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Monserrat Cruz

2 years ago

We decided to enroll our Dutch Shepard puppy Bambino for the 3 week obedience and puppy training Sam our trainer did an amazing job keeping us update on his progress answered any type of question or concerns we had.Bambino is doing so much better as well us we are too keeping us focus and working with him everyday i highly recommend this place if you need help with our fury friends thumbs up ???? thank you Samantha cant wait for the group clases

Reena Gupta

2 years ago

We have a beautiful 88 lbs Berner whom we left at Snug for a month for training. He is a very playful dog and gets easily excited outdoors when walking, around people and other dogs. Being a big dog, it was difficult to control his excitement and make him listen to commands. Samantha, his trainer at Snug did an exceptional job on him! She trained him to heel and walk, listen to commands without distractions. All this, while giving him lots of attention and love…he absolutely loves Samantha and we are so appreciative of how she has transformed our dog. He hasn’t lost his personality, still very playful but at the same time follows commands when he has to! Thank you Samantha!!

Rupinder Rai

2 years ago

The training program is amazing! My dog Deku was trained here and his trainer Michaela Gaskins is wonderful! She was accommodating and patient with me and my dog. My dog is very stubborn and difficult to work with, even though he's a tiny toy poodle that acts well-behaved in public. Eventually after hard work and a bag of tricks, we found something that works for him. I will miss being able to board Deku and get refresher training with her since we are moving.

Khalil Kanbar

2 years ago

Left my Samoyed puppy here for a 3 week training. She's doing a lot better with sits, downs, and stays. Additionally, it came with follow-up classes which we really needed since I kept dropping the ball at in-home training making her regress. My trainer, Michaela, was also very patient with me and Lily and even offered to keep her an additional week because she wasn't understanding "come". She also took a few emails outside of the training program for small questions I had. Can't wait for group classes to open up.

Morgan McMahon

2 years ago

My husband and I highly recommend Snug and Sam for training! We decided to enroll our rescue puppy Nala in the 3 week bootcamp for puppy training and obedience. We were nervous about having her away for so long but Sam was so amazing to work with and sent us weekly photos and updates. When we got Nala back we were amazed with how well behaved she was! The follow-up lessons were great and Sam helped us make a lot of progress with our puppy's training. She is now great on a leash and even has most of her off-leash commands down. We’re looking forward to continuing her training with the group classes. Thank you Samantha and Snug for such a wonderful experience!

Caitlin Coatu

2 years ago

My dog Lando did Bootcamp with Sam and she took great care of him. We were worried it would change his demeanor but he came back as sweet as ever. Sam was also patient with ‘training’ my husband and I to continue the routines at home. We’re now starting the group lessons that come with the package and finding a lot of value in it.

Karlee Van Norman

2 years ago

Megan was our trainer at Sung Pet Resort. She took on my 2 great danes. One attended for basic puppy training and obedience (3 week boarding program) and the other required behavior correction (4 week boarding program). She was amazing in every way. She was easy to reach, provided updates to us daily and they came home with the results I prayed for. The follow up lessons were great, and she listened to our concerns and really made progress with the dogs. I never thought I would feel so at ease with someone else watching my pets for that amount of time, but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

Katherine Nesbit

2 years ago

We decided to enroll our puppy in the training boot camp which was a three-week program. Our dog did not have any significant behavioral problems leading into this, we simply wanted him to have strong foundations to reinforce his good behaviors, as well as have more kinds of socialization experiences. While it was devastating to not have our pup with us for that time, we were so relieved when we were able to meet his trainer, Sam. Sam has been an absolute joy to work with, and our dog, Iver, really enjoyed how much she and the other staff at Snug/Absolute K9 doted over him. Sam has been accommodating and flexible in working around our schedules for our 1-on-1 follow up sessions after boot camp, and even helped us coordinate getting a spot into a group class to continue to work on the skills our pup learned while training with her. She always took the time to listen to our questions and help us come up with strategies to improve training. Sam also was so understanding and helpful in teaching us how to be better trainers for our dog, specifically with how to best correct him when he makes mistakes. We routinely get compliments on how well-behaved our pup is, and the training camp really helped to build his confidence. He has great leash manners now, and "heels" like a pro. He listens very well and also regulates himself to be able to settle down quickly after play-time or moments of energy and excitement. He also is making improvements with his alerting behavior (he barks when he hears neighbors coming or going). Overall, the work that Sam did with our pup has been a wonderful foundation and we are so grateful to her and the Snug/Absolute K9 staff for taking such good care of our boy!

