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Christian Swafford

2 years ago

We brought our dog here because she was vomiting all night. They told us there would be a 2 hour wait. After 2 hours they call us to ask us to leave our dog and pay a 300$ deposit. We told them we rather wait with the dog in the car instead of leaving her in a cage. They agreed. 2 hours later they came out to retrieve our dog. The man who picked her up told us it would be 15 mins and the dr will call us. 1 hour later we called to check and they told us our dog has not be seen and it would be another 4 hour wait ! At this point we have been there for 5 hours! My wife went inside to pick up our dog as we did not want her to wait in a cage and the front desk staff could not have been more rude. “SJ” at the front desk has no business being front of house for any business. There is zero communication about when your pet will be seen and when you reach out for answers they are extremely rude. I can only imagine the level of care they actually give your pet. DO NOT take your pet here. Literally go anywhere else. EDIT: they replied below telling me to email them. I have emailed them twice and they have not replied to me. Do not be fooled by their social media person replying to reviews. They don’t have your pets best interest in mind and it shows.

James Dunn

2 years ago

It would be nice if they actually came to the door when their doorbell is rung. Why is it that they advertise OPEN 24 hours (Monday thru Thursday) when it is obvious that they are not? Doorbell was rung at roughly 2:25 a.m. on 10/18/2021 and again some minutes later. No response. I then returned to my car, to make calls to other hospitals, all the while watching to see if anyone came out. No one did. This response will be the last response that I ever receive from VCA TLC Pasadena Veterinary Specialty and Emergency. Thank you.

Kendra Matthews

2 years ago

This was my first time ever having an animal emergency, and I am so glad that I came here. My sweet Cat, Smaug, developed issues on Monday night and needed to been seen by a Vet ASAP. I called and the lovely woman at the front desk informed me it would be possibly a two to three hour wait. I said that was fine and headed down instantly. To my surprise it was not a 2 hour wait to be seen, and smaug was taken in within minutes. The entire time every member of the staff was polite, and communicated every step to me as things progressed. Smaug went from needing to stay overnight, to needing to stay for a few days, to being ready to go home a day early. They called me every time anything changed, as well as they called me once in the morning, and once at night to let me know how my baby was doing. When we picked him up they sent me home with food samples to find which food he likes before we commit to a prescription food. Everyone was so nice. And I am so thankful for that. I was so scared, and so worried, and they were all so calm and understanding. I will never forget that. The visit was expensive, but what hospital visit isn't? People in the reviews complain about the cost, but these are real medical professionals doing real medical procedures on our pets. When I took on the responsibility of owning a pet I took on the responsibility of possibly needing to pat for an emergency hospital visit. I sleep great at night knowing that while I will be paying of a credit card for a bit, my cat is safe and at home and that he got the best care that he could have gotten. I will always come back here, with no hesitation. Thank you all for taking such good care of Smaug.

Ramiro Palomo

2 years ago

Outstanding service. I arrived and they had a gurney ready for my dog. I felt relieved

S Hidalgo

2 years ago


Job Corado

2 years ago

Dont go here I took my dog for an emergency and while my dog cried in pain they felt it wasn’t an emergency without looking at him. They had me wait so long while my dog cried.then I called to to let them know he’s in pain and they heartlessly told me to go somewhere els. Unprofessional worst experience ever. Plus they want to charge as an emergency but don’t treat it like one. DONT GO HERE . The techs are rude and heartless. I was very angry and disappointed they should close down.!

Steven Maushardt

2 years ago

Do not take you pets here they just take your money my puppy didn’t get the care he needed and had to relocate because they don’t have 24 hours service on the weekends

Jorge Pineda

2 years ago

My corgie became very ill with digestive issues. With major diarrhea and blood from the stool, I immediately took him to the emergency late at night and was treated for gastrointestinal issue. He stayed 4 days in the hospital and has been doing well with the Hills dry and wet food ever since. Regular dog food has too many preservatives which kills the gut bio. Since this is prescription we are going to introduce Dr. Marty raw dry food to the diet and eventually replace. Doctors and staff were wonderful and the doctor told me and wife that our little soldier could of died and was very dehydrated. Thank you for saving his life.

Mary Staggs

2 years ago

Our senior cat took a sudden downturn on a Saturday morning. I called TEN vets in Pasadena and Eagle Rock (for a total of three E.R.'s) and not one would see us. This vet not only saw us but did an ultrasound at no additional cost to see what was wrong. We had to put Shorty, our cat, to sleep, but I was very grateful and impressed with how quickly we were seen (that we were seen AT ALL) and the staff didn't hurry us and allowed us to say goodbye. The price was a little higher then the e.r. I normally go to, but i was able to be with my cat as she went to sleep and the other e.r. still doesn't allow that.

