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Jessica Cuthbertson

2 years ago

Found our perfect pup through DCCR!

Valaree Frizzell

2 years ago

After losing out Great Dane to a brain tumor, we were at a loss as to how to find a companion for our nervous English Pointer. DCCR really came to the rescue. I think I sent 3 or 4 applications to various groups and they were the only one that responded. The first dog we picked didn't pan out, but they didn't give up. When ask to foster Charlie I couldn't say no. Now, he's a perfect fit and part of our family.

Ryanna Presnell

2 years ago

Find a different rescue!!!! These people are rude, unorganized, unprofessional, and they do not communicate unless it has to do with themselves. From the first interaction I had my doubts- which proved to be valid throughout this entire process. Awful.

Deborah Kacik

2 years ago

We adopted our pup, Clara, in January 2021. Rebecca, Olya and Darren were all very helpful! Their vetting process is thorough and really helps to place the rescues with the right family.

Jen Johnsrud

2 years ago

I adopted Archie (Cadbury), a young puppy, from DCCR and the entire experience from adoption approval to the actual adoption process was fast and uncomplicated. I would definitely adopt from DCCR again, they are saving lives and making sure the adopters are qualified to own a dog.

Kara Mitchell

2 years ago

We adopted our incredible puppy Ash from this org! They were wonderful with the adoption process, we got to meet Ash before adoption, and they were all so kind. Ash fits in perfectly with our family and I appreciate them for helping us find the right fit. He's a perfect boy and I feel so lucky he's ours!


2 years ago

I received a very unfriendly email from this rescue when I asked a question about a puppy on their site. I was inquiring about possible mix to see if the size would be a good fit for us. No problem. I rescued my beautiful mixed pup from another very competent rescue. I was thoroughly vetted and met their strict standards. I would recommend another rescue

Misa B

2 years ago

We adopted today from DCCR. They adoption process was thorough, but easy. They care about their dogs and truly try to help get the best fit possible. Would adopt again from them as well as recommended in the future.

Denise Dyson

2 years ago

Never got back to me after my approval call..Lost the dog I was applying for!

Jesse Fisher

2 years ago

Caring people who really try to place these dogs in the proper homes

Marissa Seibel

2 years ago

I can not say enough wonderful things about this rescue and the adoption process! From start to finish, I was informed of all of the steps in the adoption process. Everyone I talked to was friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. I love that they have someone call you after your application has been pre-approved, to talk about which qualities you are looking for in your new pup. Too many people adopt based on cuteness, and this step in the process really makes you consider what else is important. The adoption coordinator, Samantha, was fantastic. When she says she's going to do something, it happens! Our pup's foster mom was amazing! It was clear how much she loved the puppies and had their best interest in mind. When we finally met Reggie, we knew he was the one, and the final adoption was fairly easy. The application and adoption "contract" is extensive, but they are really just protecting the dog and ensuring the pup goes to the right home. Rachelle went over everything before I signed on the dotted line! You can really tell that everyone at DCCR really cares about these pups. Thank you for helping us find our new family member!

Melanie Mullis

2 years ago

Douglas County Canine is an amazing organization. They really go above and beyond to find dogs that are in need of care and love that many other organizations would overlook. They put them in foster homes to gain confidence and prepare them for their forever homes. I’ve firsthand seen the love the volunteers and workers at DCCR have for these pups. They truly are angels! Adopt and foster from this rescue!

Bryan Anderson

2 years ago

Wonderful organization that is looking after the health and happiness of dogs and their human families. The way they match dogs and humans is full of love and wisdom. Highly recommended!!!

Sarah Garcia

2 years ago

This rescue cannot be considered ethical. They inflate prices based on breed, which means they are putting profit over finding the best home for a dog, who might not be able to pay such an outrageous price. They have two bulldog puppies for $2,500 each. They have decided that lining their pockets is acceptable when it comes to "rare" breeds. Disgraceful retail rescue.

