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Muriel Pollock

2 years ago

Lots of interesting animals

Joseph Chang

2 years ago

My groomer, Adriana, took great care of my puppy Franklin. She provided advice on first grooming for my goldendoodle Franklin and educated a first time dog parent about do's and don'ts for a 3 month old puppy. Would recommend her to other dog parents!

Edmond Dantes

2 years ago

fish section could be better / well maintained. Other than that, it is a convenient shop for pet supplies in San Bruno area.

Renee Langit

2 years ago

The Staffs are friendly and helpful. I have everything I need for my pet.

Letty Sanchez

2 years ago

Having worked there I know the employees personally and know that they are caring of both the customers and their pets.


2 years ago

It was quick shopping experience except that I had to wait a bit at the checkout.

Jane Fontaine (J)

2 years ago

I saved 5 feeder goldfish from being eaten.

Nicole Wellisch

2 years ago

They always have what I need when I need it. I think only once they were out of cricket's when I needed them. Just bought 4 baby gold fish from them last night for my pond. They also have the coolest dog toys.

Baby Pikachu

2 years ago

They need to have more hands on employees..they aren't very helpful unfortunately

Bermuda Onion

2 years ago

Michael was really helpful in finding the right kind of litter. They were out of my regular litter carefresh Michael showed me another safe litter I could use for my rabbit's.

Danielle EJ

2 years ago

decent help, need more selection on fish at this current store as they were out of some fish i wanted

Geek Relic

2 years ago

Was going to purchase a few fish. But thanks were so dirty and unkempt I went someplace else.

James Anthony Meister

2 years ago

Elisabeth who waited on Peter Meister and me was what you would consider a animal person, she was very helpful, she was incredibly patient, but way WAY to much merchandise on the floor,

Lourlene Klingler

2 years ago

Cat food and litter purchase

Sharon Gray

2 years ago

The Grooming ladies Angelica and Mayfina are super awesome it was my pet Snoopy's first time and we will be back thank you all so much

{blanobs} (sdonald)

2 years ago

Had what I needed, much better variety and quality pet food than your local grocery chain.

Angelica Alonzo

2 years ago

Said place to go... The individual fish where dead lack of care....

bobby johnson

2 years ago

The awsome cashier was just so helpful and friendly. She really seem to enjoy her job.

tony mccrory

2 years ago

It was very busy and Long lines????????

Bill Cooper

2 years ago

Great selection of dog food and products.

Anita Alvarez

2 years ago

My dog had a reservation for a shampoo and nail trim. The groomer was not there on time. The other person there took very good care of our dog and got him done on time for us. 8/18/21 Worse service ever. Who ever arrives early, 13 minutes, then told you have to leave and come back at your appointment time! Due to the groomer being busy or late with another dog. There is no waiting area, or bench to sit on. After standing outside for 13 minutes, the groomer was promptly called. Then my dog was done and I was called 1 hour earlier than expected, oh, but that's okay for them to be earlier! I had to call my husband to pick him up early. And my dogs nails were not buffed as they were paid to do. I think they lost me, a long time customer at Petco, Tanforan!

Christian Ramsey // Give Me 1k Subs

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Good inventory

Known SFC

2 years ago

This is one of the smaller Petco's, but they always seem to have everything I need, including great advice on aquatics from Johnny. I hadn't been there for a while because we just moved back to the area. I was surprised to see Aidan (an old client) working there and helped me with everything from hauling 40lbs of Feline Pine to looking up stats on pet furniture sizes. Totally on top of it all! I'm so happy this will be my local Petco again! EDIT: WTH Petco? I feel bad for the employees because they are obviously not being given their rightful breaks. The last couple times I have gone either I had to wait half an hour or there was no one there to help at all! Like the store was empty of anyone but other customers! Finally one person came out and told another customer that all of aquatics was shut down until further notice. Just waited in line to pay for what I had and leave. It is super convenient so I will go back and hopefully they will have hired some help.


2 years ago

Very poor terrariums of little bearded dragons. All covered in feces!!! Bearded dragons are extremely clean creatures, they would never poop close to their food. It must be very uncomfortable for them in there. It is painful to see this kind of mistreatment of these little guys. Better care and cleaning should be provided at this facility.

Maryann “Maria” Rangel Hines

2 years ago

Customer service is great! However, the store looks like it is going out of business. Not a lot of leashes, ect.

J. G.

2 years ago

Didn't have what I needed

LaVania Clark

2 years ago

I've always shopped at Petco for my pets.

Russell Zuniga

2 years ago

It's a good pet store Define things you need for your dogs and cats

Diana Zuniga

2 years ago

The person that helped us was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great service!

The Truth

2 years ago

Overpriced items. Expensive dog cuts

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