/sniff around so he'd know what was going on, and she even took pictures for us as we held our sweet girl before the final injection. She and Dr. Rob made a horrible, hard thing so much more comfortable and just a bit easier with their kindness and care. I've been giving her business card to every senior pet owner I know, and encouraging everyone to use Dr. Kelly and do it in the comfort of your (and your pet's) own home. Thank you Dr. Kelly and Dr. Rob. <3

Marissa Benanti

2 years ago

Kelly and the whole White Whiskers staff are truly amazing. They made an incredibly difficult time a little easier with their compassion and incredible care. They are super knowledgeable, walk you through the whole process and are super accommodating. I can not recommend them enough.

Ashley Hildebrandt

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly was so kind and caring during a very difficult time for us. I’m grateful for her professionalism and expertise, as well as her empathy and compassion.

Kimberly Nowland

2 years ago

Finding White Whiskers has made the experience of walking with my dog in his last years.....a supported one and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Dr. Kelly is more than professional, she is deeply caring and has a wisdom that has soothed my soul over and over again through this process. It has been such a positive experience having her come to our home. Another positive is the ability to ask questions and get timely answers....or a timely vet visit if necessary. Although I am dreading the day that I may have to assist my soul mate of a dog into a peaceful ending, it will be just that....peaceful.....at home and with people he knows and trusts. Much gratitude toward White Whiskers.

Margo Musante

2 years ago

Lucy, a ten year old Bernese Mountain Dog was one of Dr. Hutchinson's first patients. Lucy was struggling with worsening anxiety. She could not settle down and was panting constantly. When I was ready to go out, she would run away from me …

Katricia Jacobs

2 years ago

Having never met this phenomenal veterinarian, one might wonder how I can leave a review. A dear friend had an amazing experience with her fur baby’s senior/end of life care under this veterinarian. As someone who loves their fur babies …

Becca Sickbert

2 years ago

Things change quickly with our beloved elder pets and I will be eternally grateful for the compassionate help when we needed it most. Thank you, Dr. Hutchison!

sharon peters

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly has treated all of the 12 dogs at The Old Mutt Hut sanctuary for abandoned senior dogs with cold laser, acupuncture, or both for about three months. Almost all of the dogs had been on pain meds long before she began visiting …

Mary Yates

2 years ago

Dr. Kelly Hutchison has created a new and comprehensive approach for the treatment of aging pets. Her business is called White Whiskers: Aging Pet Care and it is "just what the doctor ordered" for our 11 and a half yr old golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix who suffers from severe arthritis in her elbows, hips and spine. Dr. Kelly is treating Cheyenne with a combination of techniques from Western and Eastern medicine. In addition to standard pain meds, Dr. Kelly COMES TO OUR HOUSE to administer acupuncture, laser and massage treatments to Cheyenne. When Cheyenne sees Dr. Kelly coming to the door she dances in circles and greets Dr. Kelly like a long lost friend. We've never had a dog who was happy to see a vet before but Chey looks forward to the treatments because she knows how much better she feels after. I am happy and flattered to write on behalf of Dr. Kelly and the White Whiskers' approach to treating aging pets. You won't find a more compassionate and competent vet in this specialty. Mary Yates

Dane Lewis

2 years ago

We are those crazy dog people. Our dogs have their own room and live a better life than most humans. That's why it was so important to me to find a veterinarian who understood what it means to provide holistic care. As pharmacists, my …

Laurie Lawrence

2 years ago

Dr Kelly is helping us with our Aint Bernard, Bailey, in her Golden Years. Just knowing that she will come to our home for ANY concern and answer ANY question is very comforting. Bailey is not easy to transport in our vehicle anymore and …

Lisa Rischitelli

2 years ago

Dr. Hutchison made the ultimate difference for both me and my 16 year old dog Murray, in the final months of his life. When I first took Murray to Dr H for acupuncture, we were desperate; I had already resigned myself that it was the end. His mobility and general ease of movement started to improve after the first session, and Dr H took the time to sit with me and talk about medication adjustments, little changes we could make around the house, and other tools that could help. Just as importantly, Dr H took the time to listen to me, hear my concerns, and give me guidance on next steps, while reminding me to trust myself and my bond with my dog. Dr H is so knowledgeable about caring for and treating senior dogs, and it's obvious that she continues to dedicate herself to specialized and continuing education. On top of that, she is compassionate, responsive, and reliable. She honestly went above and beyond in her care of Murray, and we ended up getting much more quality time with him than I had dared to hope for. Although I love my regular general practice vet, Dr H's specialized care was priceless for Murray's comfort and my own peace of mind. When it was time to say goodbye, Dr H was so kind, patient, and caring. When we scheduled, she gave me the freedom to cancel at any point, and she was essentially on call leading up to that point. She came to my home, and the process was as peaceful as possible. Her gentle spirit made such a difference in the experience. She took care of literally everything. I can't say enough good things about Dr H and the value for what she provided for Murray and me. I would (and do) recommend her and White Whiskers to anyone with an aging pet.

Robin Thorne

2 years ago

Our precious 15 year old yellow lab mix, Honey, came to us 3 years ago after serving more than 10 years as a long term care facility pet where she provided comfort to many residents during her time there. Unfortunately, the residents of …

Joe Griego

2 years ago

I'm not one to publicly share my personal and private experiences. Especially one which fills me with so much emotion. However, the care and responsiveness I was shown during one of the most difficult times I've experienced in losing my …


2 years ago

Dr. Hutchinson is the ultimate professional. We cannot thank her enough for taking such awesome care of our dog Lia. We will be forever grateful for her kindness, understanding, empathy and time she spent with us and Lia. Thank you so very much.

Jacklyn Watson

2 years ago

Even though euthanizing a pet is obviously a difficult experience, White Whiskers made it as easy as it possibly could have been. We found so much comfort in speaking with Dr. Hutchinson that we were making the right decision at the right time. Thank you so much!

Abby Santurbane

2 years ago

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with both Dr Kelly and Dr Rob Hutchison, and they are without a doubt the best in their profession. Their knowledge is incredible, but what sets them apart is their empathy and perspective. They …

Tara L

2 years ago

Dr. K. Hutchison has been amazing with both of my dogs. They have seen her for acupuncture for different reasons and she loves them and treats them like they are her own. We adore her and how she loves animals. Thank you Dr. H.!

Sarah O'Day

2 years ago

Drs. Kelly and Rob Hutchison are professional, compassionate, and dedicated veterinarians who have unique training in alleviating pain and suffering of our family pets. I wholeheartedly value and trust their opinions and would highly …

Rebecca Wright

2 years ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly Hutchison for a few years. With every patient she is dedicated to diagnosing them correctly and treat them to their own specific needs. She takes the time to talk to you directly and will form a …

Jessica Hopkins

2 years ago

I love Dr. Hutchinson (Kelly) she has done a a phenomenal job with helping my extremely vet anxious 13 year old BFF. Bailey struggled with having anxiety about going to the vet in general. Making our acupuncture appointments that were …

Eileen Hronsky

2 years ago

On two occasions, I have had the wonderful opportunity of engaging the care of White Whiskers Veterinary Hospice. The first was my beloved tuxedo feline Rocky. At the age of 14 years, kidney disease had finally caught up with him, and for …

Claire Ramos

2 years ago

We stated taking Rio, our 80 lb lab/border collie mix to Dr. Kelly a few years ago. In my life, I've never had a dog live past 10 years, so when Rio started slowing down and balking on walks due to pain, I was so sad because I thought I …

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