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Laila Sefidkar

2 years ago

My girlfriend had scheduled an appointment prior to us going on vacation. Our appointment was the day after we returned and she cancelled the appointment through text because we both worked and were thinking we couldn’t take him. A man called back to confirm the cancellation and we said no because I moved my schedule around to be able to take our lil man. I showed up at 5:30 for our appointment and they said it had been cancelled when in fact it hadn’t. The man was saying that we did confirm the cancel which he is obviously lying to cover his own mistake because I heard the phone call first hand. On top of that they refuse to give our 60$ back even though it was an error on their part. It’s literally ridiculous a waste of my time and my girlfriends money which I will be disputing the charges. Exactly why I take my other dogs to tender care vet clinic.

Chad Rykert

2 years ago

I just want to say WOW! The staff and doctors here are one of a kind! If you are considering taking your pet here to truly treated as a part of your family, they know how! I have a 80+ pound almost 10 Year old Labrador that is truly scared of slick surfaces ie. hardwood floors, tile, lanolin, etc. to the point of high anxiety shaking and having to be carried to the room lol. The next visit we had the staff had carpets, towels and blankets laid down so she could walk to the room. That was beyond and expression of genuine care. Thanks you to everyone at the hospital that truly cares for my pet as much as I do! Sincerely a true fan!

Jeliza Hays

2 years ago

I will never take my dog to this animal hospital again. Breached in trust and performed procedures without my husband and I's consent. We took our 6 year old pup to get a routine annual cleaning this year (knowing, there is a possibility of teeth extractions). We signed consent papers when we dropped him off in the morning stating do not perform procedures without calling the owners and receiving consent prior. I received a call from a vet tech stating 15 teeth will need to be removed and it will be $1500. (Our estimated price was between $475-$1045) I informed the vet tech that I am unable to pay $1500, she states "well, what is your max you can pay?" I told her " I can pay a max of $1100." The vet tech then informed me that she will let the doctor know and call me back on what teeth can be pulled based on my budget. I proceeded to inform my husband of the update with our dog, and my husband decided to call them to ask further questions. By the time my husband was asking questions of why certain teeth needed to be extracted (so we can come up with a decision , based on doctors recommendation and our budget) the vet tech said "oh, those teeth are already pulled, they are already gone." Without consent from the owners, after we signed paperwork of how we wanted our dogs routine procedure to go. The money isn't the issue it is the fact that they did not give us the opportunity to approve or deny a procedure that will permanently affect and has changed our dogs anatomy. My husband talked to the vet tech when we picked up our dog and she said "oh I'm sorry, we had to make a decision quickly." We couldn't get a hold of the doctor, and still haven't talked to her. Our dog is now missing 12 teeth and thankfully recovery okay. But we will never go back to this hospital. Due to lack of trust and professionalism.

Robin Stewart

2 years ago

They truly care about my furbabies and it makes a world if difference!!! Thank you!!


2 years ago

The doctors and staff are amazing. I have taken all my dogs here and have never had a problem. The staff is very attentive, personable, and just down right caring.

Stacey Paige

2 years ago

I have been taking my animals to Dr. Bond for almost 10 years. I absolutely love her and trust her with the care of my dogs and cat. She really listens to my concerns and helps me figure out what's best. There aren't enough nice things I could say about her, she's just the best!!!

Phil G

2 years ago

Great and friendly staff. Would recommend to friends and family.

Johnathan Strombeck

2 years ago

They took.their time with my dog it was nice walked him around he is pretty skiddish with vets since east spring animal clinic had him

Michael Ryan

2 years ago

Convenient to home. Staff here always kind and polite. I love they have separate rooms where you can sit with your pet.

Brian B

2 years ago

Trust your pet to no others. Dr Bond and Dr Brizendine and their staff of techs are the best! They love your pet like their own and give you honest but caring opinions when hard decisions need to be made. Fair prices for such good care.


2 years ago

Long story short we used to live in the springs and our dog (55lbs goldendoodle) has received most his treatment here. It is time for milo to get fixed and getting him scheduled in denver is momths out. So, though we live in denver now, we decided to check with this clinic. They could get us in within days which is worht the hour and thirty drive. We took him down last week for a consult but they would not provide an estimate that day. They told us they would provide one via email. That never happened. We assumed they would be probably around $200-300 which is what we've been estimated for in denver. So we weren't to concerned about pricing. However, after an hour and a half drive down here to have him in by 9:30 not only did I wait 20 min for someone to even come out and talk with me, we were presented with our estimate of $500 minimum. I will tell you the best bet is to go ahead and schedule with hamlett spay and neutering because they can perform this in a fraction of the cost. Needless to say we had an emergency pet visit last year which resulted in milo needing to be put under anesthesia and get 6 stitches and with that visit and the cost of getting the stitches out we paid $200. Just for anesthesia alone they are asking $220+ at this clinic. Hope this helps those of you who like me were never given an estimate that way you aren't shocked while I was this morning when you get hit with a $500 bill to get a dog fixed. Do your research there are cheaper places out there. ALSO THAT $500+ WAS WITH A DISCOUNT APPLIED

Z Harris-Bullock

2 years ago

I was in a panic for my fur-baby, and my regular vet couldn’t get me in. The Briargate Blvd Vet Team was able to squeeze us in, and I am beyond grateful! They didn’t have to, but they wanted to and made it happen. They care about the clients and the pets. They love on your babies as they are doing the necessary tests/procedures. This team has definitely won me over!

Zuggy Pug

2 years ago

Mom said I did a great job at my Vet check-up. I say she did a great job getting us there...with my help, of course!

