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Rogelio Ocano

a year ago

This place is like a jiffy lube. They'll try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible by suggesting overpriced procedures your dog most likely doesn't need and then prove they don't actually care by not call you for days after a urinalysis test to discuss results. They had me buy antibiotics that cost twice as much as they do on chewy or pet meds, then the test comes back via email saying there's so bacteria. I call and ask to discuss the results and if I should still be giving my dog these overpriced antibiotics and I'm told "you'll have to wait for the doctor" It's been 3 days. If you care about your dog, go somewhere else.

Robin YC

a year ago

The only problem is I have never spoken to my cats vet due to COVID never laid eyes on the vet which is not a good feeling especially when your cat is a senior with with a couple serious medical conditions

Carlos Leon

a year ago

Update April 2020——- My 9 year dog was sick bloated stomach, pain and difficulty to go to the bathroom and took her to the vet. Just to schedule an appointment took 3 days. After inspection the doctor told me my dog will be okay and prescribed a couple pills. But the condition of my dog just ended keeping worse, took her again they told me she was ok but I insisted and try performed additional tests and I while I received the exams results via mail, I didn’t got the call from the doctor only after 3 days the results arrived. During that time I called everyday several times and no answer, only that the doctor will returned my call which he never did, mainly lack of Interest & been professional, meanwhile my pet health was getting worse. When talked to the doctor he told me she was okay but my dog’s health clearly wasn’t, bloating stomach was worse, difficulty walking and in pain for every food intake. After trusting and recommending them my opinion shifted because of the absence of communication and lack of interest for my dog wellness from Serra Veterinary Hospital doctors and I decided to change doctor and so far so good. But NOT returning here, better looking & trying somewhere else. ———— Staff super friendly. Highly recommend it. I have 3 dogs and everytime I travel I take them for travel certificates and vaccines. And they are really helpful.

MJ Tsai (mjohnsphoto)

a year ago

We adopted Kimmy in 2018, and she was very sick when 6months old. We brought her to the Serra vet and have initial tests and treatment before the accurate test results for diagnostic. They help us to accelerate the report since the situation was very urgent, after a day Kimmy was diagnosed lung bacteria infection that caused Pneumonia but not FIP. Then she was transferred to 24/7 ER because of the treatment schedule need after hours. after Kimmy got out of ER, Serra vet helped and supported the following check ups for Kimmy. Now Kimmy is 3.5 years old, she likes to take a nap by the big window when the sun light came in, she likes to run around with fur ball made by her own fur. We are very thankful to the hospital that saved Kimmy, special thanks to Dr. Natt and technicians.

Rich Cerda

a year ago

They are awsome! I had an emergency with my dog and they squeeze me in. So happy these guys are around. I would highly recommend them.


2 years ago

Staff was very friendly and responsive. You just wait outside and staff will come out and greet you and your pets. Great COVID protocol.

Chris Bracken

2 years ago

Incredibly rude phone staff. Called to make a first appointment for microchip & vaccinations. No real questions about the pet from their end and overall seemed pretty rude, or maybe just exasperated from dealing with something else prior to the call. Overall left a bad taste in my mouth and I ended up finding a different vet who was far more thorough in getting the pet’s history and walking me through what to bring, and what we’d be doing on the first appointment. Called back to cancel, and maybe they were having phone problems, but I was immediately hung up on three times in a row without even getting in so much as a “Hello.” It’s possible the vet here is great — I have no idea — but the reception sure leaves a ton to be desired. Feels like I dodged a bullet.

Cassie Kim

2 years ago

I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for Serra Veterinary Hospital! They saved our cat, Pancake, after she had an intestinal obstruction, but at a fraction of the price that other vets in our area offered. Pam took the time to respond to all of our questions; even when we called after office hours! Thank you for everything Serra Veterinary!

a t

2 years ago

Dr. Nat and his staff are the best. They are all polite. My dogs and cats get treated there very well. Charges for care are reasonable. Will go here for life for my animal babies.

Vivek Dhankar

2 years ago

Flexible, courteous and helpful staff.

Jason Robinson

2 years ago

Excellent vet that really cares about pets. Highly recommend. Saved my dog from an unnecessary surgery.

Bryan Dillingham

2 years ago

Fast and friendly, took great care of our cat.

Scott Baughman

3 years ago

Dr. Natt and the entire team at Serra are great. We've been taking our dog, Poppy to Serra since she was 8 weeks old. From the moment you open their front door, you're welcomed with warm smiles. I highly recommend Serra Veterinary Hospital. Being able to come in on Saturdays is very convenient.

