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Caitlin Solano

2 years ago

This vet does understand cats better than a non cat specialist vet and the office is super cool. The environment is nice but the actual vet made me feel so terrible that I will never go back. I was never informed on the cost of a visit when I went in and then was hit with a huge bill for everything they wanted to do, even though I went in for just a check up. When I was told that it was a bit out of my price range to do everything right then and there I was made to feel bad for not having the money and like I was a terrible pet owner for not being able to cough up $1300 on the spot. When I told the vet this too her only response was that I must have someone in my life who could pay it and to start making some phone calls. They are extremely their way or the highway when it comes to any pet care, especially their diet. I was made to feel horrendous for feeding my cat dry food which is what her previous vet had recommended and was then handed a one size fits all packet for a cats diet. I understand that wet food is better for a cat but making your clients feels as though buying crazy expensive cat food is the only way to care for your pet is an extremely poor business tactic. They did not try and work with me on my budget at all despite what their last response may say. I was never given the option of feeding my cat wet food every other day because of the expense but was just told to figure it out. I also left the office with no paper work and no sort of information written down about what they did for my cat or what they diagnosed her with. They just expected me to be okay with them doing whatever they wanted and not letting me in on what it was. I have followed their diet plan like they suggested and it still did not help with the initial problems I brought my cat in for, which just shows that this vet is just more concerned with pushing expensive diets onto pets and not looking into any other causes for what could be going on. This vet could be worth it if you’re willing to pay 3x more than you would at any other vet and are also alright with being talked to like you’re incompetent, but if that’s not for you I highly recommend going somewhere else.I also find it rather amusing that any negative review they receive is then met with a response from the vet claiming the client never brought their animal in. Such an unprofessional way to deal with your issues

Ryan Shea

2 years ago

Clearly care about cats but doctor has poor bedside manner and is pretty convinced that nobody’s taking care of their cats correctly. Expensive too. Not a good experience.

Jordan Myrick

2 years ago

It was a great visit. The staff was kind and really seemed to care about making my kitties as comfortable as possible. The doctor took the time to really answer all my questions and explain what was in the best interest of my babies.

Helen Bassett she, her

2 years ago

These people are the best! I’ve been taking my FIV+ kitty Edgar here since the day I adopted him. They’ve helped me learn so much about providing compassionate care to cats with FIV, and despite Edgar having an attitude at the vet, everyone still treats him with the same love. When I’ve had urgent problems in the past they’ve been able to get Edgar right in. Dr. Fine’s excellent care makes it so that Edgar lives a very normal, playful, and healthy life. Can’t recommend them enough <3

Eric Worthing

2 years ago

I love uniquely cat and the staff. Their facility is amazing and they do well to educate people on proper cat dieting. My main issue with this vet is that they do not attempt to work with their clientele's needs at all. They have a "it's my way or the highway" mentality when it comes to their specific cat diet plan. The food they recommend is great but also some of the most expensive and hard to find food on the market right now, especially right now due to shortages caused by the pandemic. Even if you try to ask them to work with you on other options they make you feel like your a bad cat owner for even asking. Also don't even bother coming here for any procedure their pricess are ridicules. You can go to so many other vets that do the same procedure for a fourth of the cost. Don't get me wrong they have an amazing facility bit it's still not worth what their charging for it. I like this vet alot but their refusal to tend to their customers needs and strict adherence their dieting rules, especially now during the pandemic when things are at the worst that they've been in a while, forces me to not recommend them as main vet to go to.

Jessica Osborne

2 years ago

Clean office, friendly and efficient staff, and excellent care for all the kitties. Yesterday I had an emergency and you guys got Louis in as soon as I could get him there. In general I appreciate that you guys specialize in cats because I know Louis is getting the absolute best care by such compassionate and competent people. I have total faith when I leave Louis with you guys he's getting the best care available.

Nicholas Nemeth

2 years ago

Very impressed with everything! Everyone was friendly and helpful. Interior was very well kept and nice. Having drinks available while waiting was appreciated. Dr. Fine was fantastic in going over everything I could possibly need to know with my cat. Explained everything thoroughly and at an appropriate level for me.

Swanee Astrid

2 years ago

My last visit was only the second in-person consultation I've done with Pippin's vet in the year we have been going. I've always felt they had good "catbed-side" manners even while doing zoom or phone calls during quarantine. On this last visit I received the horrible news that Pippin, at 14 years old, had reached his terminus. She was very good at being straight forward, relating the results of his panels and x-rays and what those meant. I was able to understand and appreciate what was happening at a slower rate rather than the shock of the news all at once. & the crew were all so compassionate and kind to us up until the very end. I will absolutely bring my next kitty, if I am so fortunate for him to pounce back into my life. Honestly, everything about UCVC is top-notch. but I appreciated the lighting! especially when we took Pippin to the emergency for his euthenasia. Fluorescent lighting is worse than death. This office always felt so warm and calming and that kind of thing goes a long way.

