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Jon T

2 years ago

Great place for keeping our dog throughout the day or just to get some socialization!

Rene Guitron

2 years ago

Loki and nacho love going to Dugans! I really like the attention of the people who works there taking care of our dogs when boarding.

Rebecca Tessarolo

2 years ago

Bear absolutely loves Dugan’s! It was sad to leave our old daycare when we moved, but Dugan’s warmly welcomed my little doodle and I. The staff is kind, understanding, and does a great job taking care of each dog. Highly recommend!

Mary Kelly

2 years ago

We just moved to Colorado and my dog needed a new groomer. Her previous groomer had doggy daycare included so it was awesome to find that same experience here. She had a great time and looked amazing. We will definitely do this again and when we are settled she will be going to doggy play regularly. What a great find.

Bonnie Rulz

2 years ago

They were very thorough to make sure my pup had his vaccines which I took it as they try to run a safe, clean business. My puppy came home very tired after spending an afternoon playing with other puppies. The ladies at the front desk were friendly and didn't mind talking about dogs. My favorite! We loved it so much we are coming back next week.

Allison Michael

2 years ago

Our two dogs love Dugan’s and they can sense when they are headed to their ‘happy place’. Great, attentive staff that love all critters! Highly recommend. Buddy and Maycie give it two paws up! ???? .

Amanda Allen

2 years ago

I only leave this review bc my dog stayed overnight and was left alone from 7pm until 10am. I ended up cutting my trip short so she was not left alone for another 15 hours the next night. There is no late or overnight staff, and that just didn't feel right to me. If you are paying foe boarding you may look elsewhere.

gerald bohlmann

2 years ago

Super place to care for our pet family

Jan Parsons

2 years ago

It was Charlie’s first time to a Doggie Day Care snd they did a great job introducing him to the group of dogs. They were kind and very professional! Highly recommend!

Monica Christiansen

2 years ago

We've been taking our fur baby Max to Dugans for grooming for a few years now. He always comes back looking handsome with his new bandana and smelling good!

Ryan Jensen

2 years ago

Our dog truly enjoys coming to Dugan's throughout the work week! It has allowed us to know she is being socialized and cared for in a safe environment while we are unable to be with her. The live cameras are a plus and a wonderful way to brighten up your lunch hour as well.

Meg Livingston Asensio

2 years ago

Izzy starts whining with excitement as soon as we turn into the parking lot!

Ma Dea

2 years ago

Great experience for my puppy Bandicoot and me!! Very friendly and competent staff, great veterinarian!! A bit out of my way, but I will continue with them because of how awesome they are!! You will be very pleased with them too.

Katie Gossett

2 years ago

Boarded my dog 4 months ago and didn’t have the best experience, see attached review from last time. Decided to give Dugans a second chance, which was a mistake. As you see, the owners response last time was “we will share this with our staff to make sure this does not happen again”. $700 later, it simply isn’t true. I picked my dog up this morning and he reeked of dog urine and sweat. After telling them at check in he needed a exit bath and nail trim and they didn’t do it last time so I want to make sure it’s done this time. It wasn’t done, nails are still sharp and my dog has matted hair from lack of care. He smells like he has sat in urine his entire stay at Dugan’s (a week and a half stay!) which leads me to believe if they neglect that, he probably didn’t receive any of the add on services I paid over $100 for. When I asked to make sure I wasn’t charged for a bath/nail trim since he didn’t receive either over his almost 2 week stay, the lady behind the counter acknowledged I told her I wanted those services done, and stated it wasn’t done because they didn’t have someone over the weekend to do so, which I could understand if he was only there for a weekend. But being there 12 days, that excuse doesn’t cut it for me. Please spend your money elsewhere, that will take care of your fur baby. Very disappointed that I spent over $700 for poor care, and will spend more money to have the matted hair removed.

Katelin Gossett

2 years ago

It seems like my dog had a good experience with Dugans. I did ask for add on services, and for an exit bath before he came home but I don’t think the add on services were done, and he definitely didn’t have an exit bath before we picked up him. Definitely had to give him a bath when he came home because he smelled pretty gross (wet sweaty dog/ dog urine smell) and looked like he played really hard while he was there. Other than that it was a good experience. Just make sure if you request/pay for add on services, that you receive them.

Jayson Johnston

2 years ago

It has been a great place to take our pups while we work each week. During the shutdown we have taken them a lot for them to get socialized. We have boarded many times and always love the care they get. Being able to watch them play is nice, but we also understand the rotating of dogs to give them rest times, and some dogs dont always play well together. It is nice the staff cares and calls us to let us know anything that is out of the norm. We haven't picked ours up from this weekend stay yet, but they let us know one hurt his dewclaw playing. Thanks for caring so much about our pups.

Mackenzie Hampleman

2 years ago

To start, I’ve only used Dugan’s for grooming services, so that is what my review is based on. My dogs have been groomed there probably 5-6 times, mostly with Emily, whose work I loved initially. My second to last appointment, I told her what I wanted, which was long hair on their heads, and she didn’t listen. I brushed it off and rescheduled again. Today, one dog came out as I expected and the other dog had short hair on his head, it all had been cut off. I told the receptionist that I wasn’t happy and she brought Emily out. Now, I assumed she just forgot. She was probably in work mode and just did her thing and didn’t realize until the hair had been cut. Had she owned up to her mistake and told me what happened, I would have understood. However, that’s not what happened and that’s why I’m writing the review. Emily told me that I, the dog owner wouldn’t have liked how it looked and that’s why she cut it. She said it would have looked weird. How would she know what I would think? I very clearly told her that was my decision not her decision to make. There was no accountability or apology, only defensiveness and defiance. This was a very recoverable situation that was handled poorly and now Dugan’s has lost two regular appointments every 8 weeks.

