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Radheeka Gandhi

a year ago

My husband and I have been proud fosters for 13th St Cats for 2.5 years. I cannot say enough great things about this organization and their mission. They provide the fosters with all the support and materials needed to make a cozy and loving home for the kittens. Sometimes even responding to late texts so we can ensure we provide the kitties with the best care possible. I love that they carefully match the kittens based on their needs/personality and compatibility with the potential adopter, rather than a first come first serve basis. They truly care about all the kittens they rescue and their long term well-being. Fostering with 13th St Cats has been an incredibly rewarding experience! <3

Daphy C

a year ago

They never answered phones and emails. We submitted the online application, no response. They have the pet showcase in Petsmart, but no one to reach out. The nice kittens at their site seems all reserved for the people they knew. If you are serious about adopting a cat, go to a shelter, don't waste your time in these non-profit organizations.

Amanda Gomez

2 years ago

Just over a year ago, my husband and I decided to adopt two kittens. My veterinarian recommended this rescue organization so I decided to send an email to inquire on the adoption process. Upon receiving a speedy response, I was pleasantly surprised with their knowledge and professionalism. I was hoping to find kitties that reminded me of my dear sweet boy who we lost unexpectedly due to a terminal illness. I was told that there was a litter of adorable kittens that were coming available and when I received the pictures of the litter I was so in awe of how beautiful they all were. I actually wished I could have adopted them all! Soon after, we were able to meet them in person. It was obvious that they were all extremely well taken care of by their foster home and were very friendly and social kitties. Immediately my husband and I were interested in adopting them and giving them a forever home. These kitties have been part of our family for the past year and have brought so much joy to our family. I would highly recommend contacting this cat rescue when making the decision to adopt. Our experience was excellent.

John Wong

2 years ago

We adopted a kitten almost a year ago (9/2020). The process was professional and it was really a pleasure to go thru the process. We learn a lot about ourselves and our new addition to the family. Lyla is a happy 10 month old tuxedo.

Hans Dylan

2 years ago

I really really like this cat rescue organization. They have a thorough interview process where you get to chat with the foster and really get a feel for if you'd be a good fit for the cat and vice versa. Then if it seems like a potential match, you get to "foster" the cat for up to two weeks to see how things go. I really like this style as it allows better fits for both humans and cats. It is clear to me that this organization really cares about the wellbeing of the cats.

Alicia Strickland

2 years ago

I just visited their website a couple days ago, but a few months ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by one of their foster mothers about a cat in her care. In August 2019, I adopted Hunter (see picture) from the San Jose Animal Shelter, and he was my baby from the day I first met him! However, I LOVE animals and never intended for him to be an "only child." I wanted to adopt a playmate for him and a companion for my grandma, who could use a bed mate (since Hunter sleeps with me). She's in bed pretty much all day and night and could use a cuddler of her own. So I filled out a form for a cat with 13th Street and was contacted by the foster mom. We had a wonderful chat, decided against the cat (primarily because I also intend to get a dog, and her cat wasn't a "dog" cat), but she said she'd have them put my name on a list for some others. I will say that I haven't heard back from anyone about cats that may fit, but that's okay. I'm keeping my eyes open for possible brothers or sisters for Hunter anyway. Though I haven't had a lot to do with this organization, I already know I like them. It's very obvious to me they love what they do and absolutely LOVE cats. Plus, they screen their adopters, and I like that very much. I would absolutely recommend 13th Street Cat Rescue because I wouldn't have one moment's hesitation finding our next family member from them myself!

Rosalia Carpio

2 years ago

Quick response and very helpful/ informative.

Jesse Cook

2 years ago

I recently had the fortune of working with the 13th Street Cat Rescue, and wow what an amazing experience it was! I have long worked with various shelters and rescues, and the quality of 13th Street Cat Rescue was second to none. I had been …

Jerina Roberson Edwards

2 years ago

They never called back. Still waiting.


2 years ago

Very helpful. We love our baby. She healthy, fun, beautiful.

Cassie Kifer

3 years ago

I live in San Jose and adopted my cat from 13th Street Cats because I knew they were based in my neighborhood. My cat Sylvie is loving and wonderful and I'm so grateful to have her in my life! Their volunteer Joanne was endlessly helpful and answered all my questions after I adopted her. Sylvie was the first pet I adopted as an adult, so I had a lot of questions! Shortly after, 13th St Cats volunteers Joanne and Karen, advised me on how to trap and fix the dozens of feral cats multiplying out behind my office. With their help (and the traps I borrowed from the organization) I was able to spay and neuter every single one of them so FINALLY after years and years of having homeless litters of kittens out there, my co-workers and I no longer had a problem! Their volunteers (and they are all volunteers, they have no staff!) work tirelessly to ensure that every single cat they place is the right fit for their adoptive family. I now volunteer with them fostering homeless cats and helping other people learn how to trap and fix feral cats, helping to control the problems in our community. I'm so grateful they were there to help me, my family and my co-workers and I'm so glad I can now help give back!

seher butt

3 years ago

I’ve tried thrice , to adopt a kitten from them . Filled forms , submitted application , wrote emails even . But just disheartened now after no response for 3 days and then i always get an email saying sorry the kitten has already been adopted

Rusty Shackleford

3 years ago

Great rescue! They really care about the cats! The volunteer are friendly and professional.