Sarah Keeyes

2 years ago

Visit was thorough and thoughtful. Pixie had a few disgruntled moments, but she's fine now. I really appreciate the concern for my cat's comfort.

Micaela Bretey

2 years ago

The staff is so friendly and welcoming. I love the environment and always feel more than comfortable when coming in for my kitty's visits. What I appreciate most is the care the staff gives to my cats. I love being able to feel safe leaving my babies with them and trusting them 100%.

David Crawford

2 years ago

Everyone at Uniquely Cats, from front desk to docs to techs, treats my beloved cats and me with kindness, courtesy, and professionalism.

Calvin Deming

2 years ago

VERY good impression of my visit, staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Very comfortable with cats and discussing meal plans as well as treatment with an in depth explanation of procedures and billing. I appreciate the down time for my pet to relax while also having an at length discussion with the vet.

Bob West

2 years ago

Everyone always treats Katie and me well. I'm always impressed with how caring the staff is.

Kathryn Holden

2 years ago

We have been seeing the vets at Uniquely Cats for over a year and it's always a pleasure to speak with them. They provide lots of information and give plenty of time to ask questions. Everyone is very caring. From the tech who picked our boy up at the door and listened and relayed my newest concerns, to the vet who gave the checkup who listened and answered questions. You all have such great compassion and patience. Update: Everyone is super welcoming. I appreciate the time spent allowing my kitty to adjust to the surrounding of the room and visit. I also appreciated being given a tour of the boarding area and the time the team spent with me to book a first time boarding.

claudia chance

2 years ago

Simply wonderful all around ❤

Michael Bishop

2 years ago

Had my cat in several times. For the most part Staff and Veterinarians are concerned and helpful. I find it amazingly expensive. Never less than $250, so be prepared.


2 years ago

Amazing, caring staff. Clean facility. I was very impressed with the level of detail and clarity. I never felt like I was left in the dark when it came to my pets care. The clear concise information provided was great to receive;

Kate Dowdy

2 years ago

I was really impressed by Uniquely Cats. The staff were really friendly and did everything to make both myself and my cat comfortable - they gave my precious kitty lots of compliments and handled him so skillfully. Additionally, Uniquely Cats were very COVID-conscientious.

Sharon Wu

2 years ago

Service was quick, but not cursory. I felt like my pet and I were cared for and treated with great and thorough service. Everyone is polite and kind and really cares for their job and clients. You can appreciate the high level of care Dr. Fine and all the staff members take to make sure all kitty parents feel comfortable and all kitties are as healthy as they can be. I especially appreciated the time Dr. Fine took during my first visit to explain how diet and other habits impact my cat's health and what changes I could make in these areas to keep my cat happy.

Marilyn Russell

2 years ago

Extremely thorough and educational. Personal care. You came and picked me up at Starbucks when I said I had trouble walking there.


2 years ago

Took my cats in because they were sneezing and clearly were having upper respiratory issues, and also needed their annual vaccines, and I wanted to get some flea and heartworm medication. Ended up getting refused the vaccines because I was told their immune system might be compromised, refused the flea medication because I was told "fleas aren't that bad here," and only got an entry wellness exam. No cultures done, nothing thorough done in order to check on the upper respiratory issues and whether the more harmful variants of bacterial or fungal infections were culprit, and it was further claimed despite the refusal of vaccination that the upper respiratory issues were due to allergic reaction secondary to the small amount of vegetables in their current food. The result of everything was a simple condescending food lecture, delineating a bunch of diet information I already knew (which albeit is not commonly understood). All of the negative reviews are spot on though, and I sincerely wish I'd seen them before spending over $500 to get a *zoom* lecture (not even in person) about things I already understood. Extremely condescending, and no amount of acuity applied to whether you respond to her (Dr. Fine's) lecture intellectually, having already known what she thinks you don't know. She even went as far as to call herself an expert and asked me to listen to the expert instead of my "google research." I'm sorry, there is no credential that saves you from the logical organization of information, and your credential is in a book. Otherwise it's not a credential anybody should respect. Having picked up the same books myself, you go on ahead and continue to implicitly (if not explicitly) suggest to your clients they shouldn't come back to you due to your complete lack of professionalism and overall client/business relationship manners. It really doesn't matter at all what you know because you fail to deliver it effectively. I emailed you directly explaining my normal level of precision when it comes to taking care of my cats, (which, hilariously, you apparently thought I started because of you) and to inquire whether this was a fluke. Despite the lengthy email I got back from you in your attempt to double down and reinforce your "expertise" (much like in the responses to these many negative online reviews), I most assuredly won't be going back. At drop off and pick up, the techs were great, the other vets seemed great in the limited interaction I had with them. However they didn't seem real surprised at my clear lack of satisfaction when I went to pick my cats up.