Marek Rebandel

2 years ago

We adopted a 1 year old German Shepard and almost lost hope entirely. She was afraid of people, dogs and would bark at everything. She would play bite our feet all day long (which hurt as she's a giant shepherd) and thought she owned the house without listening to any of us. We took a shot with snug pets three week training program and my god this place did wonders on her. We did ALL the research read ALL the reviews like I'm sure you are doing now and had our hesitancies. When we picked her up, we were genuinely afraid she would be in bad condition and see no difference. She now knows how to walk without pulling and roaming everywhere, sits on command, doesn't bark at other dogs and can walk by other people/dogs without peeing instantly! The only thing we hate using is the prong collar to control her. Whenever we try to "correct" an action, I HATE pulling on the leash but it's the absolute only way we've seen her behave on walks. At home we have her on a normal collar and she does just fine but whenever she starts to slightly act up, the prong collar goes back on. I'm just happy we don't have to give her up and can keep her happy in our home. I would recommend asking Michael as the trainer but he just informed us he's leaving :( Regardless, I tip my hat to Snug Pets for taking care of our pup and helping us out.

Dustin Klifman

2 years ago

Best place to board your dogs come check em out

Stina Urban

2 years ago

Brought my dog Sophie in for a 3 week training program in March. All I know is I sent in a happy healthy girl and now she's gone. When I got her back she was sad, didn't have much energy and wasn't eating. I heard nothing about her health when she was there and trainer chalked it up to stress. All I can say is that if I wouldn't have sent her there that we would probably still be together. The physical and emotional pain she endured there took time off her life and took her from me too early. I completely regret sending my Sophie there.


2 years ago

Still to upset to say much. Horrible experience. Horrible care of my dog...and they said that's normal care in a boarding place. Bleeding teeth and gums on a young dog. Normal care? Bad bad bad communication after dropping my dog off broke my heart. If you're dog is a part of your family don't leave him here EVER!!...and they accomplished nothing that I hoped

Jesse Belvin

3 years ago

Meagan (spelling) was an absolute rockstar. When I brought in Ollie, he was by far one of the craziest dogs I’ve ever owned. After the stay and our individual lessons, he’s by far the most trained dog I’ve ever owned. She’s legit a dog whisperer and we couldn’t be more pleased with our overall experience. Will highly recommend.

David A Martinez

3 years ago

Great location to leave your family member in good hands. They earned my trust and made it so easy!

Dillon James

3 years ago

Exceptional service!! Both my dogs come here and have received services like dental cleanings vaccinations, and boarding. They always come home happy and I’ve never had a bad experience..

