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Laurette Healey

2 years ago

Very clean. Friendly staff. They are very good.


2 years ago

While I think there is cheaper out there, and I did try Dr. Moon once, I like the doctors here and my dog has been a patient for the last 7 years here. We have been fortunate, so far, in that beyond preventative care and diagnosing food and skin allergies, we haven't needed the vet but one time and that ended up being treated with Pepcid AC, though the after hours care (at a different place) cost like $700 just to see the doc. One complaint may be that Apoquel was prescribed without us even hearing about Cytopoint. The Apoquel was effective but the Cytopoint isn't a drug and works as well, if not better.

Cary Brown

2 years ago

VCA ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER has carring veterinarians with an excellent support staff. The freshly remodeled interior is colorful. APPOINTMENTS ARE NECESSARY. Pets and their owners remain outside of the hospital until a receptionist invites them in. One person may remain with their pet in the hospital. VCA Animal Medical Center have cared for our pets for 20 plus years. When your pet is injured or ill the veterinarian, not an assistant, calls the next day to learn how your pet has responded to treatment. The AMC also includes boarding and grooming. They take special care of older pets. Our dog Tanner, a Caviler mix, was adopted from a rescue shelter. She is nineteen, and has been fed vegetarian meals for eighteen years, after an allergy was discovered to animal protein. The Animal Medial Center maintains a pet pharmacy. Free parking. Wheelchair accessible including bathroom.

Lisa Saunders

2 years ago

I have been coming here for over fourty years. Dr. Kennedy has always been my Vet and he has a good mannerism when it comes to cats. I am on my sixth and seventh cat now. He has always given me good advice and is very kind and compassionate. I trust him and his opinions with my cats above anyone else. The entire staff is very nice and professional. The only other Vet that I have brought my cats to here is Dr. Pilch and he is just as kind and compassionate. All the People here are avid animal Lovers and they have always gone above and beyond when needed. So it is the only animal hospital that I will trust with my cats' care. I highly recommend them without any hesitation.


2 years ago

The parking lot is a little daunting at first but both times ive come here an incredibly helpful employee helped me navigate the tight space. I cannot overstate how helpful they are. I would trust this dude to land an airplane if the pilots passed out.

Consumer One

2 years ago

I have been a client of Animal Medical Center for close to 30 years. Drs Kennedy and Piltch were warm, caring veterinarians who went the extra mile to insure that my pets received excellent care Alas, they have both retired and the current staff is cold and unfeeling. I feel that there is little or no personal care for the animal orit’s owner. P.S. I have a new vet

Kathy Brodbeck

2 years ago

Very polite and friendly and efficient!

Mohan W

2 years ago

Very good system you park they take your pet and call you over the phone. Parking attendant does a great job as well. Doctors here are great

Michael C.

3 years ago

Rocky was treated and had a successful surgery. They are awesome! Thank you Dr Viete!!!

Shay Kahen

3 years ago

Dr. Kia was amazing and very helpful. He was very good at explaining our puppy's situation and gave his advice to us in person outside which he didn't have to do considering the COVID policy. He seems like he really cares about the animals he treats and I really appreciated that.


3 years ago

We have been taking our dogs to this VCA for years and love the vets, vet techs, and the entire staff. Special thanks to Dr. Jeong, who is our favorite vet ever by far! We first started taking our previous dog here back when Dr. Kennedy was still working. We've also seen some of the other vets when our primary wasn't available. Since then our last dog had passed away and Dr. Kennedy retired, so we now take our two dogs to Dr. Jeong and he has been amazing! He is very knowledgeable, honest and accurate with his recommendations for treatment and procedures. Communication-wise, he has always called or emailed back when needed. The rest of the staff are great too. The vet techs and receptionists are always friendly, helpful, and accommodating. I love the fact that they can send bills, records, etc. via email and we can pay by text. So convenient during the pandemic. Highly recommend this vet to anyone who wants high quality service for their pet.

elisabeth aline turski-Bersanetti

3 years ago

Dr Viete, Dr. Lancet and staff are soo lovely, thorough and ❤ caring. Our 18 year old dog was too fragile for surgery and they came up with backup plan that reduced her pain and shrunk her tumor..recommend highly.

