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2 years ago

Show such compassion towards my dogs.

Maddie Kins

2 years ago

Affordable prices and great customer service! Quick and easy to make appointments.

Sierra Koprowicz

2 years ago

I live about 30 minutes from this thrive location, but they were the only ones who were available to book for an appointment so I had the appointment set in advance. I have 2 puppies and one appointment was scheduled for 9:45 and the other …

taylor lantzy

2 years ago

I had an appointment at 12:00 pm today. I walked in at 12:02. They do send out a text to say not to be more than 5 min late. A lady told me she would be with me in a moment. 20 min later I was placed in a room, 2 min later I was told it was too late in my appt time to be seen. I explained to the same person that said they would be right with me, that I was here at 12:02, and reminded them they even spoke to me. They said, “that checks out, it’s up to the doctor if they will still see you.” The nurse lacked bedside manner or manners in general walking in while my dog was in the back room to tell me, “your estimate is going to be really high; if you would like us to continue?” I met the vet 45 min into my appt. She was very sweet, kind, and knowledgeable. I wish there were more people like her that worked there. I would have given 5 stars had she been the only person I had talked to. Turns out, she said she was never even asked to see me. Explained there was a fire drill and that they were behind. Seems to me, the tech was just trying to get me out of their hair; with no regard of my time.

Kelsey Lee

2 years ago

We've taken both our cat and dog to this vet for various vaccinations. Each time, they've taken good care of our pets and treated them pretty quickly. The treatment comes at a reasonable price and we've never had any issues with anything after our visits.

arialibella KM

2 years ago

Very rude receptionist. I needed to purchase Hills prescription food for my cat, but my vet told me this over the phone so I didn't have the paper prescription needed. This clinic is a lot closer to me so I called them to see if I could get the food without an actual prescription. The immediate response was a rude "I can't tell you that." Why not? It's not something private, just a piece of information that could have saved me a lot of time. The clinic doesn't sell the food, the Petco store does, but when I tried to get it I couldn't without the prescription and the cashiers we're shocked that the attached vet refused to tell me that info.

Nathan Pfister

2 years ago

Very unprofessional. Halfway through the appointment the vet said she couldn't help my dog because I didn't have proof of vaccination. Nowhere in their check-in procedure did it say I needed to bring proof of vaccination. Even when I checked in I told her I didn't have proof of vaccination and they didn't say anything about me having to pay them to do it. If you want people to bring proof of vaccination tell them before they get there!! My dog was vaccinated less than a year ago and there's no way I'm going to let somebody vaccinate again for no reason. I'm not sure if they read their own reviews but most all the recent reviews say the same thing I'm complaining about and they're obviously not doing anything to fix it. Just bad business!

Grace Flynn

2 years ago

You guys told me that my dog regurgitating his food was not serious and that you mentioned getting him X-rays but you said he has major esophagus and needs to eat elevated. Told her he was acting suspicious at the dog park like he ate something and that was a day before I went to the vet. Everywhere I looked online it said regurgitation is very serious but you assured me it wasn’t. Doctor said I could get xrays but didnt see it necessary. Two weeks later I had to take him to the emergency vet because he started throwing up bile and had blockage. When I told the ER that you guys said X-rays were not serious their eyes got huge and said there is always an issue when that happens.They said that any regurgitation should come with xrays everytime. You let my dog have a ball in its stomach for two weeks after I told you money wasn’t an issue so if you really think he should get X-rays to do it. He had Emergency surgery two weeks ago and now I feel that all treatment from thrive has been uneducated guesses that put my dog in harms way. I will be sharing my experience everywhere I can so that others can choose safe healthcare of their pets. The vet that helped him was Dr. Jazmin and I would never ever recommend you taking your dogs to this vet at any locations. Cheap price cheap service. Her discharge notes were to find credible sources for it a dog is sick or not on the internet.....while I was right all along. They put my dog in danger and I dont trust them at all

Jenny Bruni

2 years ago

Scheduled an appointment for a regular wellness check up for pet insurance purposes and the girl at the front desk would not allow my dog to be seen without getting a rabies shot. I informed her my dog already had all of his shots and questioned why they would recommend double dosing my dog if he didn’t need it. I thought it was strange that they would agree to see him but that they would give him the shot if they did. Definitely makes me question the quality of this facility potentially putting my pets health in danger. She asked if I had his vaccination record with me and I did not due to the incompetency of the front desk inputting the wrong contact information. I never got a message to let me know what I needed to bring prior to the appointment because of this. It was a complete waste of time and extremely frustrating and they were un accommodating even though it was due to their error. Sure their prices are affordable but this facility is questionable at best and I wouldn’t trust them to care for my dog after that experience.

