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Jennifer Denham

2 years ago

We enrolled our oldest dog, Enzo in Your Pro Dog Trainer’s Board and Train program three years ago, so when our new dog came along and started to exhibit some undesirable behaviors we knew exactly what he needed. We decided to send both …

Erin Garner-Ford

2 years ago

My dog, Theo, has been going to Your Pro Dog since he was just a few months old. The progress he has made is all due to their diligent training. He is such a fun dog and yet he has all of the fundamentals for good behavior. I completely trust them and would recommend them to all dog people.

Carmen Goff

2 years ago

I have two puppies from Gravitas Goldens and when I heard Rebecca also offered a training program, I was in. We first took Luke when he was ~10 months. The staff treated him as their own...brushing his teeth daily and having so much patience! They send training updates daily and send you home with homework so you can continue working with your dog. Luke no longer rushes the door and his leash pulling is significantly better. We had hoped to take Henry (pup #2), but due to a series of events and the fact that we're moving out of state, we'll have to postpone his training. Might well be worth a flight back though!

Jillian Barricelli

2 years ago

We don’t have enough good things to say about the wonderful people and experience for our puppy at Your Pro Dog Trainer. We got our Lab when she was very little and she needed a ton of work with socialization with some training looped in. I looked all over the Bay Area and beyond and luckily came upon Your Pro’s website. Not only was I super interested immediately, but people absolutely raves about them in the reviews! We knew that we’d found our place, and to this day it’s the best thing we could’ve done for our dog. She returned to us a completely changed girl, so friendly and playful with pups of all sizes. Your Pro came and picked up our girl and brought her home, making this the easiest decision ever. I also got text videos and pictures of her progress while she was gone, and I could tell the entire time that she was being very well taken care of and loved. We can’t wait to send her back to Your Pro for “camp” again really soon. If you’re looking for people who will live, care for and teach your pup, look no further than the incredible team at Your Pro Dog Trainer!

Clean your house

2 years ago

Pro dog trainers are the best..

Kenneth Richardson

2 years ago

We couldn’t be more grateful for the guidance and training that the folks at YPDT have provided to our dog and all of us. Skilled, talented, professional, personal, and willing to go the extra mile to help. It is a blessing to be able to work with people who truly live what they do!

Mandy Silveira

2 years ago

We’ve used Your Pro Dog Trainer several times now for both training and boarding. We are beyond happy with their service. Our dog loves going there and always comes back with new knowledge and skills. It’s evident how much they love animals and you can feel safe and comfortable knowing your pet as well taken care of while they are there. Their entire team is fantastic and I would highly recommend them!

Chris Park

2 years ago

This is the best place to have your dog trained or just to be babysat. The people here are some of the most honest people in the industry. I took my puppy for training and they were upfront and honest about her in saying that she doesn’t have that many issues she needs to work on. Instead, they recommended her for the daycare option which was $65 cheaper. Who does that? They always send updates about my puppy with pics and videos throughout the day. She loves it there and is always excited to see and play with her friends. This place is a great way to have your puppy get socialized while still keeping them safe before they receive all of their parvo shots. They clean the outdoor area after every use to limit the chances of parvo infected any dog. They require proof of vaccines being started too for all dogs who visit. Lastly, all of the staff there are extremely friendly! I highly recommend this place for training, daycare, and even for boarding.


2 years ago

My Gravitas Goldens puppy was trained here from the age of 8 to 12 weeks so that we received a "started" puppy. The trainers did a wonderful job of not only teaching our pup the basics (place, sit, down, wait, leave it, stay) but also of giving him the love and care he would have gotten with our family. They sent many photos and videos of his training so we could see what and how he was learning and know that he was in a nurturing environment with other puppies and caring adults. He was clearly a happy puppy. When he arrived at our home at age 12 weeks, he was indeed a puppy who knew the basics which made our life with a "toddler" much easier. We have continued to build on everything he learned. He is now 4-1/2 months old and is the most delightful boy who still enjoys the training we do, an eager learner. What a great start he had!

