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Daphne Lunn

2 years ago

I don't think I will ever love another dog the way I loved Grendel. He was my whole world but with his health rapidly declining at 12 years old I had to let him go. Dr Watson was sweet and professional and understanding with all of my …

Lori Nava

2 years ago

This is the second time we have used Dr. Watson. We were referred to her 12 years ago when it was time to put down our 14 year old Lab. We had to use her again today, for our 10-1/2 year old Lab. Both times she was the most caring, …

Lynne Ashley

2 years ago

Dr Watson just came to put my 15 yr old Yorkie-Poo down today, due to stage 4 lymphoma. This was by far one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. He was a fighter till the very end, and the sweetest dog. Dr was so patient, kind and caring. She answered all my questions before, during and after the procedure. It is so important to have a compassionate person during this time. I was referred to her by rainbow to heaven, and I am so glad they sent her! I highly recommend her, but hope I do not have to call her anytime soon, as I have two other dogs still. She gets the highest respect from me. Thanks again Dr Watson. :)

Sergio Mancilla

2 years ago

Dr Watson was very compassionate and competent at euthanizing our Cinnamon. We are very thankful to Dr Watson


2 years ago

We were blessed to have Dr. Watson be there for our beloved dog in his final moments. It was easy to schedule the at-home appointment and she was calm, compassionate and gentle during her time with our pet and family.

Sally Oberhaus

2 years ago

Luke, our 10 year old English Retriever was diagnosed with cancer in August and was given 2-4 months to live. We knew that we would have Dr Watson come to the house as we had our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Buck Rogers, euthanized at home 9 years prior by Dr Watson. Our last moments with Luke were sweet and peaceful as he laid on his bed with his bully stick. Dr Watson is compassionate and was so kind in dealing with our grief as we said goodbye to our sweet boy. He was a therapy dog at CHLA where he took such good care of every child he met. He deserved a sweet goodbye and earned his wings to soar.

Amy Rose

2 years ago

In such a tough time Dr. Watson was an angel. She made sure my poor cat was comfortable and loved on her way out. Deciding when it’s your pets time to go is the most difficult moment. But having someone come to our home and make our baby as comfortable as possible was the best choice we could have made. If we ever find ourselves in this situation again Dr. Watson will 100% be who we go to. Thank you Dr. Watson for your genuine care and love.

Annette M. Ornelas

2 years ago

We first met Dr. Watson over 20 years ago when a friend referred her to help with the passing of our dear old cocker spaniel. We were new to our home and community and meeting Dr Watson was a treasure as she has helped us ease the passing of many of our dear dogs over the years... Ginger, Cody, Justice, Baby, Liberty, and today our dear Wolfie. It is a poetic closure to our days here, as Dr Watson helped us say goodbye to my son’s 19 year old terrier, and we are concurrently packing and leaving his childhood home. Thank you, Dr Watson, for blessing us and our beloved puppies, with your kindness and compassion throughout our years in our family home.

Andrea Jaffe

2 years ago

Dr Watson was a godsend!!!!! The only way I would ever euthanize a pet again. We loved Kobi so much and felt so at peace letting his last moments be in my lap on his favorite sofa. Thank you Dr. Watson!!

Alicia Greene

2 years ago

Dr. Watson came to us in our time of need to help our sweet boy Luke leave this world for a better place due to cancer. She talked us through this painful process with a calm, respectful presence. It was a peaceful passing for our boy which is exactly what we wanted for all of us.

Veronica H

2 years ago

We had Dr Watson come just a week ago to help our Ruby transition peacefully over to the rainbow bridge. We’re so glad we were able to do it at home where we know she was the most comfortable and happy. Dr Watson took utmost care of her and handled her with dignity and grace. She also sent a sympathy email and a physical card! That was quite something. If anyone finds themselves needing to make that painstaking decision it will be best to have Dr Watson come and help you through. Thank you Dr Watson.

