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Angelika Harwwod

2 years ago

My little girl Carly got accidentally into some Chocolate a few weeks back, when I noticed something was wrong, I called Marqueen emergency hospital to get her in right away, and told them that she was a diabetic. I was told to call another hospital because they were booked. I called every other hospital in the area and every hospital was booked or short on staff. My little girl struggled almost 6 hours before she passed away. I felt very helpless, because I could not find one single emergency vet to help. I don’t know, why we have Emergency vets, if they are not there for our pets or their owners. I picked up Carly’s ashes today and felt so guilty not being able to get the help I needed to save her life. I really do think some things need improvement to save our pets when it is necessary .

Carey Lynn Reynolds

2 years ago

I wood highly recommend Marqueen for several reasons based off my current personal experience... with the unfortunate passing of my beloved pet, they made the process so much easier by their compassion, availability and services as they helped with the procedure. In a sad situation, they Alleviated her suffering wen I was powerless to do anything about it. After about 2 weeks they called with my precious girl's ashes in a beautiful wooden chest along w-a precious poem and a short memorial on her life. I am truly grateful for all they did for me and for her and couldn't have done this without them. Thank you Marqueen!!♡♡♡

Paige Shy

2 years ago

I had to make the worse decision I've ever made and euthanize my baby tabby. I have never hurt so bad and I'm still in shock being home without him there. Everyone was so kind and comforting and never made me feel guilty for ending his suffering. The doctor wanted to examine him again because I didn't have any proof from previous vet and he genuinely wanted to make sure there weren't any alternatives. I appreciate that someone cared that much. I appreciate the nurse that came in and related to having been in the same situation. I wish I never had to have those experiences and I just had Tepig back but I am grateful for the support having had to do that alone. The doctor walked me through the whole process and gave me as much time as I needed to say my final goodbyes

Kahla Mays

2 years ago

Called to ask advice whether I should bring my dog in for grapefruit poisoning. They advised me to call Pet Poison Control for $65, and Pet Poison Control would tell me whether or not my pet needed to be seen. That is more expensive than a vet visit, and does not make sense. Definitely wish my regular vet were open. Typically, when I call a vet and ask "should my pet be seen for this condition", they give me some options, let me know the severity of the issue, and advise me whether or not I should seek care. I have never called a vet and had them tell me to pay a fee to call elsewhere to see if I needed care. I guess my best bet is to go in and ask them in-person, but for their total lack of knowledge, I really don't trust these people to care for my pet. Anyone know of a different emergency vet nearby?

antoinette Ferris

2 years ago

Attempted to schedule appointment today 12/7/2021 for opening they have on Friday 12/10/2021. I was advised I would be charged an additional $150 for emergency services. For an OPEN slot. Since COVID vets have been grossly attempting to take advantage of pet owners and it’s quite sickening.

Heather Hornsby

2 years ago

Sadly, my mom''s little old dog Olivia, needed to be put down. She called me in a panic, and asked me to find somewhere to take her. It was a Sunday afternoon and I knew it would be difficult to find any place that was open and that would let me bring her in on such short notice. Most of the places that I called were closed on Sundays, and the few that were actually open said that they could not take her that there were no appointments available. Olivia was lethargic, and had not eaten or drank any water all weekend and I was willing to pay anything so that she did not suffer any longer. I knew that my mom was counting on me to deal with this difficult situation for her, and it was really stressful. Finally, I called MarQueen. I had never been there before and came across them randomly with a google search. I explained to them that I was having a pet emergency, and that I needed to have Olivia euthanized as soon as possible. They told me I could bring her there immediately and let me know that the decision to end a pet's life who was suffering was considered an emergency and that caring for her would be a priority. They did not make me feel guilty or bad for not pursuing other options and were sympathetic and understanding. When I got there they gave me the option of being with her in the room with her while they put her to sleep, which surprised me since most places I talked to said that would not be an option because of Covid. They also insisted that they talk to my mom first for authorization because it was HER dog and not mine so they wanted to make sure she consented. My mom had just had her hip replaced and was unable to go with me so they called her on the phone. Shockingly, the procedure cost around $100. I could not believe that. $100 to end the suffering of ANY animal is worth it. Especially on such short notice. I HIGHLY recommend this place. The people are compassionate and caring and really care about the people and pets that they are helping.

Lucy Schallberger

2 years ago

This place values money over the patient. I walked out with no care for my dog because I couldn't afford the procedure. Which was around $600. I was still charged $167 for consult even though I waited 6.5 hours and they only saw her momentarily. I am deeply saddened that we left in the state that she is in. It seems illegal. I was offered no payment plan or alternative options for care. When I asked about the prescription they gave me they said I was flagged for zero payment and weren't going to advise me. Extremely disappointed for the negligence of care for my dog.

