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2 years ago

The birds there were very timid and they were on a seed diet, but it was a cool experience and the big aviary was something I've never seen before.

Galia Webb

2 years ago

If you want to have a real ‘bird’ experience go to this place! It’s like a petting zoo but for birds. It’s fun to go just for the experience itself even if you are not ready to buy a bird :D The birds are out of their cages and you can pick them up and interact with them. None of the other bird stores in town offer this kind of interactive bird experience where the birds are out of their cages. They have birds for every type of bird owner, from hand fed parakeets to macaws and canary’s. This store also has a large aviary where the birds fly freely and I think as a result you can hear the most beautiful music all around. (View my video for an example) I love the ‘out of cage experience’. Because of this I was easily able to pick a cockatiel out of the flock, which just hoped on my arm and did not want to come down! I was hoping to find a friendly and social bird and this open cage setup was simply the easiest way to get a feel for all of the birds.

Matthew MacKay

2 years ago

This was our first time to the store and Jilene and Lilly were absolutely amazing! They were the sweetest and most professional people we have encountered in a long time, and for them to be our new home for taking our feathered babies to go to is awesome! They expertly groomed our Blue-Winged Macaw and Indian Ringneck and I was shocked by how my macaw, who is normally screeching from anxiety from the ordeal, hardly made any sounds while she was groomed! That blew me away! I HIGHLY recommend this establishment for all your bird needs, especially for grooming! Thank you so much!!!

April Flores

2 years ago

Clean, friendly and great selection of birds. Bird food, toys and grooming available. Omar's staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad I got my birds from Omar's!

Jdcin Serkantess

2 years ago

Rude..seemed like she couldn't wait to be a rude to my naive questions about the birds, i mean she could of..nevermind


2 years ago

Omar's Exotic Birds is amazing! 100% recommend. I got a cockatiel there and I love him he's now a year old! The staff is amazing. And when there grooming they do a amazing job not only that they talk to the bird and cuddle it after! All there birds are amazing you can tell they take great care about the animals. If you ever get a bird/cage/supplies get it from Omar's Exotic Birds!

jess one

2 years ago

Super awesome you have to check it out.


2 years ago

Knowledgable staff and local gem. If I could I would donate to them.

Ann Bellafaire

2 years ago

The crew is so helpful and it's so fun to interact with the birds!

Deepashree g

2 years ago

Got my hand raised baby cockatiel here. He is the sweetest little guy! Friendly staff ! Great selection of toys and a few play pens are available too. The place is very clean (even with all those birds around) and the birds look so happy !

Latonya Butler

2 years ago

Great my little girl really want a brid so i take her her so she can see them and learn about them. It was great learn so much.

Liz Fraser

2 years ago

Birds have a lot of freedom in here! Love this place!!

Shelly Jefferies

2 years ago

Love this place and love holding the birds. I love taking in my own birds to be seen here

Kyle Powers

2 years ago

Amazingly friendly employees and the birds are always so much fun to play with!


2 years ago

LOVE Omars! First time at this location, it has friendly staff who genuinely seem to love burds and the most amazing bird aviary. Highly recommend

Simply Grand

2 years ago

Their birds seem really well cared for. Staff is seriously dedicated to their health and happiness. Pretty clean , especially for such an old building. They stock things I haven't seen in any retail pet store, like harnesses and bird carriers. Tons of toys and better quality food like Harrison's pellets. Down side? Parking is awful and no gift certificates! But they have an inside aviary, so who cares!! Check them out!

Gloria Simmons

2 years ago

So happy to have a place not far from home to shop for my cockatoo.Then they show love and kindness toward their birds they are selling.Then I saw this fabulous,clean aviary,not cages where smaller birds are enjoying life before Purchase! Great idea! The staff is helpful too.oh,and a reasonable price for beak,nails wing trim! I finally liked not having to buy a big bag of pellets.They have bins so you can purchase by the pound,seed,pellets...Great place!

David Garcia

3 years ago

Great place to get birds and accessories for them

cara angelopoulos

3 years ago

Omar's is the place to go for bird care and a happy greeting. Their staff is not only knowledgeable, but they are also friendly and kind. We have visited all of the locations over the years and the new Vista store is just so wonderful! Very happy to see Omar's in North County!

Sia Fraser

3 years ago

a lot of cool birds you can interact with and great prices, friendly staff

Andreas “Aris” Aristidou

3 years ago

Wowed by this place. Slightly mindblown by how free the parrots were to roam around the place as well as by how big some of those parrots were. The whole experience of being able to interact with the birds in such a way was humbling as well as one that made me see bird ownership and interaction as more real and doable. Their birds are on the expensive side but I presume that you get what you pay for.

Brett Nelson

3 years ago

The cleanest bird store I've ever been in...

Charles Feland

3 years ago

It's great that there is a place for my 41 year Afican grey Parrot to get food and care and the staff one lady who is awesome on knowledge and love of birds. And a different way to try foods in a one lab bag or a 20 lb bad and mix and match. They are great clean and care friendly people. Just had a physical for Jack and he is great at 41 and gained some wait. I have a great Doctor and know a great place to his every day needs. Thanks

Hey It's May

3 years ago

Great place, lots of birds, amazing variety of toys. Over all it's an excellent place, so glad I came here.

Jennifer Price

3 years ago

Great little shop! Nice conditions for birds. Clean and pleasant place.

Kai Parng

3 years ago

Super friendly and professional. I board my three parrots there!!

Luis Cardenas

3 years ago

Nice friendly staff great birds

Ramon Rosas

3 years ago

By far best bird store ive been too and excellent service????

Ruby Star

3 years ago

This is the best and only store to go to, other than the other store... which is awesome also. We are so thankful Omar decided to come to North County ????. Owning a large mcaw, we always need something and always go to Omar's!!!!

The Bird

3 years ago

They had the cutest birds and they were so friendly, I would totally recommend this to everyone

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