Elizabeth Herrera

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!!!! brought my dog in for emergency service she had been throwing up all day not eating to the point where she couldn't get up anymore...paid over 2000 dollars for them to say we don't have a specific answer as to what's wrong with your pet maybe an allergic reaction and here's some dogs still the same and that money could of been paid else where, where they have real doctors!!!

Cody Simpson

2 years ago

DO NOT go anywhere else! This industry in Los Angeles is absolutely horrific all around and this place is a gem.

Luke Ng

2 years ago

First time customer: Cat was injured and limping late evening and early morning. 0500: Called all the other VCAs in the area, no one was open. Phone call to all depts was not answered. 0730: arrived at facility, was informed of the triage policy, 1 doctor on-site, unlikely to be seen unless emergency. 0900: cat taken into facility, informed that doctor consultation would be in the next 20-30 min. 1030: called facility to request update, as no contact was made. Was informed doctor would soon see cat, wait additional 20-30 min for diagnosis and treatment options. 1040: doctor called for initial consultation. 1100: vet tech consultation and payment processing. Declined bloodwork at facility, regular vet was able to make appointment. 1325: called for status update. Doctor at lunch. 1400: doctor called with updates. Technician to call when cat and medication ready for pick up. 1500: called for status update, cat ready for pickup. 1540: arrived for pickup, called facility, paid outstanding balance via text link. Told to wait outside by caution tape and cat & dog statues. 1600: pick complete 1740: received phone call, facility did not provide X-rays or other discharge paper work at time of discharge. Facility would try to email appropriate paperwork, if possible. May require another visit to pick up paperwork and X-rays. 2230: called facility to check status of emailing information. Confirmed that information would be emailed. 2320: information emailed Due to first time here hopefully this is not emblematic of how they treat all customers. Could be that I’m not the typical clientele profile, or just got a busy vet tech, that never called. Suggest if you can find assistance from a different facility that actually follows up.

rafaela gass

2 years ago

Took a sick cat in 2days ago. Almost impossible to get any updates. They charged 2400 for 2 nights and our cats still sick. To say the least we will never bring an animal here again. They have no idea why the cats sick but suggested we keep it there at 700 a night for more observations. Talk about a legal money grab. Just disgusting.

Lourdes Meza

2 years ago

CAUTION: Be weary of taking your pets here, especially if you have a cat!! I wish I could put zero stars. Waited over 4 hours only to find that there had been a mix up and my cat had not been added to the list. They must be speciesist and HATE cats because everyone with a dog that came looong after me was taken in in a timely manner. After clearing up the mix up, they still told me I had to wait about another hour, which turned into two. Spent the whole day trying to get my cat treatment. I only stayed because they kept giving me the false hope that my cat would be seen shortly. They will make your pets suffer! Where is your compassion? Fake animal lovers. The caution tape should have been a forewarning.

Mary Lind

2 years ago

They used to have great doctors here, but no one of them apparently wants to come work here anymore . They have rude techs who do not care about your animal, and there have been no doctor at this facility for over 24 hours . No Emergency Services available.

Vivian Yee

2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE FOR AN EMERGENCY! I was on hold for 10 minutes once selecting “emergency” telling me they would available to see my pet. They said the wait would be two hours. Once I drove down there, I was placed on a long wait again. By the time they answered, they said they were too full and no longer taking any pets! This all changed within 15 minutes. So horrible and frustrating! I had to drive to another pet emergency clinic. How can they put pets in need on hold for emergencies and then turn them away? No empathy and no service.

itsyaboy lou

2 years ago

Great experience in an emergency. Even with covid restrictions they we very helpful.

Rafael Alvarez

2 years ago

Been there two times with my fur baby, Nov 2020 and Jan 2021. They were very caring and informative about my baby's condition. Very helpful and made me feel at ease.

Rowena Santos

3 years ago

My dog Baymax was hit by a Car in May a day before Mother’s Day and we were so lucky that VCA /TLC number one it’s 24 hours open number 2 it’s very close to where we live and number 3 they took my dog right away and treated him so well I thought he’s dead when we brought him it’s just 30 minutes after he was hit by a car I don’t know the names of the Doctor and crew who were there that night I would like to thank them they were the first responders on our emergency my dog stayed and treated there and was in ICU for at least 4 days when he was discharged I took him for follow up checks 3-4 more times he’s completely recovered I don’t see anything that’s different from before he got hit by the car at first they said he had 3 skull fractures and his right eye might get blind they said he might have some neurological damage He also had a fracture on one of his ankle but he’s back to normal he had bandage on his foot and leg for maybe a month he was sent home with pain meds and anti inflammatory for his brain to prevent him from having seizures I continued giving those to him for a month and I followed what Dr Little told me , I am so Thankful and grateful first to God and second to them for giving my dog another chance to live ,I love you guys and God Bless you Thank You ????

