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Angie Henyan

2 years ago

My animals love Dr. Rex and Staff. They are wonderful to all the creatures!

James Lamm

2 years ago

I have been going to see Dr Rex for over 20 years very friendly very compassionate wonderful doctor and friend

Michelle Lewis

2 years ago

Dr Rex is a great vet. His staff is kind, and always busy! I'll be going here only!

william rhoades

2 years ago

Absolutely the best. Compassionate and caring......with years of experience. You wont find a better vet in town.

Imelda Llamas

2 years ago

My dog needed surgery on her leg and this was the best place to take her it was not expensive and the staff were all very friendly.

angela rocco

2 years ago

Office staff and Dr Rex are great ! My dog was in good hands and we will definitely be back.

Matt Krenz

2 years ago

Dr Rex is awesome my family has been going to his practice for 30 plus years. You won't find a better veterinarian ever.

Nicole Hale

3 years ago

The care my animals receive here is exceptional

Michaela Allen (Xena)

3 years ago

My dog was having complications giving birth and she had a baby suck inside. I went to 2 other places and one made us pay over $800 just for some medicine to help relax her and she still had the baby still in her. We only payed $108 here and was able to get her to relax enough to get the baby out. Didn't have to get a c-section. Now she is taking antibiotics and is getting back to the way she use to be. Thank you so much Dr. Rex for saving our pup, we greatly appreciate you.

kim smith

3 years ago

He is the best vet I have ever had and a genuinely nice man just the best and the techs r great thank u Jessica and dr Rex for all the years of healing my cats

Dave Smith

3 years ago

The Doctor takes good care of my cat

Cherry bebe

4 years ago

Best dr in the whole city Dr Rex and his asst jess are the most caring loving understanding Medical vets you will ever meet they listen to you and you fur babies needs and take care of any issues you may be concerned about I will be going to them with my fur babies forever.

charlotte vanderlaan

4 years ago

Very friendly and nice also very clean . Highly recommend this place.

Cheryl Ewing

4 years ago

Very professional and very friendly took awesome care of our new cat.

Daniela Ramirez

4 years ago

I was very nervous about my dog's dental procedure but the vets were very understanding and reassuring. They did a great job and kept me updated on her condition whenever it was possible. My dog's teeth never looked better for a great price!

Judy Pippin

4 years ago

Dr. Rex is a good vet and cares about your animal.

Ladonna Settlemyre

4 years ago

I love dr.rex and his staff.they are so caring for our beloved pet.and reasonable fee.hes our vet from now happy he was recommended.him and his staff are so kind and care about our pet as much as we do.thank you dr.rex and staff.wish we had found you sooner.

Olivia Smith

5 years ago

This place is absolutely absurd, my husband and I are traveling over 70 miles away to pick up a dog that we are adopting. We informed the woman we spoke to that we would be a little late and they absolutely refuse to stay open an extra 10 mins. Of course now we will be charged room and board for this dog we are actually trying to pick up. I'm completely at a lost for words, being a business owner myself, I have gone above and beyond to accommodate customers, even if that means staying open an extra 10 minutes. As far as compassion and customer service they need to seriously evaluate protocols especially in situations as such. So not only did we waste gas time and money, but we have to wait yet another day for our dog to come home and spend more money in gas.

Marcia Patrick

5 years ago

Best Dr in san bernardino ca

T Chamberlain

5 years ago

Dr. Rex is absolutely amazing, and was able to perform a successful surgery, where other vets wouldn't even try.

Don Westrick

6 years ago

We take 3 dogs to Dr. Rex & we come from Moreno Valley because he is fair with pricing & he performs great vet services.

Patricio Becerra

6 years ago

It great place they help as so much with my cat ????

Jeremy Ogrodnik

6 years ago

Great with animals and won't try to rip you off


7 years ago

Dr. Rex made me feel at ease when he saw my dogs broken leg lol said it was simple and gave me a low price. The man is passionate for animals and takes care of the situation. This will become my first to go spot for all my dogs

krystal davissmall

7 years ago

Operated on my sisters dog. Made a near-fatal error and insincerely and unapologetically stood by his mistake with no explanation of how he could've made the error. My sisters dog was rushed from ER to clinic and is still unstable and is barely hanging on. The least Dr. Rex could've done was apologize. My sister wasn't asking for financial help (though that would've been nice too) she asked for an explanation and he gave her none. Prayers for her dog are appreciated.

