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Steve Cowell

2 years ago

I could not be happier about the care my dog received at this practice. Although my dog only needed a small sebaceous cyst removed, he and I were treated as if we were the most important owner/dog team in the world. From the receptionist who first answered to Dr. Jennifer Petersen and her technician Rachel, everyone was compassionate, responsive and communicative. The skill exhibited by Dr. Petersen was exemplary as there's not a trace of the removal area. Her communications were personable and accurately described the proposed procedure. I also appreciated her looking at "the big picture" of my dog's health in order to follow up on what a CSU dermatologist had diagnosed 18 months ago. I highly recommend this practice!

Megan Cohen

2 years ago

My regular vet, for about a year and a half, thought my cat had a food allergy, so we did all the things to determine what it was. Within one visit to Animal Allergy and Dermatology, Dr.Peterson told me he could have all his favorite foods back because she was certain it was an environmental allergy. Since then, every time I call with a problem, they have a solution. They always have time to fit him in, if needed. They are able to refill his meds same day and without a recheck of symptoms. Fees are pricey, but expected and worth it. I am at ease every time he goes in because I know that they will help relieve his discomfort.

jazmin pena

2 years ago

Such a kind a friendly staff every single time we go. It has been over a year working with this office, and would recommend them to anyone looking to help their pets finally get relief from their dermatology issues.

Kristen Miller

3 years ago

July 26, 2020 ~ After years of trying to find what was wrong with Bailey's paw and how to fix it. The 1st Vet actually wanted to amputate the paw. I was not impressed with that suggestion whatsoever. I found another vet at Tender Care in Falcon & they highly suggested going to see a dermatologist. Animal Allergy & Dermatology on Nevada is where Bailey met Dr Campbell. They all gave AWESOME CARE and consideration for the issues Bailey had going on. 1) ANXIETY from thunder & gunshots 2) ITCHY paw to chew on, to the point it looked like hamburger. RX: Prozac/Fluoxetine Hydrochloride 20mg & Apoquel 16mg I am beyond happy to see the results for Bailey. ALL symptoms are at a Very Manageable stage!!! CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!

Shelby Henderson

3 years ago

Our lab/beagle mix has been struggling with allergies for about a year and a half, his regular vet couldn’t come up with a good treatment plan(not his area of expertise), so he referred us to Dr Campbell, we truly felt like she loved our boy as much as we do, she came up with a treatment plan specifically for him, discussed it with us & he is better than ever, has energy again, is smiling & just enjoying life. We are so grateful to Dr Campbell & the whole staff ????

Rachel Newcomb

3 years ago

Dr. Campbell is very knowledgeable and her staff was all caring and kind. My dog is a very nervous boy and they made sure he was only inside for his exam and necessary diagnostics before coming back to the car. Dr. Campbell was very informative and helpful with laying out a treatment plan and all the options out there. Since starting medications I can see his overall QOL has improved and he's not miserably itchy. Erica was kind enough to follow up today to see how he is doing as well. I'm thankful for all the specialist in Colorado Springs that are here to care for our pets. What a wonderful resource to have for our fur kiddos.

Pauline Nguyen

3 years ago

We have been to over 7 different vets to tell us our dog had allergies. Well turns out it’s something much more different. Erica our nurse was so helpful and made our dog feel comfortable. Sarah the front office rep helped make sure that our dog was scheduled and let me vent about past experiences through our dogs skin journey. And of course Jackie Campbell, our doctor. She finally gave me an answer that I felt made sense. She was so helpful and provided great detailed information to my million questions and provide a good laugh I’ll add. I felt so guilty not finding a solution and now Bodhi and I can finally breathe. Thank you. Cannot wait to see the end results

Patty Winters

3 years ago

My Yorkie, Sophie has suffered the last 3 years from very itchy skin and infection on her skin. I took her to 2 different vets many appts and each time she got a shot if antibiotic and steroids special shampoos and still suffered, gave her grain free food, besides her suffering I also was so frustrated. I made an Appt with Dr Campbell, due to the pandemic I chose a telemedicine appt. I showed her Sophie’s belly, gave her Sophie’s history and Dr Campbell has solved the problem. I’d recommend her highly.

Megan Pansiera

3 years ago

Dr. Campbell is such a lovely person AND dermatologist! I'm an area veterinarian and I've known her for probably 7 years now. Despite the fact that I have moved up to Denver, she is still always willing to cheerfully take the time to consult with me on cases. She is an amazing dermatologist and we (vets and pet owners) are so lucky she's here on the front range!

Mandy C

3 years ago

Dr Campbell has been so helpful with my horse who gets hives and has allergic reactions. She came to our barn and tested him and he is allergic to quite a bit! She created an allergen for him that has been a lifesaver. Summer is normally a terrible time for him but we are doing better this year. She has fixed up his injection based on his test results and my feedback. She has been very responsive. I highly recommend her!

