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Leslie Parrish

2 years ago

Saw your review on Me being a (retired) yorkie breeder, I had to check your yorkies out. Beautiful 5 star for sure. Be safe & prayers to you and your family.

Laura Fitzgerald

2 years ago

Blueberry Brook Yorkies was great to work with. We had a specific type of yorkie we wanted (parti yorkie) and also wanted a certain sex and predicted size (we know the best that one can do is predict size and there is never a size guarantee however we were looking for a size that at least was “charting” to be on the smaller side of the normal breed standard when born). When we explained the color, size and sex that we were looking for, this breeder was honest that parti yorki females had a waiting list and she was honest about how long I may end up waiting. She didn’t make false promises to get me what I wanted sooner than she could provide it. In addition she promised in writing to refund my deposit if she did not end up having a parti female for me by the time she had projected to have one, and said that if I found one with another breeder and didn’t want to wait longer she would refund no problem. More than once she offered to make good on that promise as she knew we had recently lost our 15 year old yorkie and still had one dog at home that was lonely and ready for a new fur sibling. We thanked her for offering but told her we had actually met a family with one of her yorkies recently and he was so sweet with a great temperament and healthy, so we wanted to continue to wait for one of her future litters. We got the call at the tail end of the predicted month she had given us, to let us know that she had a beautiful new baby for us to consider. She was everything we had hoped for. Our sweet girl is bright eyed, beautiful and healthy. We were able to meet the parents as well as other dams, sires, and litters. They were all healthy and clearly family pets (yes all of them) and their gorgeous home and property were clean. They had us take off shoes and clean our hands to protect their dogs, and they gave us phone numbers for day or night and have helped me with a couple questions. These are covid times and it is very hard to hand over a sweet tiny puppy to a vet and sit outside while they take it in for vaccines so when I mentioned this, the breeder invited us to come back to them for free for the next two rounds of vaccines. It was perfect to be able to be with her while she was cared for. I can’t say enough about how smooth and pleasant this experience has been. I have purchased a yorkie before (15 years ago) from another breeder and everything seemed shady and when it was time to pick up that puppy it seemed as if the dog was flown in from another state...but we had made our deposit and took the chance on accepting her because we didn’t want to lose money and we felt sorry for the pup when we met her. We were right to have been worried- she was sickly on and off all 15 years we had her. The experience with Blueberry brook (and her whole family because they are all breeders really) was the exact opposite of the experience when we had our first yorkie years ago. This time was so different being in someone’s home, meeting every animal and seeing how they ran their business aka took care of their family pets. Yes it took months on a wait list and yes it was on the higher end of the cost spectrum for what we wanted, but we do not worry about things like liver shunt or luxating patella or other anatomical things that careless unethical breeders pump out (or fly in from puppy mills). This breeder is the real deal and well worth the wait and cost because we have had our family pets 15-20 years and it really makes a difference to have pets that are healthy (the vet bills we spent on our last unhealthy yorkie over her lifetime far outweighed a slightly more expensive yorkie at birth). Our sweet girl doesn’t have issues and was bred for sweet temperament. We recommend you contact this family of breeders and get on the waitlist and start your countdown to get the puppy your family has been waiting for l!

Ashlee Martinez

2 years ago

I have had my Morkie for almost a month now and we couldn’t be more happy with him! I went over to see a yorkie puppy, but ran into this little guy and fell in love. I was lucky enough to not have to wait on a waitlist for him, I just had to wait 2 weeks before bringing him home. I took him to the vet recently for shots and was told he was the healthiest puppy they’ve seen! He loves people and other dogs, so socializing hasn’t been a problem for him. Everyone in Blueberry Brook was so friendly and helpful throughout the process, they take such good care of their dogs and puppies. When you buy a puppy from them, it’s definitely coming pre-loved and pre-spoiled. Chico has been such a joy to have as a first time dog owner and I can’t wait to work with Jennie in the future when I’m ready to give him a sibling!

Stephanie Smyth

2 years ago

I can’t thank Blueberry Brook Yorkies enough for bringing my precious yorkie puppy into my life. I did a ton of research before purchasing my first puppy and was able to find them through the AKC directory. Jennie was great throughout the entire process. I was put on a waitlist and patiently awaited for my puppy for about 5 months. As a first time owner, I had a ton of questions about the breed and Jennie was always great about answering me. When I was next on the waitlist, I was able to see pictures of all the available pups and choose my puppy! On the day I went to pick him up, I was so excited. In total I was at their home for one hour to fill out some paperwork and complete payment. They were great about giving me instructions and tips on caring for the puppy. They also sent me home with a ton of food and supplements. It was a great experience and I know where to go, if I ever need a sibling for my baby!

Yaya Salgado

3 years ago

Very happy Yorkies and in good health when they came home. Jennie is very nice and very invested in making sure that her Yorkies go home to the right family. She will help you during and after their transitional period. She helped us with concerns or questions we had as new parents to our baby Yorkie.