Landry Williams

2 years ago

My wife made an appointment for our puppy due to a possible UTI and when she went in the next morning for our puppy to be seen, she was met with a very rude staff member. At this point the employee told my wife that she did not bring proof of vaccination which is required to be seen by the vet. Mind you, my wife had no idea that this was required due the fact that the employee did not send out the text message explaining the requirements for the visit. At this point the employee told my wife that there was nothing she could do for us unless we agreed to their recommendation of an UNNECESSARY dose of the rabies vaccine, which is extremely confusing because our puppy just got her second round of vaccines about a month ago. The employee then continued to tell my wife that she was sorry she didn’t send out the text message but there was nothing they could do. After that I called thrive to speak to the manager and have been waiting for a call back ever since. This is extremely frustrating as we live right next to thrive and had wanted to set up our 4 dogs with memberships for the clinic but at this point we will be taking our dogs somewhere else that is more reliable and professional as well as NOT RECOMMENDING thrive to anyone for business, I will also be letting others know not to go to thrive. TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES TO BE BETTER AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. STILL WAITING ON MY CALL BACK.

Sheria Butler

2 years ago

This has been DJ’s ( my kitten) vet for a year now. Good service, good prices.

violeta Sur

2 years ago

Good price and the best workers ????

Courtney Burkhalter

2 years ago

Always clean and welcoming. The entire staff is positive, friendly, and provides information and pricing prior to them taking my dog back for service. The technician, vet, and everyone are so loving to my dog. I am so thankful I found a place like this. I live half an hour away and will continue to commute all the way there just so my dog and I receive the great customer service.

Big Doc

2 years ago

The worst experience I've ever had with my dog. She split her paw. I had a emergency appointment at 8:15, I was checked in, but they refused to treat my dog. The "vet" on duty would not even look at my dog until I demanded it and she told me my dog needed staples and to come back at 5. The office was empty, my dog was in distress and she kept trying to explain to me some policy that had nothing to do with my dog. There were no vets available and I had to wait until 9 to get first aid for my dog from the PETCO. NOW my experience with PETCO was awesome, so was my experience with Thrive off of Havana. I'm truly considering legal action, for animal abuse or at least dereliction of duty. The entire staff was unprofessional and deserve to be fired. Taking care of animals is an act of love, but these people did not prioritize the welfare of my animal and I am extremely disappointed.

Kemberly Taylor

2 years ago

I had scare with my dog I called them with a question. They said the vet can't anwser a question over the phone, told me to take him to the hospital because they have partership with them. I will never take my dog's here again. If you want to talk to you vets office you can not, your call goes to a out of state call center, and good luck getting a call back. Good for getting vaccines, horrible if your pet gets sick.

Rebecca Dawn

2 years ago

Gentle staff, were able to accommodate my ADA needs. Decent quality care for an affordable price. I'm glad I found them.

Joseph Pacillo

2 years ago

Still won't allow owners to be with their pets during a visit. No exceptions for older or anxiety ridden dogs.

Briellen Kirsch

2 years ago

We started coming here over 6 months ago and the team is wonderful and treats our pups so well! I alway feel informed and they answer all my questions even if I ask them more than once.


