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Jeanne Scott

2 years ago

Love the staff! Can’t wait til the food/drinks are available. The only draw back is the size of the outdoor space for the big dogs. Kind of small.

Yvette Jowers

2 years ago

I love bringing Mufasa in for grooming. Jennifer always does a wonderful job and he looks and smells AMAZING. I bring him in whenever he starts to smell like “a dog”. I especially love the photo shoots she does after his grooming - My favorites were the Halloween photos!!


2 years ago

Got it all you need for our dogs in one beautiful spacious compound.. first class handlers, trainers, groomers and owner.. one of a kind worth checking out this place

Ma Leonora

2 years ago

We had our short vacation in San Diego and since we decided to visit the Zoo and can't take our dog, I needed to find a daycare that can accept him. Thank God we found this place! They immediately scheduled him for the temperament assessment and took him in for the day! No hassle. The staffs were so friendly too!

Jordan Jepsen

2 years ago

Had a great experience bringing my dog Loki in to this place. Really friendly staff they even sent pictures of my dog playing

Jerry King

2 years ago

Got my 2 German Shepard’s in and out within 2 hours. They smell and look amazing. Great energy and vibes.

Harold Webb

2 years ago

Our yellow Lab, Daisy, always comes home smiling after a great day. We have a special collar for her when she is going to the Dog Society. When it comes out Daisy gets really excited. She loves to go there.

Christian Taylor-Low

2 years ago

While I dislike having to board the dog while we head out of town, it’s nice to know he’s in good hands with The Dog Society. Their responsiveness to questions and proactive reach outs to concerns are comforts. I appreciate the daily report cards and photos.

Caitlin N

2 years ago

Excellent staff. My dog loves coming here. Currently the coffee shop and bar is not hoping but hope it will be soon. They also offer training… I had used Tiffany in the past and she was great but I believe she is no longer there. Overall 10/10

Beth Kleese

2 years ago

Love the fact that the “temperament test” is four hours long and not just a quick test that puts two dogs, on leash, nose to nose to see if they’ll get along. The facility is really nice, as is the staff. I’ve taken my dog to several other facilities for day care but The Dog Society beats them hands down. I would highly recommend The Dog Society to anyone looking for a friendly, quality place to take their dog for day care as well as boarding.

britney miskowicz

2 years ago

I called ahead of time and asked if they could take my dog for a half dog of daycare and she said yes come in whenever didn’t ask if he had been there before of not. So I drove 40 min to this place and have appointments right after that’s why I wanted him to go and she tells me she can’t take him because he hasn’t done his free temperament test ( which I didn’t know he needed). Gave a really bad excuse about how she tried to call me back but got man instead of me if it was the same number you should have got me. I have always wanted to try this place out with what friends have said about it but I will never be coming here ever and will tell everyone I know that they shouldn’t either. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Anjanette Ventura

2 years ago

Sept 11 - our 8month old golden retriever had a temperament test and by the end of the day, they couldn’t come to a final decision - apparently because a certain “ Tiffany “ wasn’t around and so my puppy needed to go back for a 2nd temperament test. Oct 2 - we went back for another one. The person in charge to administer the test asked us what happened last time, we got caught off guard assuming it should be on the notes. The receptionist beside her even said “check the notes”. Gah! End of the day, he passed with flying colors. BUT when we were about to pay for 5 day package, no one knew how it works? (Another gah! Hhhmm) Bought the 5 day package a week or so after. Oct 23 - 9am left our pup for day care. After an hour or so, we received a call from a lady with a very monotone voice with no empathy at all saying our pup failed his temperament test and that he needed to be picked up. First off, he was not there for a temperament test because he already PASSED on Oct 2. Obviously that is why I was able to buy the package, right? Because he did pass the temperament test and he should be ready to start day care anytime. She did mentioned that he was jumpy at the handlers but knowing my puppy, for sure he was ready to socialize with the other dogs and not be isolated from them which does happen during a temperament test at this place unlike other day care we’ve been to - I know this because we saw how it was during the first time we went. They are separated from other dogs in cages face to face. Given this is a new establishment and we were willing to try but seriously this place has major communication issues. The manager should be around more often to properly “manage” this place. Hard to imagine to put my puppy’s life on a place with no good communication flow. 1 star because it won’t allow me to post

Claudia Pacheco

2 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who goes above and beyond for your pet! My dog always looks so good when he visits here.

Jenn P

2 years ago

My dog stayed there for about a week. I appreciated the nightly report cards and the friendliness of the staff. I wish they would offer the option to see my dog on camera /website regardless if I am paying the $65 / night or $95 / VIP night. Other boarding facilities offer that option regardless of the type of service, whether day care or overnight boarding. It would give pet owners more peace of mind.

Kimberly Herm

2 years ago

**Edited to add: the owner did give me a call and listened to my concerns, shared with me things they are working on to improve. I appreciated her willingness to listen to me and hear my concerns and have an open conversation and look forward to seeing improvements in the future. We've been loyal customers of this place for years before they changed management, moved to a new location, and expanded. This place has expanded too much too fast. I keep hoping their will be improvements, but I'm not seeing it. Their prices went up, but I have boarded my dogs there 3 times this summer and they have yet to follow feeding instructions properly, which is frustrating when a) you have a dog with an extremely sensitive stomach, b) when they charge so much for house food, and c) when it results in wasted food. Also, there is never anyone at the front able to answer questions about billing, charges, credits, etc and so I always have to call them back the next day to make sure I understand my charges or to resolve some charging issue. Also, their parking/drop-off /pick-up area/process is a complete disaster if there are more than 2 people there with their dogs. My dogs do love it though and it is a nice facility in a convenient location, just super hard to stomach how much their prices went up while dealing with these issues.