Malak Abu Sharkh

3 years ago

Dr. Natt had no patience with my cat, put him under anesthesia ($$$) to get a vaccine because “he was too aggressive”. I took my cat in for a pre-neuter check up where Dr. Natt did not call to give me the results, and I just received the lab results over email. He never took the cat’s temperature or gave me any information on how the cat is doing. I later found out from another vet that my cat has a retained testicle which Dr. Natt never found DURIMG THE PRE-NEUTER CHECK UP?? Other vet charged me 1/4 of the check up price and said my cat was calm and didn’t understand why he had to be put down at Dr. Matt’s office for a vaccine. Do not take your pet here. I had spent over $1000 for no reason. Dr. Natt could put your pet in danger.

Dan Ye

3 years ago

Dr. Natt and his team are very professional and care so much about the pets! We came here for a second opinion on our puppy's injured back leg. Our first vet gave us no choice but a TPLO surgery without any detailed information. During our first visit Serra veterinary, Dr. Natt examined our puppy carefully and suggested a two-week rest instead of a immediate surgery. He explained every detail about the puppy's current condition so that I felt much relieved. Now our puppy is recovering well and Dr. Natt confirmed that no surgery is needed in the follow-up exam! I can't recommend Dr. Natt enough, he cares about pets and is super responsible for the diagnosis and treatment. Thank you Dr. Natt!

Anna Garcia

3 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Natt and Serra Veterinary Hospital for over 10 years now. They always provide our fur babies with the best care. With our newest addition Dr. Natt and his team are really amazing handling his care. You can see how well Captain James is doing (special needs) FB: Capt. James T. Kirk. And IG: @captain.jamestkirk

Kristin Gonzalez

4 years ago

I came home from work at 5:30pm and quickly realized there was something wrong with my cat. She had just recently turned a year old, never given me any issues, and always been completely healthy and she’s currently up to date on all of her shots and vaccines. I called everywhere and other places would not see me as it was close to to 6pm. I called here and they were extremely friendly and helpful and I went immediately after calling. Arrived around 6:30, was warmly greeted. My cat was treated like royalty. She was purring and eating treats from the staff and loved all of the attention and only complained a little as we gave her a shot of antibiotics and examined her bladder. I would highly recommend them for their kindness, friendliness, and reliability. I was given a recommendation for changing my cat to a whole new diet and given pain medication for her. They provided 8 cans of wet food and a bag of cat food for when she finishes and a couple days worth of pain medication, on top of giving her a shot of antibiotics. I cannot thank them enough for taking such great care of my fur baby and easing my mind.

Martin Gonzales

4 years ago

Terrible place I had my dog under care with dr. Nat who proscribed him that’s did address his issue and top it off staff said “go somewhere else” if you don’t have compassion for animals go do something else. Take advice from staff “GO SOMEWHERE ELSE”

Karen Platt

4 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs here for years. They always get the best care.

Jessica Swart

4 years ago

Staff is NOT that friendly. Prices too high, didn't even want to bring my dog inside.

janice lee

4 years ago

I gave this Serra Veterinary Hospital 5 stars because overall it deserves it! Daisy (1.5 years old/maltipoo) had a Luxating Patella surgery about 6 months ago due to a loose knee cap. When my dog started limping in mid April, I got so scared so I called Serra Veterinary Hospital right away and they booked an appointment for her on short notice. Dr. Natt was able to find out right away what Daisy needed and booked the surgery right the next day to accommodate to our schedule. Dr. Natt was so patient, thoughtful, honest with my daughter and I, as we had so many questions. He provided so much detail with what this surgery and recovery was going to be like, and it really put our mind at ease. Dr. Natt is one of the few doctors in the Bay Area who performs TPLO surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Natt without any doubt especially if you need the knee surgery for your dog/cat. It has been 6 months since Daisy had a surgery. She is completely healed and she runs like normal again. Thanks to Dr. Natt and the wonderful staff (especially Pam) at Serra Vet Hospital.