2 years ago

The worst vet experience I have ever had. Dr. Vanessa Schilling moved from Highlands Ranch to Qunicy Thrive location. I have a prescription that is refilled every month or so. Since Dr. Schilling moved locations my prescription was not approved. After calling the Highlands Ranch location they advised me the Dr. moved locations and put a note on the account. Calling Quincy didn't do much either other than noting the account. I never got a notice that I was waiting on approval or that the Dr moved locations. I was left hanging and now my dog doesn't have any meds because I thought they were on their way a week ago. If a Dr moves locations you need to have a better solution for prescription filling instead of leaving the customer hanging. I guess this is expected because Thrive is a terrible vet and I will never return for another visit. I have now come to find out that they need another vet visit just for this prescription to be filled which is unnecessary because they arn't going to do anything just like when they prescribed Proin the first time. On the first visit Ashley, the front desk rep, was very rude. Lots of problems with this vet and another dog too. The Dr. didn't want to do what we asked and insisted on another treatment that made the situation worse. I had to seek treatment elsewhere and was clearly given the wrong solution by Dr. Schilling. Please be wary of this terrible vet care and disregard for you and your pets.

Anthony Defebio

2 years ago

Can't say anything bad about the veternarians, but just like most veternarians the front staff makes or breaks it unless the actually veterinarian is incompetent or clinically unsound. Front desk is rude, nasty and just not very good at their job. Long waits despite appointments and they're still doing covid restrictions. Why is it so hard to find good front desk help in vet offices?

Suzette Lynne

2 years ago

I just want to share an experience I had with your receptionist. I brought in a stray dog that I wanted to see if it was microchipped, Dakota was working and had no problem helping me even though I’m not your customer. Once we got the microchip number, she helped me fill out the form to contact the owner. She wrote down the microchip number and took my name and phone number down as well. I said I would keep the dog and just hope the owner calls. A few days later, Dakota called me and asked if there was any update on finding the owner. I really didn’t expect to hear anything from her. I told her I still had the dog and hadn’t heard back from the owner. She said she was going to try something else. So she called another microchip company who gave her the owners info instead of just sending an alert. She got ahold of the owner and organized a meeting so he could get his dog back, after 9 days. Never in my life have I met someone so passionate and caring for not only pets but people. The owner was beyond thankful and said he had even given up that he was going to get his dog back.

Steve Eneboe

2 years ago

A job well done came in with sore on paw little infection got meds all better


2 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't want to wait over a week for an appointment at our usual, somewhat expensive, vet so I decided to take a chance and scheduled an appointment online with Thrive. I do have to say they were very upfront with treatment/testing costs and are aware that cost is a factor for some pet owners. They also didn't mind me sneaking in a nail trim at the last minute. They called very quickly with lab results and took their time explaining everything. I was pretty impressed and I'm considering using them for our pup's healthcare in the future.

Cynthia Curtis,Pickens

2 years ago

It was a little slow at first but things got better.They follow all the guide lines per CDC treat your pet as if it's there own. Friendly staff Vets very nice.

Jed Woodarek

2 years ago

Incompetent Vet office! They’ve canceled my appointments on me at the last second on multiple occasions. They are not organized and do not care about your pet. Please please go somewhere else! Stay away from them.

Fred Fatehi

3 years ago

I were by door called them to inform them they sed we are closed ritt by door even no costumer called

Aubrey Valencia

3 years ago

They seem to be caring for my pet just fine (hard to tell because we can't come in with him) but the receptionist is about the most unfriendly person ever. Not rude just cold and unfriendly.

Staci Bentley

3 years ago

Our dog Moe had 2 seizures out of nowhere. First, by phone they were professional, responsive, and reassuring. Secondly we set up an appointment for him to be seen right away. While we could not be with Moe during the exam, the doctor was very very thorough and took her time answering all of my questions and clarifying anything I did not understand clearly. The team there is very caring and clearly loves and wants the best for pets. We all know pet care can be exorbitant. This was reasonable and while we still may have financial responsibilities in the future I know we will be able to give him quality care through thrive. Best of all, it was my fault, Moe got out of his collar and took off running through the parking lot. The entire team at the store went running after him! now that is true dedication!.

Sammy Marie

3 years ago

I take my little lady Luna there. Everyone is amazing and care so much. Even with covid going on it all goes so smoothly. And the staff makes sure to keep you apart of Everything like you were in the room. Such a caring place. ❤

Elizabeth leung

3 years ago

Been going here since my dog was a pup. Great service for a great price!

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