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Patsy Schanz

2 years ago

We have been with them for many years.

Sandra R

2 years ago

Very professional but so friendly at the same time! I loved the MAs that saw us, they were great! Vet was very knowledgeable and caring with our 2 doggies! Front desk staff was also amazing and patient. I also loved the atmosphere, very earthy with lots of plants and little private areas to sit in while you wait...which isn't long. Highly recommend!

Diane Volk

2 years ago

The vets here are the best! Very knowledgeable and always so helpful with questions.

Beth Ayers

2 years ago

Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. Great care!

Terry Neubauer

2 years ago

Been going here for 13 years and the last three times I had difficulties scheduling time due to over bookings. Today was last straw. They told me can’t help and I asked if should take my business elsewhere and they said yea we aren’t able to help you due to lack of staff and vets. What a bummer. They were not there when my pet and I needed them. I don’t trust that this business is reliable any longer. I’m extremely disappointed and looking up other vets right now. I recommend a vet that is reliable and unfortunately this is no longer that case here.

Mike Sears

2 years ago

They take care of my pets

Brendan Clark

2 years ago

I can't keep bringing my pets to this clinic in good faith. My frustration started last year when I had to switched Dr's due to switching days off. My cat had been approved for a dental procedure already but because I had to change to someone else I was required to do an entire new exam, and pay for both mind you. Then this new Dr said she would be charging me over $200 more for the procedure because that's how she did it. I had no choice but to accept. Then a few months ago I took my cat in cause he lightly threw up a couple times and I was concerned he may have eaten a string or something small. I spent $900 on the "normal testing". When they didn't find anything, the Dr suggested they just might not be seeing it and suggested they literally do a procedure, go inside him and look for it. This procedure was honestly more dangerous than his current condition and I took him home quickly, where he was fine within a day on his own. The procedure also cost almost 2 grand. (This one honestly kind of horrified me, this felt like being at a mechanic that lies to you and tells you 7 horrific things are wrong when you just needed an oil change.) Today I went looking to get my cats Vax records and because I didn't get their booster. His records are entirely invalid and his vaccines don't count. I've never heard of that at any other vet I've used at any point in my life. They asked if I wanted to schedule and I just had to tell them no. I'm sick of these people taking advantage of me, and even worse my pets. So evil, the only thing on earth that truly makes me angry is messing with my babies. Please don't respond, I have no need to receive some type of insincere apology or excuse for this absolutely inexcusable behavior.

Michellle Foxx

2 years ago

They care deeply about your fur baby and you! It's a great place

Steve Wallace

2 years ago

Great staff and have helped with all of my pets needs and ailments.

Bageerah Blanco

2 years ago

One stop hospital. They are reliable and know what they are doing. Thank you for your help with Jack.

Mike Zinck

2 years ago

We have been very Happy with Dr. Hehn and staff. I would highly recommend!

Dustin Stambaugh

2 years ago

I was just alerted that this store is no longer open on Saturdays. For those of us who work, this is inconvenient. I will go somewhere else.

Julian Cajero

2 years ago

Amazing customer service and quality care for my fur babies!

Mk Podschweit

2 years ago

They, from the desk to the doctor, are very professional.

Dennis Ford

2 years ago

Having been a client of VCA North Academy Animal Hospital for almost 25 years, I can attest that this veterinary clinic is excellent. From taking care of your new puppy to compassionately putting down your old canine friend, you could not ask for a more professional and courteous staff.

Matteo Taffa

2 years ago

My dogs love this place

Sharon Kim-Murakami

2 years ago

Professional and sympathetic that my dog has seizures. The lady that answers the phone can be a little more cheery but I'm sure they're stressed out too.


2 years ago

Best vet locally. Love how Joya cares for my girls!

Jessica Carlin

2 years ago

They are so good to my pup and have great knowledge and pricing. Make taking my puppy to to vet very easy with Covid precautions

Rachel Lund

2 years ago

Dr.Lay was absolutely amazing, very comforting and helpful, will definitely be making my appointments with her here on out!

Kaylynn Watters

3 years ago

I brought my baby in on 2/22. He was in bad shape and they were so kind and understanding. The vet told me her professional opinion was to put him down because we were worried about quality of life for him. They gave him ice cream and moved us to a private room to be more comfortable in they handled everything with grace and I appreciate them helping me get my pup to the other side peacefully.

Brande Guevara

3 years ago

Took our older Boxer in for a tumor on her toe. Without any testing at all, the vet said she has cancer and they she could put her down that day. We chose not to and so they gave us antibiotics and pain medicine. We went to get a second opinion, and after doing blood work and x-rays this vet said they could operate. They did and our dog is doing great. I am sure they provide adequate care but offering to put the dog down after being in the room with her for 5 minutes seemed a little extreme. So glad we got a second opinion.

Jay Gee

3 years ago

I brought my kitten in because he had a respiratory infection, sneezing and a dripping eye. The doctor was so obsessed with his vaccines that he would barely look at his eye and didn’t listen to his chest. My cat had all his vaccines, but he is a purebred born in Russia and the Dr. didn’t like that he thought he was vaccinated to soon and wanted to redo them all. I don’t mind that we have a difference in opinion about that, but he wouldn’t reassure me that my kitten was going to be fine if he got over vaccinated, actually he didn’t even try. Long story short my kitten was sick for a couple weeks after that, thankfully he is fine now, but I paid over $100 for zero care and was treated unkindly. I will never go back.

Michael Murphy

3 years ago

Compassionate. Thank you. #BeSafe - Colt

joshua collins

3 years ago

I have been bringing my 3 dogs here for years. They've always been so very pleasant to deal with. Everyone there seems to love what they do every day. Docs are more than happy to answer questions. The dogs love them. And after we had to say goodbye to our old boy, we received their sympathy card. They really, genuinely care. You can't ask for better than what they do.

Tj Speckman

3 years ago

Used to love them. Just called cause my dog might have a blockage (has before) and they won't see him till the 6th. He would be dead by then. So on to the next one. One who cares. In response to your answer. Covid has nothing to do with an animal in need. More then likely we will have to put him down. We have chosen another vet that is supportive and seems very caring. Just so you know we have been with you guys since the 80's. The original vets. And they were awesome and deeply cared. Values that no longer seem to be important.

Steve Lanning

3 years ago

We have been using VCA North Academy Animal Hospital for our pet care for over 5 years now and couldn't be happier with the doctors or the staff. Every time we've needed a pet to be seen on a moment's notice, they were 100% accommodating and we greatly appreciate that. They take great care of our dog "Red" and our cat "Jessie" every time we take them in for annual check-ups or issues. Hands down, this is the best vet we've had and wouldn't trust anyone else with our animals. I would and do recommend them to anyone with pet care needs.

Stephan Marshall

3 years ago

I called yesterday to set up appointment and got hung up on. Called today and girl told me I can go elsewhere, cause I tried to talk about the girl that hung up on me. Went there for years. They only care about your money not your animals. Beware.

Shae Fluegel

3 years ago

I’ve been to this hospital one other time, but just went again today. My older cat was having some pretty severe issues. Office and Vet techs were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Everything was really clean. Unfortunately, we received somewhat bad news regarding my cat (and of course I was a complete mess), but Dr. D gave me options and even personally texted me to follow up. You can tell that they all love animals and treat your pets as their own. I will never go anywhere else ever again. Love these guys. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Cathy Parisi

3 years ago

Very disappointed with the customer service over the phone I have always felt that the Vet doctors are great but the women that work in the front are downright rude and disrespectful they know nothing about customer service. It certainly has me searching for a new vet.

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