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Nita Arios

2 years ago

Dr Sahagian is tremendously compassionate, empathetic, & acutely aware of a family's emotions during this extremely sad time. Very gently, succinctly explained the process to us.

Don Parker

2 years ago

We sadly had to put our beloved CeCe to sleep a couple of weeks ago and decided an in-home euthanasia was the way to go so she'd be as comfortable as possible. The doctor was everything you'd hope for - communicative and compassionate every step of the way. I can't recommend A Gentle Rest enough if you ever have to go through this difficult process.

Don Henschke

2 years ago

This was the most wonderful experience in having our beloved cat, Sophie, euthanized at home. Dr Sahaghian was kind, compassionate, sincere and explained everything that would happen throughout the process. He made our last memories of Sophie very special and we are forever grateful. Don Henschke Dale Bramley

Kalyn Diederich

2 years ago

A Gentle Rest goes above and beyond to make a very painful situation as peaceful and compassionate as possible. Dr. Gina Henriksen was so kind, talked us through the process, made sure our girl was comfortable and gave us the space to grieve during the process. I would highly recommend this company !

Geraldine Tuch

2 years ago

Putting my dog Max down was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Having Dr. Gina reassure and comfort both Max and I was so pivotal. She was completely compassionate and empathetic. Of course the circumstances were far from ideal, but I can't imagine having to say goodbye to my dear Max any other way. I am very glad to have gotten to have Dr. Gina's help for Max's last moments.

Natasha Burwell

2 years ago

Dr. Ari thank you so much for making our last moments with Papi so peaceful and full of love. ❤️

Jessica Gensley

2 years ago

Dr. Sahaghian was incredibly caring and empathetic as well as professional. At the toughest time in a pet parents life I could not recommend him more.

Erica Fleming

2 years ago

My sick 17 yr old cat took a turn for the worse at 6am on a Sunday on Mother’s Day. I was panicked as I didn’t want him to suffer but the 24 hour vet hospitals in SF refused to let an in person euthanasia happen, saying you’ll just have to hand him over and we’ll put him down. So that’s when I found A Gentle Rest. I called and left them a frantic message and they called me immediately when they opened at 8am. Molly had paperwork emailed to me within 20 minutes and was so sweet. By 10am the Dr was at my house and walking me through the process of an at home euthanasia. This Dr Sahaghian was amazingly kind, gentle, and communicative about everything that was happening and what to expect. He waited outside between each step of the process and gave me all the time needed to say goodbye. He provided a lovely little basket to place my cat in at the end when he was taken away. It was for a horrible situation, the most wonderful company I could have come across to help. The pricing was fair and I was shocked they didn’t charge me for last minute or emergency ASAP service. This was my first in home euthanasia with an animal and I can’t imagine doing it any other way in the future. I am so happy to have found A Gentle Rest.

Steven Solomon

2 years ago

A Gentle Rest was contacted to mitigate issues at my ailing cat's veterinary office after finding they only allow 1 person in with the vet at a time during their final moments (at least during the pandemic). Fortunately, Dr. Rozycki provided exceptional care with the decision making and ultimate euthanasia at my home, keeping my cat from getting anxious at the thought of going to the vet again. Looking back, I can now attest that the team at A Gentle Rest are the most capable people to aid in this most difficult decision and I would recommend them even after the pandemic, especially if your pet gets nervous at the thought of going to the vet's office in the first place.

Sabrina A

3 years ago

So thankful I went with A Gentle Rest to help me say goodbye to my cat. Dr. Rozycki was so kind and compassionate during the whole process, letting me know what would be occurring at every step. Considering the circumstance, I can’t imagine it happening more perfectly than what we received through A Gentle Rest. Even the office staff that I talked to was amazing and respectful. I can’t recommend them enough.

Pat Huey

3 years ago

Dr Robert Sahaghian came to my home to free my sweet cat, Bear, from his suffering from lymphoma. I was blown away by the level of care and compassion Dr Sahaghian showed. The last two vets (from other clinics) who visited for this purpose for my other cats were very subpar, compared to Dr Sahaghian. He gave Bear three shots instead of two, the first being morphine to relax him and ease his pain, the second being a sedative, and the third being phenobarbitol. He spaced these about 10 minutes apart and gave me alone time to say more good-bye to Bear. He did not force Bear to be up on a kitchen counter like the two subpar vets; no, we did this on the bed where Bear was resting. Everything Dr Sahaghian did was for the comfort of the animal, not the convenience of the humans. Finally, he produced a pretty little basket lined in a quilt. He let me put him in this basket and carry him out to his car. Dr Sahaghian made the whole experience comforting and dignified. After a couple of days, Lori at A Gentle Rest emailed me my receipt, and even that was perfect! In addition to condolences, it provided useful advice about what to do with Bear's food and other things, and for references for counseling services.

mary lucy

3 years ago

In such a hard and unfortunate experience this doctor was so comforting and guided us through a very hard but necessary decision. Highly recommend this vet the doctor is so passionate we are so thankful we found him.????❣

Diana H

3 years ago

Dr Henriksen was fantastic and helped walk us through the process. She was patient and kind, giving us the time to go through saying goodbye to our little Mac at our own pace. Highly recommend.