Katrina Ray

3 years ago

First off I'd like to say how amazingly nice the staff and doctor are, I can truly see the love and passion they have for what they do and this is hard to find , iv been dealing with my dogs allergies for a long time and I feel confident that Dr Campbell has put us on the right path to him feeling like a pup again, thank u again Dr Campbell and staff for making us feel important this truly means a lot ❤

Debora Campanella

3 years ago

Vet was amazing and really stepped up with both my dogs care as well as dealing with all the issues that arose with COVID protocols.

Barbara Liedtke

4 years ago

Such a nice vet and staff. Really caring and knowledgeable.

Wonder Beagle Murphy

5 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Campbell with all of my dogs since 2011 for allergy related issues. Dr. Campbell runs her office well, is on time for appointments, shows great concern for both clients and pets and treats pets with compassion. She is always up to date on the best available treatment methods and I can trust that her recommendations come after careful thought and consideration of all available treatments. Most recently I brought my 8 month old Beagle to her for allergies and she recommended an injection of a biologic agent to control itch as I had concerns about placing such a young dog on oral medication for the rest of his life. I felt that she listened to my concerns, and while she did go over ALL the options, she allowed me to choose one that I was comfortable with rather than forcing a solution on me. We will be back Dr. Campbell!

Jordyn Hall

5 years ago

Our cat had been having issues since we brought him home. He had raw, open skin around his neck that we suspected to be allergies. After a few visits they decided on an immunotherapy mix that has worked WONDERS. He hasn’t had any issues since starting the injections and I’m so thrilled our little guy is happy and healthy!

Hannah Bowen

5 years ago

Continue to have stellar experience here. We just finished our initial visit with our bulldog who has been having skin issues that needed special attention. The visit was very thourogh, Dr Campbell and her tech were super professional and …

samantha barone

6 years ago

My Pitt bull, Clio has had a severe ear issue for about the last 3 years. After spending a lot of time with her vet, trying to fix the issue, I took her to see Dr. Campbell and the team at Animal Allergy & Dermatology. Her ear was so bad …

Andy McGowan

6 years ago

This vet refused to believe my cat's allergy was food related, so he went for allergy testing and had dental work done at the same time. He never recovered from the dental work. But since he couldn't eat his dry, we found out that what the allergy was. He died this morning from the dental work, all because this quack couldn't believe me when I told her I thought it was chicken. DON'T GO HERE.

Alexandra Harrell

6 years ago

I'm not sure where we could be without the help of AA&D of Colorado. Our Siamese had allergies that were not properly diagnosed by our first vet (What kind of vet doesn't know what allergies look like?) She had seen 3 vets and one dermatologist that only wanted to pump her with steroids and not fix the problem. Other dermatologists we called were rude and wanted to do allergy testing which would cost thousands of dollars and potentially not fix the problem. She was *finally* put on a pill to help with environmental allergies and she is *finally* OK without steroids. It was not food related and steroid shots were starting to only help for a few days. She had open sores on her face for almost a year from scratching because she was so itchy. It was hard to watch and we felt helpless, sad and confused, but we found the help and support we needed from this office. Rikki has been awesome as well. I love our kitty dermatologist and HIGHLY RECOMMEND you seeing them if you have a pet that is hard to diagnose or has sensitive skin. We drive all the way from Littleton to see them and it's worth every minute and dollar spent. Thank goodness for this practice!

Tina Stout

7 years ago

My Westie is allergic to outdoor pollens and grasses. She was broken out all over her back and tummy. My regular vet didn't have the right therapy for our little Maizey. I found Jackie and her clinic on their web site and I can't tell you …

Renee Bergin

7 years ago

I recently had to take our 4 year old Schipperke to the Animal Allergy Clinic in Colorado Springs. They were recommended to us by Yorkshire Veterinary. Our dog was suffering from lesions in her ears, on top of her nose and around her eyes, …

Kirsten Young

7 years ago

My cat is about the hardest case that there is. Since day 1 she's had oozing sores, reactions to meds, and she's been so so itchy. For the first time in her 5 years my cat is not wearing a cone and is playing, lounging and grooming like a normal cat. It really is so very amazing! Thank you Dr. Campbell for your care.

J l

8 years ago

I went there because my dog is having serious issues issues. My veterinarian told me they came highly recommended. Once I was there they told me they could not test for specific allergies and could not tell me what was causing my dog …

Jayme L

8 years ago

I can never thank Dr. Campbell and her staff enough for the special care they have given Journey over the years. When I first took Journey to Dr. Campbell, he had a severe case of vasculitis in his mouth...poor Journey was miserable. He …

Jonathan Holt

10 years ago

My wife and I take our dog Farley to Animal Allergy of Colorado and Dr. Jackie is quite amazing. She has always been able to quickly figure out the problem, diagnose it, and keep him smiling ear to ear!

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