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Judith Barragan

2 years ago

Good place to hang out with the bunnies

Cassie Elizabeth

2 years ago

I always take my bun here for boarding since I travel quite a bit. The services they offer are amazing.. I can always make sure he gets the exact same feeding schedule he gets at home, and they have tons of toys I can just buy online and they will bring it right to him while he is there :) Bunny room service <3 I always get him groomed there as well and he comes home so happy and primped. Can't say enough good things about them :)

Danila Valentine

2 years ago

I board my bunny and have him groomed here, knowledgeable and super friendly staff make it easy to rest assured that my fur baby is in good hands while I travel

Funny Shorts

2 years ago

Is there a age limit If there is can you be there with parents

Deanna Driscoll

2 years ago

I've been a bunny owner for over 15 years and this place is the very best! We have boarded our bunnies there before and I knew they were absolutely cared for, loved, and in a very safe and clean environment. You need somebody to help you with your bunnies please go here! What a beautiful organization it is.

Jessie C

2 years ago

Great community of people and resources for anyone who has a rabbit!

Deniz Turkmen

2 years ago

Our go-to place for bunny supplies (hay and bedding mostly), and also for bunny housing when we take a trip somewhere. Make sure to plan advance. Rooms can get full, and for shopping most orders are fulfilled the next day. Simply pull the car to the back to pick up your order. Prices are very reasonable.

Cierra Johnson

2 years ago

Go here for great bunny supplies and great prices. Who knows you might even adopt another furry friend once you see them in there!

Ahmad Waris

2 years ago

i haven't been there but sounds like good place

Erin S

3 years ago

If I could give them 0 starts I would. DO NOT SUPPORT SDHRS! I am APPALLED by the unprofessional and rude nature of all of the management at sdhrs. I was looking for a second rabbit to adopt in hopes of bonding them with my current rabbit. The counselor and management I interacted with was rude and condescending in every step of the process to try and adopt. Overall I was denied because I would be moving next August and that they wanted to protect their rabbit from a harsh adjustment such as that. They choose to gatekeeper their rabbit rather than having them go to a good home. I will never be donation for attending bunny fest eve again and I will be encouraging others to do the same.

Cute Mediterraneanguy

3 years ago

Good customer service on the phone.

A Wandering Knight

3 years ago

There are rabbits everywhere!!! If you are a rabbit lover this is the place to go. This is also a perfect place to go for your no children who want these types of animals they are very open for children who are in it and able to have animals but in the Rabbit House Society you are now able to pet rabbits if they allow you to and get hay and get know it's a basic house rescue thing that's not bad and is very effective at making children very happy

Julio Varela

3 years ago

I was promised a rabbit if I bought everything they asked but because I didn’t buy from their store they got mad and now have refused the adoption. I have bought everything they asked and would refuse to give me a pickup date and when I stood up for myself they said that they’re uncomfortable allowing the adoption.

Marla Esteban

3 years ago

We had a house bunny dumped or let go in our neighborhood -- my daughter and our neighbors tried for weeks to catch her, but weren't finding any success. Kathleen from the San Diego House Rabbit society jumped to action! She was relentless, and caught was is now the sweetest new member of our family. Never thought I'd want a bunny, but I guess Bingley was meant to join our family. Many thanks out to Kathleen and her passion for saving what are often the most neglected and relinquished pets.

Martha Rodriguez

3 years ago

I wish they would have updated their hours. Drove up there and they are closed even though Google said they where open. Also the store is online only. I should have called first. Check the hours and call first.

Mary Smith

3 years ago

They have everything your rabbit needs and more and are undoubtedly very caring & devoted to rabbits. However, they also have an air of interrogation, & negative judgment if you don't follow their recommendations on how to care for your rabbit to the letter. I do not care for the director. To boot, we boarded our rabbits there over a holiday and one of our rabbits came back with an injured nose. I know they mean well, but I won't be back bc I don't want to walk away feeling judged or shamed bc I didn't do this or that. How does that better serve the rabbit owning community of San Diego?

ThuyVan Ngo

3 years ago

This place has everything you need rabbit related. Too bad we can’t go inside anymore to look at adoptable rabbits. They now have an online system to buy hay, pellets, etc so that’s pretty convenient. Just need to drive to the back to pick them up


3 years ago

This is a wonderful place to adopt a bunny. The staff is very knowledgeable on bunnies and takes care of them very well. I signed up as a volunteer and now want to adopt a bunny of my own!

Michele W

4 years ago

Great organization, I adopted my bun from here

Dennis Chambers

4 years ago

Staff is so nice and great environment

Andrea Werner

4 years ago

This place is great! Very helpful for new bunny owners, like us! They make sure you are informed before adopting and they truly care about the rabbits. ????????????????

Forgotten Toaster Waffle

4 years ago

This is a fantastic organization. They take in and at-home bunnies, educate bunny mothers-to-be, and carry a full line of bunny care products. Of particular interest are their boxes of hay, which are higher quality and dramatically less e pensive than anything you will find in a pet store, and their high end pellets, which are better priced than elsewhere. On weekends they have bunny meet and mingle events, so your rabbit can socialize. This is a nonprofit organization of volunteers, they could use your support.

