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Yessenia Roblero

a year ago

The owner is a one woman show! I live in NYC and we came here for vacation. My fiancés mom spoke highly of her so we trusted her word. The owner does not have a warm personality and is straight forward but you can tell she’s caring of the pets that she grooms. We explained that Cali (6 month pup) had failed to be groomed before and can be squirmish. She let us know in advance that she may not be able to get through the cut if she’s too squirmish to avoid injury or trauma which we understood. She mentioned she’d call us early if she couldn’t get through her grooming. A few hrs later we came back to a trimmed pup! She mentioned she was squirmish but eventually calmed down and was able to get through the cut. She recommended we find someone who has lots of patience and years of experience with nervous pups which we’ll def do coming back to NYC. Highly recommend her!

jerry dehoyos

a year ago

Took good care of oreo

Adri I

2 years ago

You left my dog botched and unfinished with his coat still attached. Told me you couldn’t finish the job. Yet you wanted to charge me $100+. Beware of owner she is very rude and does not hold back. RE: If you knew you couldn’t finish the job, do not start and refer somewhere else. Unprofessional!

Howard Stacher

3 years ago

This is NOT a review of the grooming services provided by sweet paws. I was grabbing a sandwich in the same center and 8 was snapping some pics of businesses in the center for Google and Yelp. I took 2 pictures from outside the business and continued walking through the center. The business owners came running out chasing and acosting me wondering why I was taking pictures. At this point another business owner came out of his business to see what this woman was yelling about and to "make sure she was alright" I explained the purpose of my 2 pictures and she just couldn't understand why or what I had to gain by doing this. BE WARY WHEN DEALING WITH THIS WOMAN.

Tony Moore

3 years ago

SweetPaws is excellent with our Senior dog's nail trimming. This is the ONLY place our dog doesn't shake and whimper. The Groomer was fast & efficient!

Shari Jones

3 years ago

Love how our girls are taken care of here! ❤

Niki Stein

3 years ago

Owner is very caring & great grommer!

Feodora Brockway

3 years ago

Melodie does a perfect job with bichons. Reading thru these reviews from whiny people about not being able to get an immediate nail trim and no one giving you hug upon entering is really idiotic. Anyone who has a Bichon knows she does a GREAT job, and if she is there by herself maybe she can't answer your call or give you a hug... but seriously maybe get a grip? You want a hug find a place that hugs but your bichon will be an egg head. Hey we all have our priorities.

Amber Watson

4 years ago

Lovely woman. I know my dog is in good hands!

Brandon Burrell

4 years ago

This place does a great job! My dog does not mine going in and getting groomed here, she walks right in... My dog is a recent rescue and she does not like many people so I really think it means something that she is at ease.

David Wil Steepleton

4 years ago

Not worth even trying. Even after reading reviews about how hard they are to get a hold of, I still tried calling repeatedly with no success. So I decided I’ll just go ahead and go down all I needed was a simple nail trim, I’m sure it will be worth it. I went down at 7:30 a. m. Thinking it would be best to go early since nails are listed as a walk in service on their website and they could easily do them before their day got too busy. I was wrong all together, I literally opened their front door and was asked to take my dog for a walk to take her to the bathroom. That was my greeting from someone behind the counter in the back, not hello or good morning, just can you go out. I understand she had some small dogs barking and I’m guessing that’s why she needed me to go out. But to not even say hello or anything halfway customer friendly. It is really not what you would expect the first time you go to a business. Needless to say it’s not worth even trying to go back, if a business makes it this hard just to use their services and give them money I can’t imagine they are that great. There are plenty of groomers around that don’t make it this hard, you can usually find three or four with in a few blocks. That’s what I did, just went down the street got my dogs nails done no problem. Sweet Paws isn’t worth the headache just go somewhere else, odds are it will be way easier.

Jamie Edwards

4 years ago

We love Sweet Paws! We have been taking our dog here for 3+ years and our puppy always looks and smells great.

Lyman Hong

4 years ago

Melody did a great job with our bichon and our poodle mix.


5 years ago

Great service. Kitteh got a bow and cologne!

Terrill Lynn

5 years ago

I have followed this groomer around OC for about 17 years. She is truly the best at what she obviously loves:) I have seen other groomers and always come back to Melody! I feel blessed to have her!!!

Vincent Pool

6 years ago

I had my dogs claws trimmed and she did an excellent.job thank you

Troy Hashimoto

8 years ago

I've had maltese dogs for over forty five years and have always had them professionally groomed, but no one has ever done such a great job before. I have to travel from Huntington Beach to Orange but it is certainly worth the drive. I rate Sweet Paws Grooming 5+ STARS!!

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