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jenny nelson

2 years ago

They take such great care of the animals that are here. All the staff are kind and helpful. We've gotten a few great additions to our family from this shelter.

Scooby Doo

2 years ago

Gr8 staff..took in some beautiful kittens and the mom cuse were overwhelmed with outher catch and release cats..

Rhonda Jones

2 years ago

Great staff, great place to get shots for the fur babies

Diana Alvarez

2 years ago

The young lady was Great in helping me. Someone had literally dumped a litter of kittens. Different ages. No way to care for them. They took the babies in. Bless them.

Sheena A

2 years ago

They’re incredibly unprofessional. I had been calling and emailing them for days about wanting to adopt a specific kitten until I finally got a hold of them and they scheduled me to come in for an appointment. When I got there though, she was already adopted. Why bother make me set up the appointment then? On top of that, the kitten I did end up adopting had untreated ear mites, ringworm, and was pretty underweight. What kind of business are you guys running here?

Linnea Boublik-Whiteley

2 years ago

I only had my dog, stella for 7 months. She was an american pitbull terrier, Tracy Animal Shelter was the best place. She had anxiety and problems, but its fine. It was her former owners who are unanaymous. Thank you so much, I hope stella is doing great at UC davis

Moore Tile

2 years ago

Great staff and found the exact kitty we were looking for. Nice and clean with a nice playroom to get to know the new family members.

Christopher Tooze

2 years ago

Finally an animal shelter that doesn't seem like the employees only visit once a month. To my surprise, it didn't smell of animal, the cages and kennels were all clean, the cats had toys, everyone had food and water. They are operating a little different now with COVID pandemic.. by appointment only. I just adopted my son's little one eyed fur ball there and the entire experience far surpassed my expectation. If you are looking to adopt.. please take a shelter animal. Doesn't matter where from (although this place has an exceptional feel and service) just get them out the pounds!

vanesa Espinoza

2 years ago

Went to look for a puppy at the shelter We peaked through the side and a lady bursts out and didnt even let us talk and told us to leave now, very rude,they just lost business.... I dont recommend this place with that kind of service.


2 years ago

I am nervous hope max is one picture goggle God bless you keep God job

Mae Jo Gannon

2 years ago

Help was very friendly. Building was clean.

cesar gutierrez

3 years ago

Never call back is impossible contact anybody.

Devaroti Ghosh

3 years ago

I had come for my GSD's annual vaccines.VIP pet care does vaccinations on Sundays here.I logged onto their site ,waited in the car and once they were free went in with my girl,gave her shots and came out.Fast and efficient

John Wallace

3 years ago

Nice place clean , friendly staff

Joshua Herron

3 years ago

My mom has been emailing this shelter since Wednesday about a kitten that she was really interested in. They told my mom that she would need to schedule an appointment in order to see the kitten. The appointment was for Saturday at 2:30 and when we get there (a 45 minute drive) the lady who opened the door said “you’re here to see Crimson (the kitten)? She was just adopted.” Why wouldn’t they hold the cat since my mom has been emailing them since Wednesday. Doesn’t make sense at all but we’re happy that Crimson was adopted, but a huge waste of time for us!

Matthew “Skip” Moore

3 years ago

They were very helpful trying find the owners of the dog we found.

Yahaira Rojas

3 years ago

Best people ever in this animal shelter they helped me adopt my first dog.

Ari L

3 years ago

My mom and I inquired about a cat there around a month ago. We wrote an email detailing why we were genuine applicants looking for a kitten. I included in the email that we occasionally let our cats in the backyard, supervised of course, but if the shelter did not feel comfortable letting us do this we would not. The only email I got back said, “Everything sounded great... until I got to the backyard :)”. I sent another email saying that if they were not comfortable with that we wouldn’t let it happen. I never heard anything back from the shelter. A simple no would have sufficed, but they’re rude and nasty. Would not recommend.

Ashley Marie

4 years ago

Was trying to adopt a new cat and after a couple emails about their adoptable animals, they asked for my phone number and then NEVER CALLED OR ANSWERED THE PHONES, really seems like they don't want these animals to go to forever homes, which breaks my heart. If you want to see any of the pets, walk in, do NOT try to call or email, it will be a waste of time!

Cynthia Ott-Bales

4 years ago

As shelters go this facility is clean, light, and gives a feeling of welcoming as you enter. The animals, there by no fault of their own, appeared to be well cared for and to have fairly nice accomodations. But... the front desk staff needs to work on their customer service skills. The volunteers were friendlier than they were AND they were busy cleaning out litter boxes and kennels. In an odd way it seems the staff lost their souls to gain a nice facility and less odorous location when they moved from near the water treatment plant. Having announced I was with a rescue (we used to take a lot of their dogs in) I had hoped they would be happy I was there but I got the feeling that my presence was just a passing blip on their radar.

Bryson Yaeger

4 years ago

We adopted a dog and employees were very friendly and nice! They let us see the dog in the back in a gated area and we loved him!

Breane Messa

4 years ago

Amazed by what a nice shelter this is!

Gilbert Rader

4 years ago

The shelter is the nicest one I've ever been in. Spotlessly clean! Not only the building but the animal runs and cages are spotless as well. The immediate staff as well as the volunteer staff are great! Very knowledgeable and loving toward all the animals. On a scale of 1 - 10, the shelter is definitely a 10!!!!!

Gwendolyn Perryman

4 years ago

I havent had any experience with them yet but i the workers are compassionate then please let them be who they are. The stockton animal shelter workers are disrespectful, viscous with heart of ice. Im taking them to court for stealing my emotional pet and refusing to give him to me violating my rights, they have no compassion, they have no honor. I would welcome tracy's compassionate faces instead of lying deceitful heartless faces.


4 years ago

This place is horrible!! They put down 4 kittens on Friday my wife and I turned in on Thursday right before they closed. My wife called early on Friday and was told the kittens had been euthanized.

Jeremy Epps

4 years ago

Love this facility. Not necessarily many dogs or cats to choose from to adopt... but was super impressed how clean this facility is. Even more important, you can tell that the staff here genuinely care for the animals coming in. On a not busy day, it was refreshing to walk in and see staff members quietly and lovingly training dogs behind the front desk so that they can be more "trainable" and have some time to get some much needed affection. this place was especially nice to check out after being mortified by the Stan Co Animal Shelter. Keep it up!

jody Lynn

4 years ago

A bit bull in my neighborhood got out and came into my fenced back yard brutally killed our family cat of 14 years as she slept on our patio and dragged her lifeless body back to his home. I personally went to animal control at 2pm and reported it before someone or some other family pet was also hurt. I was told that animal control was out on a call and that it would be followed up on today which is a Monday of course they are closed I will be addressing the matter myself thanks for nothing animal control.


4 years ago

Super helpful staff. Very clean for a shelter. Animals clearly well cared for

Kelly Moran

4 years ago

I have been volunteering at the Tracy Animal Shelter walking the dog's, plaing with the cat's for a sometime now and I can say the shelter is clean, staff is helpful. You want change? Make a Difference, Volunteer Today!

G Sr.

4 years ago

Not helpful unfortunately. Turned away animals unnecessarily and provided zero leads in a crisis. Unhelpful and not compassionate in a very emotional and difficult situation, in fact they threatened us w a police report for inquiring about what to do on the situational crisis.. Negative even the 1 star. I'd never want my pet there if that's any indicator how the treatment is.

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