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Maggie Kothmann

2 years ago

I came to Especially Cats after one of my newly adopted kittens was having some ear trouble that a previous veterinarian could not decipher and didn't seem overly concerned about. I was really worried of course, because I knew he was not feeling well. They managed to get me in sooner than my current vet even could. I took the appointment on a day/during a time when I am really overwhelmed but really wanted my cat to feel better. Consequently I was really disheveled at the appointment. They bent over backwards to help my cat. Quiet, small, low stress exam room and waiting room. A very good environment. I was so impressed with Dr. Lawson. She did not leave one stone unturned and she developed an aggressive treatment plan to help him and had several possible explanations. She also identified some misaligned teeth to keep an eye on and some dental advice which is awesome. Nobody likes to hear bad news but catching things early and preventing is so helpful. She is no-nonsense and tells you how it is- which I love. She really puts the cats first and she gave me a lot of constructive but also positive feedback about myself as a cat guardian. She knows A LOT and is very smart. Right away I knew I could trust her advice. I think she is definitely the most thorough veterinarian I have seen. After growing up with dogs and converting to becoming a cat person, I really value the patient education aspect. One thing I've learned about cats is that there are a lot of misconceptions about them and that they have behaviors and needs that people don't really get or understand, so I think it is really important to have a veterinary hospital that does have thorough patient education. They really addressed the whole cat- lifestyle, play, food, litter box, cat/guardian relationship, etc. Of course the highlight of my experience was bringing him home finally feeling better after months of pain and cold ear drops everyday with no relief. They did an amazing job cleaning his ears, way better than my previous vet, and most importantly: he was WAY less stressed. The last vet visits would knock him out for two days because he was exhausted from the stress. I guess Casper gives them five stars too, because he finally slept peacefully (see picture) and has been purring and loving on me excessively today, almost like he's thanking me for finally getting him the care he needed. He also has been grooming and trilling and loving on his buddy (our other kitten Primo who is roughly the same age) who he had started bullying a lot (and acting out in general) over the last few weeks which I attributed to pain. It is amazing to see his behavior change with that tiny bit of relief. He also enjoyed some good neck scratches from Dr. Lawson during his visit. :) Prices seem to be on par with other veterinary hospitals in San Francisco- I didn't come here initially because I assumed it would be more expensive. Considering the cost of veterinary medicine in San Francisco, I feel happy with the price I paid for the quality of care I received- and of course them putting up with my scatter brain that day.

Vanessa Cantillo

2 years ago

I had such a lovely experience at Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital. The staff at the front desk were kind and helpful. The vet techs were so sweet and patient with my cat. Callie does not like being handled, and they managed her wiggles and resistance like a pro! I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Wilson. I am so grateful to have worked with her. She was so thoughtful and thorough when it came to explaining Callie’s dental procedure and what to expect in the future. Overall Especially Cats was beyond professional and compassionate when it came to my little one’s care. I am so grateful for Dr. Wilson and all the lovely staff members who assist her.

Caglar Unlu

2 years ago

Moving abroad soon with a very vague schedule. Dr. Lawson was able to set aside time for our cat's health certificate at short notice and even prepared health certificates for two different countries due to sudden change in plans. Greta also was very accommodating and followed-up with us to make sure everything was done right and in a way that would give us the most flexibility.

Alexander Bergo

2 years ago

Terrible service, will charge you over 3x for medicine and refuse to give you a prescription.

Garrett Robertson

2 years ago

Dr. Lawson and her staff are so kind and treat my girl Paloma super well every time. Dr. Lawson is very charismatic and knowledgeable, and always gives my cat plenty of undivided attention. I really appreciate all the folks at this veterinary practice, the prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent!

Juliana Belinello Andrade

2 years ago

Bringing my cat to the vet can be a task since he is a stray and doesn't like getting into carrier. He also freaks out around strangers and he doesn't come out from under the couch for days. I hate putting him through unnecessary stress, but understanding the importance of up keeping with his vaccines and wellness checks, my husband and I bring him to Especially Cats, where he is very well cared for by Dr. Ericka Carroll and the staff. I was quite impressed with the quick response and insightful follow up from Dr. Carroll. She is exactly what I would want my kitty vet to be, a cat lover who cares about my kitties and treats them well the way I do. When my cat comes back home from a visit to this vet, he doesn't seem stressed, he doesn't hide, and he eats right away, which just speaks about the great care he experiences when he is there. I am super super pleased with Especially Cats and I would definitely recommend them to any kitty owner who is looking to get the best care for their kitties! P.S The prices are very accessible and they don't over charge or request procedures unnecessarily :)

Summer Wilson

2 years ago

Best bet for our cat who needed special kidney attention at a young age. Dr. Wilson not only explained the science behind but had incredibly empathy to our situation snd made age appropriate recommendations. Highly recommend them for your Kit Kat’s.