3 years ago

I discovered this rescue when I was going a rough time in my life and it has been such a great addition to my life for the past few months. I truly applaud Joanne and the rest of this organization for being so wonderful to all of the cats they have rescued so far. As a volunteer myself, I really have enjoyed spending my time connecting and looking after the cats over at the rescue. The cats are all so sweet and adorable! It's always nice to see them after a long day at work. I would say volunteering here has been a nice stress reliever and keeps me smiling. I also love how inviting and welcoming everyone is at this organization. From hosting potlucks for all of the volunteers to hosting fun events for the community, it is nice to see how involved Joanne and the rest of the 13th St. Cats team is. Overall I am really glad I found The 13th St. Cats and I hope to see this organization continue to grow!

Marina Prostakova

3 years ago

Caring group of volunteers, going extra mile and more to save abandoned and special needs cats and kittens, and educating general population on spay/neuter.

Dana Gonzalez

3 years ago

Extremely caring of their cats. Best animal shelter!

Danielle Klinger

3 years ago

I am a volunteer for 13th St. cat rescue and I am incredibly happy that I found this organization almost 4 years ago. From the founders to each and every volunteer that I have worked along side, I cannot imagine another group of people that work so hard and tirelessly to improve the lives of so many cats. It is overwhelming to think that this is all done by volunteers in their “spare time”! I am so proud to be a part of this organization and to know everyone of you.

David Kohanski

3 years ago

Amazing place to adopt with a loving team of fosters! Highly recommended if looking for a fur baby of your own!

Deeksha Bhat

3 years ago

I have been working with 13th street cat as a foster for over 3 months now and have fostered 3 kitties. I have a 9 to 5 job which can be stressful but seeing my foster kittens face after work relieves all my stress. Also 13th Street Cat does a great job helping me to foster. They provide me all the supplies, food , toys anything and everything to enable me provide great home to my kittens. Cant be more happy about my experience with 13th Street Cat. Would highly recommend it :)

Donja Graham

3 years ago

We were fosters with 13th Street Cat Rescue for over a year. We were honored to be a part of this great organization. Each cat that is brought in is absolutely loved and cared for. They take a lot of care in ensuring every cat finds its perfect forever home. <3

Douglas Wirnowski

3 years ago

A simply amazing organization! So many volunteers that give their all to take care of kittens, and help control the feral cat population through safe TNR practices! Thank you Joann and all the others that have saved so many cats from

Edith Betancourt

3 years ago

I was treated unfairly when show interest in adopting a kitten. From the beginning the lady said "I wontw give the car to you because you have children". She claims the kitten were too scared from my children when in fact it was sleeping.

Ivonne Aleman

3 years ago

Love this organization ! I am a volunteer for this amazing organization , I had been looking to help with some kind of rescue and I came across 13th Street Cat Rescue and I am so glad I did. Everyone works well together and always there to help each other out . They offered to help me with the cat issues in my neighborhood as well . They do so much good for all the kitties . If you are looking to adopt , foster or volunteer with feeding and caring for the feral cats, this is the place to contact. Very rewarding , I love it and so will you!

Melanie J-N

3 years ago

I volunteer with 13th Street one day a week to feed a group of ferals at the nearby community center. They are excellent about providing supplies for the cats, and if one of the cats turns up sick or injured they promptly try to trap the animal and get it treated. They always have cats’ bests interests at heart. I highly recommend them if you wish to volunteer or adopt. They will also educate you about TNR for feral cats in your area, and will help you find traps and get referrals for vets who offer low-cost neutering. Great group!

Kristin Leisentritt

3 years ago

I’ve been fostering for 13th Street Cats for almost two years. I foster bottle baby kittens for them. I really enjoy fostering for them. All the cats and kittens in their rescue get the best care possible including the best veterinary care which is important to me as I’m about to graduate vet tech school. Both Janice and Joanne have taught me so much about caring for bottle baby kittens. They are both so knowledgeable when it comes to anything involving cats and kittens. They have helped me solve problems I’ve had with my own cats as well. I can’t say enough good things about this rescue!

Kavyashree Gangadhara

3 years ago

Great work with a great mission! We met our cat and all the people who work here when they were having an adoption event at PetSmart Coleman. I adopted my cat from here. Since then they have captured my heart. They are a pleasure to work with and definitely know what they are talking about. Their passion to connect cats with people, fostering, taking care of all the procedures involved, so much dedication in what they all do, is so encouraging. I started with fostering kittens and now a little here and there helping out is so much fun.


3 years ago

Extremely difficult to get a hold of.

Nikki Kernion

4 years ago

This review is for Janice and Dan, they are wonderful! My mom and I had been looking to get a kitten for the last couple of months, after one of our cats passed suddenly earlier this year. We found a kitten in PetsMart, and knew right away …

Heather Betts

4 years ago

Don’t waste your time with this company. If you are interested in meeting cats to pick the right cat, as opposed to just picking any cat on the first visit.. they will “get pissed” and throw your application away and make you start all over, (said at an adoption event by representative of this company). If you want to find a connection with the cat, this may not be the place for you.

krunal desai

4 years ago

They do not respond to voicemails or emails. They do not have a shelter where you can take a look at the cats. Do not waste your time with this place.

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