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Stephanie High

2 years ago

Jim is firm, but his methods work. We’ve had a fantastic experience working with him to train us and our rescue (husky, lab, pit mix). He’s been there to answer any and all of our questions and we are planning on getting our CGC ASAP too. Ready to make this boy a therapy dog and definitely feel like we are on our way there!

Christopher Mallon

2 years ago

Jim has been incredibly helpful and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for Dog training. A few months after our last lesson with Jim I had a question and he was more than willing to assist with getting us on track. Thanks again Jim!

Yvonne Venger

2 years ago

Jim is a master dog trainer. We were remiss in training our almost 4 year old adorable but irascible mini-poodle, Georgie Beau. With kind patience and expert guidance, Jim turned our interactions with Georgie into something mutually beneficial for us and our little guy. We highly recommend Jim for all your dog training needs.

Erin Murphy

2 years ago

Jim is simply the best dog trainer! He is no nonsense and will help the owner realize the mistakes they are making that hold their dog back! In just a few sessions, my dog has picked up almost everything Jim has taught and is making significant progress in her problem areas! During training, you can tell Jim was made for this and loves dogs - my dog responds well to him and loves every time he comes. I wanted someone to come to my home and train my dog in her own environment. Not many trainers on the market offer this. Jim is a good man and very knowledgeable about dog behavior and diet! You cannot go wrong in hiring him!

Bob C

2 years ago

We adopted a 5 year old female German Shepherd dog who is very bright but was "independent" from us and aggressive to other dogs, where we couldn't walk her without barking and lunging. Jim is a great trainer, and short story is we can walk past dogs now, go to the park, and greet people at our door! Jim taught about general obedience with sit, stay, come, etc., and how to be consistent, as well as specifics during walks and doorways. He also advised us on nutrition, and using various treats to start off successful, then wean the treats over time. It worked well for Jim to see us in action doing what we learned the previous visit, rather than just going on our description. On a couple details, we thought we were doing things fine, but Jim had some fine points that helped improve things. There's a lot on the internet and there are a lot of trainers; Jim provided an overall program that made progress fast, and has us on a good path.

Kyla Dickerson

2 years ago

Jim from Canine Dimensions is incredible! We literally have the perfect most well-trained Mini Aussie because of his guidance! Jim will teach you things that you cannot just google- he’s the real deal and we are so grateful we worked with him! Thank you, Jim!

John Alper

2 years ago

Jim is the consummate pro when it comes to dog training. He worked so well with our 8 year old Portuguese Water Dog. He’s a very nice man with tons of experience. You won’t be disappointed. He’s great with the dogs and more importantly he’s great training the owners!

Gabriel Crocker

2 years ago

Jim is wonderful! I have a three year old 60lb mix and a 7 month Newfoundland/poodle mix who are both full of energy. My older dog can be very protective when she first meets people - Jim provided invaluable advice on how to handle this when new people come to my house. He was flexible with my crazy schedule, and had all kinds of great pointers for habits my dogs had developed and how to correct these. My dogs are happier and healthier than ever, and walks are now much more pleasant with these two huge pups! He also gave great advice on healthier dog foods, treats, and toys, and provided written info and websites so I can always go back and brush up on certain details if needed. I highly recommend Jim!

Jennifer Hansen

2 years ago

Jim was a wonderful trainer with a breadth of knowledge about dog training and nutrition. He provided a manual that became my go-to for all issues. He was patient and thorough with me and my dog. Even after the training concluded, he was always available to help walk me through any issues that came up.