Mia MacleanVernic

4 years ago

I usually don't write google reviews, but felt that I had to share my wonderful experience. Dr. Rozycki embodies compassion and kindness. He made this difficult process so peaceful and gentle. Dr. Rozycki was extremely understanding, patient, and professional throughout the entire process. My family and I are extremely grateful to have found him. We are so thankful for his help during this difficult time.

Jess Jessop

4 years ago

Excellent in every way! They understand really help in such a difficult time.

Rebecca Adams

5 years ago

It feels weird to write a review for this sort of thing, but I am so grateful for Dr Rozycki's care that I feel compelled to share. He was extremely kind, gentle, patient and compassionate. He walked us through the process and told us what to expect for every step. He made the very heartbreaking situation of putting our old dog to sleep, the easiest that it could have been. I am so grateful that he offers his services at patients' homes, so we could enjoy our last moments with our pup in a peaceful, familiar place.

Laura Mancuso

5 years ago

I grew up with pets and have been through my fair share of goodbyes. However, this was my first goodbye to a pet raised with my husband and 2 kids, all of whom were heartbroken and horrified at the idea of "putting down" our beloved kitty. …

Fahlou Fabien

5 years ago

The health of my friend's kitty took a turn for the worse while she was out of the country so a friend and I were asked to help her kitty cross the rainbow bridge. I called Dr. Rozycki in a panic hoping that he could come right away as the …

Andrew Toft

5 years ago

Hi, I cannot speak more highly of my experience with A Gentle Rest. They were kind, caring, considerate, informative and concerned at our most difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone going through this unfortunate circumstance. Dr Sahaghian came to our house and he is clearly a thorough professional who cares deeply for the animals and people he is dealing with. His advice and disposition made me feel as comfortable as possible throughout. You are in safe hands with A Gentle Rest, Sincerely Andrew Toft

Adam Thompson

5 years ago

Dr Rozycki made a hard day the best day it could possibly have been. I would highly recommend anyone contacting him when it i time to say goodbye to a loved pet.

SabrinaJoy Chaw

6 years ago

We couldn't have asked for a more compassionate, kind, experienced, and gentle soul to be with our 18 year old Stella for her transition. I say "soul" because not only was Ari intuitive with Stella, but with us too. We were ambivalent in our decision to put Stella down because she was running in the park just a couple days ago. Ari sat down with us and took the time to explain the issues to weigh on both sides, and did not sound bias in any way. If we changed our mind right then and there, he would've honored it. He was so supportive. He was very knowledgeable and professional, but I also had the feeling that he was an old family friend who held space for us and allowed us to take our time to be clear about such an important decision. He left us alone to discuss things and be with Stella, and he was right there if we needed him too. Once we made the final decision, Ari explained the process to us step by step, as well as what to expect, which was very helpful. He took time between the steps to allow us to be in our own emotional process as we got closer and closer to Stella's passing. He was with us well over the hour allocated and made Stella and us seem like the most important people in the world in those moments. When it was all done, I was so emotional and still felt unsure about what we did. Ari assured us that we did the right thing, not coming from a rationalized or biased opinion because we did what we did, but from a genuine and wise place. His calm, friendly, supportive and kind demeanor made this heartbreaking day so much easier. I was afraid I would feel so much guilt and remorse, but Ari was kind enough to share anecdotes from his personal past with his pets and other stories too, which gently wiped away any feelings of guilt or remorse. My husband and I couldn't imagine anyone better than Ari to get us through this. We highly recommend him. He calls it a "Gentle Rest" for good reason: a gentle rest both for the beloved pet and for us humans too. I am resting, feeling so much appreciation for a process Ari created that allowed us to go through what could've been the most heartbreaking and difficult experience in our lives. Instead, it was gentle, sacred, kind, and loving. I am amazed at how he can be with total strangers and animals and mid-wife them through such a process so compassionately, effectively, and supportively. I'll never take my pets to the regular vet hospital again to be euthanized. This process was so different. Stella died in my arms and lap, and I really believe she felt cradled and loved through the end. I couldn't ask for anything better.

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