Anna G. Wolf

3 years ago


Dana Keating

3 years ago

Nice staff and are quick with return phone calls. They actually care about animals.

E. B

3 years ago

Best Place ever to take your four legged family members. Ive taken every pet I've ever owned to VCA, on Oxnard Blvd even before it became VCA. Staff all seemed to be friendly and compassionate especially Jenny ????. Thanks for being so helpful and sweet with our fur baby!! They may be a little more pricey than other animal hospitals but you get what you pay for.

Trixie Tbss

3 years ago

First time here today for emergency for our new baby pitbull. Had a bad experience somewhere else for her first check up. I will continue to come here! With this going on I understand the phone lines are busy but they picked up on our first attempt. We were able to get same day appointment. Thank you for taking care of our new puppy. The price was amazing for the service she received. Really appreciate it thank you very much to the staff at VCA Animal Medical Center!


3 years ago

People the love your furry family

Jackie aldana

3 years ago

Everyone was friendly. And very organized.

Kenadi Le

3 years ago

Good service. Been taking my dog here for past 3 years.

laura guerrero

3 years ago

Dr. Viete is amazing and thorough. She cares about your pets health.

Margie Levy

3 years ago

I love Dr. Viete. She’s one of the best vets I’ve ever had and she doesn’t bump up the bill with extra things you don’t need. . This is why I put up with all the rest that I’m about to talk about. Despite my love of Dr. Viete, the administrative part of this practice is pretty awful. The people who work in the office are really not at fault for the problems in the office. They don’t have enough people, and I am pretty sure that they are overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. It seems they do their best, but there are just too many clients for them to manage well. They also don’t have enough phone lines to manage the patient load. Even if they had more people working there, they need more phone lines for people to get through on. I’m often put on hold for well over five minutes and today it was 20. The line is also often busy. Then there is the parking. Almost every time I go there, I see a parking fight. If you can’t park and need to go around the block, it can take up to 20 minutes to get around the block if traffic is bad. It’s a huge block. Then you get attitude for being late. I really wish their staff understood that people are often so late because of their parking. They have a valet guy that doesn’t do anything. He literally sits there and stares at you if you pull in and there are no spots left. I understand that he can’t get in your car right now with Covid, but this was a problem long before Covid. He’s not friendly and he’s not very helpful. I’d really love to know who actually owns this place and/or makes the administrative decisions because they need to know how upsetting visits can be. In summary, the vets are amazing but going to this place is so upsetting that I really question if it’s worth it every single time I go. Dr. Viete in particular is wonderful and today I’m hanging in just because of her.

Melissa McCleary

3 years ago

The service I received from this location is average and the parking attendant is rude. However, the groomer Delores is a cat whisper... My cat hates going to the vet and hates baths w/nail clipping,but for some reason she loves when Delores grooms her. I need to know her secret!


3 years ago

The kindest staff, extremely patient doctors, and just all around great communicators. My family has always taken their dogs here and it seems like I will continue that tradition with my dog.

Richard Glasband

3 years ago

Great job! Thank you very much for helping, have enjoyed a long relationship with VCA and hope that continues.

Steve Taylor

3 years ago

I've taken my cat to this office several times in the past, and never really had any issues. Was pretty happy with their service. However, a few recent problems that have convinced me to switch to another provider: 1. They are very slow to authorize refills for prescription medications. For my last refill, I had to wait a week for them to call the compounding pharmacy and authorize the refill, and during that time my cat ran out of her medication. (I called a few days before I knew I would run out, because I know this isn't something that can happen same-day, or even necessarily next-day. But I didn't think it would take a week for them to make a phone call) 2. Their COVID19 protocol is, to put it charitably, awkward. You have to wait outside in your car, and a nurse will (eventually) come get your pet. The parking lot is tiny, and people have to jockey for a space. Additionally, when I arrived and called to check in, the staff didn't even answer the phone. I had to wait and call back. Not a terribly big deal, but it would be more professional if the staff answered the phone and simply asked me to hold. It's the equivalent to a retail worker acknowledging a customer who has walked into a store, and simply saying "we'll be right with you," versus simply ignoring them. 3. After waiting for 30 minutes, I was told my cat was too aggressive and they couldn't give her an exam. This is fair - my cat is extremely uncooperative, and I'll be the first to admit that. However, I had taken her there simply so she could be weighed and given a prescription for a sedative for upcoming travel, i.e. a full exam wasn't necessary. While I understand that nobody wants to deal with a hissing and scratching cat, you would think that the staff is experienced enough in dealing with 'difficult' pets that they'd have some protocol in place to simply weigh her, write the script, and be done with it. All in all, I'm not saying there's anything terrible about this place. That would be an exaggeration and unfair to the staff. However, I will not be going back, and I would advise other people to consider the nearby competition. I don't say this out of frustration or pettiness, just pragmatism.