Brian Flynn

2 years ago

Dr. Watson was both professional and compassionate and treated both our beloved Missy and our family members with the utmost in respect and reverence. Very thankful to have had her with us at this difficult time. I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

Liz Weller

2 years ago

We are so very grateful for Dr. Watson's caring and professional euthanasia services for our beloved cat, Sonny, whose liver had failed. She was kind and caring and explained her process carefully and clearly. It was a most sad moment, but Dr. Watson made us feel supported and cared for.

Stephen Parmelee

2 years ago

Dr. Watson and the service she provides is truly a blessing. I am grateful for her demeanor and professionalism during a time that is very difficult. Saving my dog, Fenway, from the stress of going to the vet office and allowing his final moments to be as comfortable and familiar as possible made his passing more easy on my family. I really appreciate Dr. Watson minimizing the difficulty of a painful time for all of us.

Brenda James

2 years ago

I have been a client of Dr. Watson for many years and could have not expected a more professional and compassionate Vet for my dog even to the last days. Dr. Watson always offered prompt and reliable service In her care. I highly recommend Dr. Watson for your end of life services for your precious animal!

Deb Lium

2 years ago

As my 16+ year old dog, Janie, started really declining I started looking for home euthanasian options because I thought it would be less stressful for her. At 4am on the day I decided it was time I was reacquainting myself with the local options, and came upon Dr 4 Pets. Dr. Watson's bio struck me immediately and after reading the reviews and testimonials, I decided to go with her. I waited until 9am to call and was able to easily make an appointment for that day. I received an immediate text for confirmation. Of course, I screwed that up and scheduled for Monday instead of Friday. I knew I couldn't wait 3 days so I made another appt. Then I called and just left a message. Dr. Watson returned my call IMMEDIATELY. and we worked out the appointment time. She was so professional and empathetic. She explained everything and answered my questions. I could tell she tried to stay out of the experience to allow us our personal time, but when we included her in the conversation she participated readily. She handled my baby with such care and respect it honestly made the whole thing much more bearable than the previous 4 times I've done this. Worth. Every. Penny. Thank you so much, Dr. Watson.

Eric Stanton

2 years ago

I can't thank Dr. Watson enough for being there to put our dog down. He was suffering from cancer and the last thing my family wanted to do was to load him into the car and take him to his regular vet's hospital, where we could not even be with him because of COVID rules. My neighbor used Dr. Watson's service and recommended her to us. It was easy to schedule and appointment on her website and luckily she was able to come the same day. Her demeanor was calming and pleasant, and my dog passed peacefully. Thank you Dr. Watson. You are an angel of mercy.


2 years ago

I waited for an explanation for 2 days before leaving this review but never got one. I had adopted my Mini Aussie from the pound a couple of years ago, and was told she had a bad heart. I brought her home anyway. In the last couple of weeks, she went in to heart failure. I had to take her to the vet twice in a week and finally there was nothing more that could be done. She was panting a lot, coughing and had extreme trouble breathing. She had one seizure, and had been falling down and couldn't walk well. Two days ago, I called Dr 4 pets and spoke to Dr. Watson around 9:00 a.m. She made an appointment for 4:00 pm that day to euthanize my baby. I had someone drive quite a distance to be here with me for this. I prepared a place for my dog so she would be comfortable. I also prepared myself mentally for what was going to happen. Dr. Watson told me to go to her website and download a form, print it and fill it out to give her when she arrived. I did all this, plus I already had her check written out. Dr. Watson told me to go to her website and download a form, print it and fill it out to give her when she arrived. I did all this, plus I already had her check written out. She was a NO SHOW and NO Call. When she was an hour late, I called and left my number again (since you cant leave an actual message). I called again an hour after that and left my number again, as that is how you reach her. As I said that was two days ago and I have still not heard from her. This was very cruel to me and my pet. Of course my baby got worse and suffered for 2 extra days unnecessarily, and needless to say, so did I. I finally got ahold of a different service this morning and this one came right over. My baby is gone now, but suffered for two extra days thanks to an insensitive and cruel Dr. Watson!