Carrie Arendale

2 years ago

I had my two German Shepherds groomed there; amazing job! Thank you!

Jamie McClintock

2 years ago

The outdoor area seemed great! They have great services (walks, peanutbutter kongs, baths) but want to up charge you for all of them. They had videos of the dogs inside the entry way but no way of seeing your dog from afar. It would be great to stream those videos feeds! We hope our dog liked it but there was no feedback from Dugan’s and she was locked alone in the middle of the day, which worried me she was there the whole time. All in all I hope the experience was good, but I wish my dog would talk to me!

Brody Jones

2 years ago

I never write reviews, but this place is garbage and negligent. We had a terrible experience with them for a weekend boarding stay. They apparently adopted a new policy (but failed to tell us when we dropped off our dogs) that they would not be letting out our dogs for play or exercise time over the weekend. There was a worker there, but our dogs literally went over 17 hours without being let out of their small shared crate to even go to the bathroom. Both dogs and their beds were covered in waste when we picked them up. I also doubt they fed the dogs appropriately. We provided a large amount of extra food (like a weeks worth extra of food). When we picked up our dogs, the bags were empty. Which means they either ridiculously overfed the dogs or emptied the bags at the time of pick up to make it look like they fed the dogs as instructed. I suspect they missed meals and emptied the bags to cover their tracks. They have been reported to the humane society for this and I recommend others avoid this place, especially with weekend boarding stays.

Brittany Brossett

2 years ago

*****Update 9/14/21: After boarding and using day care services for the past 6 months here, I can no longer stand by my original review. While my dogs enjoy going here for the most part, I have a few issues with it. The staff isn’t as friendly as they used to be. I don’t feel like the individuals working there are very passionate about what they do. Their prices also seem to continuously be going up without any communication as to why and I feel like I’m being nickeled and dimed. There doesn’t appear to be a discount anymore for boarding two dogs and the pricing of boarding has also gone up. On top of that, you still have to pay $24 per dog for checkout after noon when boarding. That means it’s $76 per dog if you drop off in the morning and pick up the afternoon the following day. There are plenty of other boarding and day care options in the area that have much lower boarding rates and don’t charge you for afternoon checkout (and have more enthusiastic individuals working there). I’ll be trying other options since I don’t feel the extra expense at Dugan’s is worth it when I’m not getting any more value for my pups.

Audra Saunders

2 years ago

My dog LOVES going to daycare and they treat him like family!!

Kyli Bailey

2 years ago

I love, love, love them! My pup Robert enjoys his play group and it’s close to my house. Cant beat the price and my pup is always tired when he comes back.

Morgan Hasenbalg

2 years ago

I love bringing my dog here! They are also so wonderful and caring! My puppy loves it here! And it’s always clean!

Sarah Grobbel

2 years ago

Thanks to Dugan’s Dog House, we could leave town and know our dogs were in good hands. We appreciate how the staff got to know our dogs and made them feel at home.

tricia wilson

2 years ago

My large & very rambunctious golden doodle, Willow, has been going to Dugan Doghouse for over 3-1/2 years now (she will turn 4 in September). We usually do ½ daycare every Friday but have also boarded multiple times for over a week at a time. Willow has also had baths and grooming at Dugans. The staff is friendly and, like at Cheers, seems “glad she came and knows and calls out her name”. The dog “Sherpas” (as I fondly refer to them) seem to genuinely care for Willow and by the way she greets them upon arrival she loves them back too! I like the fact I can view Willow on the Dugan’s webcam to check on her. She comes home tired so I know she has enjoyed her stay. If I ever had a question or concern it has eventually been answered and/or rectified. My one suggestion would be to give the staff wireless head phones so they can answer the phones when they are busy. It is very frustrating not to be able to connect with the staff right away when you need to. I have found the voicemails I’ve left are unanswered and I have to ask again when I am there in person. Otherwise and overall, I feel very confident in leaving my precious fur baby with Dugan’s believing she is in very good & capable hands.

Michelle Hermosillo

2 years ago

The girls are very friendly and always excited to see my dog.

Elise Matson

2 years ago

I have no clue why this place is rated so highly and am pained to give it one star. Our yorkie Jack came home from his haircut hobbling and favoring his back leg. He hasn’t gone on a walk in the week since being cut and will barely go outside. He’s irritated and miserable. Also, as if it isn’t bad enough that my dog is hurting, I’ve worked in customer service and public relations my whole career and I put more effort and care into customer interactions when I was a college intern. When I booked, the receptionist took all my information - it took a while - but then when we brought Jack in, they didn’t have any information on file. When I left a voicemail heard say, I expected a call back today, and nothing. When I called today to see if maybe they used any restraints or anything else that could have injured Jack, they said they hadn’t received a voicemail from me. I know how to leave a voicemail and I don’t like being called a liar especially when it has to do with my pet. When I told the receptionist that, she said she didn’t like being called a liar. I work in customer service and I know the pain of “the customer is always right,” but that’s the nature of customer service. If someone’s pet is hurting, just make it right!

Lexi Weyant

2 years ago

Lexi at the front desk is always professional and informative. Love taking my puppers here because I know they will be safe and well taken care of!

Carol Chang

2 years ago

Paige listened to what I was wanting for my mini goldendoodle and he turned out great.

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