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2 years ago

Come twice trying to get my dogs skin infection cured and does not work at all. Expensive and not effective treatments. Doesn't even worth a star

gabriela wilkerson

2 years ago

They took good care of our pet, however the Covid Protocol within the clinic was not good. Clearly states 1 parent per patient/pet at entrance. However guidelines were lightened for some who had 2 parents, when ai brought it to the attention to the staff she simply replied "I don't know what to tell you about that" did not adhere to 6 person max nor 6 feet distancing I did not see anyone wipe down anything during the time I was outside waiting. A couple of days later we received an email advising the clinic had an covid outbreak ease monitor our symptoms. We are closing for the rest.of the year Happy Holidays and See you next year.... We are in this together....I have ZERO NEGATIVITY to the care provided for our pet Very satisfied with his diagnosing,care and treatment but the Covid Protocal and enforcement of is not good...

Kenneth Murphy

2 years ago

Good service once they see you, but I've never waited less than 30 minutes for an appointment or RX pickup. They say it's bc of unforeseen emergencies but I think they just overbook. I've had 7+ appointments over the last year and am intimately familiar with their parking lot now

That Guy

2 years ago

Friendly and polite. They take pretty good care of your fur family.

Linda Radler

2 years ago

We had to put our kitty down after 18+ years. They were kind, respectful and helpful.

Vicki Ross

2 years ago

Very attentive staff! The wait was long but they did an excellent job and were very caring. The prices were much lower than my last vet in the east bay.

Tim Singer

2 years ago

Professional, caring, and good at communicating. Would strongly recommend.

Taylor Moon

2 years ago

Very nice vets. Skylar in particular was very helpful and kind figuring out best way to get medicine for my cat!

Rosa Trieu

2 years ago

It wasn’t until I moved out of San Francisco that I realized how good this vet office is. One thing I took for granted is that after every visit, they gave me a print out that detailed every single treatment they did for my dog, even the tools. They also include vaccination information so you can keep in mind when you’ll need to take your pet back for vaccinations and exactly which ones. I might have posted about this once before, but I wanted to mention that my dog had to get a procedure done to remove a big cyst from his eye, and I’m happy to report his full recovery went very well. The only feedback I have for reference is that I wish there was more emphasis and guidance on preventative care aside from treatment alone.

Diana Rico

2 years ago

Dr. Karanveer and the Ocean Ave Vet team saved my kitten! My kitten was in need of an urgent care appointment and they took us in in a timely manner! After refusing food and water for over 24hrs in combination with other symptoms, within the first hour of being home with his new treatment, he was back to eating, drinking and playing!! Coming to Ocean Ave Vet's supportive and reassuring team was so refreshing!!! Thank you for bringing my kitten back to his normal self!

Angela Lee

2 years ago

The staff is nice and very open to questions. The vets I've met have been very nice and welcome all my questions. The biggest downside is sometimes the wait is long even though you have an appointment. I've had to wait for an hour or so even though I had to make an urgent care appointment :/

Blas Herrera

2 years ago

Great hyper local spot to where I live. Sometimes parking can be a bit hard, but they do have a small lot that turns over pretty frequently.

Dylan Ortiz

2 years ago

The office admin, Kelly was incredibly responsive and receptive to an initial consultation we received about our cat. She worked with the doctors to quickly set up a follow up appointment and an audit of the first. Dr. Kim was outstanding, working with us to understand our concern and laying out next steps for our cat’s assessment. She provided several options and informed us of cost and effect, all the while keeping our cat’s well-being a priority. We’re still working through the prognosis but we feel strongly that we’re heading the right direction with diagnostics. Thank you very much for your thoughtful care and careful examination of our cat, as well as kind attention to myself and my partner during our visit. We are grateful for practitioners such as Kelly and Dr. Kim.