Lia DiRico

3 years ago

I only gave Snug 2/5 stars because of the facility and how great the area for doggy daycare is - otherwise, I would not recommend going here. We've tried daycare here twice and my dog loves the daycare turf area however the vet experience was sub par. They told me over the phone they had openings right away so that made me believe they weren't busy, I came to drop off my dog around 11:30am and they said go home and wait for a call. Well, around 2:30pm I'm thinking "why haven't they called yet?" I finally get a call shortly after around 3:00pm. It's the doctor and he's saying how he wants to order every test under the sun AND give my dog 4 different meds because his medical issue isn't obvious upon examination. I understand that dogs cannot just tell you what's wrong with them so ordering the tests made sense to me, but what didn't make sense is why it took them 3.5 hours to determine that they can't find anything wrong with him. No call for updates at all. The doctor said I'd be receiving a call back with quotes and we can choose any amount from the list of stuff he wanted to do, this call back didn't even occur until almost 4:00. What was going on the whole time? Were they actually busy and didn't give me a heads up or did they completely forget about my dog? Overall bad vibes with the vet experience especially when I was given attitude over the phone about just wanting to pay for the meds and omitting any tests because at this point I just wanted to take my dog home. The second time we came for daycare I got bad vibes again when the woman collecting the dogs at the door refused to put the slip lead on my dog to take him in. He was visibly stressed out because of the vet experience the week prior, and just needed some comfort from the staff which was very obviously not given, in fact my friend standing there confirmed the attitude she was giving me as well. Other dogs were waiting to be dropped off for daycare while she let me struggle to get my dog inside. As soon as any staff member gets indie the door they take their mask off, too, so clearly so serious COVID protocols being taken here either. I was impressed with his first day of daycare at Snug but after the lack of compassion I felt from the staff on the second and third visit told me I shouldn't go back.

Mercedes Allen

3 years ago

Just took our new puppy to Snug for his check up and shots. Great great great as usual.

Robert Arellano

3 years ago

We paid for the 21 day training for both dogs and it was well worth the money. It was like night and day when we received our dogs from the training. Our trainer nickt was extremely helpful and did a fantastic job! He also updated us about how our dogs were doing which was also fantastic! Definitely recommend training your dogs at this establishment because they really put effort into training your dogs! And they really take good care of them as well! Once again definitely recommend and nickt if you’re reading this you’re the man!


3 years ago

My dog loves this place!

Karen Buroff

4 years ago

We brought our naughty (but insanely sweet and cute) beagle Gracie to Snug for Puppy Boot Camp. After our no fee consultation the owner and head trainer, Mike indicated he felt the three week package was the best. There was no pressure to upsell to a higher package and the consult was very informative. We were well prepared on what to expect when we dropped Gracie off the following week. Within a day we receieve a phone call from our trainer, Mason. Mason is amazing. He was so patient with this crazy Puppy Mom (me). He made himself readily available for questions via several modalities. Additionally, weekly updates were sent with pictures! During her stay, Gracie got a cold. We were immediately notified by the owner and contacted by the in house veterinarian. I was never worried because it was clear Gracie was being well cared for. Since "Graduation" Gracie, her Daddy and I go to weekly class with Mason. He has been such a help in trouble shooting challenges we are facing. Gracie went into boot camp a super high energy, destructive, little girl whom never listened and would get aggressive when she didn't get her way. Presently, she is more calm, can heel, sit, lay down. With Masons help we are become the "alphas" of the house instead of her running the show. We are so so very happy. I would strongly recommend Snug Pet Resort.

Stephanie Hopf

4 years ago

Amazing staff every visit. I can't say enough about the training staff and how willing they are to help you attain your best life with your pups!

Mark Elkin

4 years ago

Very professional. For me, very convenient too.

Rebekah Berdecia

4 years ago

My princess loved her stay there.

