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Elijah Preston

2 years ago

Helpful staff and skilled doctor. Bringing our 7-month-old Corgi here gave us a lot of peace of mind. He is now recovered from a case of Parvo that looked deadly. Price seemed reasonable, and they were willing to help us choose only what seemed necessary to cut the cost. I highly recommend Care Animal Hospital.

Crazy Keto Chick

2 years ago

The doctors and staff are absolutely amazing! We've had some bad experiences elsewhere but with the fear free atmosphere they provide, all my babies love coming to the vet now!! They take time with them, talk to them and treat them as their own. I love it here and I won't go anywhere else.

Elizabeth Kuzma

2 years ago

We took our bird in because he was bleeding or had some kind of wetness on his head and we were unsure as to what happened. Our guess was may be a bug bite or he was exposed to something as this injury occurred in his cage by himself. Petey was hospitalized for a day we spent $700. I was told that the bird was doing great and had improved. I have pictures before I dropped my bird and I have pictures of after I brought him home. I am putting both pictures in here so you can see. After picking up my bird and seeing his condition I Immediately took him somewhere else where they placed stitches in my birds head and said that it had a huge gash. Prior to my bird being released the doctor called me and told me that he wasn’t sure what happened but it must’ve been something chemical because he had no openings or lesions on his head. How could this doctor have missed putting stitches in my birds head if he actually spent any time with him? I would not bring your animal to this location. I have Called twice and have yet to hear back from the doctor. I am beyond angry and feel like they jeopardized my birds health. I wish I would have read these reviews prior to bringing my bird here. I will not make this mistake again.

catelyn Kuzma

2 years ago

I recently brought my bird into this office and I am extremely upset about the care they gave my bird. I took my bird into this vet because I noticed he was bleeding on the back of his head and he needed to see a vet. They kept him over night and I picked him up Tuesday afternoon. I am extremely upset I spent almost $700 on him just for him to come home worse. He came home with missing feathers on the back of his neck witch I know he didn’t pull out himself. I think the doctor removed some of his feathers. The doctor told me he was doing way better than before witch was a lie. The doctor also told me my bird had no cuts on his head witch was also a lie. My bird had a huge gash on his head when I took him home. I took him to another vet and the owner gave him 2 stitches. I have a picture of before and after I took him to this vet will include below. All they did was stress my bird out and made him worse. I don’t recommend this vet for your animals. I will definitely never go back there with any of my animals. They are un-honest, rude and do not care about your animals. down below are the pictures of before and after. DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE!!!!

Kimberly S

2 years ago

They always take great care of animals and their humans!????

Austin Eberhart

2 years ago

EDIT FOR OWNER: As a disabled veteran, one thing i know that i never mess up are appointment times for medical reasons. when i was active duty, showing up at the incorrect time was a massive inconvience for all parties involved. if someone showed up 30 minutes early for duty, the other watchman still cannot be relieved, so i know for a fact that i was told "10 am, show up 15 minutes early." i did this for years and never had this issue. I was told on the phone "10 Am" and i came at 9:45. When i walked in, i said "Im here for a 10 AM" if your records indicate differently, that speaks volumes of the lack of professionalism at your establiahment. there is also the fact that you do not send any type of appointment confirmation. do not try and make it seem like this is my error. even so, if my appoinent WAS at 10:25, the receptionist should have corrected me when i explicitly stated "I have a 10 Am appointment." there is also the fact that it was extremely hot at the time. if i indeed showed up 40 minutes early with a senior cat, and you knew i would have to wait in a car during record heat, someone who cares about animals WOULD have given me the "correct" appointment time. i was a nuclear technician; remembering numbers was literally the biggest aspect of my job. furthermore, we literally spoke on the phone after i left. if this WAS my mistake, you would have told me after i said "i will not be returning and i will not reschedule" its much easier for you to play innocent on a public forum than to tell me these lies over the phone. if i indeed showed up early, the person on the phone would have brought up the facr that it was my error, but we both know that is untrue. train your staff to give correct times and send confirmations like every other vet seems to do and this wont be an issue for you in the future. Before i say anything, i just want to be clear that the well being of my cat is the only thing i care about. i dont appreciate being told to come in 15 minutes before my appointment so that i could fill out 2 seconds of "paperwork." it doesnt take 15 minutes to write down my cats name and my address. furthermore, when im told to come in early, i have an expectation that i will be seen at the time of my appt. maybe that is my fault for assuming that punctuality matters. i understand fully that this is a business and you will have to make money, but maybe you shouldnt cram as many appts as possible into 1 day if youre going to make me wait iny car for almost a half an hour. try spacing them out so that youre not late. being in the car is quite easily the most stressful thing possible for my cat. when he starts screaming because they cant see me on time, you lose my business they should have told me to show up LATE, not early. again, i dont care about my time, but i do care about the mental health of my senior cat. its extremely unnerving hearing him scream in the car the way he was, all because this business doesnt seem to know that 10 am means 10 am, not "sometime after 10 am" i left, and they called 30 minutes after the scheduled time of my appt asking where i was because they were now ready. im sorry, but thats extremely unprofessional. i will not wait 45 minutes in my car during a hot summer just because this location is unable to see their patients at the scheduled time. what baffles me is that they seemed to be confused as to why i left...

VJ Schatt

2 years ago

My girl loves everyone at Care Animal Hospital! You can tell that they truly CARE about animals.


2 years ago

They were all nice charging more than double what Sky Canyon charged a month earlier! Couldn't get same day appt. at Sky Canyon, so we went to Care. They could see how upset we were and charged a ridiculous amount!

April Covell

2 years ago

Very rude person working the phone, I judge care and compassion for my pets based on how they treat humans. I will never take my pets here thanks to the woman on the phone.

