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Arlene ODell

3 years ago

We have a 1 year old, 10lb rescue pup, and we struggle to keep his nails trimmed because he hates it and it ends up being an awful, stressful situation for all involved. A few months ago I emailed A Purrfect Gro omer to see how much they would charge to trim his nails for me. I’m local to West Sac and I was willing to take him wherever I needed to or have them come to me, whatever was more convenient. They emailed me back and said it would be $85 to trim his nails. That’s an absurd amount, especially given that we’re in a pandemic, and it’s a 10 minute nail trim. So I declined. Then I get an email yesterday saying their truck is broke down and they’re offering maintenance visits. I thought this might be a good time to get him in for his nail trim, thinking a maintenance visit would be less expensive than the regular visit, so I emailed to find out the pricing. I received an email back today saying simply that they don’t service my area. Which is weird since I didn’t mention my area in my email request. So I wrote back to clarify that they no longer service West Sacramento, and I got a one word response back that they don’t service Clarksburg. I never mentioned needing service in Clarksburg. So I replied and said the service would be in West Sacramento but never mind because all of my interactions with them have been terrible thus far. Trying to communicate with them is like trying to communicate with a petulant teenager, and that’s not customer service. I’ll find someone else to help my sweet pup, someone that actually wants to help him.

Cory Crook

3 years ago

Very Convenient, my Persian had to be shaved . They did a great job and no nicks, and he came came back not skittish, or afraid. And that’s alway a plus . Thanks guys!

Elias Immanuel

3 years ago

Was scheduled for early morning didn’t arrive until noon. I’ve been using a professional grade shampoo on our Maltipoo and we were told that his wife “the groomer” was gagging from her previous smell of the shampoo that was used. It’s a baby powder scent and was recommended by a professional groomer. Aggressively he told us if we want to continue business with them we have to stop shampooing our dog. THEN proceeded to charge us FULL price when THEY were the issue. We have been long time customers. Not anymore GO SOMEWHERE else


3 years ago

I live up in Natomas and used these guys a couple times (apparently a husband/wife team but he acts like the groomer is a business partner). The first time was alright and my dog seemed happy. Second time he had a bloody cut around his privates which seemed off to me considering that the guy said they can't shave my dog (have to blow him out due to a double coat). Then the third time around, they show up TWO HOURS late, stinking of weed, and have the gall to tell me I haven't brushed out my dog enough and its taking them too long to do the job properly. Apparently, the last customer was "in the shower" so they had to wait on him. More like they didn't want to come out to Natomas because its "too far for them." Very rude and told them I won't be needing their services again.

alba mujeer

4 years ago

love this groomer affordable and nice workers thank you

Brandon Rogers

4 years ago

After reading the reviews on here I am completely dumbfounded! Every experience I have had with Dana and Alex have been nothing short of phenomenal. My German Shepherd has always came back to my home perfectly groomed and smiling. Any advice or referrals I have asked them for have turned great results for my animal and I. No animal in my home would ever be groomed elsewhere.

Jennifer Perez

4 years ago

I've been a customer of Dana & Alex for over 6 years, since they had a brick & mortar location. They have taken care of my precious babies like they were their own and I am most grateful for that. I know when I hand them their leash they treat and care for them as if they were their own and that brings me such peace.

Nate Foust-Meyer

4 years ago

Highly recommended! The shampoo and conditioner they use smalls so good. Alex provides great service, advanced scheduling, and my dog has been happy to see him every time.


6 years ago

Two days after being groomed my German Sheppard broke out with a horrible skin infection that opened hundred of sores under his coat, from his shoulders to his tail. Almost $1k (ER, biopsy and prescription) at an emergency vet later, I explain to A Purrfect Groomer what happened and how my dog was on aggressive antibiotics. Vet says it was likely an auto-immune reaction to the shampoo or even burnt skin from being blow dried. The groomer takes ZERO responsibility for the incident and defends their position. I don't blame the groomer, at first, and let bygones be bygones. 6 months later I decide to try them again. I remind the groomer of the last visit and they reassure me that they use a hypoallergenic shampoo and will take care not to blow dry my dog. My dog comes out fine and dandy, and I stop worrying. Thinking the issue has been addressed I decide to start using them on a regular again. A few months later I return, believing that they keep some kind of grooming history information on that computer they keep typing into. When I pick up my dog I'm told that my dog freaked out with the blow dryer. I explained that they weren't supposed to use the dryer on my dog and I was scolded. They insisted that the dryer was a MUST (despite my requests... and the fact that I normally towel dry my outdoor dog. Low and behold, two days later, my dog breaks out with sores again. A new cone of shame, a week of more antibiotics, and only a $250 bill (since I knew why he was sick now) later. NEVER AGAIN. I never asked them for a cent. I never even asked for a refund. I just wanted the error recognized and not repeated. Pay the $ for a mobile groomer now.

Patty Rees

9 years ago

This is the best groomer ever. Our mini Schnauzer always comes home perfectly groomed.

Shannon Kinley

9 years ago

Alex and his staff are awesome. I've been taking "Brutus" our German Shephard there for years, never been an issue and always does a great job !! Plus shuttles Brutus to and from , total BONUS!!

Abby Martinez

10 years ago

I went to a purrfect groomer expecting exactly that.... However what I received was the complete opposite. I dropped off my very friendly Husky for my appointment, the staff informed me that they would call me when she was finished. It …

K Rollins

10 years ago

I was a little skeptical the first time I walked in there and saw the tinted glass (what are they hiding back there) since I'd never been to a groomers that wasn't wide open so you could watch the process if you wanted. I was also turned off by the "STOP. DO NOT KNOCK ON GLASS." What a way to greet your customers! How about "Welcome, please have a seat, someone will be with you shortly."? But I was very happy with the way my dog looked and will definitely go back.

Liya Kravchenko

11 years ago

NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN! A "perfect" groomer...they don't do ANYTHING perfect, and not even good. I have a Shi Tzu dog, I asked them to give him a hair cut and this us what they did. I also paid 26$ for it. I was very very disappointed. …

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