Laurena Heredia

4 years ago

After searching for a good board and train for our wild puppy, my husband and I was referred to Snug Pet Resort by other fellow military family. My husband called and spoke to Mike and set up and initial consultation for us. The day of the consultation my children, our puppy and I arrived to such a nice, clean facility! The outside of the facility was clean and well taken care of. As we walked in we were welcomed by the front desk receptionists who were really sweet and even helped me with my excited pup while we wait for our consultation. We met with the Trainer Mason! Mason was extremely professional, and passionate in what he does. He took us back and we talked about what my husband and I would like our pup to learn etc and he broke down all the programs and we figured out what was the best fit for our pup max. Pricing was affordable and and they offer payment plans if needed. I felt really confident that my pup will be in good hands with Mason here at Snug Pet Resort. Everything looked good and we booked Max for the 3 week board and train with Mason. Mason is an amazing Trainer. Max loved him and he worked really well with him. He is really honest and thorough when it comes to updates. Which my husband and I respected bc we wanted Honest updates when it came to our pup to ensure he got the best training. And he did! We picked up max and he was a whole new pup! Mason worked really hard on our pup and I appreciate it! We were given detailed and specific instructions by the trainer to ensure the process of transition back to our house was smooth as possible and that we will continue to have the best pup Before our pup would not sit on command. I had to repeatedly tell him to sit. On leash he was psycho. He would pull, jump, try to eat his leash, run in front of the stroller, stop completely and was just overall crazy. the fact that I was able to walk my 4 month old puppy and he actually sat on the first command was HUGE. He still needs lots of training as he is still just a big Ol puppy. But proud of my crazy little pup. He will continue training every couple weeks at the resort. Excited for him to learn more and be the best pup he can be. * also they took an adorable Christmas picture bc he was there over the holiday!"

Janine Emerson

4 years ago

Excellent trainers and our Lab/pitbull anxious rescue boy always goes in with his tail wagging.

Felicia Mannion

4 years ago

They have done an amazing job with my dog. I highly recommend David. He is a wonderful dog trainer. He is so patient yet firm. I can learn much from him. Thank you Snug Pet Resort!

cassidy Petruccelli

4 years ago

If I could give it less than one star I would. I’ve never left a review before, but I’m so frustrated I’m not sure what else to do. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG HERE. We put our 6 month old husky through the 3 week training boot camp. He also went a week early to get nurtured. They were horrible about communication the whole time. They claim to send you an email each week, but it’s obviously copy and pasted. They even sent me the same email twice with a different dogs name in it. Our puppy got sick while he was there and they tried to add hundreds more onto the already outrageous price, however I fought it due to him falling ill there. They also switched trainers unexpectedly without asking us which I did not like at all. We followed all the rules and even went to additional training sessions and introduced a shock collar, and to say the least our dog is still horribly behaved. They commands the “taught” him are so basic and should not reflect a 3 week boot camp. He still destroys everything in the house. We are currently going about disputing our contract.

Brian Tasto

4 years ago

Been taking my dog Rocco to snug since he was a puppy. He needed a little surgery and the vet team was awesome. Thanks again

Robert Anthony Lasala

4 years ago

Place is professionally laid out and very accommodating. Knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand. Clean and well maintained facility.


4 years ago

Snug Pet Resort is worth every penny. Six months ago, I adopted a rescue. Initially, we were told that he was going to put to sleep because he was too aggressive. We just thought he needed some love, and adopted him anyways. Over two months, our dog bit up furniture, pulled on his leash all the time, barked at distractions, jumped on people, and would be super mouthy playing with us or other dogs. Once he got kicked out of day care, we knew we needed to go to Snug to get some help. Snug also doubles as a vet and grooming facility. It made me feel so much more comfortable knowing that our dog would have everything he needed if anything went wrong while we were away. Our dog went through the 4 week training. Mason, his trainer, was great and sent us emails and pictures with updates. When we got our dog back, he knew all his commands, responded to his name, stopped pulling on his leash, and was never the first to bark at others or dogs in our complex. It was like having a completely new dog. The trainings with Mason, us, and our dog after the 4 week trainings were perfect. Mason gave us explicit directions on how to best deal with different situations, and was even on call for any of our immediate questions. These trainings were the perfect “tune up” for our dog to remember how to act. Plus, our dog really seems to love the staff. We still want to attend group trainings at Snug so our dog can be around more dogs, but Snug has honestly taken the weight off my shoulders. I felt so trapped thinking that I had to stay home with my dog because he was too aggressive in public, and now we can take him to restaurants and breweries without much trouble. Yes, it’s expensive. But you get what you pay for. Great facility, amazing staff, great communication, and just an overall amazing support system for your dog. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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