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Gary Peterson

2 years ago

The most wonderful staff and always a great experience!!

Krystyna FalciPeña

2 years ago

Our shiba inu Ivy has been going to Dogtopia Miramar for a year now and she absolutely loves it. I know she loved it because she never looked back and never wants to come home. We love watching her on the webcam and seeing how happy she is and the staff are always so sweet to her. Even when I boarded her there for the first time I was so nervous but she never had any problems always looked happy. Ivy will continue going to Dogtopia weekly it’s some of the best money we’ve spent on her since we got her. It keeps me and her happy. So grateful for everyone there.

Jerl Rossi

2 years ago

The team at Dogtopia Miramar are amazing. They are caring and thoughtful and are sincere in their concern and caring for my fox terrier. Her second home. My sincere gratitude and thanks to the whole team.

Chihling Chang

2 years ago

Friendly staff who gave helpful assistance, good price, easy drop off pick up, easy parking out front, located on a not so busy street and onsite cameras to see doggo anytime.

Corinne Jacobs

2 years ago

The employees were all super friendly and good with my scared dog.

Kelsey McKeon

2 years ago

ISSUE #1: Let’s start from the beginning….I am very honest about my dogs abilities. We don’t crate him at home because of his anxiety. I made that very clear on my meet & greet. The woman was very understanding and let me know that the only mandatory crating was from 12-2pm so I could start by only bringing him for half days. I thought this was a great solution. I asked if there was a way to eventually work into him being comfortable crating in their facility. She suggested that every time we drop him off, they could crate him for 4-5 minutes at a time so he would get used to the idea. I also thought this was a great idea. Unfortunately this plan was not executed as discussed and I will outline what was executed below. ISSUE #2: After our meet and greet I purchased a 3 for 1 package. Due to the information provided, my understanding was that all packages (with the exception of the month specified packages) were unlimited. This was not the case. Oh well, they extended it for us. And I wasn’t upset that the young woman didn’t tell us. People make mistakes, no big deal. ISSUE #8656: BUT, here’s where things took a turn…We drop our dog off for day 2 the following week. When I come to pick him up, he has a huge gash on his head (blood and large bump clearly visible). Not one employee mentioned it to me at pick up, I had to ask and no one could articulate how it happened. Concerning, but again I understand that he’s a dog and things happen. I bring him back a following week for his 3rd visit (reluctantly). I return back to pick him up…again there is HUGE gash on his head. Again, no one was able to articulate what happened or even notified he had the injury (very noticeable injury, it’s currently still healing weeks later). I probably would have been arrested had I addressed the second head injury it in person so I went home and decided to sleep on it. When I called to discuss the incidents, the woman was an absolute terror. Extremely rude and sassy. She mentioned that it was his fault because he was banging his head against the crate. 1. Why wasn’t this articulated to be the first two incidents? 2. They informed me they were leaving him in the crate for 15 minutes at a time for play breaks. I did not agree to 15 minute stints in the crate nor was I informed of play breaks. My dog can play for hours, without any issues with other dogs. Which has been proven with countless visits to the dog park and his extensive time at another dog day care (with ZERO issues at the other day care). 3. If he was physically harming himself in the crate WHY WOULDNT THEY STOP HIM FROM HURTING HIMSELF? I drop my dog off to enjoy some play and socialize with other pups, not be injured or clearly not watched. 0 stars awarded to this horrible establishment

Astrid Sosa

2 years ago

My dog loves coming here and I feel like my girl is in great hands. The staff are very attentive and friendly.

Dolores Orozco

2 years ago

Amazing staff! It helped our dog to socialize and play more with dogs. She loves it!

cheryl olson

2 years ago

Great place for boarding, day spa and grooming!

David Tyler

2 years ago

My 12 year old black lab Levi loves this place, we've been going there for 4-5 months! The awesome dog people at Dogtopia are always friendly, helpful and so easy to work with. They seem to love Levi as much as I do. They send pictures of Levi during special events, which is so much appreciated. He's always happy to go into Dogtopia and has a great time! Highly recommend Dogtopia Miramar!!

Tonya Dupree

2 years ago

I work long hours and Dogtopia has flexible drop-off and pick-up times. The team is very friendly and really gets to know each dog and their personality. They have activities to stimulate the dogs and interact with them throughout the day. The socialization is so important and webcams are a huge bonus which I love to check from time to time. What makes me feel great is knowing that my dog is getting activity all day while I'm at work. I know she's a happy camper when she's fast asleep right after dinner!

Sandy Toyne

2 years ago

We started our dog Bear at 8 months old at dogtopia he's a German shepard 95lbs and can we a hand full at times. The staff has gotten to know Bear on a personal level and it's so comforting knowing he's in the Best of hands when I leave him there. The staff communicates his progress on a daily basis with me good and bad. I can tell Bear loves going to daycare he comes home exhausted. I cant say enough good things about dogtopia and what the program is all about. Thank you to the Staff

Jen Flynn

2 years ago

Dogtopia of Miramar is super clean, has large play areas and a fantastic, caring, well-trained staff! My dog can be a bit wary of new people but she loves Meg and Diane! I don't hesitate to drop my dog off at this location.

