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Julie Funayama

2 years ago

Absolutely the best place to get your dog groomed. I have 3 Samoyeds and they come out looking like beautiful angels, and smell so good, it's just amazing!

Dean Wixsom

2 years ago

Have had great experiences for years here.

Paij Johnson

2 years ago

I bring my pup to doggy daycare two times a week and she LOVES it. She can’t wait to get out of the car when we pull into the parking lot. Extremely kind staff and it’s clean

Wanda Arbo (Pickles)

2 years ago

This is the worst .. pulled up in the parking lot and the place was nothing like the website. There were several people that said watch out they over charge allot.. the workers that were walking in the door would even look at you let alone say hello. We got a creepy feeling and my dog was nervous. Walked away.. never again


2 years ago

This place is awesome. Pets are thrilled with their day camp and get lots of socializing there. Employees are good about remembering all their regulars.

Holly Jeffery

2 years ago

Lack of response from hiring manager. I was told I would know either way if I got the job or didn't. Never heard from them again. As a person actively seeking employment that behavior is frustrating.

Emily Moore

2 years ago

My dogs have boarded with Two Ponds Pet Lodge for years & they love it. They can stay together in a shared kennel & I love checking in on them via video cams. Plus, the departure bath is a great way to leave. They come clean & tired out from all the fun!

Matt Miller

2 years ago

Cannot speak highly enough of Two Ponds. We recently boarded our dog for a week. It was our first time every boarding a pet and naturally we were a little nervous. We were in a bit of a sticky situation owing to the fact that we made the reservation so close to the time we needed to leave and our dog is so big. At first it was difficult for them to accommodate a dog his size on such short notice (they are clearly popular because all the kennels for large dogs were reserved) however the hard work and excellent communication of one of their employees, Tina, resulted in us getting exactly what we needed. The facility itself is nice and it butts up against a park/wildlife refuge but, as is the case with any business, it's the people that make the difference and employees like Tina make using this Lodge for all our future boarding and day camp needs a no brainer. One of the easiest five star reviews I've every given.

Natt Witham

2 years ago

Love it like a second doggy home for our Aussie! We couldn't do without them!

Brian Phelps

2 years ago

Always love getting my dogs groomed here.

Katherine Hamilton

2 years ago

They have been so amazing!

Mr McGyver

2 years ago

Wonderful people. We had to have our kitties there for a few days and they came home happy. We also have used their grooming service numerous times and are always happy with the outcome.

Wendell Stack

2 years ago

Our Roo loves Two Ponds. Monthly grooms and playtime! Super friendly staff!

Elias Hilliard

2 years ago

Always a good experience. Staff seems to take their job seriously and management does a good job of maintaining a safe environment for the dogs. Friendly and efficient interactions every time. I take my dog(s) there about 20X/yr.

Jan Theisen

2 years ago

The employees are very friendly, polite and professional. You can tell they love dogs.

Anne Harnack

2 years ago

Oscar loved it and they seemed to love him!

Randy Ellis

3 years ago

If we could give a negative star review we would! My wife dropped off our 18 month old puppy for her initial doggy day care evaluation and assessment on 3.1.2021. After only an hour and a half the staffed called my wife to inform her that our puppy had sustained what they thought might have been a bite from another dog and would need to be taken to their vet offsite for further treatment. When she asked more questions about the incident the staff was vague about what happened stating that either it was another dog, rough play or maybe she ran into something in the yard. Two Ponds Pet Lodge is taking responsibility for the incident by paying for the vet bills which they should. Once the vet had called us they confirmed it was a dog bite and would require 6 stitches. In my opinion and that of our dog trainer the staff should have been more involved to keep this type of incident from ever happening. Anyone who drops off their furry family member should never expect to have this happen while at doggy day care. Since the incident nobody from Two Ponds Pet Lodge has made a call to either my wife or myself to check on how our puppy is doing. Not good customer service at all!

Anne Mcglochlin

3 years ago

My ???? always comes home exhausted.

Jack van Son

3 years ago

Seems to be a good place for boarding, but I didn’t think their customer service was allot should be


3 years ago

I cannot express more gratitude and appreciation for the staff at 2 Ponds for caring for an "orphaned" Great Dane. I brought Walter into Two Ponds for short term boarding. He was immediately welcomed and each day given special attention. I am in awe with their animal behavior skillset, specifically the manager Stephanie and 2 exceptional employees- Andrew and Lauren. Skillful, compassionate, devoted, adept, sensible, and gracious barely skims the surface of their character. Thank you Two Ponds team for caring so deeply. XO Wendy & Walter

Vickie Sands

3 years ago

Our new member of our family Maggie cocker just started going her for Daycare twice a week. Seems to be a good facility they are very professional. I called today as Maggie is very small and the dogs I saw on webcam seemed to large. I was advised they were puppies as well and under 45lbs. Sill makes me a little nervous as she is only 9lbs. I have been watching her on camera she seems to be fine.

