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Helaine Thau

2 years ago

Very nice facility and great, friendly staff! Seems like all the animals are happy and well cared for.

yayo jazzy

2 years ago

Recently there was a man who walked past his house with his Rottweiler, he tells us that we need to keep our dogs in the house and not in the yard because his dog could kill ours, then a week later we received a citation for simply having our dogs out in our yard , the citation claimed our dog where running loose when we sit outside with our dogs(they do not run loose) . Please explain why we are getting a citation. This is Completely unfair. why isn’t the guy who practically threatened us with his dog not getting a citation? Should everyone just receive a citation for having their dogs in their yard? Yeah that seems fair.

Jack Krulius

2 years ago

Who opens at 11 AM? Half the day is gone. Stray dog attacked a man at the park (SJ) at 930ish AM. We called but.. Oh Well.. office is closed. In self defense, the old man beat the dog. Cops won't take the dead dog.. now gotta wait till SVACA opens, to no longer report a dog attack, but now pick up for a dead dog.

Scott Cutler

2 years ago

I just picked up my new kitten from their facility. Helpful staff, well taken care of animals, and generally a nice place. Make an appointment in advance due to COVID. Recommended!

David Parrott

2 years ago

This place is a great resource for your lost pet

Jordyn Hill

2 years ago

Brought me my purrfect little girl. She is so amazing. adoption process was smooth and everyone was very friendly to speak with.

Kathleen Catalano

3 years ago

Dropped off donations. Wish they would have answered their phones though!!

Ying Guo

3 years ago

I want to strongly recommend SVACA. I scheduled it by email and Gina called me in few days (quick response)! The price is very very very good! Cat neuter for $60 which is less than other vet's office visit fee. Rabies for FREE. The officers are very nice and kind to my cat. The whole process is contactless. I dropped off my cat at 8:30am near the curbside and picked him up at 2:40pm. My cat seems good and energetic as usual after neuter.

J Teague

3 years ago

Wow I can't give this place enough stars! I'm helping a senior gentleman with his feral cat problem on his property. And had to call silicon valley animal control/authority for a feral cat that was in distress and injured. I cannot say enough good things about officer Morris from silicon valley animal control.we are now trapping the feral cats and taking them in to be evaluated and spay and neutered. Officer Morris was so informative and really knows what she's doing. I am very grateful for her excellent service and all of the information she provided. Without her and the silicon valley animal authority this would be a very sad problem. All of the people that work here were so wonderful when I have called in for pickup and when I have brought a cat in myself. Thank you so much for all that you do! You are so appreciated.

Cassie Escobar

3 years ago

Our neighbor called us to tell us there was a raccoon that had gone up in the tree between our homes. (this was about 3:30pm) and the crows were going crazy! We decided to call Silicon Valley Animal Control. Lisa was very helpful and arranged to have an officer come out and assess the situation (she was was good about taking COVID precautions and asking questions). Officer Gonzales came and assessed and decided it best to have the Santa Clara FD come and get it down. We said it would be okay to wait and see if it would come down tonight; but she said since it is a very hot day (about 94 degrees) she could not take a chance and have it get dehydrated/die. So the SCFD came with their hook and ladder truck, also assessed the best way to get it down and indeed it finally made its way down and ran away! Everyone was very kind and concerned. Thank you Silicon Valley Animal Control, especially Lisa and Ofc. Gonzales for caring about all animals! And thank you to the SCFD for coming to the rescue of our animals! Job well done! Please call them when you see an injured animal or if something is not right, like in this case - we don't normally see raccoons in broad daylight!

Ann Graham

3 years ago

We really love svaca! The shelter is modern and clean. Both of our beloved kitties are from there (adopted dec 2017 and Aug 2019). The adoption process is simple and straight forward. Both times we went, the shelter was having special pricing (home for the holidays and clear the shelters), so we got our babies for really incredible prices (not that it is super important, we would have paid full price for either of them! And, if you're THAT worried about saving $50, are you really ready to invest in the lifetime care of an animal?). Importantly, they help me maintain the lifetime health of our babies. They send me yearly medical and licensing reminders. They also send follow up questions a couple weeks after adoption to make sure your new friend is settling in. Support your local animal control and get your new family member here!


3 years ago

Never heard back, left a dead skunk in the road for 10 days

robert chung

3 years ago

The people are so caring

Elaine Ellerton

3 years ago

I lost my kitty a few months ago and was ready to adopt again. I met my little furrever kitten virtually and took him home that day. He’s so friendly, healthy and fantastic!

Francis Francis

3 years ago

Professional friendly and efficient staff. Our family love our Siberian Husky Comet.????????????????????

Hsiang Lin

3 years ago

I came there to hand in two kittens I found in my backyard. The staff there was going above and beyond to lend me a trap to further capture the mother. Thy are professional and assess the kittens immediately. I'm glad the two stray kittens are in good hands now.

Janine Barker

3 years ago

Clean and friendly plus professional

Jenny Dong

3 years ago

Came here to volunteer a while back and left quickly. I did not have a car and worked a 9-5, so volunteering was a huge detour for me, but I really wanted to work with animals and the shelter. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. My review is of the volunteer experience: Starting out I was told there would be one training session (which I attended diligently). However the next few times I made the trek there seemed to always be more “training” that had no precursor, nor prior email notifications. I would sign up for a care session only to be whisked away by another volunteer (who had been there longer) to do “another” training that they recently deemed a requirement. I did not learn anything new from these training sessions, and they took up the entirety of my allotted time. Eventually I got tired of trekking to the shelter only to be condescended and told things that were common sense. Perhaps this is due diligence on the shelter’s side, but I did not feel that my time as a volunteer was well spent. Really unfortunate that things didn’t work out, but hopefully their system has improved.

Laurie Bryant

3 years ago

This shelter responded to inquiry when opened, business hours, the staff is helpful.

Michael Kist

3 years ago

Fantastic organization, very caring and compassionate staff

Mike Replogle

3 years ago

They provide animal control services. Not expensive, reliable


3 years ago

Our first time there and we signed in thinking we had to to see dogs and then once they called us up the woman at the front felt we got the vibe that she really didn't want to help us and we kind of told her hey it's our first time and yeah even my 14 year old daughter felt like she wasn't committed to helping but oh well on to the


3 years ago

This is where I got my dog,. Very good people, great shelter

Maria Kavaliova

4 years ago

Very knowledgeable and friendly stuff!

Joan Amaratti

4 years ago

Impeccably clean and lovely, loving staff. The animals are well cared for and there is a strong volunteer program so they get lots of socialization and exercise.

Joe Barrios

4 years ago

Called regarding a rabid/diseased Racoon in our neighborhood that ive seen 3 nites this week, and they basically wont do anything unless its on the daytime (were at work) during business hours or if the pooice call them. ????

Kana Azevedo

4 years ago

very friedly and quick service!

Lee Eric

4 years ago

Very very nice and helpful people there and the license renew process is very smooth.

Mello S

4 years ago

They do not come and trap the animal and take it away. You have to trap the animals yourself unfortunately. But they will loan you the traps and can come and pick them up. The employees here are very knowledgeable and helpful as much as they can be.

Ron Mandel

4 years ago

Kittens kittens kittens! We adopted a pair of sisters here that we're just 7 weeks old and the cutest cuddle fuzzies ever. The process is a bit confusing as you need to check in, then look (but not meet) cats then tell the staff at the front which cat you want to meet. Also it's just a straight up adoption center, no shop like at the San Jose shelter. It's very clean and friendly

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