4 years ago

My dog went through a very expensive neutering procedure there yesterday, which cost 700+. I chose to neuter my dog at a vet clinic instead of humane society, which will cost significantly less, is because I wanted him to have better care and IV access in emergencies. My husband dropped him off in the morning at 9:00am and picked him up at around 6:00pm. My dog came back with a cone, which was apparently too small for him. I checked his wound after dinner at around 7:05pm and it appears to be open, I called Serra vet hospital immediately and they were closed for the day. They mentioned United vet hospital in their voicemail for emergencies and that's where we went. Vet at United vet hospital saw my dog in that cone and her immediate reaction was:"this cone is too small for him". She flushed the wound,stapled it, and put him on a bigger cone and prescribed some antibiotics to take home with us. My dog has been ok so far. The real drama started when I called Serra hospital this morning and told them about what happened last night and requested for reimbursement for last night's emergency care. They denied that it was their mistake for putting him on the wrong size cone and only offered me $100 credit at their clinic. I asked them if they will fix the issue for no charge during office hours and they said yes. But they were not willing to reimburse me for what I had spent at the emergency care. I mean, was it my fault that my dog came home with a wrong size cone after I spent $700+?! We've been coming to this clinic since we got our dog as a puppy, but we for sure are not coming back. I'm also in the process of filing a formal complaint with California Veterinary Medical board. I will try resolving this issue with them one more time later today and if they still insist on not reimbursing me, I will take this to small claims court. Piece of advice, if you don't want to go through this kind of drama, just look for a different vet. Attached is the picture of my let's open neuter wound. Second picture is him in the apparently wrong size cone.

Gurnam Gill

4 years ago

Dr Natt is one of the best veterinarians I have come across. Lot of experience and caring nature are ingrained into this place. They do wide variety of procedures and the pricing is very very reasonable

AT Kippes

4 years ago

Excellent care for my pets, affordable prices. Dr. Natt is knowledgeable and treats my pet from a holistic approach, looking at the cause of the symptoms as well as the solution.

Rhonda Wright

4 years ago

These people take excellent care of my BFF

Audrey Focant

5 years ago

My dog got 4 surgeries. All went well. The staff is very nice and professional. I highly recommend this place.

Ashley Bartelmann

5 years ago

We had the worst experience with this hospital just a few days ago. It was a total nightmare, and I wish it had never happened. If there were zero star, I would give it zero without any hesitation. My husband took our dog in because the dog had some problem with one of her legs. She is 6-year old, a quiet, sweet golden retriver. The vet decided to take X-ray, which was fine. However everything went horribly wrong after they used anesthesia to put dog under sleep. They picked a medicine (Telazol) that was known for bad side effect on dogs. The dog was asleep for one hour (come on, for a simple X-ray check, do you need to make dog sleep for one hour???). After she woke up. she freaked out, barking for two hours, and completely forgot people. Today my hustand took the dog to a different hospital, and was told that Telozal was extremely potent and not used by most vets. Back to the story. That day Serra Veterinary Hospital told my husband to take dog home when she was clearly unstable, paranoid and could not even stand up. They kept saying she was ok, which was a big lie. That night, after 9 hours' stay in hospital waiting for dog to calm down, finally my husband brought the dog home. However, pretty soon we noticed her knees and toes were tore up, and she got diarrhea with blood and urine infection. In addition, the dog was up for days in pain as they didn't prescribe any type of pain medicine. On top of it, we paid over $500 for this suffering.

Anna Chystiakova

5 years ago

I’m so happy that I’ve found Serra Veterinary Hospital. My sweetheart dog Sherry was always healthy and I watch her carefully. However recently she was diagnosed with small mammary mass, and the mammary mass removal was estimated in $3000 in other hospital near San Carlos. What? I don’t have such money! I found Serra Veterinary Hospital using friend’s recommendation and met Dr Kate. She explained me everything about the mammary mass and made me calm down. We discussed all the health issues, required surgery and spay. At that point I’ve understood that they can take care of my dog. And the estimate in Serra Veterinary Hospital for the same procedure was $1700. It’s a lot of money savings $3000 -> $1700 with Serra Veterinary Hospital. The surgery went smoothly, no additional payments are added to estimate, I was provided with detailed explanations by Dr Kate and X-rays. And manager Pam even gave me a discount!! Everybody is so kind to pets and try to save money for pet owners! Dr Kate answers all the questions all the time, whenever I needed an advice after the surgery. It’s amazing! My lovely Sherry feels good, and I’m very happy about this right decision about Serra Veterinary Hospital. I become a permanent client for sure now, though I'm living far away it definitely worth it!

Joyce Ponce

5 years ago

Really cured my cat, for the second time, when she was not feeling well!! Thank you Serra Vet

Karen Bonham

5 years ago

Got yet another reminder for pet vaccines via internet incorrect and way off regarding dates. I take my pets vaccines very seriously, this place does not keep accurate records.

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