Chelsea McMahon

2 years ago

I really don't recommend this vet. We brought our cat to Dr. Fine 3 weeks after adopting him (he's 5). She judgmentally lectured at us for 30 minutes how we were bad to feed him wet food with "fillers" and implied that unless we immediately changed his diet (cold turkey, no transition) we were careless pet owners. Well, we tried it and he was completely sick for 1.5 months, which they brushed off as the "3 weeks of hell" including horrible, aggressive behavioral changes. They also anesthethized him two different times for a routine checkup and some bloodwork. The staff is very kind, however. We ended up taking him to a different vet who was shocked that he received anesthesia, and after 3 visits there has never had a problem with his behavior for blood tests or vaccines. Uniquely Cats prides itself on being cat experts, and charges a hefty cost to do so (we were happy to pay it, but not for the terrible service we received). Don't recommend for anyone on a budget and have not found the high cost to provide service any better from a general vet.

Jim Biard

2 years ago

A bit extreme on their COVID restrictions at this point in the game (05-25-2021). Everyone seemed knowledgable and pleasant. The behavior towards my cat was reasonable and not overly "precious". The requirement of a full exam in order to board my cat seemed excessive to me. I only agreed because I was having no luck finding another place. I did not particularly appreciate the up-sell tactics, but I have also experienced worse. My overall impression was slightly positive. They appeared to listen to what I told them about my cat.

Chris Chandler

2 years ago

Very thorough, great Covid protocols, clear communication, organized, friendly and kind. Clear communication about everything!

Jane Dough

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAT HERE PLEASE!!! I WANT A ZERO STAR RATING!!!! I took my cat in and they blamed his very normal typical diet for his fever and illness. My cat had to be admitted the very next day and almost died had I listened to their quack advice my cat would have died. This place needs shut down. So many similar stories...????????????

Lisa Cayton

2 years ago

World class vets. World class service. I can’t speak highly enough about this place, the staff, the exceptional and thorough care, and knowledge they possess. I had another vet that missed a lot things that this clinic caught, and thank God …

Eowyn Ciccone

2 years ago

I was extremely pleased with all aspects of my visit including: the quick and detailed emails that I received to schedule an appointment, to the warm welcome upon arrival, and the time and thoughtful care that the vet took in zooming with me, as well as the genuine kindness and care that others took in answering my questions and addressing my concerns. It warmed my heart to know that my sweet kitties were being taken care of so well. Everyone was wonderful! Thank you so much for the amazing care and service that you provide! I am grateful! What I appreciated the most was all of the thoughtful, honest, knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and caring people who work at Uniquely Cats!


2 years ago

Uniquely Cats is a place that genuinely cares about not only each cat patient, but about each cat parent. The staff’s extensive knowledge about cats and their unique physiology is remarkable. After a lifetime of being a cat owner, it is such a gift to me that someone has treated my cats like cats, rather than like dogs. This cat clinic will go above and beyond in treating a cat. The staff is committed to undoing the damage done by decades of misinformation put out by pet food manufacturers and even by other vets who unknowingly pass on information not in alignment with the unique physiology of cats. This is a dynamic that must change, for we are shortening the lifespans of our beloved pets by not understanding their bodies’ needs. I can’t say enough about the high level of awareness and commitment this clinic demonstrates in trying to give our cats healthier lives. I love the science behind the practice and the ever-deepening understanding about cats that this clinic offers. And I love the staff. Taking my cats to Uniquely Cats is like getting the best healthcare for myself and I would not want to compromise on either. Working with Uniquely Cats has been a real eye-opener.

Gant Keech

2 years ago

It was a great visit. The team was incredibly kind and accommodating. They answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. Everyone took their time to make sure I really understood the process and the reasons why recommendations were being made. Wonderful experience.

Courtney Malone

2 years ago

Our cat can be a little..."John Wick" when it comes to going to the vet.  Despite this, all of the staff are understanding and do not put him at fault.  The vet even wrote they all still have an "unrequited love for him".  We could not ask for better treatment and understanding people. Also appreciated is Dr. Goodrich.  Following each visit she sends us in-depth e-mails breaking down all of the lab levels and results, and does not assume that we simply would not understand such detailed medical information.   She seems to truly know each cat individually, want the best for them, and keeps us involved in deciding the best treatment plan for him. We could not ask for a better vet.

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