Monark Nakrani

2 years ago

We cannot say enough good things about Jim! Finding the right trainer was our top priority when we brought Bailey home from the shelter. We knew that she was a timid, reserved dog in our few interactions with her prior to rescuing her. After scouring the web looking for the best dog trainer in our area, we landed on Canine Dimensions. From the moment we first called Jim, we felt reassured that we made the right choice. He was able to inform us about his training methodology and lack of gimmicks (electric collars and such). He has years of experience training dogs using traditional methods. The structure of the Canine Dimensions' program and accompanying workbook did wonders for Bailey. She was able to settle into a routine quickly, learned new commands with ease, and her personality really opened up. In addition, Jim was readily available to answer our questions and provided various tips in terms of dog training supplies and nutritional recommendations. After wrapping up the puppy program with Jim (Bailey aged 6 months), we feel comfortable and confident that we will have a great dog for many years to come. Bailey has added so much to our lives in a few short months; we are excited to see the adult dog she grows into. Thank you Jim and Canine Dimensions!

robert townsend

2 years ago

Jim helped us and our Golden Retriever immensely.. She was four months old when Jim started, and Katie was a royal pain. She was Biting, jumping on people, no obedience, not house broken, and stubborn. Jim taught us and showed us how to correct these problems. He also provided us with training aids, collers, leashes and information relative to Katie's diet. We really appreciate Jim's professionalism patience.

Jessica Jargowsky

2 years ago

I’ve used Jim’s dog training services twice now. Initially several years ago, and then for a refresher. Both times I’ve walked away feeling more confident in training my ultra reactive schnauzer! I’ve recommended Canine Dimensions to friends and clients over the years and will continue to do so.

karen meeks

2 years ago

Trainer Jim is fantastic. He has helped me tremendously with Lu, my Minpin (now) 5-mo old. Being the “Resource Manager” over a breed such as a MinPin, is in a word, a challenge but Jim has really done well in training the trainer (Me), as well as my animal. Thank you Jim for providing in-depth understanding about owning a breed like Lu! I couldn’t have come this far with my puppy as I have, without you!

Patricia Bathurst

2 years ago

Jim is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. I appreciated his responsiveness when I had questions between sessions. Shilo knew Jim meant business! I recommend his services.

Nancy Arden

2 years ago

We just finished our dog training with Jim. Jim is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. Not only did he teach us effective methods to train our dog he provided a wealth of information on feeding and nutrition. He came prepared with the tools needed to work with us and our dog. He structured the training around what we wanted and his own observations. In between sessions I had a few questions that I emailed Jim, he answered in a very timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim at Canine Connections when you need help or direction while training your dog.

Lauren Fent

2 years ago

Jim was an awesome trainer to work with! He’s extremely knowledgeable and an overall great guy who makes the training experience fun while learning. My 2 year old dog is now well behaved at home and we can finally go on relaxing walks thanks to Jim!

Katie Hauser

2 years ago

Jim was an absolute delight to work with and Chewie loved him. Having a very high energy dog is hard enough but Jim was able to help us speak his language and be in charge. Our 10.5 month old dog is now so well behaved on walks, when people come over and with recall. I feel so happy and safer knowing I have a well behaved dog. Thank you so much Jim for the time and effort you put into what you do!

Annette Dolphin

2 years ago

Jim is very kind and patient with my dogs and their humans. He really saved us from frustration of having a new puppy especially during the pandemic. It had been a very long time since we adopted an eight week old puppy. He taught us the correct and best way to train, socialize, and walk both pups. We have lots of fun. We will recommend Jim to anyone with any issues of any age dogs. Ours our now 10 months and 8 years old and doing great!

Susan Gomez

2 years ago

Jim is the BEST! He really helped me with MiLo getting him trained! Expert knowledge of dogs! Highly recommend!!!

Amanda Ricci

2 years ago

Jim helped us out so much with our 2 female dogs. He is very knowledgeable with obedience training and also gave us so much information on dog health that we never even thought about before! Our dogs are amazing with their obedience now and overall so much happier and healthier thanks to Jim! Would absolutely recommend Jim to anyone needing obedience training help!