Frances Apalategui

7 years ago

This vet nearly killed our dog. We adopted a hound from the Devore shelter in San Bernardino and were told that he would be taken to Animal Medical Hospital at 25778 Baseline, San Bernardino. Dr. Rex, a vet who has been practicing for 38 years, used metal sutures (which is a cheap, out-dated practice) to sew up our dog after the surgery. When we took him home he was bleeding. The dog had not been active whatsoever. The bleeding was directly from the operation. When we called Dr. Rex's office, we were told to put a wash cloth on it. HAD WE LISTENED AND NOT TAKEN OUR PET TO THE ER, HE WOULD BE DEAD. The ER found severe clotting due to the surgery. $1300 later we are home with our very swollen and bruised dog. Dr. Rex's office is like a back alley abortion clinic. There are other stories like ours. I urge you to file a complaint with the Veterinary Medical Board. This vet should not be TOUCHING animals.


7 years ago

Nearly killed my dog. I would not ever recommend this veterinarian to a friend or a foe. I would refrain from giving stars if I had the choice. On August 04, 2016 I took my Australian Shepherd Mix to Dr. Rex to get neutered. The procedure was to cost me $130. The reason I took my dog to Dr. Rex was because my brother had just recently had his Pit Bull spayed there and everything went well. My first red flag was that I was made to sign a waiver basically stating that if any complications were to arise prior to, during, or after the operation neither Dr. Rex nor any of his employees or affiliates would be held accountable. I dropped my dog off at 10 am and was picking him up by 3:30 pm. When I picked him up he was still a little wobbly and coming off of the anesthesia--so I had no concerns, minus the fact that he didn't have "the cone of shame" on him. When I got him home, I saw that his scrotal sac still looked like it contained a testicle and that blood was coming from my dog's incision area. I kept my dog from licking, gnawing, or even coming remotely close to the area as to not make it worse. A few hours passed and he still had not eaten and had drank very little water, which is expected but assumed to increase as time went on. Unfortunately, that was not the case. My dog got worse. Let me preface by saying my dog may possibly be the most active dog in the world. Even under the anesthesia he was moving around a lot, however, at about 5 pm I noticed that he slowed down significantly and he was laying in spots that would keep him warm, which is not normal for him being he is a "hot dog" and we don't have A/C. At around 6:30, I took him outside where he lied down. He didn't want to get back up, and when he did, he almost collapsed... About three times. That's when I decided to look at his gums--they were completely white. I am talking white like paper. He was fading and fast. When my mom got home she looked at them, told me to call the Emergency Pet Hospital of Redlands. They told me to rush him over and that I would be pushed to the front of the line because he was in critical condition. He almost didn't make it to the hospital--that's how shallow his breathing was and how unresponsive he became. Come to find out Dr. Rex had neither properly nor effectively ligated (tie-off) either of the testicular blood vessels and my dog was hemorrhaging (internally bleeding). So much so that he almost died--and it's still a possibility. Dr. Joo at the Emergency Pet Hospital performed another surgery to correct Dr. Rex's mistake. She reopened the original site of castration (Dr. Rex's work) and had to open up his abdominal cavity even further because the right side's blood vessels had retracted back into his abdominal cavity. Dr. Joo said that when she opened my dog back up there was so much blood so had trouble finding the vessels that needed to be tied off. My dog is still in critical condition and is not out of the clear yet and it's been over 24-hours. He is under Dr. Joo's supervision--she's is the best veterinarian I know. What should have been an $130 castration turned into $2630 four-hour lifesaving operation. I went back to Dr. Rex with the report from the Emergency Pet hospital and all he said to me was, "This has never happened to me and I've been doing this since '78" and "There's nothing I can do" and "We get referrals from out of state to have surgeries here." When he apologized, it didn't sound sincere or genuine at all. He did not even state that there was a possibility of him having made a mistake. Perhaps I caught him on a bad day, but I was not fortunate enough to witness the "compassionate", "empathetic", and "sympathetic" veterinarian that everyone else has reviewed. I found him to be cold, unconcerned, and negligent. I understand that accidents happen, but this to me seemed to show Dr. Rex's true character and needless to say, I am not impressed.

Angie Eichmeier

8 years ago

Really helpful staff (the front desk lady is truly amazing) and dr. Rex is the type of vet thst doesn't charge for unnecessary things! He is wonderful with our babies and we are grateful to have found this place- btw the groomer next door recommended this vet and she is amazing, too.

Patti Barry

8 years ago

Best Vet ever!!! Saved my little pom Cody! Patti Barry

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