Viridiana Trevino

2 years ago

Just to add, all the info they talk of in the reply was after and only once they received payment and were in posession of our dog. If I could put zero stars I would. I sent my dog already knowing many tricks yet she came back knowing less because they didn't follow up on what she knew. Spent 4000 dollars and my dog still had the same bad behavior we specifically asked them to correct. Save your money and train your dog watching YouTube videos. I promise this helped more than the trainers in the facility. This business is stealing your money. And as for their response and approach to customers... well, No respect for a 15 year active duty service member who's only desire was to have an emotional support companion.

Shelley Hughes

2 years ago

I sooo appreciate the training you have done with my doxie dog. He was so aggressive with his food and a terrible listener. He now is a great member of our family with your training. Thanks so much.

Megan Tolbert

2 years ago

Have nothing but amazing things to say about these people. They will go above and beyond for you and your furbaby! Are always there to help and answer questions . I recommend them to everyone

Megan Hatherley

2 years ago

Your Pro DogTrainer has made a tremendous impact on our dogs development and ability to socialize around all types and ages of other dogs. He is so excited to get out of the truck at drop off and barely wants to come home at pick up. We will be forever thankful for all that the trainers do every day to make sure that our dog is well taken care of and especially for all of the love that they pour out into their work. We will never stop saying “Thank you!”

Matthew Tilschner

2 years ago

Pro Dog trainers have been awesome with our new German Shepard puppy. We love the at home training sessions and our puppy loves to go to their facility for the day for playtime. They have helped her become a better puppy and already listening very well for 6 month old

Marion Carroll

2 years ago

I would 10000% recommend Your Pro Dog Trainer. We have literally been all across the country and the state with our pup and have never found anything that even comes close to competing with this place. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to have a place that you can bring your puppy or dog and feel totally content throughout the day knowing they are not only being cared for but having a BLAST. Our little guy gets so excited when he realizes where he is going on the car ride. And he is always so well behaved when he comes back. This place has had such a positive impact on our lives and our pup’s. Thank you thank you thank you to all of the fabulous trainers at Your Pro Dog Trainer.

Lin-Hua Wu

2 years ago

We have used Your Pro Dog Trainer three times since we got our puppy a year ago. It is a fabulous program—so responsive and communicative, very serious about training our dog, and our dog Omega absolutely loves it. Each time he has returned, he has been better behaved, healthy as can be, and so happy! The trainers are all professional and kind, and they give us list of actionable homework we can use with Omega to continue reinforcing all the training at home. It is clear everyone at YPDT loves the dogs and really gets to know each one very well. I have been so impressed and happy to send Omega there, and it is also extremely convenient, with pick up and drop off services door-to-door.

Laynys Rod

2 years ago

(Edited after their response; They collected the money before anything. After their 1st week with our dog we got updates but no where did they say they could not meet our request. And if we couldn't get back with them it was because my wife was in the hospitaland I was sick. I don't think the details are any of their businessbut the fact is that they took our dog in expecting us to continue to train her for them. I know dogs need consistency and now we understand the issue with her age but that wasn't told to us before we handed them $4000 and our pup) $4000 later and my pup lunges at other dogs and us. They didn't care about our situation with medical appointments and getting sick to charge another $200+ for one more day. If you are military the rate is the same. And they don't tell you what to expect. Like for us where we were informed mid service that they don't certify for service dog and that the $4000 was just for behavior... don't go to them. There are places in Hanford that will save you 95% of what we paid

LaVonne Chastain

2 years ago

We LOVE, LOVE Your Pro Dog Trainer, and so does our German Shepherd! We started our dog with Rebecca and her amazing team when she was a puppy. They helped us be better dog owners as much as they helped our dog. When we take her to their facility, it doesn’t matter how long she’s there, they send us constant updates, videos, and pictures of her in training. They are so knowledgeable and professional. I can’t say enough how happy and grateful we are to have such an outstanding place to care for and train our pet.

