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Jesse Allen

2 years ago

We are from out of town and our dog needed to be seen for an infection. Dr. Jones office was able to get us in and provide high quality care. He explained what might have caused the issue with the inflected gland and provided us with a follow up later that week. I would highly recommend his office and thank them for helping see our dog during our trip out here.

Ann Warren

2 years ago

Ken Jones has been our vet for 40 years. He and his staff care deeply about the animals and always give excellent care. And their prices are fair. Highly recommend.


2 years ago

Dr. Jones is good, but dealing with his wife, the receptionist in the front office is absolutely the worst experience you can have. She’s literally awful. Dealing with her, especially when you are already worried about your pet, is something nobody should have to do. Making an appointment, requesting records or even asking a simple question quickly sets her off. She’s rude, hostile and forgetful. No matter how good the vet may be, if the person you encounter first and last is a rude nightmare, it becomes not worth it.

Clara Bois

2 years ago

I admire Dr. Jones’ work and dedication to his patients. However, we got so frustrated with their assistant that we decided to leave their care after 3 years of relationship. Their assistant seems incapable of empathize with the struggles of the patients, and her first instinct to any kind of question or request is to say no and shut down the phone. This was especially frustrating when one of our cats got extremely sick and we were seeking help from them. The tipping point was when they were incapable of providing legible medical records for one of our pets. We have vaccinated our cats for rabies since they were born so we can travel abroad with them. This is a mandatory requirement for pets traveling abroad and issuing a rabies certificate is something simple for a vet clinic to do. When I reached out to their assistant to get a rabis certificate, her first reaction was (surprise!) say that they don’t issue this type of certificate. I asked, then, for some other kind of document that would allow me to prove that my pet got the rabies vaccine, and she said that they could fax her medical records to the veterinarian issuing the travel certificate. When I arrived at the clinic that was issuing the certificate, the vet asked for the rabies certification once again and showed me how the document faxed by the assistant was almost useless. The page with the info about the rabies vaccine was a scrap paper with sticked labels and random notes that didn’t make any sense to someone trying to understand when and how my cat was vaccinated. It didn’t even have my pet’s name on it! I tried to reach out the clinic several times at that day, hoping that they could send me a rabies certificate. Unfortunately, it was after 5pm and the only response I got was an automated message from the assistant saying that the answer machine doesn’t take messages and that I should seek help somewhere else. So, I just gave up and asked the vet to give my cat a booster rabies shot just for the sake of having a rabies certificate. I admire Jones hospital’s work but it was impossible to rely on them after this event.

allan soriano

2 years ago

Been coming here for a while, Dr Jones is a good vet and cares about all the animals.

Jo McClendon

2 years ago

They are wonderful with our pets.

Thomas Nitti

2 years ago

Excellent, caring, doctor and staff.

David Freeman

2 years ago

I and my parents have been taking our cats here for 30+ years. Dr. Jones has a natural kindness and love towards animals and always took great care of our kitties. They are often pretty slammed now due to Covid precautions and more people having pets, so call ahead for an appointment ahead of time

Lavio Stragmiato

2 years ago

Owners wife has been the receptionist for well over 20 years I have put two previous pets to sleep over 30 years and I took my pet there for her shots years ago and the receptionist was very insensitive to us having to request us to put our current dog to sleep which have taken there before said that they could not accept the dog because we didn’t have any paperwork on Our Dog! That is bad business not to keep computer data on pets because she said they only keep files on the pets for 3 years then toss them out! We have put two pets there asleep their and didn’t need papers back then why now! They are only turning costumers and losing money but above all insensitive to clients who have been coming to him for 30 years and they treated us in a very ungrateful manner!

steven szocs

2 years ago

Prompt professional service for our four legged furry friends

SandS Law Group

2 years ago

Available on short notice for helping our canine friends

Scott Sorensen

2 years ago

They are kind to my pets, I feel like they're interested in the well being of my animals.

Mary Tracy

2 years ago

I called this morning to become a new client and spoke to a rude women (after reading these reviews it seems to be the Doctors wife) Yikes! Please go elsewhere if you are trying to become a new client. I was trying to answer her questions but she was being disrespectful and rude for no reason. I never hang up on people but this women would not listen. I feel terrible for her husband.

Lisa Kellogg

2 years ago

The Kenneth Jones Animal Hospital is super special hidden diamond vet. They are amazing and really care about the animals they see. They are miracle workers. I love the experience, expertise, caring actions and their work ethics. I highly recommend this business.

W.D. Woodcock

2 years ago

My roommate takes his dog Odi there...Very happy with treatment.

nicole golding

2 years ago

My neighbor recommend Dr. Jones office to me and I couldn't be happier. It means so much to be able to take my animals somewhere where I feel they are really getting seen. They truly love animals here❤ and have so much experience on top of that. I feel lucky that I know about it, as I looked and went to several other vets around who all seemed as if they were selling me something.

