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Lewis F

2 years ago

Turned in some feral kittens a few months back and was given a piece of paper that provided me with a numeric code for each kitten that was surrendered. I got back in touch with them to inquire about the kittens, gave them the code and they were able to let me know that all three kittens had been adopted. What a great service to the community.

I’mverybored !!

2 years ago

Went in to find an adult cat, the staff was very kind and welcoming. Cat specialist was informative on what I should do to adjust my cat into their new home. I ended up adopting Miss Grayson but her new name is Stella. Our bond is amazing and I’m so glad I was able to find her!

Denise Kuhnlein

2 years ago

Super neat and clean facility. Wish I could have found a dog!! I will keep checking there site.


2 years ago

I got a dog here a a couple of years ago and they said my dog was potty trained and loved other dogs and never told me that he had Anxiety but he had all of those things. And I was forced to give him away because we live in an apartment with lots of other dogs. But they do treat their animals well.

Melanie Reid

2 years ago

Revision of my 1 star review below: After posting my 1 star review, I got a call from management. After discussing my experience at the SPCA with her, and after a little interview about my experience with rabbits, it has been decided, that I will be able to adopt a rabbit based on my experience I had with holding outdoor rabbits. This time my visit to the Placer SPCA in Roseville was the opposite from my previous visit. Stuff was very friendly. The facility is spic and span. I am very happy, that I was able to take one of the adorable bunnies home with me and give him a new forever home. Just had an appointment there to adopt a rabbit. I sent my completed Companion Request form per email a few days ahead of my appointment. I showed up for my appointment and then I was told, they don't adopt out rabbits that are being held outdoors. WTH! Why can't you tell me that earlier (you had all the information in my application) and also it doesn't state anywhere on your website, that rabbits are only adoptable, if they are being held indoors. I had rabbits for 12+ years and always outdoors, where they can free roam during daytime with rabbit companions. Our oldest rabbit is 7+ years old. I am sure that our rabbits have a much better life than some of them, that being cooped up in a little cage all day and alone. At least ask questions to find out more on how the rabbit is being held outdoors. I now will look on Craigslist and probably support a breeder (which I don't want to do) to get a new companion for our rabbit.


2 years ago

We got our dog about 5 months ago, we love her so much. They told us she is a very sweet dog, if it wasn’t bcuz they have other dogs at home, they would take her home. It actually turned out she doesn’t attack and just making noice. We took her to dog park, we don’t worry about she attack, we only worry about she love human too much. ????????They called her Helen. she is the best and we love her so much. ????

Ashlee Leber

2 years ago

Me and my boyfriend adopted 2 cats from here. One kitten, and one 2 year old. The process was super smooth both times. The staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful. The cats are housed in very spacious units and seem very happy!

Carolyn Duran

2 years ago

Looking for a senior cat to keep my senior cat active and healthy. No luck today, but I will continue to check. Helpful and friendly staff.

Justin Gowin

2 years ago

Everyone here is great. They truly care about the animals and giving them a good home

Kimmey Ross

2 years ago

It takes one person to completely change someone's experience! Ariel went above and beyond to make sure my fiance and I didn't make a rushed decision on our new baby. She let us spend extra time (due to rescues being dropped off at the time of our apt and cutting our initial apt short) with our kitten so we could make a decision. Thank you so much!! It changed our minds from a "not sure" to a definite "yes!" We are SO appreciative of this.

Christina Gomes

2 years ago

It is such a beautiful facility and I was so happy to get my Hazel today. Got alot of info on her and they were so helpful with everything very thorough.

Joyce Dill

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and place is very clean

Kari Gaul

2 years ago

Kittens are well taken care of and clean facility. My husband and I were very disappointed after we were falsely told that we were able to take our kitten home. Our hopes were up only to learn that our kitten had not been spayed and that she would need to stay at spca for another week to complete the procedure. L should not had told us that we could take her home before having a necessary procedure. A real disappointment!

Medora Schmidt

2 years ago

Wonderful experience! All the workers are great and I got to adopt the sweetest most lovable little dog ever! ???? Thanks for your service to these animals.

Melissa Romero

2 years ago

That's a beautiful place for the little one's

Anna Banana

2 years ago

Clean humane rooms for the animals. Quietest dog pound I've ever been in.

Audrey W

2 years ago

The volunteers are awesome and the facility is clean and welcoming!

Cat S

2 years ago

Animals well cared for. Clean and neat. Workers friendly


2 years ago

Luckily enough to have someone bring in my lost dog Mocha.


2 years ago

The shelter is very clean and the animals are very well taken care of solely due to the caring people who probably volunteer their time and give lots of love to the animals. Hannah and Larry are great!

PJ O'Connor

2 years ago

Beautiful facility geared to the residents. Spacious, clean, welcoming. Friendly, informative staff.

Victoria Homdus

2 years ago

Saddens me to see all the animals but they are taking great care of them adopted a few myself

Tinkerbell (Tinkerbell)

2 years ago

IThe best experience ever! I was so impressed with the facility it is beautiful and so clean! The staff was so welcoming knowledgeable and helpful giving me complete confidence in my decision to adopt Nancy . I am throughly delighted! I cant wait to take her home and patiently work with her to help her overcome her fears. Im so very grateful. This SPCA doing an outstanding service to animals and prospective adopters. I Cant Thank You enough!

Tiffani Clark

2 years ago

Adopted a kitty from here amazing people to help you with choosing the right animal

Rebecca Alexander

2 years ago

This is an amazing setup. There are some adorable dogs, cats, and rabbits up for adoption. Highly recommend ????.

Pj Siska

2 years ago

Very pleasant staff and beautiful accommodations for animals.

Logan Wright

2 years ago

Victoria in charge on Saturday 7/10/21 tried to have me drive 45 minutes to Florins Perkins SPCA in 110° weather with no AC and two dying kittens because she was too busy and overwhelmed to deal with the situation. Her argument was that location was closer to where they were born, which was ludicrous in every conceivable way unless you went purely based on county. But these poor ferals were born in Citrus Heights and were MUCH closer to Placer SPCA than all the way in Elk Grove. It was a traumatizing experience dealing with her and her wild eyed cruelty, as the kittens would have certainly died in my tiny two seater car on the way there. A nice lady who wanted to adopt them then and there was rudely rebuffed by Victoria much to the astonishment of both staff and visitors of the SPCA present to hear her. All the other staff and volunteers were very nice, so this 1 star review is kind of unfortunate as my previous visit was nothing short of amazing. Please have someone speak to her about managing these types of situations, as I have never been forced to negotiate with someone like that.

Kathy “Kat D” Davis

2 years ago

Try to adopt is difficult and the staff every time I've encountered them haven't been very kind.

Cori Skogseth

2 years ago

My son and I go here every so often, about twice a month to visit the animals. My son wants a puppy but we can't afford one right now so we go to the spca to visit and talk to the cats, dogs and bunnies. Always very nice staff..

Now Not

2 years ago

Someone come adopt all the animals!!!! The place was clean and the animals look well kept. They still require masks...

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