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Nina Wileyknesek

2 years ago

Great care. Impressive staff. The only negative is that they are a Monday thru Friday office. If you live in Tracy, try Jules. I went there for over 10 years before moving out to Lathrop.

Kelly Moran

2 years ago

Got right in; remember to listen and go with your gut instincts, not everyone knows your pet like you do

Noah Bazzano

2 years ago

Super friendly and helpful staff, it was our first time with them and they were extremely helpful and answered any and all questions we had

Kai Sorro

2 years ago

Great Veterinary services. Friendly and very accommodating. Had last minute kitty emergency, my vet couldn't see her until Nov. Called Jules and they saw her within 15 minutes of my call and just before they closed for the evening. Lonflg story short my kitty had surgery and I'd doing great. Thanks to all of you!

Sharon Gibson

2 years ago

Caring and wonderful care here!

Brenda Garcia

2 years ago

This is my go to vet in case of emergencies they are clear to the point and they really care about my dogs well being.

Georgia Rawson

2 years ago

Best vet in Tracy California

Chanell Watkins

2 years ago

I had a terrible experience recently ????pertaining to having to put my 13 year dog home. Due to covid restrictions alot of the experience was over the phone, however it is extremely impersonal to have conversations regarding treatment, cost, and after Care when phones are cutting out. After paying $750 to keep my dog over night, the next morning I was told they did an ultrasound and she had internal bleeding and it was either emergency surgery or euthanasia. We chose the latter due to cost and her age. There was no guarantee it was something she'd survive. They told me to come down to say goodbye. I had to wake my three kids up and call my husband home from work to come with us as this wasn't expected. I called the front desk and before they would let us in they wanted to resolve bill and know how we were planning for aftercare. They told me it was another 1000$. How do they do $1000 of work in less than 2 hours of being opened? I asked what it was for, got put on hold for 10 minutes and then a very rude and abrupt girl comes on phone and says you want to know why it costs so much, well you authorized two ultrasounds this morning, I told her I hadn't authorized anything but was told they did them and they had to do two because one person was more qualified to see things. She proceeds to tell me, well pain meds and those we wouldn't call and ask for permission, we were keeping her comfortable and the $750 you paid yesterday was a deposit. I said then why was I given an itemized receipt, thinking you did all you were going to do and see how she was in the morning. As I'm on the phone with her I get a call from them on my other line saying they thought I was on my way, I said I've been on the phone in the parking lot for thirty minutes already.... my kids and I are all crying I'm walking around trying to get reception and wondering why they won't let me see my dying dog. When I ask they say ok you can come in, I think we can talk about this in person, instead they have one girl come in.while my dog is on a gurney on the other side of the door!!!! They won't even let us see her until we pay and the credit card goes through.... it was insane. They "waived" the ultrasound fee but o still ended up paying another >600$. We went to Jules because I've been told how compassionate they were with others and I'd always had a good experience but this was literally the worst experience my kids and I could have had. While we were finally left alone with out dog after about 15 minutes a girl comes in and stands in the doorway and says she's checking on us. I told her we were wrapping up and it's going to be a few more minutes and she proceeded to stand there as if she wasnt leaving until we were. There were no I'm sorries. There were no feelings of care, only trying to get their money and get us out the door. I'm still waiting on her ashes and it's been almost two weeks. It took me this long to be able to process this as it was a traumatic experience for our entire family and I felt like they thought we were scum because I was questioning what they had done and why they were charging us so much..... They literally acted like we wouldn't pay and would try to run with our dog if they didn't get the credit card to go through before we saw her. Also they didn't offer any options, payment plans, or what was most important. And the after care we chose was $280 to get her ashes back, and they didn't tell us it was $175 for the actual euthanasia.... so if they had properly explained things and had something they could have texted or emailed me, it could have prevented some of my questions and time in the front parking lot..... ???????????? My kids are traumatized and I am so very disappointed