paige hames

2 years ago

We used this doctor to come to our home when our beloved dog Bruce was suffering and ready to pass. It was horrible from the start. On the phone she wouldn’t answer most of our questions and just told us to refer to her website over and over. We would of gone with someone else just based on our phone conversation but our dog was suffering and she was the only one with an opening. When she arrived she was very cold. I don’t think she looked in our eyes once. We had to keep asking what steps she was doing and how it worked and we got very short and quiet answers. She had ZERO compassion for us or our sweet boy Bruce. She did the process like it was no big deal. Just another day for her. Then goes to take his body in just an absolutely carless manor. It seems like maybe she has just been doing this job for far to long and no longer cares. This dog was my husbands best friend and it left him so unwell by how horrendous she was. Then when we had to pay (which really should be done before she puts your animal down if you ask me) she tells us she won’t take a check. After previously telling us to refer to her website which clearly states you can pay by check... If you are looking to do this process at home with your animal I highly suggest it rather than going to a vet office, I just highly suggest you choose someone else.

Renee Missel

2 years ago

Dr. Watson came and helped our dear Loki leave his body. It was a lovely, peaceful exit executed with such respect. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Watson for this. Renee M.

Jaime Graf

2 years ago

Can't say enough about the amazing Dr. Watson. We had to put our 2yr old kitten down suddenly due to cancer. She responded to our request promptly and made the whole experience gentle and loving in our own home. She was extremely professional and provided us with a loving keepsake. We would highly recommend her and can't thank her enough for everything she did for us. Bless her and what she does every day.

Jane Lorin

2 years ago

It was absolutely a g-d send that Dr. Lorriane Watson was available during this COVID madness when we needed to put our loving Clay to rest. Her automated appointment system was somehow compassionate and extremely helpful in our time of need. Dr. Watson showed up the next day at the right time and her kindness, demeanor, empathy and skill were BEYOND appreciated by every family member. It is so very difficult to lose our pet family members and Dr. Watson did it with professionalism, comfort, compassion, ease and efficiency. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs this service.

John Foss

2 years ago

At a very difficult time, Dr. Watson provided a very caring experience. she was sensitive to how we were feeling at the time of saying goodbye to our dear Baxter. Thank You Dr. Watson. You made a difficult time easier.

Kim Miller

2 years ago

Dr. Watson is wonderful. She was a comfort during a very tough time. IT was nice to have our beloved dog pass peacefully at home so she was not scared or worried in her last moments.

Lindsey Downey

2 years ago

Dr. Watson provides an invaluable service. She made us feel very comfortable during such an emotional time and explained every step of the process. Our dog was also very comfortable at all times. Dr. Watson will be our first call when the time comes for us to say goodbye to our other fur babies. I highly recommend her.

Annette Wynne

2 years ago

After a couple of the most upsetting days leading up to my dogs passing Dr. Watson arrived and brought a peaceful, kind, professional presence. She was so careful in the way she handled him and the medication. He was at peace and was set free from his pain. She arrived promptly and stayed and listened to make sure he had passed. The last thing I would have ever wanted to do would be to put him in the car and create any more anxiety than had already been put through leading up to this moment. We were all able to be there and surround him and comfort him as much as possible in our home. Thank you Dr. Watson for helping my little Batman peacefully cross the rainbow bridge and for the kind presence you brought.

Marla Vils

2 years ago

We faced the difficult task of having to put down our beloved dog 6 years ago. Dr. Watson came to our home and helped make the process as peaceful as possible. So, when we were faced with this same difficult decision recently with our 14 year old lab, we did not hesitate to contact Dr. Watson. She is very caring, compassionate and gentle. It is so much less stressful and comfortable for both our pet and us to be in the comfort of our own home. Dr. Watson handles the entire process from euthanasia to cremation. We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Watson! She is the best!

Susan Lewis

2 years ago

The vet is amazing, and awesome!

Cheryl Ann

2 years ago

Dr. Watson was very kind and professional during this process. She was very gentle with our cat and we feel that she made Kitty's last moments as peaceful as possible.

Brad Parkins

2 years ago

Dr. Watson was very helpful in getting through my dog's final chapter in life. She was punctual, kind and professional. As a result, Yuki passed peacefully and I also found peace in knowing things were handled as well as could be expected. Highly recommend her services, should you find yourself in need.

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