Frank Tadych

2 years ago

The doctors, specialists and staff at MarQueen are fantastic and I can't thank them enough. The people at this facility are put in nearly impossible situations on a daily basis and are among the best-trained specialists and emergency doctors in the region. What stands out to me is that they care about your pet as if it were their own. My Dalmatian had knee surgery performed by Dr. Walsh and everything about the experience was superior. Dr. Walsh (surgery) and Dr. Moore (oncology) go above and beyond expectations and I trust their skills and expertise with my dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Whi Gro

2 years ago

I’m sure Every Vet that works there is different but the experience I had with one of their vets as well as one of their nurses.They are purely concerned about money. My dog was hit by a car and the vet didn’t even inspect him only had him put on fluids . 10 min after having my dog tell me they need to Charge 800 before they even consider looking at him, asked me to pay addition 2600 for things he did not need. The whole time no inspection of him.

Rachel L

2 years ago

Can’t say enough good things! Brought my dog here for the first time yesterday after being turned away by my regular vet and 3 other emergency clinics. I was so upset by the time I called MarQueen…my poor guy was lethargic, uncomfortable and had now thrown up in my vehicle 3x. After being turned away by many, while he sat in the passenger seat declining, I was so relieved when MarQueen told me YES, bring him in. I suspected he had a blockage that I assumed was a rock, as we have been through this with him before which resulted in surgery. Yes, unfortunately, he eats rocks. We’ve tried everything and now, after this visit, we think he will be an inside dog moving forward. They were quick to bring him in and take an X-ray. Which then confirmed my fear…not just 1 rock but 2 :( One in his stomach and the other in his colon. I prepared myself for another surgery that I knew I couldn’t afford out of pocket and would have to max out a card to pay for…but what are you going to do, right? This truly amazing team was successful in getting both rocks out with a far less invasive procedure and avoided surgery! I seriously can not thank them enough. Not only am I happy that my sweet Boone is home resting with me now, rock free. But I am so relieved and thankful that they tried everything they could before jumping straight to surgery. Thank you all SO much!!

Lani Walthers

2 years ago

Today my daughter drove three and a half hours with an emergency appointment at 10:00. They took a few vitals and waited in their car until 2:15 with still no response from this emergency center. This is so awful and you can't keep blaming covid for bad customer service.

Justin D

2 years ago

I would recommend MarQueen to anyone in need of emergency pet care. They have helped my family pets on multiple occasions over the years and always done a good job. They are a busy facility and sometimes it’s tough waiting but that’s because they do a good job, they always have a lot of people they’re helping and they do care about their work. I appreciate all of their help and thank you!

abdullah lkc

2 years ago

I called in before taking my sick pup in and told them that she’s not eating and barely could move. They said to bring her in for a $120 emergency check up. I brought her in and they took her right away and demanded to take my card in which they charged us $800 for her emergency. After waiting for a few minutes outside they give us a call and say we either have to euthanize her and put her to sleep or preform a $10k surgery on her where she might also not survive. We were able to go in to see her and we saw that she had no iv drip on her like they said or any other care, other than her being wet because they poured water on her to keep her feel cooler because of her high fever. After hours of being with her and talking to the doctor we decided to take her out and bring her in to our house to have a peaceful death because the clinic showed no compassion and gave us no other option. This place made me sick and I wish we would’ve taken our pup somewhere else where she would have been actually treated and taken care of better. This place is a scam to take your money and not care for your pet.

Lisa Martinelli

2 years ago

The doctors were really fantastic! So caring and compassionate! They took the best care of my dog! They were able to diagnose him thoroughly and help me in decisions for care and all options. I knew he was in the best hand while he was there! Thank you MarQueen! Nothing but kindness and dignity for my sweet boy.

Livi West

2 years ago

One extra star because I understand the overflow of patients during COVID makes things difficult. This is mainly for the way they handled it over the phone. My dog has a life threatening blockage and requires surgery ASAP. I didn’t know this at the time of bringing him to the Marqueen Clinic, but it was definitely my highest concern. The woman I spoke to on the phone was not helpful. She took down my information, with each single question there would be a literal minute of uncomfortable silence in between. At one point I had to politely ask if she was still present. Finally, she told me that I need to wait for a technician to meet me outside but didn’t tell me how long it would take, trying to rush me off the phone. I asked at the last second approximately how long the wait will be, and she flatly said 4-5 hours. After I appeared frazzled by the comment, she decided to send someone out to check on him quickly. They checked his vitals and then dismissed him as being fine but asked me to come back in the morning. I called out of work the next morning and checked in with Marqueen, where they told me that I lost my spot in line and they can’t take him in. I finally found another amazing, helpful and kind clinic that would look at him and they determined that he had two blockages requiring surgery immediately. My primary vet also told me that the diagnosis is life threatening and cannot wait. Don’t waste your time on Marqueen, at least not during covid while they’re short staffed and dismissive. They sent my dog home as a “non-life threatening” case based off his vital signs, when they can’t determine that without actually examining him beyond the parking lot. The technician was kind but the girl on the phone sucks.

Ruby Jaye

2 years ago

We love MarQueen! They have been treating our 10yo dog who was diagnosed with two types of cancer last year. They removed his thyroid and got him in remission. The doctors are amazing.

Haley DiPalma

2 years ago

They're always willing to see my pets which is great, because our regular vet is almost always booked several weeks out. I've taken all our animals to them at one point or another and they are always great. Also, they do same day euthanasia, which we unfortunately found out due to the fact that the poor dog was suffering, but they were amazing through a tough time like that as well.