Heidi Gonzalez

2 years ago

Great veterinarian,reasonably priced and had appointments available during the pandemic when most vets have 2 week wait lists or you have to go to emergency hospital to be seen dog had a bad ear infection and a cyst and they fit me in that day.they are small,not fancy,but the vet is a great guy and they have seen my pets over 2 decades.

Eirlys McKenzie

2 years ago

The lady at the front desk had been doing this for years. Just give her the information she asks for and let her do her job. She’s not there to serve your ego; she’s there to serve your pet. Affordable. They fit you in when you need fast service for infections and the like

Dirk van de Bunt

2 years ago

Attentive, provided a lot of information before and during the visit, asked for consent before incurring charges for X-rays and meds. Very caring and friendly staff. surprisingly reasonable. prices. Could not be happier. Now let's see how the dog responds to the treatment.

Ashley Chu

2 years ago

Trying to get my kitten neutered there. The first medical exam we WAITED 3 HOURS because they won’t tell us approximately how long the wait will be. Then we made an appointment 2 WEEKS PRIOR the procedure, the lady at the place told us WHEN WE ARRIVED they COULDN’T take my pet in anymore because they were too busy. The appointment was at 10am right when they opened. NO ORGANIZATION AND TERRIBLE ATTITUDES FROM THEM. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

jane urmston

2 years ago

I have brought my animals here or many years. I agree with the reviewer that this vet might not be for everybody, but I have found this practice good. The decor is funky, and yes, the reception is not always chipper, but the care is good. We call him the "hippy vet", due to the decor and his flower bedecked wife.

Katie Merrill

2 years ago

Great deals and quality care ????????

Suzanne Ashe

2 years ago

I took my terrior mix to get his shots. Smooth and easy process. Everything went well. I'll be back.

Alessandra Ferrari

3 years ago

The receptionist / owner/ the vet’s wife is the most disrespectful, rude, arrogant woman I’ve ever met. Avoid the displeasure of having to deal with this lunatic, take your pet a better customer service place. She is overdue for retirement. I feel deeply sorry for her husband.

Karen Gunn

3 years ago

Dr. Jones has been my go-to vet for many years. He's a really cool, down-to-earth person with lots of experience with all kinds of animals. I once waited behind a customer with his pet possum!!! His office has things in place to keep things and people safe - masks required, clients must wait outside. He explains things and issues well. I highly recommend him and his services.

Juan Farias

3 years ago

Very unprofessional and poor animal care

J. Boogie

3 years ago

A lot of reviews are upset about the first come first serve scheduling but every other vet is booked for weeks ahead. VCA ASEC has 5hr waits sometimes, I hate having to sit with my cat in the car but it's not the worse option and my cat can get seen

Tessa Blumenberg

3 years ago

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Jones today and I will be forever indebted to his practice. I had an emergency with my dog and after calling close to 15 emergency vets, Dr. Jones was the only one willing to take us with a life threatening emergency. The receptionist, who gets the a bad rap from other reviews listed here, was harsh to start but quickly warmed up to my situation and rushed us into their office. I'll throw customer service out the window for a caring staff who have the utmost concern for an animal's wellbeing. Dr. Jones & company, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.


3 years ago

Dr Jones is the BEST veterinarian I have ever taken my dog to. He is incredibly talented and communicates clearly and effectively to patients & pet owners. He literally saved my dogs life during an emergency surgery at which he removed a 7 pound tumor on the spleen of my 13 year old dog. I didn’t think she would make it. He is fantastic and I highly recommend.

Erin McDermott

3 years ago

I don't know where to start. We are so fortunate to have found Dr. Kenneth Jones. He saved my 13 year old cat's life. One week ago, my cat stopped eating, drinking, and was vomiting bile. She also stopped using the bathroom. We took her to VCA on S. Sepulveda first and they told us her bladder was most likely blocked and she needed emergency surgery that would cost $8k. When we asked what to do if we could not afford the cost, they gently suggested euthanasia. I have never had a sick animal before, so I thought a vet would know what was best for our cat. We almost went through with euthanasia, but right beforehand our cat urinated! The vet then suggested we take her to a low cost clinic to get some tests done. We found Kenneth Jones Animal Hospital and the receptionist was so helpful and worked us in immediately. Dr. Jones called us from our car (because of covid-19) to let us know he had done xrays, bloodwork, and an ultrasound that all came back normal and showed a healthy cat. He let us know there was absolutely no need for euthanasia. I was SO stunned that the previous vet suggested euthanasia after hearing this. Dr. Jones prescribed our kitty an anti-acid and prednisone. He encouraged us to get fluids in her with a baby's measuring syringe and to put wet food on the roof of her mouth to get some nutrition. The meds starting working immediately. She stopped vomiting and started gaining more energy daily. Today she is 100%. She is high energy, using the restroom, and her appetite is back! She is purring away! We are so lucky to have found this low cost clinic. Everything was 50%- 75% cheaper than all the other emergency vets, but more importantly they genuinely cared about saving my cat's life. I highly recommend visiting this clinic. There may be a bit of a wait because it is a smaller location, but it is worth it! Thank you Kenneth Jones Animal Hospital!!!

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