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Shari Jane

a year ago

Thankful I found this place. My cats are healthy and they advise the best care!!

Jasmine Chung

a year ago

UNI Clinic is one of the best in town! They have two locations - one in Union City and one in San Jose. Dr. Kang & Dr. Yoon are both so great with all animals giving them the full attention our fur babies need. The offices do get very busy since it's very popular so I'd call early and check which slots are open. They do take walk-ins but it may be a long wait. It'll totally be worth it though especially if it's for the fur babies! Highly recommended. Also, now with COVID restrictions, you'll have to wait in the car or they'll take the pups in. Oh, the heartbreak but for the betterness of their health!

Ryan Graves

a year ago

Good service, nice vets, but I had to wait a while in my car.

Lucy Li

a year ago

I made an appointment for 5pm yesterday to take my dog in for a check up. This is my first time at this vet, I was instructed to call them upon arrival in the parking lot due to covid protocols and when I arrived I called 8 times and no one picked up and had to eventually leave. Waste of my time, definitely will not be coming here.

Swapnil Mankar

a year ago

I would have given 0 stars to this place if I could! We got our dog neutered at this clinic. While the neutering went well, the after surgery care/communication at this clinic was terrible. Our dog started having severe diarrhea the morning following the day of the surgery. We called the clinic as soon as they opened at 9 am and the operator told us that the doctor can't talk to us as he's busy. They said they will leave a note and the doctor will contact us. We waited until 2pm, no call. Our dog started having blood in his diarrhoea. We called the clinic again explaining how urgent it was and got the same response that the doctor is busy. We were worried for our dog and we immediately took him to another clinic where they asked us to stop the pain medication prescribed after surgery. UNI Pet Clinic only gave us a call at 6 pm! 9 HOURS AFTER we called for urgent help for our dog who had been operated there just the previous day. And they told us the same thing... Stop the pain medication. It probably took just 1 minute for the doctor to diagnose this? Definitely they could have conveyed the same message in the morning... Saving us the cost to go to another urgent care clinic. If the clinic is not capable of giving after surgery care it just shows how irresponsible they are and how less they care about the patient. I would not recommend anyone to get their pet treated here unless they want to be kept waiting endlessly while their pet suffers in pain. Disgusting service!

Tiffany Schmidt

a year ago

I recently switched from an animal hospital that was farther away from my house than this animal hospital. I've had my cats and dogs here, and generally get good service. The only reason for not getting that last star is when my dog became lethargic I called for an urgent appointment. They said it would cost like an extra $75, which I was fully willing to pay, there was clearly something wrong with him. I arrived 10 minutes early to a 2 pm appointment. Next thing you know it's like 2:20, and I look over and the color is actively draining from my dog's gums and tongue. I had to call back and really express the urgency. Finally they took him in, examined him and had to refer me to an emergency vet/specialist (he had IMHA, a condition that the immune system destroys its own red blood cells). It was really frustrating when I felt like I was paying extra for the urgent care, but felt like I was watching my dog die. Other than that, if you are here for routine care it seems fine.

Jose Guizar

a year ago

Great service and very friendly staff

Bianca Yrigollen

a year ago

This clinic was absolutely amazing!!! When I called to schedule an appointment they got me in right away. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The prices are very reasonable and everything is explained in detail. I would highly recommend this place for your fur- babies.

Yijun Yu

a year ago

Worst experience for ever. We brought in our two dogs for the annual exam check on Aug 7th and the front desk requested all medical records from previous pet hospitals. The technician took all the paperwork in with the two dogs and I also filled in their own forms on dates of various wellness treatments. I got a call a moment ago from them(because I submitted the flea and heartworm prescription online to get the refill), saying that they did not have any recent heartworm test in record for the two dogs, and the date they put in the system was wrong! I still have the new patient form in hand, and I clearly wrote the right date, which was in July 2020. What did they have in the system? 2019, lol. Sure, they did not mention anything whatsoever about the heartworm test on Aug 7. Sure, I should know well that the pet owner should remind the clinic that the heartworm test should be done once a year in California, and that my dogs have been overdue for the test. OK, so what is the point of brining in all the previous pet paperwork? Of course, if we bring in the two dogs back to the clinic for the heartworm test which should have been done in the annual check, we need to pay for the visit fee again for both dogs. Plus, we also requested a blood work for the senior dog, the funny thing is we paid for $184 for this, but all we got back was a call from the doctor, which did not happen in the same day, or in the same week, but after my follow up on Aug 25th. The least responsive and reliable clinic so far.

Nikki Pano

2 years ago

Doctors and vet techs are amazing and pricing isn't as bad I thought, just kind of gossipy front staff. No one wants to hear about your weekend plans ????

Michael Piersanti

2 years ago

Amazing staff. My pup felt very comfortable in their care.