Crystal Roman

2 years ago

All of the staff were very nice to me and my dog seemed happy about being there. For the most part they were able to answer questions about my dog's stay there and I was able to request special information when I dropped her off, such as how her bowl movements were since there was a change when I first started bringing her (which I understand to be normal).

Brian Stampley

2 years ago

Dogtopia exceeded expectations while watching our little doggy Snoop. My fiancé went into labor Tuesday night. I dropped of snoop early Wednesday morning. After 80 hours of labor we welcomed our little daughter into the world. My fiancé had to stay in the hospital for an additional 4 days. Dogtopia accommodated our ever changing situation and keep snoop for the full extend of my fiancé’s delivery process. They even provided extra food for snoop for the extra unplanned days. They sent pictures and videos of our little pup playing with his puppy friends. To top it off, when I picked him up, they gave our newborn daughter the cutest little onesie that read “my BFF has for legs”. Soooooo cute and unexpected. Thank you! You made this very stressful and important event super easy for us in taking care of our pup.

Nancy Correa

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly. Booking is easy and I like that there is an app and i can access the Webcams to check up on my pup. The location is also very convenient to where I live. The hours are convenient as well.

Florita Bareno

2 years ago

A.J. always loves he's playtime with his Furbuddies at Dogtopia.

Megan Gagliano

2 years ago

My dog LOVES coming to Dogtopia Miramar and is always pooped after a day spent there. I love that they work on training even at daycare and are always very patient with him. Love the friendly staff too :)

Stephanie Watson

2 years ago

My pup is happy after a day at Dogtopia. It was highly recommended by a neighbor. I've recommended to friends and neighbors as well. Friendly staff and pur-fect service hours.

Garrett Vomfell

3 years ago

We went for their dog training course the last 4 weeks and it's been great. The trainer is very professional and insightful and most importantly the tools we've been practicing have noticably helped our pup's behavior at home and out in public places.

Alondra Gil

3 years ago

I don't understand why this place would send me a feedback email knowing it wasn't going to be all that great. I didn't expect them to respond but only to take my feedback to learn from but instead the email they sent was only to tell me sorry and brag about my dog not being ready along with other additional negatives. I love my dog and only defending yourself instead of taking my feedback to learn from is why I will not consider any future visits. The meet and greet is supposed to be 15 minutes long. Otherwise, this should be communicated. You knew my puppy was unsure of the setting and should've said something about that instead of assuring me he would be just fine. I wasted plenty of time with your forms which should be filled out after to avoid all that annoyance. When my dog failed after the meet and greet, he was put in a crate and came home very thirsty when reached our home. I felt like my dog went from cute to we want nothing to do with him. I understand the protocols but it could have been handled much more professionally. The only great person there was the dude who took my dog in for his meet and greet. I wish I had your name noted at the moment but he had great energy before and after and was the only one who assured me my dog is still a great dog. Thank you guy! Lastly, I'm sure I left more feedback but this review is to address the email that totally ignored my feedback. This is a doggy daycare treat it like one rather than a straight up easy pup business. Update: In person, the bite was explained as minor. Suddenly it's severe. Better communication is needed from your end as well as ACTIVE behaviorists. We live in a pet friendly community and my dog gets along with all the pups. Obviously, the "behaviorists" are too comfortable. Like I said, I understand the protocols but know we will never be going back to a Dogtopia location. Learn and adjust your protocols. There is nothing else to discuss further.

Chen Dow

3 years ago

Our dogs love this place. People working here are passionate and courteous. You can tell that they love animals themselves. Their webcams are a great way to keep tap on your dogs. The facility, from the lobby to the dig rooms to the restroom, is clean. Parking is easy. Making and changing appointments are as well.

Beatrice Cubitt

3 years ago

My German Shepherd mix puppy absolutely loves going to Dogtopia and she loves all the staff. She has also stayed overnight occasionally and comes home tired but eager to go back and socialize again.

David burns

3 years ago

Great place for doggie daycare. Happy, friendly staff. great hours and location is easy in and out.

Lia DiRico

3 years ago

The staff members seemed super attentive and nice to the dogs! When our pup came home he was pooped and slept really well. I also love that they offer newcomers a buy-one-get-3 daycare deal, that will allow ours to get used to the facility and probably make some friends!


3 years ago

All I see are happy dogs whenever I check in


3 years ago

Friendly and attending staff! My puppy is always happy when I drop him off so he’s obviously having a good time! They give me a report after the day. I like that there are cameras where I can view him throughout the day. I like that he plays with other dogs/puppies all day which leaves him sooo content and tired when he comes home!

Pam Nagata

3 years ago

Besides loving Amanda I appreciate the customer service from the time I enter the door until the time I pick up my dog. Everyone is super friendly and they remember my dog's name! I also spy on the web camera to see how my dog is doing and I see the workers playing with the dogs.

susie lichty

3 years ago

I love Dogtopia! It is very clean! The employees genuinely care about every dog in their care. They have webcams so pet parents can check in on what their furkids are doing and who they are playing with! The groomer, Mika, is great! I have nothing but good things to say about Dogtopia Miramar. Tell them Snickers sent you!

Julie Swain

3 years ago

Excellent screening of dogs. Treat them like their own.

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