Aidan Maneval

2 years ago

My dogs always get very good care here. The staff isn’t always the most communicative & wait times can be quite long even with an appointment. Overall, I’m not so displeased that I’d go out of my way to go elsewhere as this is in my neighborhood. The staff & doctors all care a lot about what they do & my dogs aren’t too anxious when going there. If it’s in your neighborhood I think it’s a plenty good vet.

Victoria Love

2 years ago

I gave a neighbor a ride to this veterinary clinic so I did not have a direct experience. My neighbor was very pleased with the care her sick cat received. He has recovered and is doing well. She said everyone was very friendly and kind and professional. I don't have any pets currently but if I did I would take them there.

Sarena Wilson

2 years ago

5 star's if not more. I, love ???? it!. ..????????


2 years ago

Friendly, knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices for the Bay.

David Fang

2 years ago

Been taking our cats here for two years now and had great experiences. They do a good job of recommending appropriate preventative care to keep our cats healthy and avoiding costly procedures down the line. We first came here for a second opinion for one of our cats where the prior vet had recommended extracting teeth without even doing a dental exam and prescribed painkillers in the meantime that got our cat terribly sick. Here they had us do a dental exam first so they can examine his teeth, and ultimately only recommended a thorough cleaning and no teeth to be removed.

Cristina Tudose

2 years ago

Terrible experience. I got lied to and overcharged! $600 for consultation and meds for my dog vomiting that day. I should have never gone for that issue in the first place. But they made sure to overcharge me! *The lie:* The assistant lied that my dog had a mild infection hence he needed $80 antibiotics. I requested the blood results before I buy this. She then sent the doctor to give me more information. The doctor came and said that the dog needs this preventatively. BUT he didn’t show any infection in the blood test. They thought I wouldn’t check and just buy this blindly! *The overcharge:* Next my dog wasn’t coming out and I got worried and ask the front desk to check. She then told me that they are administering fluids to my dog! Which we never agreed on. *Tip:* You should always double check the test results and question the medication type and quantity. I have the feeling that they are making good margins on the meds. Hence they try to sale as much as possible.

Andy Fang

2 years ago

Terrible, terrible, terrible! Had a decent first experience with them so decided to bring my dog here a second time when he was limping. The staff seemed nice, friendly, and attentive at first, but once you sign and pay at the front desk, they don't care at all about your pet!!!! They only want your money!!!! Do not make the same mistakes I made! Do not go here even if they're the only vets available. Do not go here even if you're desperate! Do NOT give this business your money, your time, and your efforts!!! They will take advantage of you knowing that you'd do anything for your furbaby. Do NOT believe these 5 star reviews! PLEASE READ INTO THE LOW STAR REVIEWS! My partner took our dog here because he was limping. The vet or staff kept pushing for an x-ray exam to find if the limping was serious. H/she agreed and they said the results would be provided in 2 hours via phone call by the doctor. Several hours passed and NO PHONE CALL. Called the next day and receptionist said the results weren't in and that the vet would call when the results are in. Called AGAIN the next day and was told that the vet wasn't in to provide the results. Asked when the vet would be in and they said his schedule was tentative. What do you mean tentative?! That makes no sense to me-- any vet could've told us the results over the phone or email and no one did or made the effort. After a week, still no phone calls, no voicemails, no emails from this terrible place. Two weeks passed-- no communication. Three weeks passed, and so on... UNRESPONSIVE! My dog was fine 2-3 days after. Decided to do a chargeback for services not rendered at the time (x ray consult and 'estimated pharmacy charge') & ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY DECIDE TO CALL AND LEAVE VOICEMAILS/TEXT. Where was this when my dog was limping and I needed to know the results of his X-rays? They DO NOT CARE and will take your money. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF MONEY AND DO NOT GO HERE!!!! ALSO, PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR STATEMENT!/INVOICE!! THEY CHARGED "estimated pharmacy charge" but for what! They did not give me that. If I didn't look at my invoice and see this, they would've stolen my money! ALTHOUGH I PAID FOR THE X-RAY AND CONSULTATION OF THE X-RAY THEY NEVER PROVIDED ME WITH THE RESULTS!!! It's already OCTOBER! DO NOT GO HERE!!! They will only contact you if you decide to do a chargeback!!!! They will not contact you about your pet's results because they DO NOT CARE! Whatever they say-- THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOME WHERE ELSE!!!! READ THE LOW STAR REVIEWS!!!!