Maggie Rousseau

2 years ago

I am a veterinarian who refers my patients here for emergencies and specialty services. I brought my own dog here for an internal medicine visit and have nothing but good things to say. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. Curbside service during Covid is a challenge and MarQueen staff rises to the task. I highly recommend this clinic!

Megan Jesus

2 years ago

I called regarding an emergency situation with my cat. They told me to watch him over night and bring him in the next day if he got worse. When I attempted to bring him in as they advised prior...because he was much worse ..they said they couldn't see him and told me to go elsewhere. Horrible service especially in an emergency situation! No care or concern. I hope karma comes around.

Truth Betold

2 years ago

Please don’t take your pet here. We called to see if we could get our Frenchie seen quickly because she was throwing up, lethargic, having trouble breathing they said absolutely bring her in. We rush there, call them once we get there and we wait and wait for over an hour as other people pull up and walk across the parking lot with their dog. My dog ( a year and a half years old) was getting worse by the minute. We call they put us on hold. I start calling other hospitals near by and rush her to another hospital she passed away 10 minutes before we got to the other hospital. I think I’m still in shock since this just happened I’m angry I’m so damn angry & definitely will be speaking to my father who is an attorney to make sure this never happens to anyone else’s pet again. RIP SUSHI

Ciera McClain

2 years ago

Came in on an emergency visit for my 6 year old dog. He began walking like he as drunk, throwing up, not eating as much. It was the 3rd day that the vomiting started and we took him in. The Dr. Immediately thought he had ingested to much THC. I explained many times we do not use and that could not be an option. The doctors never let it go. I have them much detail about what he eats, where he goes (home mainly), that he likes to play and eat bugs and or spiders, there are fox tails in my backyard, etc. Everyone thing I brought up was shut down and I was asked about thc again. He has very similar symptoms of being bit by a black widow, vertigo, and an inner ear infection but's THC they continue to go back too. We left the vet with no answers and no idea what is happening or how to help him. Blood work was done and came back great. He got fluids and anti nausea medicine and went home. 2 days later he isn't getting better and I take him in and after waiting for almost 4 hours in the parking for them to take him back, they instantly ask again about thc. I'm fuming at this point and tell the dr. Fo drug test us both because we don't smoke weed and I'm DONE hearing thc is the answer. $510 later they have no idea and want me to go to a place to have a $4000 MRI done. I will never be back. No one listened to our concerns and treated my dog like they actually cared.

Leila Sermek

2 years ago

The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained well what is going on with our dog.

Jackie Witko

2 years ago

My niece took her cat in because her regular vet was closed, after 5+ hours of sitting in her vehicle and being asked for more and more money with no diagnosis my wife finally intervened and found out that there was a intestinal blockage which they said would be an 8 to 10 thousand dollar surgery or euthanasia, 36 hours later after a $3,000 surgery and overnight stay with her regular vet my niece's cat is doing just fine.

Jenn Groves

2 years ago

We recently brought our golden in and found out he had a tumor on his heart. He is only 4 years old. We had to bring him back to see a cardiologist to confirm and I am so disappointed in their service. We paid $600 for an echo and the cardiologist didn’t even call us to talk to us personally. The vet on called us to tell us the news and had horrible bed side manner. She was not compassionate at all gave us very little info and basically was rude. Very disappointed in their service. I feel a call from the actual cardiologist was in order especially with this type of a diagnosis.

Francine Painter

2 years ago

Took my very old and sick dog dog to be euthanized last Sunday. The vet techs came to my car immediately and carried her in. They put the catheter in and then called us in so we could be with her.Even through such a difficult and emotional time I felt the techs and vet were excellent for such a difficult situation.

Miss Lynne

2 years ago

This was my second visit here. Both visits were met with love and care. Thank you to the staff for what you do. It can't be easy. Remember to take time for self care. You are as important as what you do. Thank you again.

t stull

2 years ago

Wow! Highly Recommend! After an absolutely horrible experience with ER in Reno , this was amazing! Friendly, attentive , Dozer not traumatized like he was last night, even on a gorgeous Easter Sunday the staff was relaxed and happy Worth! Worth the drive from Truckee!!!

Deanna S

2 years ago

First time here with my first time mama dog. She has really painful mastitis. They got her in quickly, the staff has kept me updated on every single thing that's happening. Giving me options on treatment. I really like this place and the people who work here are kind and professional.

Brittany Sawyer

2 years ago

Not happy with their services will not recommend. Non compassionate and didn't seem to understand losing one dog in my life want hard enough they over charged my credit card after told them I did not want to continue services. Long story but I ended up losing my beloved (boi)

Nathan Hunt

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about MarQueen after we had to take our dog there this weekend. This is the third vet I have gone to during COVID and the staff was very kind, patient and understanding. Dr. Pearson explained and reexplained our options to us several times and di so in a kind and compassionate manner. They are also very clear on what to expect as far as communication, wait times etc. Although our day didn't end as we had hoped with the help of the staff at MarQueen we could be sure that we were making the right decision with confidence.

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