PWR Stealth (Bbear)

2 years ago

Tried applying for a puppy for my mom with her info and all they asked for my ID(under 21) don't know why so i gave it to them and they denied my request. I just lost my dog unexpectedly a month ago and need a companion and they asked for all this information and after they got it they just told me that the puppy i wanted to adopt was already adopted. completely wasted my time. unprofessional business only open on saturdays 10:30-3:30pm is this a joke?? I feel bad for all the puppies that are there. they have my unconditional love and prayers to be saved from this terrible foster/adoption business

Jimi Acquavella

2 years ago

Any place that rescues dogs is a great place!

David Elliott

2 years ago

Called 5 times and left voicemail. Never got a call back

J.J. McDermott

2 years ago

Our foster was nothing short of amazing but the people running this rescue are nasty, demanding, unorganized and rude. I must warn others to beware before dealing with this rescue. We are grateful for our dog but you made us take a day off of work just to get our dog because you refused to hold him for 24 hours while we worked our jobs and gathered supplies for the puppy. Feedback- I highly suggest a more personal approach and work with people. Some responsible people do actually work and want to prepare a space for an animal to be comfortable in it's new environment.


2 years ago

Absolutely awesome place to get a pet! They had fostered our pup so we knew he didnt like cats but loved kids! They get them from high kill shelters and foster to adopt! they even take on cases most would euthanize for! Couldnt be happier with the whole experience. Now I just have to convince the Hubby to let me get a couple more ;)

Amelia Thomas

2 years ago

Great place to get a new friend!

Dave Chung

2 years ago

Had such a great experience adopting a schnauzer with DCCR! We had applied for so many rescue schnauzers for the past three years and either never heard back or weren’t selected. The team at DCCR almost instantly contacted our references after I applied, sent me a text to let me know I was approved, and let me know which dogs were still available. It all happened quickly and with a very human touch - no form emails or robotic responses, just people texting people. It was really nice. Everyone was so kind, understanding, and accommodating, even when I was almost 30 minutes late on gotcha day due to car trouble. Melissa, Samantha, and Heidi (our pup’s foster) really made this adoption so smooth and special for us. Our grumpy bear was so well taken care of, and he’s been one of the easiest rescue pups you’ll ever meet (so far…). Thank you, DCCR!

Christine Goode

2 years ago

Called yesterday and in December to return a dog to them. They don't call back within 24hrs as said in voice-mail. But with this contract I have to keep a dog that is destructive and can't keep anymore. Not allowed to take to pound or find new owner. Don't work with this company or your screwed

Amanda Cesario

2 years ago

We got our pup here and could not be more thrilled! Fast response and quick turn around, we love our new family member!

Barney Family

2 years ago

The puppy I was denied to adopt is still up for adoption. VERY SPITEFUL! We signed up to foster dogs back in February, our 1st foster found her furever home within a couple weeks. After that we volunteered to foster one puppy, my contact called me asking if I could take a mama and her 7 one week old puppies, told my if they didn't find a foster they would be sent back to TX and put down. Of course I couldn't let that happen so I agreed to. I have 3 kiddos that were remote learning this year and 2 dogs of our own. I worked so hard taking amazing care of those pups and their mama for 6 weeks, but it got to be too much for me to handle, I had never fostered that many puppies at once and had no idea what a challenge it would be, I just wanted to help. I reached out to the woman in charge of the shelter (REBECCA CHING) asking her to find a replacement foster because it was just too much and was effecting my family (this was a very hard decision for me). She asked for photos of them all and I sent immediately. I completely understood that it wouldn't be easy finding a replacement foster for 8 dogs, but she didn't post photos of them on the foster page for 5 days!! I had reached out to her again letting her know I needed someone to come get them that day (5 days later) and she accused me of "dumping puppies", removed me immediately from the foster page, and back and forth commutation that day was lacking. Fast forward 6 weeks...I put in an application to adopt 1 of the puppies we had been fostering and was denied without reason (even after I emailed inquiring why). We have 2 dogs, 1 adopted through Dumbfriends League and 1 adopted last March through DCCR! Our dogs are very well loved and cared for so I can only assume I was denied due to a personal grudge. And the puppy I was denied adopting still hasn't been adopted almost 2 weeks later. So disappointing. I thought shelters were supposed to be all about finding good homes for the animals...doesn't seem to be the case here at all here.