Eric Durot

2 years ago

Bad experience: they add their own rules to the laws, which makes it impossible to issue a travel "health certificate" without an appointment 90 days before departure...

Tara G

2 years ago

I felt compelled to review after 5 years of using this vet office, it's gone downhill. I love Dr. Wilson and see her exclusively. However, the staff is just not nice anymore. Very rude and impossible to actually talk to, cut you off, and don't listen. Forget about being treated as anything other than a checkbook. You can't leave a message or speak to the Dr directly, follow ups are sloppy, and after talking to the doctor for a new sensitive food diet, they send me an impersonal email with a dry food that the doctor herself told me that my cat couldn't have. Trying to follow up with other direct suggestions from the doctor, but again, going through staff that clearly DGAF is frustrating. I'm on the lookout for another vet experience and suggest you do the same. If you must use them, see Dr. Wilson but be prepared to not be able to follow up or get questions answered.

ashley rivera

3 years ago

Overall, really poor experience at Especially Cats and we've taken our kitten elsewhere. In general, the staff are difficult to get a hold of, rude, take a long time to respond to actions they said they'd take, etc. They get 2 stars because the vet seemed okay over the phone, but do not recommend this clinic at all. A couple specific examples below: - After our first visit during a weekday, they asked us to bring back a stool sample. We confirmed that we could drop it off on a Saturday (they said yes), but then when we showed up, the tech / front desk person was incredibly rude and asked us why we brought the sample on a Saturday. She tried to charge us 10x the cost for the sample. We were quoted ~$30 with the vet and she tried charging us ~$300. Fortunately, I refused to pay until she cleared that up. Then they never sent or called us with the results, I had to call them. - On our 2nd to last visit, we were told our cat was getting tested for feline leukemia. We never heard anything about results. I finally called and they told me it was negative. Come to learn weeks later when I requested the records that they never actually did the screening. - During a vaccination drop off, I was told it would take up to 45 minutes max. I told them I was going to wait because it takes me 20 minutes to drive each way. An hour goes by, no update on timing. Finally after 90 minutes and at risk of missing more work, I rang the doorbell. Again, super rude and they begrudgingly retrieved my kitten.

Jeri Geiger

4 years ago

I have been taking my cats to Especially Cats for many years and I have recommended them to several people. I am very happy with every aspect of their service. They are always helpful and courteous and caring.

Jason Hess

4 years ago

Not sure if they are on lunch or super busy, but I called twice, left a message explaining what type of cat I have, that I moved and need to set up care here. over an hour later tried to call again, but again no answer. Either someone is not doing their job (front desk) or the hours of the business are incorrect.

IdealistKT IdealistKT

4 years ago

Especially great! This is the only veterinarian hospital that my cats will go to. They DEMAND that I bring them here and I no longer live close but still make the long drive. The vet technicians, especially Tanya, are amazing as are both Dr. Carter and Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson is patient, kind, compassionate and takes her time to explain every detail to you. She is wonderful. I also always meet nice people in the lobby who share tips and advice as everyone here are cat lovers. If you've got a cat, this is the vet place to go. Parking is easy (metered but you can use both coins and credit card) and there's a good coffee shop on the corner.

Amnon Goodman

4 years ago

Our experience at Especially Cats with our now 17 year old kitties has been phenomenal, professional, personal and compassionate. We have been made to feel like family through the years. Dr. Carter and the phenomenal staff at EC have helped keep our cats thriving and playful, and we are forever in their debt.