Maureen Wilson

2 years ago

The vets and the office individuals are so kind and caring. The name of business is exactly what their name is "Caring."

Abigail McCullum

2 years ago

I would not recommend this place they are not good at communicating properly and all around very disappointed.

Avian Lover

2 years ago

I brought my parakeet in because he was acting not himself and seemed ill. Dr Alcorn said that he seemed healthy for the most part and he sent me home with antibiotics that you put in water and hope they drink it. He was not getting better so l tried repeatedly to speak with Dr.Alcorn and was told that l couldn't and it was not allowed. I wanted to see if there was an injection he could have. 10 days later l had to euthanize him. I was told then!! that he had pneumonia!! I find out after the fact that he should have been hospitalized and treated with antibiotics with a nebulizer. I was very upset and angry because of the mis diagnosis and the fact that the office people were so unhelpful! I called them and told them so and was told to never call again and not to come back because they didn't like the way I spoke to them! Like I would go back ! I have brought other birds there and was seen by Dr Murphy and was satisfied with him. DO NOT LET DR.ALCORN TREAT YOUR BIRD!!

C Man

2 years ago

Helped our Bearded ???? Awesome staff and a kind Dr. Thanks guys????????????

Emily Hawk

3 years ago

This is actually claudia combs. We took our Penelope there because she was sick and we knew it was time to lay her down. The staff and the doctor there were absolutely amazing. Very compassionate. We just received a sympathy card in the mail from them saying sorry about our Penelope having to be put down. I recommend this place to everyone. I will definitely take my other pets there if needed for anything else. Thank you guys!!

Venezia Martinez

3 years ago

Every time I’ve been to this clinic I’ve had excellent service. Wait time is quick, both the Vet & the assistant were super professional and very polite. First time dog owner and they gave me great tips & answered all my concerns in regards to my puppy! Will continue to book here!

Transformed Design

3 years ago

We have a pet bearded dragon, which is our very first family pet. She developed tail rot and an infection that made her beard swollen. Felt horrible as a new pet owner to see her in this condition. I called around several vets and went for something that was the most reasonably priced and that treated lizards. Care Animal Hospital was the best in initial exam fee. I took her in and they did great diagnosing her. She needed a small amputation and some antibiotics. They were able to do everything the same day and the cost was fair. This was a good experience and am more open to getting another pet knowing we have a good vet in town.

Tina George-Knapp

3 years ago

I've been taking my bearded dragons here for years and they are wonderful and knowledgeable about them???? I love Care Animal Hospital and will continue taking my bearded dragons here for their needs????

Aaliyah Vaden

3 years ago

They saved my guinea pig! My guinea pig, Pinkie, was very sick, and was dying. The vets, and technicians were very calm when communicating the options of treatment. They made sure that my mom and I knew the risks and the benefits of treatment and they were with us through every step. If it wasn't for Care Animal Hospital, I would be burying one of my best friends. If you're looking for an exotic animal hospital, this is it! They're trustworthy, reliable, compassionate, and communicative! Dr. Murphy and his team are heaven-sent! God Bless them!

Aaron Abenoja

3 years ago

My experience could not have been better because everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. They were quick, so it was a very very short wait time. Thank you care animal hospital team.

Amy Simpson

3 years ago

After reading the reviews on Google, I choose to bring my Rescue Bully Kingston in for a visit. During COVID, they took precaution in safety which was very nice. Dr. Murphy and nurse were so amazing. Kingston was very "at home" and they made him feel good about his visit. Highly Recommended!!!

Aspen Davids

3 years ago

We took our new guinea pigs who we got from petsmart who had respiratory issues first day home (petsmart does not offer anything if the pets u purchase are sick) . Care animal hospital made the no contact appointment process stress free. Dr. Murphy took incredible care of our babies and took plenty of time to answer any questions we had. No pressure selling services or pushing procedures on us that we didn't need. Dr. Murphy is knowledgeable, professional and truly care about his patients. Highly recommend him to anyone with fur babies ???? Dr. Murphy is the best!!!!!!

Bob LaCross

3 years ago

Always great care for my animals!


3 years ago

Great place to take your pet/pets. The Doctor and the staff from the front of the office to the back are very caring and so helpful! I had a great first time visit with my pet there. I will be taking my other dogs in the near future we found our new vet home!

Thomas Donnelly (Teliot)

3 years ago

Nice, knowledgeable and very helpful staff.

Terri Borchik

3 years ago

So happy we stumbled into this Vet with our sick puppy. They took him right in for exam when we arrived. Very friendly and truely caring. Also, So impressed that I received several follow up calls to check on our puppy in the week following our visit.

Teresa Correa

3 years ago

I’ve seen both Dr Murphy and Dr Alcorn. They are amazing vets who genuinely care and are honest people. I can’t say enough about this office. They do everything they can to help you and your fur babies

Dia Ibanez

3 years ago

I have taken two (non dog / cat) to this great hospital. They have helped both my pets in every way. They were polite and caring and I will be bringing my pets here from now on.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

3 years ago

Great hospital, very efficient. Came in on a hospital, was greeted and taken in the room right away. The vet was very helpful and took care of my pets needs.

Matthew Asmussen

3 years ago

They were AMAZING. Very helpful, informative. Made my visit and my elder dog very comfortable. Highly recommended, I've brought my pets here and always been friendly and kind.

Mike Mays

3 years ago

Since moving to Temecula in 2002, CARE Animal Hospital has taken care of all our veterinary needs. The staff is professional, caring, courteous and keeps us informed. We especially like the fact that CARE is an accredited of memeber of AAHA and has to regularly pass onsite evaluation for hospital and veterinary services. They are a 5 Star organization. SonShine Mays

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