T Guerra

3 years ago

So usually this vet is good ive been bringing my puppy here for awhile,and today I called and told them he needed his shot,ive been waiting here and not gone anywhere while waiting for my puppy,and I was juat told that they gave him w shots and didn't even call me to ask me or let me know they just went ahead and did it,so unprofessional they could have let me know ahead of time

Tiffany Yu

3 years ago

First off, I'd like to begin by saying Dr. Jeong has been an amazing vet to our two cats. He's helped consult over the phone and is always patient in answering all our questions. Dr. Thordarson (not our usual vet but we had an emergency and he was available) was excellent as well. Overall, I have the feeling that all the doctors there are excellent and make you and your fur (or not fur) baby feel well taken care of. Now, what I really want to get into… We’ve been by VCA Animal Medical Center several times now during the whole Covid situation. They have what sounds like a great set-up to keep everyone safe: Park, call to check in and let them know what spot you’re at, then wait in your car and someone comes out to either bring your pet inside or to bring paperwork/prescriptions to you in your vehicle, and you speak to the vet over the phone. We’ve run into a few issues with that already, here’s a few: - If you don’t have a vehicle (taking a Lyft/Uber/Public Transportation/etc.), they don’t have a place for you to wait safely and comfortably with your pet. We had to go in the summer when it was blazing hot and saw other people with their pets waiting outside the doors, melting until someone could bring their pet in. Or even now that it’s colder, there’s no alternative. I personally don’t mind suffering in the cold or heat for my cats (though I do find it rather annoying), but my problem is that my cats will suffer out there with me. - Once you park and call, you can be placed on hold for an exorbitant amount of time – even if you arrive at your appointment time or even earlier. One time we didn’t even get checked in till more than half an hour after our appointment time (we were early). - We had one instance where we called and checked in and I’m pretty sure they forgot about us. We took our kitty to get a vaccine and waited in the car 100+ degree weather for more than an hour and a half for someone to bring our kitty inside. We called again and they never checked us in, even though earlier we spoke to someone on the phone and they asked for our parking spot number and said someone would be out to get our kitty soon. I must add that we were parked right in front of the door, so staff were going in and out, constantly passing us and didn’t say a thing. - Most recently, we had to take our kitty to the vet again to get something checked out and we had called to see if we could get an earlier appointment since the earliest appoint we could book online was more than a week away. They basically said they could take us if we could be there in 15 minutes. Given how rushed it was, we had to take a Lyft to get there. Once we did, we waited 20 min outside to get checked in. Had to go home while our kitty was getting checked out and came back in a Lyft to pick him up. The doctor had prescribed medication, but when we came to pick up our kitty, they did not give us the prescription. So, because of their limited hours (closing at 2pm), had to take another Lyft to get the medicine, waited some time for them to bring the prescription and finally the whole ordeal was over. My main issue with this incident is the customer service. Obviously, it would’ve been ideal if they hadn’t forgotten the prescription in the first place, but what made it worse was the back and forth on the phone and being placed on long holds with people contradicting one another. It was truly just a frustrating and upsetting experience. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the doctors here are great, but the system and staff really make going there a hard pill to swallow and to change your expectation, you will spend twice as much time there than you originally planned.

Ms. Leticia Hernandez

4 years ago

Not open during the weekend past noon

Reri H.

4 years ago

Excellent staff and Pet Care Service. I will definitely visit again, and you get free stuff!

Nuria Gonzalez Montalban

4 years ago

Very good with your pets and they honored you appointments to the minute.

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