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Lance Stratton

2 years ago

These guys are great ????. Friendly, never dirty or smelly. The really seem to love our dog.

Justin Umog

2 years ago

Best place to bring your dogs! They take very good care of your furry family member and the staff is very kind and friendly

Sam Mount

2 years ago

I’ve been bringing my German Shepherd here for day care and grooming for almost a year and I have been absolutely thrilled by the level of service and care they have provided! Highly recommend!


2 years ago

Great place for nail trims for dogs. They use a rotary tool to trim the nails MUCH shorter than the vet and they charge $14 per dog. And they accommodate all three of our dogs at one appointment. Also great staff. Can’t speak to their daycare or boarding services, but they always seem full and lots of outdoor space for the dogs to roam and you can remotely watch your dog on their cameras.

Subhash Seshadri

2 years ago

Excellent staff, very patient and friendly with the pets and top notch service.

katherine matthews

2 years ago

Love this place. Great staff. Always smells clean. Happy dogs barking! My pups crash the entire night after a day playing here!

Barbara Varga

2 years ago

My dog loves it there. The staff is amazing.

Shal Bee

2 years ago

We like this dog care shop. The dogs seem happy overall when we pick them up to come home. I wish it was not as pricey as it is. I would use it more often.

Little Miss Mac

2 years ago

I'm a relatively new dog owner and I'm really protective of my puppy - Paw Commons was an absolute blessing to discover. Their staff are very professional, CLEARLY love animals, and were so helpful! I have a short haired little Cheagle - and they made her fur sooo soft - she came out like a new dog. I'm going to send her in for the doggie daycare once a week I think - they really are pretty superb!! I don't like naming employees in reviews but the groomer and the girl who set everything up are true credits to the company. Highly Recommend this place.

Jill Regan

2 years ago

EMPTOR CAVEAT Paw Commons now includes language in their terms of service agreements which they say this to protect from slander. What they really mean is negative Yelp reviews. I'm empathetic to people being cruel on yelp but their policy is over the top. PLEASE READ The agreement states they have zero tolerence for "false comments" and retain the rights to go after you for those comments. This is an attempt through a contract to provide a for a penalty to you outside the civil code structure of libel and slander. You say or write something they don’t like and they sue you for $10,000, which you have agreed to in their TOS. When I asked for an example of slander (which by the way is verbal not written) I was told this, "An example of this could be… “their facility is not clean. My dog came down with kennel cough during her stay, would not recommend and won't be bringing my dog back”." That isn't libel unfortunately, despite it being negative and an unfortunate reality (kennel cough is common) in dog parks and daycare, if it happened it is factual. There are no limits stated as to type of comment. It can be internet, verbal, written letter, etc. They could allege they overheard you making a verbal comment to another patron. “…we reserve the first right to correct…”  No idea how that works. If they deny your allegation what next? There is no mechanism to resolve this. Effectively you retain no right to criticize them. The penalty is meant to be scary. And it is, businesses trying to bully people into positive only reviews is not ok. Be careful what you sign!

Cory DeSpain

3 years ago

I boarded my 3 year old dog from Aug 6th to Aug 11th as I was going to be gone for a wedding. The staff seemed very nice and the dogs seemed to be friendly. This being my first time boarding I was very nervous but the staff made me feel comfortable. I purchased the premium pass so my dog could play all day and would hopefully not be as depressed. I checked the camera several times and didn’t see him on the cameras very often at all, sometimes not for a couple days (if the cameras were actually working). When I came to pick him up he was very lethargic and had a slight limp. When at home he was whimpering and could hardly stay awake. I contacted a family members who is a vet tech and was advised it’s probably just anxiety and he should be fine in the morning. The next day my dog couldn’t put any pressure on his paw and it was swollen and red. I contacted Paw Commons and was told “nothing happened” etc. I took him to the vet and sure enough, his toe had been hurt to the point the swelling was so bad they didn’t want to bandage it. The vet did advise that it was not a bee sting nor bite as no puncture wound could found. He also lost 3 pounds in the few days he was there. So not only did I pay $500 to have him boarded but I had to spend several hundred dollars on vet bills. I called back asking if they would cover at least the vet bills (I purchased the insurance they offer) and was met with a unpleasant manager Seth who told me to “just file a claim”. I caution people taking their dogs here especially if you are going to board them for a while. Response to Pet Commons Reply: 1. My dogs name is Blade not Blaze. 2. I was traveling from work so I couldn’t not reply for a couple days not weeks. 3. Anyone can just check a box on a card and said something was done. Your stories kept changing saying he was super playful etc until I called about his injury and the story changes to he was shy and didn’t play much and no one could understand how he got hurt cause how shy he was. This also contradicts the card filled out. 4. When I did pick him up a larger young tan man mentioned he didn’t have dinner the night before and that he might be hungry which makes me think he might not have been fed every time like the cards check mark states. 5. When I asked to be reimbursed for some of the vet bills it was agreed to only if I remove any reviews I have left that are negative/fact. (This actually violates google policy). 6. Once I changed my status to let people know about this quid pro quo way you do business I received an email saying you will now not pay anything. (Kinda shady) 7. It’s hard to be camera shy when they hardly worked. And having bought the all day platinum package I’m sure I should have seen him a lot more than hardly ever. Then again your cameras seem to hardly work. 8. The sad thing about all of this is I simply wanted to know what happened so I could let the vet know so Blade could get proper treatment. Instead I got a run around and the lack of accountability is amazing. I hope none of your other customers have to go through this.

