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sokyna mahdi

2 years ago

It took me forever to find a daycare that would take my baby and I called in and asked and they lady was so helpful in saying just bring him in and don't you worry about a thing. I have been taking him once a week from the beginning and couldn't have asked for better people to look after my boy Rover. He comes in tired and sleeps, and they never complain, so well trained in knowing everything about the dogs and have full control. Would recommend to anyone.

Shelby Fox

2 years ago

We recently switched over from a daycare we loved due to schedule changes. So far we are equally as happy with Furbaby! My puppy can be a handful but it doesn’t seem to be a problem, he comes home tired and happy and gets excited to go back. It is on the pricier side, but their facility, higher tech system and convenience of being open 24 hours reflect the price. Thanks Furbaby!

Kylie Gregg

2 years ago

Incredible! I called late at night frantic because I needed somewhere for my 7 month old pup to go while I was in the hospital. Their first question was if I needed someone to go and get him. No hesitation, just a great person ready to help however they could, even late at night. They assured me that they would keep him as long as I needed, and through out the stay they emailed me to let me know that he was having a great time. You can't pay enough for that kind of peace of mind. My pup loves to go there for daycare, and now I know he will be well taken care of no matter the situation. Great staff, great facility, always have a happy exhausted furbaby when we go! Thanks so much for all your hard work


2 years ago

Fantastic place, we have used the indoor dog park and have also left our girl for a day of playing with a visit to the groomer, I call it a spa day :)


2 years ago

Although our 2 dogs have been to other dog daycare facilities, this is the first time they did not want to play or interact. They were very stressed and thirsty when we got them back and the staff told us they just paced and stayed by themselves the whole time. We used this service for 2 days while visiting the city, but I doubt if we'll use it again.

Tiffany Poage

2 years ago

We love Furbaby and all the staff! Our puppy always come homes happy and tired. We also love Jazz l! She is so amazing with grooming, I absolutely dreaded bathing our puppy because he hates it (probably just when I do it. With Jazz he seems to be more relaxed, she provides us with updates and she does such a great job with him, fur, teeth, nails he looks and smells way better! Jazz is super down to earth and takes your requests seriously, I told her our puppy wasn’t feeling good one day, she made sure to take a little extra time with him, and he was like a whole new puppy when he came home. We highly recommend Furbaby! We know our puppy is well taken care of, loved and has a ton of fun!

Ly Sh

2 years ago

Amazing staff and facility. On the pricier side, but that's because it is an indoor facility. Prices have unfortunately gone up significantly since I first started going there, and on at least one Stat holiday they didn't inform me of a 50% surcharge at the time of booking...so it was a very unpleasant surprise when I went to pay after picking up my dog.

Jessica L

2 years ago

Our pup Oakley loves going to see Jazz, he lights up and runs to the door when we ask him if he wants to go see her. At every refresh, paw trim, nail trim, tidy appointments -Oakley is taken care of soo well. It is much more for us than just the above, it is how much he loves seeing her. She is so caring and takes the time she needs with your pet-gosh knows ours can be a handle full sometimes and he hates baths. She also texts to make sure what you wanted and if there is any questions. When he had a couple problem fur pieces -we just messaged her asking if she could check and she did. Every time Oakley comes home he is even more handsome and this is thanks to the love that Jazz gives him during his visit! He also trusts her and that alleviates a lot of the stress that it can bring. I would highly recommend Jazz for all your pups grooming needs -you won’t be sorry! She is the go to for sure!

Avery Haggerty

2 years ago

I would not leave my animals here if I was on my death bed. The worst customer service I have ever received in my life. DO NOT TAKE YOU ANIMALS HERE . Thank god I found another animal resort , DO NOT TAKE YOU ANIMALS HERE AT ALL. They can not even communicate with pet owners imagine how they treat your animals while in their care. HORRIBLE

tamara wilkie

2 years ago

Mr.Sulu is exhausted after a day at daycare :)

Michael Winsor

2 years ago

Workers are enthusiastic about dogs and it shows

Pam Downe

2 years ago

We absolutely love Furbaby Pet Care. Staff are so attentive to our two dogs. They can accommodate all our special requests. Everyone is well trained, professional, and really responsive. I trust them completely!