Jiayi Zhang

2 years ago

Amazing staff! I was waiting for my cat’s travel document from USDA. The staff is very patient to answer my questions and keep me updated.

sam lee

2 years ago

These people are cold and unfeeling toward animals, they are only good on one thing is to gouge your wallet. BE CAREFUL!!!!

Stephanie M

2 years ago

So affordable and they called to check in on my babe after his visit which was really thoughtful. Highly recommend if you’re trying to avoid paying ridiculous fees as their emergency visit fee is only $50 compared to the $200 others charge

jessica ruiz

2 years ago

Great Customer Service! Ines (not sure how she spells it) is an awesome Vet Tech. She was very attentive, informative and helpful. She was the first person at a Vet Clinic that knew how to handle my crazy Frenchie, and wasnt scared. Very happy with my first visit and experience at Uni Pet Clinic SJ. Thanks to their whole team. They were great and took good care of my fur babies. Took both of them in today, My Chihuahua girl went in for dental work, And my crazy boy went in to get neutered. The customer service was great, and pricing was affordable. I live close by so definitly making this my primary Vet now. Definitely a recommend.

Инна Ефаноав

2 years ago

Straight up scammers. On the phone they say one price and when you get there, your bill is three times more. I used to love this place for how nice the people are to your pets, but after they quoted me $90 for my cats’s grooming service over the phone TWICE, when I came for my appointment they gave me a bill for $300! Outrageous!!!

Elizabeth T

2 years ago

I came here to get a nail trim for my cat. Before arriving, I asked the clinic how much the fee was, and they told me it was $15. They did ask me if my cat has been to the clinic before, and I said no. I asked if that was a problem, the price is still $15, but they said I just had to fill out some more paperwork since it was her first time there. I went ahead an scheduled my appointment. When I got there, I dropped off my cat and waited in the car for her (couldn't go in due to COVID). Once the technician was done, they called and told me my bill was $35. I was confused, because that wasn't the price they told me in the beginning. The technician told me that the vet likes to do physical exams on all pets that come in the 1st time, and now once she comes in again she won't need another physical and wouldn't be charged for one. I was not happy about this, and I would have been okay with it if they told me at any time prior (e.g. on the phone when I scheduled the appointment or when I was in the parking lot going over paperwork before handing her over). But at this point, she got her nail trimmed and they already did her exam without my consent, so what could I do at that point besides paying for it? Don't know if I would come here again after this.

Shabei Qian

2 years ago

Came here a few times and was happy with the visits. Today I am here to pick up my dog after the surgery, and when I called them in the car the front desk ask me to hold on the line - then I was holding for half an hour and listening to the same silly music. I stepped in to the lobby and they asked me to go back and wait. I don’t know why they treat the customer like that.

Mark Castillo

2 years ago

Highly recommend going here. Amazing place everyone is super nice and seem like they genuinely care about making sure your pet is taken care of. Took my dog for an ear hematoma and they were very good at explaining what my options were and what the possibilities of my dog fully healing for each option would be. They also explained what the next steps would be. At no point did I feel like they were trying to get me to spend more money than I really needed to like at other places I've been. Overall, I had a great experience and I will definitely be returning in the future.

Angi Reddell

2 years ago

I have only started coming to this pet clinic during the pandemic, but I feel as though they have handled the pandemic well. You called to tell them you are there, and then they take your dog back. You stay outside the majority of the time, until you have to pay for whatever services you got. Very nice staff and I felt safe going there.

Steve Alvarez

2 years ago

I took my dog here for a dental cleaning and I feel like I got gouged. They quoted me one price on the phone and when I dropped off my dog they told me the price was much higher. When all was said and done, I paid double the original quote. And I'm not happy about it.

Michele Zamora

2 years ago

My kitten was well taken care of, payment explained in detail for spaying. Appointment was made within a reasonable time frame.

Jack Mulock

2 years ago

Great prices great customer service,

Alfreda Wesson

2 years ago

After my visit today I am so convinced Gracie and I, that UNl pet clinic is number one in our book we are so comfy

Michelle Lovett

2 years ago

We had to drive further for this location but I'm happy we did. The staff was amazing and very helpful.

Janel Quoc

2 years ago

We've been taking our shiba here since we first got her at 8 weeks old, and UNI Pet Clinic has been nothing short of amazing to us for her vaccinations, spay, and general check ups. Everyone here is friendly, professional, and I would say they are very trustworthy. Thanks for the wonderful service, UNI!


2 years ago

Great staff I would trust my baby girl with the clinic any day of the week

Frances Wong

2 years ago

Friendly staff and quick service. Felt comfortable bringing my shy pups here

Christine Martinez

2 years ago

I like this.location . More organized

Chae Yu

2 years ago

Dr Kang is supper nice!!! and professional! My Cream is very satisfied never cry or misbehave. I recommend to all doggies and other animal~ Dr Kang is the best!!!!

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