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Marsha Cozza

2 years ago

Been taking our dog for grooming 6 yrs . They take good care of her

Roger Talavera

2 years ago

Great staff. The groomers are top notch. Take my dog there with confidence


3 years ago

Whenever I'm out of town I always leave my Akita Kido who is now 11 year's old with Pampered Pet. He doesn't like to be around other dog's & they always make sure he gets his private time out to play & walk. He's always well taken care of while there & the web cam is a nice addition when I'm missing him. I now have a 5 months old pomeranian who will be spending her very first 2 nights there this July 5th. I'm a little nervous about it but I trust Pampered Pet to make her stay there a positive & safe one along with my Akita. Thank you Pampered Pet I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a wonderful place to board your fur babies


3 years ago

Upon my first experience the staff was not very welcoming but I choked it up to them maybe having a busy day; even members of the staff would approach my dog with no acknowledgement to me standing right there. This company has a mission statement when you first walk in that reads, “Our goal is to provide the ultimate experience for the pet and pet owner”. Upon me dropping him off two of the groomers approached my dog (again no acknowledgement to me standing right there with the leash in my hand) they proceeded to say how cute my dog was but how much he needed to be groomed and one of them even implied his ears were dirty and asked if he had an ear infection. Mind you my dog was not and is not dirty now a haircut he definitely could use. But again even after the backhanded compliment, the micro-aggressions, & and against my better judgement I still decided to board my dog here. My dog was here literally less than 48 hours and when I went to pick him up 6/14/2021; they brought him from the back and informed me they thought he was constipated, and proceeded to say he only ate 25% of his food, no play by play, no mention of his behavior, nothing. Mind you I called several times and even used the webcam login to see if I could check in that way… My dog has never been constipated, less than 10 minutes of him being back in my care I had to rush him to the Vet. I even asked that they check his ears because it never hurts to get a second opinion. He wasn’t constipated, he was backed up, which was a direct result of him being in an unfamiliar environment and they also confirmed there was absolutely nothing wrong with his ears, they weren’t even dirty… Now I know that dogs who experience separation anxiety etc could experience issues if they are not comfortable but given the type of establishment this is, I would think they would’ve contacted me if he was not doing well within the first 24 hours. I received absolutely no calls and even when I called I received no answers… Instead they waited until I picked him up to tell me he only ate 25% of his food and that was it… This was my experience.

Michael Skinner

3 years ago

I took my 5 month old puppy to them for a full service grooming appointment and he was fine the day I dropped him off. The moment we brought him home we knew something was wrong. He was standoffish and tonight (2 days later) his ears are in immense pain and he stated screaming and wailing in his sleep. I have no idea but I will be speaking with the groomers and will update. I can only say it won't be good.

Wendy DeLisio

3 years ago

Great place for boarding, grooming and daycare for your fur babies. This is the inly place I will leave my dog Maximillion (Max).

Sheryl Gonzales

3 years ago

I have been taking my pup, Hannah, here since I adopted her 1 1/2 years ago. The staff has been amazing with her, giving her the time she needed to feel secure and working with her each day to help bring her our of her shell. She loves seeing all her fur friends and I love being able to look in on her and watch her play. They care about the animals and truly enjoy being with them. I highly recommend The Pampered Pet, you won't be disappointed.

Kris Carrillo

3 years ago

Left my dogs there for a weekend. They were both well taken care of. They got groomed and walked. They had the cameras so I was able to check on them. Will most definitely bring them back for next vacation as well as recommended them to fellow pet owners as the go to place in the future. Thank you guys for all you do really Appreciate the piece of mind..cant say that about other dog hotel's and spas... Two paws up!!

Hypnotic ENT.

3 years ago

Great spot my dogs love it there. Thanks

Ethan Goldberg

3 years ago

Took my dog for her first grooming since adopting here a few weeks earlier. Making an appointment was easy which was followed by an email confirmation. The place is great and they loved my dog. Best of all the prices were more than fair. The pampered pet will be the regular groomer for my new best friend.

robert schwinn

4 years ago

Dogs still smell good a week after they got washed

Angela McGrath

4 years ago

Great place to care for your dog while you're on vacation.

Brenda Rodriguez

4 years ago

very upset that our pup was only given a 10 minute evaluation and told he had too much energy and was a little bitey. We take Winter to several daycares, agility and obedience classes and he loves to play and rough house and we are extremely upset. Anyways the place is too small and we found several other places that love him!

Chris Zellner

4 years ago

Convenient, caring, and well worth it!

Danny Barfield

4 years ago

This place is clean. When you walk in. The smell dose not smack you in the face. Like the other places.

Greggory Simpson

4 years ago

Natalie, Theresa, Rob! The best!-- Groomers. As well, we've boarded here- no complaints. Been patronizing since 2014.

Lisa H

4 years ago

I was satisfied with someone taking care of my dog and paid extra for separate playtime. I am very dissapointed that they discriminate if your animal has any pitbull My dog is a 11 yr old service dog who is part pitbull and I have socialized my dog since I've owned her since birth. I pick her up and she is shaking so bad and has so much anxiety like a bunch of fireworks went off or something. If my dog was a full breed pitbull I could understand it being a issue. I can't bring myself to bring her back there again unless they change there policy on breed restrictions. Small dogs are more dangerous in my opinion.


4 years ago

Awesome staff. They really care for their boarders,

Robert Presley

4 years ago

Fantastic facility with a wonderful and caring staff. I highly recommend The Pampered Pet for your pampered pet!

Yohn Rosqui

4 years ago

The dogs seem well cared for. Being able to check via video cam is comforting. Can be very pricey

Susan Molly

5 years ago

Groomer Rob is a nice guy, down to earth and is great at grooming. He knows his stuff and is finished quickly.

Annabelle ALK

5 years ago

Teresa grooms our Yorkie. She is wonderful and so sweet with her.

Cynthia Bedoy

5 years ago

They take care of every detail you can think of. Seperate play area for small and large dogs. Camera access to check up on them. Clean clean clean. Friendly staff knows how to handle every breed. Worth every penny compared to other spots for what you get.

Eric Markus

5 years ago

This place does a great job and the employees all clearly love animals. But, THEY DO A TERRIBLE JOB OF RETURNING PHONE CALLS, and rarely answer the phone in the first place. I’d love to take my dog more often, but I can never get anyone on the phone to make an appointment.

Helga Pliske

5 years ago

Great place to take your pet for training day care and boarding

Iraida Stoker

5 years ago

I love the Pampered Pet Hotel & Spa! Chris has been an incredible trainer for my kids, and I love their approach to training. I'll probably have a puppy party there at some point too-- Didn't know that was a thing until I saw the photos here on google.

Julie Kertes

5 years ago

Pampered Pet is my dogs' home away from home. Everyone who works there is AWESOME ... it's like dropping the kids off at their favorite aunt and uncle's house! Whether it's daycare or boarding, I NEVER have to worry about their safety. We LOVE Pampered Pet!!

Sarah Harkey

6 years ago

Love the classes here! Our dog has a blast in agility and is on his way to becoming CGC certified thanks to help from the team here

Marissa Schaefer

6 years ago

Extremely friendly and responsive. A little pricey, but it's good to know he was well taken care of.

Jordy W

6 years ago

They take great care of my dogs! It isn't a boarding facility it's a second home to them! Wonderful staff and facility!

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