Spencer Neal

2 years ago

There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Jim, as he has been exceptional to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, and funny. My husband and I added a puppy to our family in February 2021, which brought us a lot of joy but also a lot of overwhelming feelings. Our nine year old lab was not adapting well to her baby sister and I instantly began to feel guilty and sad for the both of them. I wanted to hire a dog trainer; however, my husband did not. His rationale for not wanting a trainer was that our puppy would disregard everything she learned because she would pick up the good and bad habits of her older sister. Talk about feeling conflicted. During my consultation with Jim, I KNEW that I needed his help (sorry husband) and without a doubt it has been my most valuable investment! I'm in awe of his methods and his innate ability to connect with my fur babies. I have loved watching my girls transform, and to witness their intelligence has been so rewarding (proud mom). I am also so appreciative of the confidence Jim has instilled in me. If you are questioning whether or not his services are worthy, I can assure you that they are...100%! Also, if you are wondering, our little P-Nut has retained all of her training and she and her big sister are now the best of friends.

Ryan Miller

2 years ago

Jim's training methods are excellent and the results speak for themselves! We recently adopted a rescue dog who had behavioral issues and lacked a lot of structure in his life. Jim's techniques have helped transform Pablo into a much more well behaved fun to be around dog. The material Jim provides can be used long after the training sessions conclude and he's very professional, always on-time, and accommodating. Thank you Jim and Canine Dimensions :)

Rose Reynoso

2 years ago

Jim has been our lifesaver! We are first time dog parents with a newly rescued pit bull. Jim has always been very gracious to answer all our questions and concerns ranging from food, allergies, and skin health to correcting his leash reactivity. He always arrives promptly and with such a positive attitude. Our fur baby loves him & we have learned so much from him. Training with Jim has been one of our best investments!

Patrick Palen

2 years ago

Our experience working with Jim was nothing short of amazing. Jim is truly a master craftsman and a pleasure to work with. His in-depth and high-level of knowledge, skill, and ability in dog training, nutrition, and obedience is outstanding. Jim was able to provide a safety net of high level comfort, piece of mind, patience, and support as he expertly guided me and my wife through the various stages of develpoment while our German Shephard Scout transitioned from a young and wild pup py to a calm, controlled, and obediant gentleman. It was a pleasure working with Jim Kleyweg and Canine Dimensions In-home Dog Training. Thank you Jim and job well done!

Nathan Udomsri

2 years ago

The best dog advisor, trainer, mentor and all the above. Jim’s knowledge and service is outstanding and helped our little pup so much. The thing I noticed about business with a lot business is once you get to a certain level you stop getting that number 1 person. But in this case you get Jim. The number 1 person to help and advise! Would highly recommend

Gabriela C

2 years ago

My partner, Anthony and I are blown away by our puppy Milo’s improvement in behavior since he began training with Jim. Jim is fountain of knowledge when it comes to dog nutrition and behavior. He is an EXCELLENT trainer and really blew us away with how quickly Milo took to his instruction. We’d recommend Jim and Canine Dimensions to anyone in need of puppy training and behavior correction training for dogs of any age. I recommend advising with Jim on proper dieting for your pet as well; we see a HUGE difference in Milo’s digestive health since we switched his diet to better quality foods. You won’t be disappointed!!

Danielle Hoffman

2 years ago

Had a very positive experience with Jim and, as first time puppy owners, we learned a ton. Theo is especially grateful for Jim's suggestions on food. ;)

Kimmy Crisford

2 years ago

I am so Grateful for the Time Jim has taken with me. I have had issues finding a Trainer and he has been Incredible???? Thank you so much.Kai is doing Great

Dillan Patel

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and a great teacher


2 years ago

Jim is awesome! I've been working with him to train my pup Bailey and I'm excited to get him canine good citizen certified to move forward with pet assisted therapy! Jim is always on time and has tons of ideas and resources to help me with my dog's behaviors. Bailey came to me as a street dog from Mexico, and the foster said he wasn't too smart. But Jim and I have proven that wrong. He is intensely intelligent and has taken to training well. Best of all, the howling had stopped while I'm at work! He is a dream on a leash. Bailey had a lot of the basics when I adopted him, but we've honed them well through working with Jim and me learning the best ways to work with my dog.

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