Rizzle Dizzle

2 years ago

called to ask a question, got put on hold for about 10 mins, then THEY hung up. cool

Bernadette Ferea

2 years ago

Very thorough and took my very senior cat on an emergency visit. Friendly staff took the time to show me how to give my cat fluids at home so I didn't have to keep bringing her back/stressing her out. Definitely recommend!

aaron chacon

2 years ago

My dog came for a checkup. it took more than 1 hour. All business,j for the money

Jenny BD

2 years ago

Love this place! The staff is always positive, helpful and reliable. I was so happy to find a place that has a veterinarian specializing in reptiles - I have a bearded dragon. Thank you for all you do!

Tammy Anastasio

2 years ago

Exceptional service, everyone's so nice that works here, was here for laying my dog to rest n this place has a Nice peaceful area to gather n my doggie paw print with her name on it, make a precious momento, thank you for those involved

Danielle Ann Marie

2 years ago

Loved how they treated my queensland heeler. I will return. Thank you Juules....

D. S.

2 years ago

I completely trust Dr Atkins, Olsen and Valdez. They make solid medical decisions and include me in decisions. They have a diagnosis or possible diagnosis in mind and use tests to verify their diagnosis There is a new doctor that has more of a “buckshot” method of medicine. She throws every test imaginable to see what sticks to come up with a diagnosis without really having an idea of what she is looking for. The staff is mostly very calm and caring.

Elizabeth Garrott

2 years ago

Staff seems knowledgeable. Most of the doctors seem to listen to you. Good so far. More expensive than some other places, but they were able to diagnose my dog when another, cheaper place could not.

David Imig

2 years ago

Close to me & same day appointment

Jackie Gomez-Huffman

2 years ago

My 7 year old American Bulldog had 2 tumors removed. One turned out to be a low grade malignant tumor, the other one was benign. Doctor did a great job and staff was wonderful.

Wesley Vierra

2 years ago

We brought our dog in to be put to sleep they were very professional, kind, and most importantly had empathy. The room was very nice and they made sure he wasnt scared. Most likely the best vet I been to

Anna Gil

3 years ago

I only been there once and I appreciated that they follow up on my dog to if she was doing better because of the covid-19 19 I didn't socially or interact with anyone so more referred I can't give for now

Jenni Payton Moore

3 years ago

Even with covid saftey restrictions they take the time to explain what they will and did do.

Michael Kregness

3 years ago

i brought a stray intending to keep her. why was a feline leukemia shot given to her. now she is dead and my other cat may have it as well. is this not a procedure???

n “itsjustniki” mo

3 years ago

We took our Dori here sadly she had to be put down but she was 17yrs old and lived a wonderful life. Jules we can't thank you all enough you went above and beyond all where so kind and loving. The donation you made in our baby girls honor brought tears to our eyes. Bring your family pet to Jules they will take care of them like they are their own!!! Thank you all so much!

Rillie Fox

3 years ago

The vet side offers lots of options for your pets. All the receptionist were great and well informed. I personally deal with the boarding side and they were great with my dog. He has special needs and they were able to handle him while we were away for a weekend. I wish we could daily updates through an app or email, but that would be above the call of need. I highly recommend this location.


3 years ago

Great care for my pets

Sam Fredericks

3 years ago

I’m picky about vets because I love my dogs and this place passes my stringent standards with flying colors.

Samantha Betz

3 years ago

Very friendly staff that is wonderful with our many of furbabies.

Shelly Hamalian

3 years ago

Efficient, quick in and out, friendly. The end.

Vanessa Lipstein

3 years ago

This clinic is top notch. They take their time to do very comprehensive exams, the people are so nice and I love how they've modified operations to maintain a safe environment during Covid-19. When my little girl went to rainbow bridge, the kindness they showed was beyond expected. I'm so glad to have found Jules!

Augie Shastry

3 years ago

They fixed my dog. He had a ???? hook stuck in his chest

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