Felicia Fisher

2 years ago

I decided to get a dog last year during Covid so I could get out and walk the neighborhood. When it was time to get her vaccinated I googled the closest veterinary clinic to me. They were very organized and prepared to provide a safe environment for me and my dog. I would recommend them.

Jamie Moore

2 years ago

Nicest Drs. and staff ! So sweet and caring to my animals. I would recommend them to anyone with pets in Colorado Springs!

Peggy Johnson

2 years ago

The staff at Briargate Blvd Animal hospital have always been so kind, caring and helpful. The vets are all wonderful and I trust them with my pet family over many years now! I would highly recommend this awesome group!

Mickey Brand

3 years ago

Awesome staff very kind and helpful.

Justine Chanthamany

3 years ago

Absolutely the best vet experience for my very fearful rescue. The doctors and staff here provide a truly fear free environment and practice patience and gentleness with the animals. Not only that, but they didn't push my dog to more treatment than he was comfortable with and allowed us to delay some treatments until after happy visits and calming medication. The doctor was SO THOROUGH with details of my dogs visit(I wasn't able to go inside due to covid restrictions). The last time I took my dog to the vet, the visit ended in tears because it was so stressful. This visit ended in tears of joy. I have finally found THE vet who can properly keep my scared boy healthy.

Stephanie Laseter

3 years ago

I am so happy to have found BAH. I've had some bad vet experiences so feeling like I could trust one again was daunting. But BAH has made me feel like I can absolutely trust them with my kitties wellness and thankfully emotional health. Ichabod unfortunately has been through the ringer with his past couple of vets. He tends to take on the emotions of a room and he's had one that didn't care, he just wanted to get him in and out. His touches were anything but gentle, he didn't pet him, or talk to him to make him more comfortable. At BAH his first appt I was able to go in with him and watch how they interacted with him while I wasn't allowed to be near the exam table...they loved on him, gave him a gentle exam that didn't cause him to freak out, he actually leaned into their petting. It just washed all those ugly past vet experiences away. I know he was in good hands. I also know I can trust the staff to treat him well when he has to go inside without me. I cannot tell you how greatly this has blessed us all. I know my vet will only recommend what I need, when I need it instead of past vets who have just been trying to sell me the products they get a cut of. My cat is very healthy and I'm thankful I have a vet that truly sees that and isn't asking me to come back every 3 to 6 months for the most trivial things. They even told me and showed me whyy cat didn't need a teeth cleaning after 2 were trying to chargee $150 for a cleaning he didn't even need!! BAH has great prices on exams and treatments for CO. I've seen some major gouging in the Springs. These people have the passion I look for in a vet clinic, a love that should be found in any vet clinic, and my favorite the ladies are so personable. I love that they share their own pet stories with me, and they have some pretty funny ones. I laugh with each person I interact with there. I'm just so thankful. Ladies of BAH I applaud you, thank you for giving me confidence in the team's ability to take such good care of my cat. He is so very calm after an appt there. It used to take him hours to get over his last vet appts. Everyone needs a vet team like you all. And thank you for giving me piece of mind, laughs, and great pet stories! Ichabod loves you!


3 years ago

Since selling the practice prior to retirement, Briargate Blvd has turned to raking in the bucks on anything and everything invasive. When I called to inform them that we were requesting a records transfer to a different veterinary office, …

Susan Reital-parker

3 years ago

The veterinarians are knowledgeable about both dogs and cats. Their techs are great also and very helpful. They do follow ups after every visit to check on their patient.

Sarah Copeland

3 years ago

Very patient with my dog.

Sally Stockwell

3 years ago

They got Lucy in the next day after I called and were so kind and gentle with my little Lucy. A big thank you to them!

Russell Huffman

3 years ago

The lack of personal interaction due to Covid 19 seems to have put a strain on the staff and most of them make you feel like they are just going through the motions. There seems to be a high rate of turnover in staff because you rarely see the same person twice. Used to be such a friendly place to go. I know Covid has put a real "test of patience" on businesses so maybe that is to blame.

Richard VanWinkle

3 years ago

Dr Bond has cared for my dogs for about 8 years now and I wouldn't take them to anyone else. Since she acquired this business a few years ago, she has done nothing but make improvements. When COVID first blew up, this was the first business I found with a common sense approach that balanced safety with their need to run the business. Their pricing is competitive and there is no B.S. with the care of your pet. You are told exactly what the issue or suspected to be and what the recommended course of action is along with any other options. If you want professional care for your pet, look no further.

Megan Young

3 years ago

We are new to the area. I am very particular about who cares for my two senior labs. After many years of managing a highly-regarded veterinary practice and being a Fear Free certified technician, I needed to find a practice that would care for my furry kids the way they’ve been cared for for their whole lives (7 and 8 years). I have found that care in Dr. Moore at BBAH. She has treated both my dogs and I with respect and has been very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She has valued my opinion regarding their care, which I really appreciate. The entire staff has been gentle and kind. It brings great comfort to bring my dogs to a wonderful practice. Thanks Dr. Moore and team!

Mary Shaffer

3 years ago

Our 13 year old dachshund has been well taken care of by Dr. Bond and her staff for many years. We recently moved out of state, and drove over 700 miles for a dental procedure. It was well worth it! Thank you, Dr. Bond, Carmelita, Tabor and the rest of the amazing staff!!

Mary Grubbs

3 years ago

I've been using Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital since 1993! They have always taken phenomenal care of all my dogs through the years!

Brian Fitzgerald

3 years ago

Friendly, knowledgeable, convenient. Takes good care of the pets.

Ashley Hasty

3 years ago

Everyone was super friendly and understanding. My boy who is usually super sweet was feeling very protective and snapped at everyone who tried to come near him, but the vet and the tech were both very understanding and did everything they could to put him at ease! We will continue to use them and hope things improve.

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