Lindsey Nelson

2 years ago

I gave The Dog Society a try because I was looking to have my dog groomed at a place closer to my house. I was a little disappointed because although the groomer did a great job, the company as a whole seemed very disorganized. So disorganized in fact, I was questioning if I should leave my dog there for her appointment. To start, I tried to make a grooming appointment online, but was told to call. I called three times, leaving voicemails every time and it wasn't until the third time when I left a frustrated voicemail that I was called back. The young lady that called me back stated that she was new and tried to answer my questions to the best of her ability, but in the end, booked the wrong type of grooming appointment. (A small fix but nonetheless, still frustrating). I go to bring my dog in for her appointment and walk around the whole building, not being able to find the driveway the small sign said to walk down to. After finding an employee, they were nice enough to lead me to the correct check in area, as well as check my dog in for her appointment, because were was nobody at the front desk, and a ton of people waiting at the door. Overall, when I spoke to the employees everyone was super nice, but from an outsiders perspective it seemed like the business was super unorganized and left me feeling VERY nervous to leave my dog there. I would love to give the business another try in a few months, in hopes that these kinks are sorted out.

McKenzieandjerzie Jensen

2 years ago

We love coming into the dog society! My dogs get so excited when arriving and love all the Dog Society family.

Mike Russell (Sir Mike)

2 years ago

Per Bella Sue, I was led to believe, by happy her demeanor and doggy smiles; when I arrived to give her a ride home from her orientation for pre-boarding reservation this weekend, she was pleased and is ready to be pampered, to socialize, while Daddy goes to see the Dallas Cowboys play. Per Bella, she hopes that I have a good time also. Mike (Bella Sue’s Daddy)

Ruth Fiore

2 years ago

We have brought our dog here several times and each time there seemed to be an issue such as finding fleas on our dog after his daycare or the horrible parking here but I ignored most of these red flags. Last week, we attempted to schedule our dog a grooming session and was rescheduled multiple times due to the groomer being backed up. Eventually we dropped him off before his grooming session. We called an hour after his scheduled grooming time to see if he was ready to be picked up only to hear that they had not even started on him yet and it wouldn’t be until two more hours until he was done and they would call us 30 minutes before he was done to come pick him up. We never received a call and I just ended up showing up after three hours to see that my dog was already groomed and outside in the play area. This is all very frustrating but I understand that things can be busy and get delayed. However, our dog the following day seemed very ill. He was lethargic, had no appetite, and seemed very unlike himself. The next day this continued and he was very uncomfortable and in pain when we touched his skin or picked him up. We noticed he also developed red bumps all over his skin. After bringing him to the vet we were told he has suffered from a bacteria infection as a result of his grooming (post-grooming furunculosis). I understand that the groomer was very behind but it is not acceptable to not take the necessary cleaning precautions to keep the dogs safe. It has been several days since our grooming and our dog is still in pain and this has never happened to our dog at any other groomer. We will not be returning for any other services offered here. Please research post grooming furunculosis before deciding to bring your dog here for grooming or for any other services.

Shannon Gearing

2 years ago

Our dogs love coming here for daycare and boarding! Will continue to keep recommending the Dog Society to others.

Ty Tichonchuk

2 years ago

Tiffany has been a godsend with getting my Frenchie to be a better citizen. He's so good in public now because he spends time with a pack and doesn't care about other dogs being nearby when we are out and about - a huge difference from how he was before going to The Dog Society. While the cost can be an issue, we find that the expense is worth it for our dog to be cared for, trained and socialized when we are at work. Overnight boarding is also a very nice perk when we are out late/overnight. I have already recommended this place to many friends. Love it!

Connie Sandoval

2 years ago

the staff is truly so incredibly kind and helpful. There’s so much room for the pups to play and I love that they can choose to be inside or outside. I love their cute boarding rooms and how much effort they put into the pups throughout the day.

taylor ayres

2 years ago

They're the best!!! Highly recommend!!!

Amanda Orton

2 years ago

This place is awesome! My pup had a blast and I felt comfortable leaving him there for day care as well as an overnight stay! The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel like I was leaving my pup in good hands! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for boarding or just a few hours of daycare!

Davey G

2 years ago

Great place I love it and my dogs love it.

John Pfeifer

2 years ago

Very nice facility with super friendly staff and great place for dogs and soon their caretakers with coffee, beer and games. Took the tour and was very impressed with the selection of local beers that will be on tap and just the size inside and out. Great place.

Jose Luis Lopez-Wheeler

2 years ago

Great service. Happy dog. Nuff said.


2 years ago

I have an extremely playful little pit bull puppy and they do an amazing job with him. He loves playing with other dogs and can be a little rambunctious at times. They are extremely great with him so much so that he is visibly excited in the car before even getting out. He loves going and playing with his friends and he comes back ready for bed. I even love their boarding services you can tell all of their employees have a true love for animals. Their report card service is awesome because they send pics while your out of town for peace of mind. If you’re looking for. Great doggy day care while your busy I highly recommend the dog society so you can trust your dog is safe and enjoy yourself while you take care of business.


2 years ago

Absolutely the best! Will be using this place exclusively, and will send traffic their way! Im in Love with their prices and their vision. My dog loves his Mohawk, and ever since he got it done in Blue, he actually thinks he’s a punk. At least he acts like it lol. Such a sweet touch from their great staff. Shout out to Jennifer! Not only is she great with people; she did more than an amazing job with my boy Riggs.

Laisha chavez

2 years ago

This place is beyond amazing! The staff is super kind and sweet. I took Nova to get groomed by Jennifer and she did such an amazing job! Wow 10/10 recommend!

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