Jennifer Trumbull

2 years ago

Our French Bulldog, Ursus, started seeing them when he was very young. They gave us a tour of the facility and were very reassuring. Ursus has been there for boarding, training sessions, and daycare. He is always excited when we arrive. I love that they send me pictures and videos of his training and play. We are making great progress towards getting his Canine Good Citizenship Certificate, which is impressive for his stubborn breed. I never worry about his care or treatment when he is at Your Pro Dog Trainer.

jeff pickens

2 years ago

It has really helped are puppy . Socializing and training .

Jamie Valdez

2 years ago

Your pro dog trainer is absolutely the best! Their trainers genuinely love our dog and treat her so well. Our dog loves going to doggy daycare and always comes home content and tired. I feel completely comfortable leaving our girl here and they even send us videos throughout the day so we don't miss her too much. It's such a relief to have found a place where our girl is happy, loved and treated so exceptionally!


2 years ago

Your pro dog trainer is an amazing facility- clean, expansive, kennels in doors and temperature controlled. But the best thing about this place is the staff. All of their trainers are educated and hold certifications in dog and/or animal training. They truly love animals and I know they love my dog Rusty. They provide a great opportunity for dogs to be trained, socialized, and exposed to new people/experiences/sights/sounds while they are there. My dog Rusty never wants to leave at the end of the day. I feel 1000% comfortable leaving him there for day care and boarding.

Darcy Pickens

2 years ago

Adopting a new puppy it was important to us that she got plenty of socialization and training early on, and we were SO grateful to find Your Pro Dog Trainer! They are professional, flexible, friendly and obviously know their stuff. People are always impressed at how well behaved and friendly our puppy is, and she loves going, which makes me feel great about taking her to puppy daycare when we can't be home all day. We couldn't recommend them more! We'll be clients for years to come.

Caroline Ward

2 years ago

My pup Mycroft was a handful more than I could handle and these amazing folks help establish basic manners. They worked with me and gave me regular updates! Everyone was sweet and helped me with Mycrofts adjustment back home. I was able to visit Mycroft whenever I wanted to make sure we still bonded and I got to see his progress. Highly recommend.

Jessica Wang

3 years ago

Renee was my dog, Harrison's trainer for a month when we went away for vacation. She updated us with his progress every three days and sent us pictures of him. She also brushed Harry's teeth every night. Nothing makes me feel better knowing he's so well taken care of. Harrison came back a different boy. He's much calmer, stopped pulling during walks, stopped jumping on our young kids and so much more. Renee also sent us "homework" on how to maintain and keep working with Harrison to prevent regression. We can't thank her enough. I live near Pasadena, CA so I am quite far away from Your Pro Dog Trainer but they provide pick up and drop off with a very reasonable flat rate fee. Harrison LOVES his trainer and was sad saying goodbye to her for now. We will always chose Your Pro Dog Trainer to train our dog because they treat your fur baby like their own.

Jaymie Nuckols

3 years ago

The staff at Your Pro Dog Trainer is amazing! I would highly recommend using them.

Fred Scaife

3 years ago

Rebecca and her crew are fantastic

marti cilley

3 years ago

If someone asked me to describe Rebecca and her Stuff in just 2 words I'd say SIMPLY AMAZING !. …

Justina Hernandez

4 years ago

The Staff at Your Pro Dog Trainer are awesome! very loving and kind. I did the Board And Train Package. My dog is on key to his commands. I would definitely use them again when I get another dog.

Adrienne Wilson

4 years ago

Cash was a new dog compared to when we dropped him off. From the first day everyone there was so friendly and welcoming. Anytime I had a question there were able to answer. With the training and tools they give you after your pup/dog is trained you are sure to have a successful experience! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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