D Do

3 years ago

I took my dog there for emergency and was so sad and dissapointed here. They wanted $750 up front and later they want $940 additional to run test and diagnosis. After paying all that money I was told by the Dr that she doesn't know what's wrong with the dog. The Dr recommended for me to bring my dog to a neurologist to get diagnosis. After paying them almost $1900 with no treatment and no diagnosis, I can't afford to bring my dog to a neurologist for diagnosis. Dr recommonded me to have my dog put down. I just can't do that yet so I asked her to keep my dog over night to see if it gets any better. I asked to have my dog tube fed for the night. They told me it's going to cost additional $2300 just to stay one night with tube feed. Omg really? For a dog that you can't save and want to charge me that much. I brought my dog to another hospital for IV and tube feed and the doctor is much more compassionate only $430 over night. TLC is so expensive and to charge $2300 over night care is crazy.


3 years ago

I am humbled by the level of compassion and humanity shown to us and our dog. Dr. Davis is simply the embodiment of kindness. She treated our dog with love, communicated her condition & treatment plan, and she was honest about her prognosis. Dr. Davis took a traumatic experience and guided us through it like family. Thank you, Dr. Davis, for everything you did for our girl and us. Thank you for the love you showed our little one. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. All of the vets and vet techs my babies have come in contact with have been truly amazing.

consuelamister lemon pledge

3 years ago

Expensive, but good honest work!

Bronwen Keller

3 years ago

I can't express sufficiently how grateful we are that we went to TLC and got Dr Husky tonight. Our cat had severe bladder crystals and was really hurting on Friday so we took him to the VCA in Glendale where we have been before. They ended up charging us $1300+ in diagnostics but providing no treatment. It was a nightmare. When our poor cat was still really suffering on Sunday we took him to TLC. Although they were very (VERY) busy they treated us and our uncooperative cat with care! They gave a reasonable prognosis, thorough and empathetic treatment, and got our boy home to us before bedtime for a fraction of the price. We are absolutely stunned by the difference in care between this VCA hospital and the other. We will recommend this clinic and Dr Husky to anyone looking for a vet. All the gold stars for these people!!

Ashley Andrews

3 years ago

I am so impressed and grateful for this clinic. My 5lb yorkie was stung by a bee. Her normal emergency vet could not take her, which was really scary. TLC took her in swiftly, was amazingly attentive, took care of her swiftly, kept me in contact, and charged me appropriately. I am so grateful for this clinic and their staff.

Angela Sorrell

3 years ago

Rudy is the best! He truly cares about animals and took such great care of my dog when he hurt his paw! Thank you for all you do to help our furry family members!

Ana Gutierrez

3 years ago

Yesterday we called to this place, explain our emergency situation to them, they told us waiting time is 4hrs. We accept, we spend 5.30 waiting and y dog was not see by the vet Dr. We call them back let them know that we still waiting. . They did not told me that my dog emergency was not....need to wait more... After 6 hrs waiting and my dog having pain to walk we come back home and not be seen by the vet ... really bad services

Amaya Cervino

3 years ago

Enter at your peril. This is the most unprofessional veterinarian experience I have ever had. They had us wait in our car outside their office in the middle of the night with two small children and a sick cat for over an hour only to FORGET that we were there even though they originally told us it would only take half an hour before they could see us. When we called to ask why it was taking so long it turns out they had a shift change and no record of our entry or case AND they were unable to see us because they had admitted someone else in the meantime. Critical time wasted that could cost your pet’s life. Stay away.

Ron Reyes

3 years ago

Took My cat in he was having trouble breathing talked to the vet and they kept him over night I picked him up the next day he was treated there with antibiotics and he is much better now the staff was very friendly and helpful thanks to you all

Tony Valdez

3 years ago

TLC is very good but there prices are more than double then any other veterinary places I believe only rich can afford it

Seth Chazanoff

3 years ago

My recently adopted cat suddenly became very ill. I couldn't get an immediate appointment for him at three other vets I called, including two that I had used for years. TLC told me to bring him right in. They were very kind and empathetic.

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