Diana Galvez

4 years ago

This place is amazing a one-stop-shop to all your bunny needs ????????

Janell S

4 years ago

Disappointed. Years ago, I adopted a rabbit here. I desperately wanted one so I put up with the rudeness. Laughing, mocking, calling me names "stupid" "idiot". I did the paperwork, got approved, purchased hundreds of stuff and was on my way. I came back to leave my rabbit during the day and when I got him back he was really distraught. I took him a second time to only stay for a few hours, when I picked him up he didn't have water, was on the bare floor even though I brought a blanket (he doesn't like the floor), and a woman was holding some kind if dropper that I believe was medicine in front of him. She said she "may" have given him some but that hed be fine, wouldn't say what it was. I should have asked more questions but my goal at this place is not to be called names or made fun of. They lost the bowls and blanket I brought, not a big deal. Never again. I LOVE my rabbit, I can't leave him somewhere he's unhappy. Now, if I have to leave him I drive an hour to Helen's. There are closer and cheaper locations, but I'm not willing to risk any more harm or discomfort for him and this place is flawless, he comes back happy. A neighbor use to volunteer here and I heard more unpleasant things regarding what happens behind the scenes. Should be ashamed. Finally, after hearing there was new leadership a few years ago, I thought I could come back to get another rabbit this year. New volunteer, same rudeness. To be fair, I wasn't called any names this time. But I'm too old and tired to deal with the rudeness, so I left and I won't be back. It has to be something in the leadership, still. I've volunteered for over 50 organizations in SD and I've never encountered rudeness like this. There are plenty of shelters and rescues that have rabbits that need good homes. Plenty of places that watch your rabbit and will be kind to them. Don't let people treat you or your pets like garbage.

Justin McLemore

4 years ago

Today (March 9, 2019) this place refused to let a disabled person adopt rabbits. They had done all the paperwork, went to the class, and just needed a signature. At this point they now refused to sign and said they can't have them because they are somehow business and they needed a "forever home". They live in a normal residential home that has staff come over and take care of them. It is a home, not a business. Some of them have lived there for over a decade. It seems like they felt since they have a handicap, they don't deserve the companionship of a rabbit. Then to top it off, they then stood there with there arms crossed looking at them, waiting for then to leave. This is unacceptable, and also completely ruined their day. Why does this place feel that handicap people don't deserve a rabbit? I don't want to have to find a rabbit mill rabbit, but they aren't leaving me much choice.


4 years ago

One of the best rescues, very well run definitely all about the bunnies

Alyssa Burkett

4 years ago

I haven’t gotten a bunny from this place yet but I have been really wanting one for a while. I went here to work and the bunnies are so nice. They feed them lettuce, hay, and have a lot of toys and cardboard structures for their rabbits. I wanted to know if this is a good place to get rabbits. There are two I want but I switch houses between my mom and dad. I’m getting it with my dad bc back and forth would probably overwhelm the rabbit(s). There are two I want: mochi and I think the other ones name is teddy but it is brown color and he is not shy AT ALL. He came up to me (in his cage) like he was begging me to pet him. Are these potty trained, spayed, and or neutered?? Please let me know and if this is a good place to adopt rabbits. Btw the staff are very nice. The disabled rabbit is also very nice and well-taken care of. Thank you!

Jen Valsler

5 years ago

I went here after deciding that I wanted another house bunny. I had my heart set on a Lop ( I had a Lop for many years as a teenager) and saw on their webpage that they had a few. The facility itself is very nice and all the bunnies were very healthy and had clean cages. We made a loop around the bunnies up for adoption and a lady approached us ( I believe it was the president of the organization by her name badge). I told her we came there after a thorough search online of only breeders charging $200 a bunny. Since we wanted a pet bunny, not a show bunny, that seemed a bit of a steep price. She proceeded to tell us we were "in the wrong place". I was very taken aback by that comment and honestly embarrassed as here I was trying to do the right thing and adopt a bunny in need and this lady tells me I'm in the wrong place like I'm some horrible person and incapable of caring for a bunny . Then she proceeded to tell me how I was wrong on everything I said and that if I'm looking for a certain breed im in the wrong place, and that it's "easy" to find pet bunnies. The whole conversation was very discouraging and I can't imagine how anyone would adopt after being treated that way. One of those bunnies would have gone to a loving home but after how I was treated I'd be too embarrassed to go back. I'm not sure if she just made a judgement because my 2 year old was with me, or she thought I looked like a bad person. But I went there feeling happy and ready to give a bunny a happy home to deciding maybe it's not meant to be. Hopefully no one else has that horrible experience!

Hing Hom

5 years ago

The rabbit food are cheaper than any other pets store.

Kai Olive

5 years ago

Really neat organization, you can go to buy supplies for your rabbits or just go and hang out with rescue rabbits. They will also hold and take care of your rabbits if you are going out of town for a $25 a day.

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