Dave Schrader

2 years ago

Used to LOVE going to Furbaby... Until my dog was bit 3 times there... 2 of the times my dog was required stitches and antibiotics which costed me well over $1,500 in vet bills, and more money trying to get her diet back to normal and antibiotics really mess with he stomach... The only time the owner seemed to care about it was when a dog attacked mine, I tried to split them up (no staff around) the and dog bit my hand. We were daily visitors and each time after a bite the owner never checked in to see how my dog was doing, only a couple of the staff members would check in (who are now no longer with Furbaby). The only thing the owner would offer is a free months membership for our time missed going there because of my dogs wounds needing to heal. The staff now, has some good workers but the owners son and a couple other spend their shifts looking at their phones and not really paying attention to the dogs. If you want your animal to be supervised and walk away from daycare scratch free, Furbaby is not the place for you... Now that their main trainer is gone, who seemed to care the most about the animals, I would NEVER return there. I also want to add, my dog would never be aggressive to others unless she is being overwhelmed, she would never instigate anything.

Ashley U

2 years ago

My furbaby Joey LOVES going here. He’s familiarized himself with the word “daycare” to the point where I can’t say it in the house unless I’m taking him. I know he’s in great hands when I drop him off and the staff are always friendly with my helicopter-parent requests (sorry!). I really like how the staff are getting trained with animal CPR and have a true passion/interest in dogs. Joey’s face lights up at the desk every day. Other daycares do not offer the 24/7 convenience and last-minute booking availability, which comes in handy as I have an on-call job. This place is honestly a life saver. You pay a bit more but I am happy to pay more for flexible hours! We plan on renting part of the park to have his first birthday in the fall with all his doggy friends. I just love all of the services offered here! Thank you so much for the care and love you give our furbabies! :)

Kaytlynn Thebeau

2 years ago

The staff here is amazing & my dog had so much fun! Great for dogs who need interaction!

Sheri Lowe

2 years ago

Best Place EVER for My Siberian Husky, Balto! Reasonable rates and the dog park is Balto's favorite place to go! Daycare is amazingly affordable and he comes home tired and happy!

Beata Ng

2 years ago

I signed up for a meet and greet session after a visit to Furbaby’s dog park and a couple of phone calls with Ana, the trainer. Before we had our first training sessions, she made some recommendations on tools and skills to practice. She is very friendly and approachable and is willing to work on whatever I needed with my pup. I found her training style to be adaptable based on her assessment of my dog and she has a calm, assertive energy, which was evident when my pup greeted her at the door. She gave practical pointers and digestible information as we went through the session. She was confident and comfortable in her skills and knowledge of dogs and my dog loved working with her. Ana answered all of my questions without skipping a beat. I also enjoyed being able to watch her work with my dog and then, getting a chance to practice skills after the demonstrations. After one session, I feel like I got a clearer sense of the direction I needed to take with my dog and some skills to practice. I’m looking forward to more training sessions with Ana in the future and would recommend her to anyone who needs some dog training.

Amanda Dickens

2 years ago

Not impressed with their team/ I think none of the front desk staff know what a lead leash is or even how to put on simple harnesses. First red flag of a poor dog facility. Nevertheless... this rating is on the grooming and of the facilities. We did not have a great experience with the groomer- we have three dogs and wanted a refresh with a sanitary clean up as our dogs have long hair and they need it. Initially when we dropped off all three dogs, we asked that all three get a bath and brush and get their undercarriage cleaned up for the winter. We dropped off the dogs earlier in the morning and it seemed okay. The facilities are large and when you walk in the smell of urine hits you so hard you choke on it a bit, I chalked that up to the winter months and that they haven’t been able to air it out. Then the dogs are yelling SO LOUDLY that you cannot hear and one of the “techs” is screaming at them to “SHUT UP”. Again, Not the best environment... We pick up our three dogs and were charged for three refresh packages, three nail dremels , and three sanitary cleans.... yet when we got the dogs to the car... one one dog had their nails dremeled and one dog got the sanitary clean. I didn’t think much of it, but now looking at the larger picture... it does seem like a money grab.. WE went back in and the groomer was like oh yeah... I did it.. when we showed the girl at the front desk agreed the two boys did not get done.. yeah that’s not don’t and the groomer then said well I can do it in like 5 mins right now if you wanted to stick around? We had to leave as we had another appointment across town.. It took over a month to get back in, they never followed up with US, and this is the job she did on both the boys... extremely unimpressed. Will not be returning.