Sergio Costantini

4 years ago

I had been coming to this place for years, but fairly recently the quality went down hill. They confused my cat with another cat, trying to charge me a different bill.... (could you imagine it was with something more serious other than a bill). I went in for a service that I have been getting from them for years (they claimed they didn’t do the service) and I ended up with a 600.00 vet bill for something I did not want. Office management didn’t seem to care that I was upset, even though this had been my vet for years. Something became off about this place. I liked it over other vets because they seemed to have care and patience, and actually seemed to care about the animals they treated. Now it seems like they are every other Vet in SF: you leave their facility with a 600.00 bill questioning, what did I just pay for? I suggest finding another vet.

Vicky Golub

5 years ago

I switched from SFSpca pacific heights campus to especially cats a couple of years ago because they are much closer. I really liked them until now. I know they are not 24 emergency after hours but that is what places like norcal vet …

Ashleigh Nelson

6 years ago

I am a mom to a "difficult patient" (she even scares me when we go to the vet), but Dr. Carter has always been super compassionate and caring with my baby, even when she's growling and spitting. She does a great job of paying attention to my reactions and reassuring me as well! I also feel well-informed about the diagnosis and treatment options, and when my cat needed some teeth extracted, Dr. Carter did a great job. She and the office staff are also willing to file claims to my pet insurance for me, which is great! I highly recommend this place.

A Google User

6 years ago

I love Especially Cats and the high quality of care they provide. I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance and they have been accommodating with making quick appointments when My cat needed a vaccination before travel and when I worried about why he had peed on the rug. I should also add I found their prices to be very reasonable for vet care in the city. Even if I move out of Parkside, I plan to continue care here. :)

Tara Pade

6 years ago

Dr. Wilson is amazing! Seems extremely knowledgeable and is very thorough. She spent a lot of time carefully explaining our options when my cat broke a bone in his paw and listened patiently to all of our questions and concerns. I trust my cat going here more than anywhere else I’ve taken my animals so far.

Preston Gresham

6 years ago

The staff, from the Vets to the Vet-Tech to Front Desk crew, all are helpful, caring, friendly, knowledgeable. The staff genuinely cares about you and your cat. I have been going there monthly for the past 6 years as my many toed Torti requires a careful pedicure. Of course she has the staff completely fooled, they think she is just sweet and cute, little do they know that she has been a total skitzoid trying to get here to the vet today, leaving me totally done in. But that's ok, that's what we humans are here for, I'm firmly convinced of it. On a health note, hats off to the Vets for their progressive, modern medicine. They have kept my girl-kitty happy & healthy as she enters her middle age, I could not ask for anything more.

Paula Wilton

6 years ago

Terrific doctors, caring staff. Cats only clinic means less stress for the fur babies. :)

Pete Mummert

6 years ago

Have been bringing our three cats here for several years. Warm, competent, friendly staff. We wouldn't want to take our cats anyplace else!

Brian G

6 years ago

Especially Cats staff and Dr.Wilson are the best!!!

Gary Knoblock

6 years ago

Dr Carter and all the staff are really caring, knowledgeable and try to do the right thing without pushing too many medical procedures. I love the place – my kitty doesn't really but that's understandable. We've been going here for 10 years now.

Kate Casalino

6 years ago

Really friendly and knowledgeable. They are especially good with our asthmatic cat who had chronic sinus infections and allergies. I was willing to drive from Oakland to take our two cats to see them because they were so good.

Ken Hale

6 years ago

Always professional and caring. I always feel our loved one odds the most important cast they care for. Thank you!

Kenji Muramoto

6 years ago

Friendly staff is really what makes this place top notch. Also the the fact that they really care about every animal that comes in is a huge plus. If you're looking for a vet for your cat, this is one of the best options around the bay area. *Don't trust the review of Puja. That lady is obviously being a princess over one incident. I've cancelled last minute before and they rescheduled me for another day.

Norman Ishimoto

6 years ago

They love Cats and give them the best care.

Alice Lao

7 years ago

We have been coming to this establishment since 1983 for all of our kitties' needs, staffs are courteous and helpful. Approved by our cats and two paws up!!

Penny Flood

7 years ago

We have been coming here for 8 years now, and I am very happy with the care that my two cats have received. They have both had their share of health problems, and the doctors and the staff have always been incredibly patient and kind while figuring out the best treatment options. The doctors have gone out of their way to do extra research for more difficult diagnoses, and always call me to check on our cats progress. We also love that they specialize in cats, and I'm sure our cats appreciate the quiet waiting room.

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