Tommy Bailey

2 years ago

The most effective, efficient animal hospital I have been to yet. Make appts to 8 pm, they are very much in touch with reality and the modern day 2orking world.

Alexandra Sanne

2 years ago

Huge fans of this vet so far. We've only been once but went for a combination urgent care (non-emergency but needed to be attended to by a doctor) and new patient visit and we were able to get an appointment within 48 hours - which in San Francisco, seems pretty impossible right now with the overwhelm of new pets! We were able to go inside and the vet came to talk to me personally and walk through my dog's history, why I was concerned, and walked me through options with a good amount of detail. I was really impressed by his bedside manner. Cost was also reasonable. The reception desk was great - well staffed and super helpful in scheduling future appointments. Finally, I loved that they followed up the next day to check and see how my pup was after his mini-operation. Just overall a really great experience. Thanks Ocean Ave!

S Cody (desertskys)

2 years ago

Great staff,easy wait .And reasonable priced..

kelly huth

2 years ago

Kindness and competence in a clean, simple space. Although our experience ended in sadness, the doctor and staff were excellent.

Divina Docena

2 years ago

My dog Louis has diabetes and was tested for Cushing's Syndrome at this place on July 24th. The results came back positive for Cushing's. Louis was seen several more times after that and was admitted overnight once where they performed an ultrasound and found tumor on his liver. We understand this is a complicated case to treat, a lot going on but wouldn't they at least take the time to explain these things to you since a lot is going on? But no, instead they did a poor job explaining the medications, how they plan to treat him, what are our options and what those options look like in terms of costs, and what's the prognosis of Louis' condition. When Louis stopped eating for two days, we emailed the treating Vet directly for advise. She never responded. Care and compassion comes with the job. If you don't have them, you're in the wrong profession! Louis passed away at home yesterday, August 18th. We arranged it to be done at home surrounded by his human mom and dad, and his furry brother and sisters.

Dayamudra Dennehy

2 years ago

I am very. happy with this vet. They are a busy practice but friendlier than other vets I've gone to in the city and able to take us in same-day. Everyone was courteous and professional. Dr. Mukul is exceptional. It was a bit of a wait, but the front desk team kept us updated and I appreciated that. I also noted that they met humans with anxious pets out in the driveway to avoid the waiting room, which was awesome. Only one thing that really matters...please get your staff face masks that fit and insist they cover their nose and mouth at all times. Otherwise, why bother pretending to wear masks? Please show the humans and the animals that you are COVID-compliant. It's scary pandemic times and the CDC guidelines are pretty clear about face masks in public places. Will update to 5 stars once the masks are sorted out.


2 years ago


Timothy Lawson

2 years ago

They treated my Senior, dog with love before he past, and have been excellent with my new Pups care.

Eileen Leek

2 years ago

The team is well-meaning but from a front-of-house perspective they are very poor. When you call you are immediately put on hold to listen to pre-recorded messages (no matter WHAT TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT you call. When I asked for how long I would be on hold there was no hesitation in telling me it would be 5 minutes. And when you visit there is generally a wait even if booked - frustrating when you see the numbers of staff around the front desk. Not a good first impression and an incentive to find somewhere else.

Sonja Garlick

3 years ago

I am so grateful for the excellent care and services provided for my dog Phoebe by Dr. Singla and his team. Special thanks to Shawn Richie for his unparalleled compassion and professionalism. I highly recommend Ocean Avenue Veterinarian Hospital to anyone that wants the very best care for their beloved pets!

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