Madeline Yerks

2 years ago

I called and left a voicemail because I had a question about a puppy I was very interested in but wanted to know exactly what her age was. I also live in an apartment that accepts all breeds and is a great space for a dog, but the puppy I was interested in was listed as "fenced home only" and I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to waste my time filling out an application. They texted me back with a generic "fill out an application on our website". So apparently they would rather have a bunch of applications from people who aren't sure they even want the puppy than answer my phone call to answer my simple questions. Also, having the age of the puppy should be listed. Very untrustworthy to not have that information. Adopting an animal is important and I would have appreciated a call from a human being.

Tyler Tolley

2 years ago

Stay FAR TF away from this Rescue. I have had similar experiences to the other recent reviews. Adopted a puppy a little over two weeks ago. Was told to just rub coconut oil on his 'dry spot' and he had no known issues. Found out after taking him to the Vet that he has Ringworm and also has Coccidia and Giardia on top of that and was underweight. After telling the foster she told me she couldn't take it to the Vet bc she's just a 'foster' and the dog isn't hers. Complete BS. This 'Rescue' is completely unprofessional and cares more about pushing dogs thru the system as quickly as possible to get your money than it does about the actual health and well-being of the dogs. I can honestly say I rescued this dog from inhumane conditions and irresponsible adults. EDIT: To the copy/paste DCCR response. If there are two sides, I would think that you'd be inclined to share yours to persuade other potential adopters that this was a one-off situation. The fact that you don't bother to share your side and never bothered to reach out and attempt to compensate for some of the medical bills shows that you guys could care less. For future adopters, just expect medical issues that exceed the cost of the adoption if you must adopt an animal from this rescue.

Grayson Rose

2 years ago

My sister has been trying to contact them and rectify the situation she’s going through with the puppy she adopted from here and they have blatantly ignored and disrespected her. The puppy has every health issue in the book including mange that he passed to her other dog and they refuse to help in any way with the health of her dogs. Do not adopt from here, they’re in it for the money.

Carolyn brethour

2 years ago

I applied to adopt a dog and was paired up with an "adoption counselor" named Samantha. She is seriously the most non-compassionate person. Seriously? Aren't they supposed to help provide the best possibilities of adopting these dogs out and providing the best opportunity? Nope, not her. Everything you ask her is no, no, no. She needs to find a different field because she is doing these poor dogs a disservice.


2 years ago

My boyfriend and I adopted a new puppy for Mothers day. I know Covid has restricted quite a few things so we were unable to meet in person the puppy we had chosen online. We did a zoom call with his Foster, but she really didnt know anything about him, since she told us she was also fostering a total of 16 puppies at the time. When we arrived to pick him up, he had a completly bald spot on his back we were told was "dry skin" and to rub him in cocunut oil. The lady we met with to do paperwork was less than personable and in a huge hurry to get us done. The condition this dog was in, we could not consciously leave him there. He was loosing hair, severly under weight, smelled of urine, and his feet were covered in feces. We made him a vet appointment as soon as we got home. Since having him we have found out he is positive for ringworm and giardia. I reached back out to the rescue as soon as we found out since he had been fostered with other puppys who have now been exposed and never heard anything back. Im extremely disappointed in the unproffessionalism, and would never recommend them to anyone.

Olivia Chavez

2 years ago

My esa was stolen from me and they adopted her out and when I tried to find info on her they were no help and tried telling me that wasn’t my dog when it was and they didn’t help me

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