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Liz Hooker

a year ago

I came along with a friend who wanted to adopt a specific dog she saw online at this shelter. The staff were extremely helpful & knowledgeable. Because the staff was so willing to match the right dog into the right forever home, my friend adopted a different dog, a young husky mix! All the dogs we saw were clean and groomed. The shelter was super clean & tidy too!!!! It was the weekend and many volunteers were polite and professional. Ten years ago, I adopted my beloved Albee a young Samoyed who came from this shelter too!

Carolani Baritello

a year ago

They’ll put down any pet who is deemed ‘unadoptable’ how is that even legal? They don’t answer the phone, difficult to reach. Would give zero stars if I could. How can you take the life of a kitten just because it misbehaves? That doesn’t mean it deserves to literally die, I can’t believe this is allowed

Jill Meryl

a year ago

Went to fill out an app 2 volunteer..nice news though was that they don't really need help as there are only 4 dogs in the shelter..all others have been adopted out due 2 the increase of dog adoptions during the pandemic

Richard Carr

a year ago

Karen and Taylor scored me a four- wheel drive, well muscled, hellion of a Rhodesian mix, "OAK TREE"..........Man, this dawg has me trail running with him.............

morris kushner

2 years ago

Don't really know. Went there but only by appointment.

Fabian Sanabria Vega

2 years ago

Don't take any animal that you think you can take care of, because as they said they have absolutely nothing to help the animals, no medicine, no vet to see them so the solution they give to all the animals that come here is if they don't get better by 5 pm (which is when they close) they euthanize the animals. That's really the only thing they can do. Said by the workers of this place themselves, if you don't believe me check it out for yourself go and talk to them. I took a squirrel that was very sick, it must have been from a fall and I made the mistake of bringing it here, because when they took it from me they told me this. I guess this is what they do with all animals. Oh and by the way, there is only one person in charge of seeing all the animals ( Jennifer) she is a policewoman who has no instructions on how to take care of animals.

Jalil Toury

2 years ago

Excellent, they found my dog

Hanna Levinson

2 years ago

They're open for walk in service again and the people who work here are extremely helpful, considerate and kind - so much easier than registering my dog online! I brought the necessary paperwork, which they copied and entered into their system, wrote them a check and walked out with my pup properly registered & tagged! Adoptable animals are here too, give yourself the treat of a tour!

Helen Polos

2 years ago

Nice new clean facility. The people are impolite, which is a shame considering their visitors' intentions. Go here to help and/or adopt, they need volunteers.

Charlie J

2 years ago

No dogs really seems closed

Betty Oliver

2 years ago

I adopted my fur baby Princess.

Warrior 4truth

2 years ago

Not very humane i called about a stray cat they told me to catch it myself. Always been anti dog and anti pet city anti humanity

Ryland Valentina

2 years ago

These animals are absolutely amazing! They need homes way more than pure breed puppies do! Adopt from here and save a life.

Lynn LaFontaine

2 years ago

Very vague, i have yet to visit personally but the website is very simple to use. Though the person i email (because now visits are by appointment only) was not at all helpful unless i had an exact animal i wanted to see, but my search was more for a veriety of dogs, medium females. Please Adopt! These animals...dont deserve this type of life just because they arnt puppy cute anymore.

Karen Gunn

2 years ago

The Animal Control Officers and the staff are very helpful, professional and pleasant. The facility appears very clean. I recommend it highly if you're interested in adopting or placing an animal.


3 years ago

Crude space for distressed animals. People working there were disinterested and the adoption fees for an abandoned cat were $250.


3 years ago

A great place helping animals.

LAs Qtst

3 years ago

Very nice staff. They answered all my questions and offered great advice.

Kathy Vannauker

3 years ago

Very clean and animals seem to be well taken care of. Staff was VERY helpful and nice.

Hairy Regman

3 years ago

The score here is that little mixed breed dog that lives with an old lady I maybe she passed away I maybe the dogs like you are blind in one eye or something that's the score if you're looking for that kind of dog this is place to go. It's a big pound and they've got the dogs, and thank goodness all those people are there- not for the light-hearted. It's a busy place and maintenance is certainly key but I couldn't get to a dog to adopt one. For one reason or another I couldn't get near a dog. I might suggest a reorg there with maybe a maintenance department and a separate department that handles the adoptions.

Brownie Cake

3 years ago

The cutest kittens!!! I want to adopt a kitty soon. This will be my first ????!

Sidewalk Slam

4 years ago

My dog came out smelling like poo

Maria RosaLina Lopez

4 years ago

I had to surrender my precious 2yr old cat....they were very looks good and does not look scary. They told me I could call after 3 days to see if she got adopted....even asked me if it would be okay to be called by prospective new owner(s) should she get lucky was more traumatic for me but in the end I can only hope someone will see how cute and curious she is and will want to take her home

Jonathan Perez

4 years ago

Loving caring animals would love to adopt them all

Heni Shir

4 years ago

Love the place. Amazing people helping amazing animals.

Lil Octi

5 years ago

There is a beautiful BROWN chuihahu there his name is terbo he barks at u but when he comes out of the cage he is th nicest dog! Please go adopted him. I can't because the apartment we live in doesnt allow animals. He has been there for 2 months and you know what that means. Please go adopt him before it is to late! :(

Live Life

5 years ago

BAD. Website! Website? I know how to use a computer. Touchy, feely aren't we wonderful Santa Monica.We are about quality of life. Here's a thought-- Make an easy access to website even just to view the animals. Add pictures. Other shelters in Los Angeles seem to be able to do it. Is there even a website. Cannot find. What a joke. TRAGIC for the animals. A death sentence for them. These poor aninslsdo not even stand a chance to be adopted. Update: I went to Santa Monica shelter in person. 3 puppies, 5 dogs. Csge after cage empty, empty, empty. I asked why so many empty cages. Rows of them. I was told they are not a very busy shelter. Here is a suggestion: WHY not place other animals there to help find them homes. Thousands of animals in the shelters in Los Angeles at any given time and this is the state of THIS shelter. Incompetent at the expense of innocent lives with no voice.

Edward Killian

5 years ago

Friendly staff, looks like they take good care of the critters. It's a bit hard to find, and looks like they haven't had money to update things in decades.

Diane Citron

6 years ago

I adopted the sweetest black kitten last November. She had been treated for foot infections, spayed and kept there for 2 1/2 months! I paid for the spaying and took her home. Everyone there was so kind and I have a precious little cat that I adore - Princess Jilly. There were a lot more kitties and doggies - wish there were more people willing to give them homes

Juliet Mewton

6 years ago

Everyone is so nice just a little small

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