Kimi Sueda

3 years ago

My dog has had a lot of fun here the past few times I’ve brought her to daycare. Although there are a lot of dogs in the play area, it has been very controlled by the staff whenever I’ve checked in on how she’s doing on the webcam broadcast.

Azi Batiari

3 years ago

Our dog’s favorite hang-out place. He just can’t wait to get in. We usually buy 10 voucher booklets but still appreciate the special deals they offer. Their web cam allows you to check your dog during his/her stay. Super friendly, professional, and helpful staff.

Danielle Canedo

3 years ago

My boy loves to go and play with his friends.

Derek Cram

3 years ago

Paw Commons is awesome. I have a very energetic, 10 month old puppy who can hardly contain his excitement when being dropped off for day care. It seems as though every employee knows him by name. The rates are as affordable as an hour with a dog walker. And the best part is that he gets much more exercise and always comes home tired. :)

Eddy Acheson

3 years ago

I am very pleased with the staff at Paw Commons. Seth is amazing with my dog. All the staff is trained to know your dogs name, I love that! I had recently been put on warning at another daycare for my puppy jumping fences at there establishment: Paw Commons experienced this behavior, and realized it was because my dog simply wanted to be with his special staff member Seth. They took action and corrected the behavior.

Grace J

3 years ago

Paw Commons is one of the cleanest, most accommodating & professional doggie daycares. Sam, our Lab puppy, practically jumps for joy when getting dropped off & comes home tired and happy. Their overnight boarding is top tier, and we never have to worry about Sam being in a small area or playing unsupervised (especially thanks to their live Webcam feeds which we check frequently since it’s always so hard to leave her!) We’re so grateful for this staff that cares so much about our baby dog’s health, happiness & overall well-being!

Kim Bush

3 years ago

I’ve never felt so calm and comfortable! The staff is happy, kind and attentive! The camera works great and it’s always fun to watch my 9mn old pup playing, happy and worn out at the end of the day! Highly recommend

Kozue Yoshioka

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog, Stan lee, for a couple of years and he loves this daycare! They all remember him despite not taking him regularly which makes me so happy. He is all smiles when he walks in!

Ashley Watts

3 years ago

Changing my score from a 5 to a 1. We have been a customer of Paw Commons since getting our golden over a year ago. Although their prices are high, their service did meet the expectations - until this morning. After scheduling our appointment 2 weeks out, my husband walked into the salon for our appointment just to be told that they need to reschedule. We did receive a phone call from Paw Commons... but it was just as he was walking in the door they were calling ME to cancel. It's ALL about the customer experience! And today, Paw Commons failed us with a 1 star rating. The inconvenience that this raised for my husband is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. There are too many groomers in San Diego to let a simple 30 second miss on Paw Common's end not be unnoticed.

Arlon Jay Staggs

3 years ago

The best doggy daycare in SD, hands down!

Andrew Fishell

3 years ago

I am so grateful to have Paw Commons in the neighborhood. I trust them fully, and the facility is clean and comfortable. The best part is by far the people - you can tell that everyone genuinely loves dogs and will make sure your pup feels right at home!

AJ Carino

3 years ago

Very comfortable bringing my dogs here. Staff is awesome too!

Leslie Johnson

3 years ago

I love Paw Commons! My pup Scooby goes to doggy daycare a couple times a week while I’m at work. He loves playing with his friends and practically sprints to the door when I drop him off in the mornings. The staff is so friendly and they genuinely love dogs so I feel comfortable leaving my pup in their care. They also offer grooming services!! ????

Robert Crangle

3 years ago

I have been bringing my dog Pepper to Paw Commons in Hillcrest now for over 3 years and she loves it! All of the staff is absolutely wonderful, but I want to give a shout out to Seth. He always greets me with a smile and is just the nicest guy when we walk in. Pepper absolutely adores him and is always smiling, wagging her tail and hopping (she hops when she is excited). He is professional, patient and just an all around great guy. It gives me a great piece of mind knowing Pepper is in such great care when I drop her off. I recommend Paw Commons to anyone he needs a groomer, daycare, or overnight lodging.

Samantha Hardy

3 years ago

They are so sweet to the dogs. My dog Hailey loves it!

Taylor Leigh

3 years ago

My puppy went here for her first time getting groomed and she looked adorable. I have it four stars because she was really scared when I picked her up and every place we’ve been since she’s been happy leaving. It’s also pretty over priced but it is a nice establishment and the staff is nice.

William Lai

3 years ago

Great staff and pricing. Flexible times and open on the weekend

Yael Steinberg

3 years ago

My dog and I love paw commons in Hillcrest! I take my pup to daycare a few times a week. As soon as we go through the front door my pup gets excited to go play. The staff is friendly and takes great care of the dogs. They pay attention and always notify me if my pup was in a mood or had an especially fun day.

Karyn Sullivan

3 years ago

We absolutely love it at Paw Commons Hillcrest. My dog Wren has been going there for about a month now (with her best friend Maddie) and she LOVES it. As soon as she's out of the car she's dragging me to the door, she's so excited. She still ignores most dogs and prefers the humans ;) but its so nice to know I can go to work and my dog is well taken care of and having fun. Thank you so much! Highly recommend Paw Commons.

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