christine dragan

2 years ago

Jocelyn and her team went above and beyond while were we isolating at home. Every couple of days, our dogs were picked up by friendly staff and taken to daycare. One day, they even had a bath and brush. Great to not have to go to multiple appointments especially during COVID. Today, Jocelyn discovered our pup had an ear infection that needed immediate attention and her staff was able to take him to our vet since we were unable. Unbelievable service! It's rare to find a place that goes ABOVE and BEYOND to serve. I will never forget this. THANK YOU!

Danielle Lange

2 years ago

Our furbaby, Enzo, loves coming to doggy daycare! The staff are always very friendly and the facility always seems nice and clean. It's nice to have a flexible option in the area!

Kai C

2 years ago

Great daycare, great park, and great grooming. The staff are friendly and welcoming. The park always has at least a couple other dogs to play with. The groomers did a great job cutting my dogs nails. The prices are quite fair for daycare, park time and grooming. Overall, it’s a great place to send your dog for a day, or to burn off your dog’s energy!

Courteney Bell

3 years ago

We took our pup for the day while we were in the city to shop. He absolutely loved it and never slept better after his day of play! He will definitely be back next time we are in Saskatoon.

Andrea Carroll

3 years ago

If you have a medicated dog please consider alternative options. Furbaby was very unreliable. They forgot about our pup MULTIPLE times (60% of pre-scheduled visits were missed and we weren't made aware). In the interest of being responsible dog owners we will not be using their services again.

Archana Arun

3 years ago

This place was okay. But the prices are not transparent. Every customer gets different price and the prices are drastically higher all of a sudden. When I dropped my cat in January it was 20 a night and in August they said it is 60 a night. It was so shocking to hear. I agree summer the prices go up but this is too much than anyone could expect.

Bonita Dolmage

3 years ago

There is an indoor and outdoor area. The staff are friendly and helpful. My dog was feeling intimidated by the big dogs and he picked on a 6 month old puppy...but it's a good place to socialize even an old dog like mine.

Vitaliy Kosynskyi

3 years ago

They care about money more than the animals. Would rather pay the same amount and go to a different place knowing that my pet will get taken care of by people who love and genuinely care for the animals.

Jasmine Floch

3 years ago

We have had 2 training sessions with Ana now and she has been so great! She has taught Lucy and us so much! Lucy also had a great time going to daycare. Such a great place that we will continue using for Lucy! :)

Jennifer Lutzko

3 years ago

Great indoor park for cold days

Jerry Kermack

3 years ago

Good excdrsize for a small dog in the winter

Kassie Boucher

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about the team at Furbaby Pet Care. I brought my French Bulldog there when we moved to Saskatoon - it was our first experience with doggy daycare. I was blown away by the knowledge, professionalism and positivity of the team. Any consideration and anxiety around leaving our Frenchie quickly disappeared upon our first visit. We quickly saw the level of maturity and obedience with our Frenchie get better with each visit. He is thriving. He is much more social with other dogs - which is something we were struggling with prior to visiting Furbaby. I do want to acknowledge Ana for her constant communication and coaching on how to help our pup continue to do well. She always made herself available to help - whether it was with his allergies, sleeping patterns or food intake. I encourage letting your pup visit or stay with Furbaby. If you're having considerations about it - call them. They will invite you in for a meet and greet where you can see how your dog does with the other dogs and the staff. I am confident it will bring comfort and certainty to your decision. They offer a variety of membership options and packages to work with your budget. Overall I highly recommend Furbaby Pet Care. 10/10.

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