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Alise Kabakoff

2 years ago

Dr. Robison is wonderful. She has been taking care of our cats for over 20 years. She's very knowledgeable and always up-to-date with the latest medical news.

Molly Taylor

3 years ago

Dr. Robinson is a GREAT cat vet. I adopted a cat back in July 2020 during the pandemic and having no previous knowledge about cats as Panda the cat I named &adopted is my first actual cat, she was beyond helpful and took care of all of Panda’s needs. You can tell she knows what she’s doing and she has many years of experience with cats. I trust her 100% and if you have a kitty take her /him to see Dr. Robinson. She knows her stuff.

Mousa Zarifian

3 years ago

If you’re looking for the BEST CAT VET in Kos angeles ... look no further.... Dr Robinson is the best vet by far.... ive taken my cat to numerous places and nobody good figure out what was wrong with him until Dr Robinson finally diagnosed him. Dr Robinson is professional and knowledgeable about all your cats health. You won’t be disappointed.

Irving M. Rodriguez

4 years ago

Gale is the best in the biz! I have taken all of my kitties and friends kitties here and I won't stop! She is so nice, so patient, and she loves cats! Gotta love what you do!

Jenna Quigley

4 years ago

Dr. Robinson is an amazing vet. When we moved to the valley, we had to find a new cats-only vet and we really lucked out with her. When we first adopted Obi, a different vet gave him ear drops for his "ear infection." Dr. Robinson took one look at him and knew he had ear mites. Fixed him right up. She told us that a lot of vets treat cats like small dogs, and that's not right. She 's so knowledgeable about cats and we trust her completely with all three of our cats. She recently fixed up our cat who had an abscess and we were so stressed but she took all the stress away after treating him. Her prices are great. She's the best and we're so lucky she's our vet. Highly recommend.

Ken Neil

4 years ago

Will never go there again....the vet there is arrogant and doesn’t listen or respect what a pet owner tells her not to do to there pet... After having my cats nails done and having her shots, the following day she was acting off... I wrote it off as a side effect of her getting her shots ... I know my cat as well as the back of my hand , I knew she was going to be skittish for a while because that’s just the way she is . And then I noticed her limping ... she was a rescue cat and always had that issue with her front left paw, but it was always minimal for 4 years until her recent visit to Cats Meow. I told this so called vet others are praising, not to grab her by the neck.. Before it even started I was talking to my cat in the room the vet was in , telling her it’s OK I’m not going to grab you by the neck, and gently took her out of her carrier ...bam ... The vet aggressively grabs her by the neck ... at which point I said please don’t do that , she continues to do it again , at that point I said aren’t you listening to me I said do not grab her that way, she’s tender there... once again she forcibly grabs my cat to put her on the portable weight scale and says she’s doing this for our safety ... At that point I said if you’re not going to listen to me about the care of my animal we’re out of here. We transferred vet services from the Beverly Oaks veterinary clinic because it was too far of a drive and cats meow was much closer. NEVER AGAIN! Oh that very day within the hour, we went back to the old vet, and there was absolutely no issue whatsoever with them understanding the same Exact thing I had told this other moron vet! They let me Gently take her out, of course not grabbing her by the back of neck where she was tender, and it was fine. This cats meow whack job of a vet wouldn’t even let me do that for MY pet. Total disrespect for the customer , total disrespect for my pet, she is the the most arrogant vet I have ever come across. Avoid this place as if it’s the plague ..... If you truly care about your cat...

Lacey Kinney

5 years ago

I just called this clinic to inquire about some topical flea treatment prophylaxis for my kitty. Unfortunately, last spring my 12lb cat got chemically burned from a popular topical treatment otherwise known as Revolution. So when I called …

Lori Little

5 years ago

I couldn’t even get a question in regards to bringing my cats in without attitude given by the receptionist on the phone. I have sick cats, had been to 3 vets and was trying to ask about providing current medical history. Definitely won’t …

David Carter

6 years ago

Dr, Robison had been caring for my elderly cats for past few years. She has always shown the utmost compassion and consideration for their well being and was always upfront and honest about their prognoses and recommended course of action. My cats have since past away but looking back she always made the best choices for the cats well being and never preformed unnecessary procedures or testing for the 'sake of making a profit.' My wife and I highly recommend the Cat's Meow and truly thank Dr. Robison guiding us through difficult end of life decisions.

Eric Pierpoint

8 years ago

Over the years, Cat's Meow was excellent in caring for my little ones. My senior cat, Matisse, lived to 19 happy and loving years. My feeling is that Dr. R's care was essential in extending my guy's quality of life. I would certainly go back.

Laura Zaki

10 years ago

Dr. Robison is an excellent cat doctor. At first she felt "rough around the edges" to us too but over time we have learned to appreciate her input/expertise/recommendations. She is great at taking care of our cats, proposing fairly priced treatment options and helping us understand all our options - and encouraging us to make the most practical/logical/compassionate choices. She doesn't sugar-coat things but she is great at what she does and that's what matters! We value her input and opinions and are happy to take all three of our cats to her.

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