Ryan Kramer

3 years ago

We left our pup at Two Ponds while we went on vacation, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. The entire facility has cameras that livestream, so we were able to watch our dog play all day at doggy day camp and sleep in her private cabin. Every time we checked the cameras (which was a lot), she was happy and comfortable, and the staff was amazingly kind and caring towards her. One night we observed one of the staff members administering our pup her eye drops, and despite it being after hours, he took extra time to play with her, establish trust, and patiently administer the drops, staying a few minutes after to pet her and give her some extra attention. The facilities are top notch, the staff is above and beyond kind and caring; we will DEFINITELY be boring our dog here from now on!

Rene Sias

3 years ago

Daycare is ok but reception staff is not very kind nor pleasant. Also don’t recommend their groomers who wouldn’t take my dog because we arrived 5 min late to an appointment (hard deadline which I was not informed of at time of making the appointment) and staff got dismissive, incredibly rude and displayed total lack of empathy with no desire to try and solve the situation. Update: owner called me and we had a nice convo. Including apology and invitation to please try again and that staff had been trained. Haven’t been back yet.

Kristie Hansen

3 years ago

Clean environment, fun energy, great staff, love this place!

Jeff Schmieder

3 years ago

They took good care of our boarded dog and cat. We also like their cat grooming.

Cassie Loney

3 years ago

The groomers are amazing!! My kitty loves her grooming appointments. Professional, caring folks. Highly recommend!

Agustina Fox- Collis

3 years ago

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I trusted them with our dog’s first away from home experience and I could not be more disappointed in how things went. I left my dog here for the weekend, I let them know this was her first time and they reassured me that they would give her extra love, instead she spent 48 hours locked up in a kennel. I signed her up for a trail walk on her first day and half a day of day care for the next day so she could socialize with other dogs, plus some personal cuddle time ( yes, you have to pay for that here). I dropped her off mid-day and called later to check on her, I got their vmail several times, I finally left a vmail at the end of the day. The next day, I was eager to see her on the cameras since I hadn’t heard anything about how she did the day before. I didn’t see her, I checked every half hour and didn’t see my dog out there at all. I must have called about 15 times leaving several vmails to check on her because I wasn’t seeing her where she was supposed to be. At this point, I have no idea what’s happening with my dog or where she is at. I went to pick her up first thing Monday morning, when I brought this up at the front desk, first they told me that sometimes you can’t see the dogs well on the cameras, I reassured them that I definitely did not see her. Finally, the lady that watched them during day care jumped in and said, she had not seen Stella out there. Looks like it was a misunderstanding and that she must not have gotten her assessment…. so she never got out. Then I inquired about the rest of the services I signed her up for and they brought up her file; her cuddle time also hadn’t been signed off on either!!! But the tech that was standing by the front desk, said she had done her cuddle time, just forgot to sign the sheet. At this point, I don’t know what to believe! Did she go on her walk? Did they feed her? What else did this place tell me they would do that they haven’t. I understand misunderstanding happen but you’re not getting a car wash… this is, to us at least, like a family member we are trusting you with. Needless to say I will never be coming back here again. I feel horrible to have picked this place and been misguided by their services, I really was under the impression that she would have a good weekend getting love from the caretakers and getting to play with the other dogs...who knows, what really goes on at this kennel. Also, the fact that you can’t get ahold of someone on a Sunday in case of an emergency doesn’t work for me.

Alex McKinney

3 years ago

This review is in regards to boarding as I've not used their other services. Via the camera I am at least able to verify my dogs were inside and warm, so they do earn two stars. I've boarded here twice now and there will not be a third. Both times I used them the dogs have come home massively dehydrated. They're not in the large play rooms so it just comes down to the staff being inattentive. Specifically just not refilling their water bowls, especially the puppy because she likes to play in it and often spills it. The staff either doesn't care enough or are too inept to follow simple instructions to help the dogs feel more at home. Again, because of the footage, we were able to see they didn't bother to give our adult dog his blankets that came from home instead opting for a packing blanket he'd never seen before. They also couldn't be bothered to put the puppy in her kennel for sleep as they swore up and down they would. Unfortunately this lead to the puppy soiling her blanket and smelling of urine when we picked her up. I understand that we're all people and we all make mistakes, I'm just severely underwhelmed with how I observed my animals being cared for by the staff of the Two Ponds Pet Lodge.

Adam Duran

3 years ago

Great doggy daycare and super friendly staff.

Denisha Roberts

3 years ago

We use the grooming here and it is great! Our dog always looks great and is excited when we pull up for her appointment... so that us a good sign.

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