Sarah Mori

3 years ago

I got my Lois from Blueberry Brooke Yorkies in December of 2018. While Lois is not the first yorkie I have had, she is one of the best in terms of health. Shortly after receiving her, we took her to the vet for our routine "Puppy Check" and our vet kept telling us how she was one of the healthiest puppies he's seen in a long time and how loved she looked already. Now that I no longer live in CA, I would typically look for a breeder close by, but myself and my family believe when the time comes, we will go back to Jennie and Blueberry Brook for our next addition.


3 years ago

Blueberry Brook Yorkies is amazing!!!! We cannot thank them enough for selling us one of the sweetest and smartest Yorkies you will ever meet, Baby Bella. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable and truly cares about all of her dogs from the mama/daddy down to the babies. They get so much love and socialization before they go to their forever homes its obvious when you bring home your fur baby. When we took our little one to the vet for her first appointment, the vet said she had a great bill of health. The owner has remained in contact with us and loves when we share pictures of milestones and cute moments we have with Bella. We could not be happier with Bella. We love her so much we’ve even put down a deposit for another. There are so many scary breeders and stories about buying dogs but you can be certain you will not be sorry if you buy your puppy from Blueberry Brook Yorkies. I normally don’t write review but in this case I wanted to share my experience for those of you who are serious about buying from a quality breeder. We will forever refer all of our friends and families to them.

Michelle MUA

3 years ago

We purchased our puppy and are beyond happy with him!!! They were soo very helpful in answering all our questions. We were kept up to date with him and were sent photos and videos of him while he was in there care. We highly recommend these breeders!!!

Leah McElveen

3 years ago

After 3 1/2 years it was time to find a new Yorkie to join my family. I found Blueberry Brook on the AKC website and sent a message. I was received a prompt response. I discussed my desire for a male yorkie and I was sent some pictures. …

Karen B

3 years ago

We had our first yorkie 17 1/2 years before she passed. After she was gone, the house was so quiet that we knew we had to get another yorkie. I searched for a reputable breeder for days. I found there are so many scammers out there. We …

Julie Gill

3 years ago

My daughter and I bought Barkeley, an eight week old parti Yorkshire terrier from Blueberry Brook Yorkies with the assistance of Jennie. It was a wonderful experience. What made the experience even more wonderful was the fact that Blueberry …

Julee Peterson

3 years ago

We bought a golden Yorkshire terrier in April and asked for a sweet disposition and a good lap dog for my daughter. Blueberry Brook Yorkies suggested the puppy we bought over some we were previously looking at in their other liters. They were spot on. We got the most amazing, sweet and smart puppy that loves everyone she meets. She’s the perfect family pet. I’d recommend Blueberry Brook Farms (and already have) to anyone looking for a quality Yorkshire Terrier

Jean Pihl

3 years ago

I went to check out Blueberry Brook Yorkies before I decided to get one of their pups. I was impressed with them, the facility and their breeding practices, and think I made friends with the breeder family. …

Jannie Ho

3 years ago

If you're looking for a bright and well mannered adorable Yorkie pup, I highly recommend reaching out to Blueberry Brook Yorkies! Jennie is great to work with and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the breed. We had the chance to meet all available puppies and their parents before making a decision and she was so patient answering all of our questions. She allowed us to take our time as we couldn't decide between two and she made sure we were comfortable with our decision. Jennie is also great at sending you lots of pictures, videos and updates on the pups before you bring them home. Small dogs tend to have a bad reputation for being yappy but her dogs are the opposite! Lovey Dovey and Donovan (the Dam and Sire) were so friendly and didn't bark once while we were there. Their perfect genes were passed down to our Bella because she is just as friendly and well behaved as they are. Again, I couldn't be happier with Blueberry Brook Yorkies and highly recommend them if you're looking to add a Yorkie to your family.

J Sneed

3 years ago

Great Breeder who takes pride in the quality of their pups! This is our first parti Yorkie, but we have had other Breeder experiences. Our little guy is adorable! Having so much fun playing and exploring his new world, with a typical terrier attitude! He is confident and spunky, and settled right into our environment when we brought him home~all the sign of a healthy, well-bred and cared for animal prior to us getting him. They are very knowledgeable about Yorkies and were helpful when we were first looking, as well as communicative during the whole process. A little more pricey than some, but highly recommend this quality Breeder who cares for the well-being of the Animal, not just to make a sale!

Dainty Dolls

3 years ago

There are a lot of breeders out there and it's easy to get overwhelmed when you're searching for that perfect little furbaby to add to your family. First impressions go a long way and when I came across this little fluff ball in a newsboy hat, I was in love! The beautiful photo drew me in and led me to Jennie, owner of Blueberry Brook Yorkies. Jennie gives so much information to prospective puppy parents and is extremely knowledgable about the breed. All of her dogs and puppies are part of her family and treated as such, which is super important for a puppy's well being and getting a good start to being a sweet, well mannered pup. I always recommend Blueberry Brook to any of my friends looking to add a yorkie to their family. Since we got our boy, Jennie has helped us get our first parti yorkie too. Photos are of our boy as a baby, 9 months and 3 years and our new parti girl. ????????????

Annelise Gill-Wiehl

3 years ago

I got little Barkeley, a parti yorkie, from Blueberry Brook. Its been 3 weeks, and we couldn't be more in love with our little buddy. Jenny was wonderful--sending us pictures almost every day in anticipation until he was old enough to bring home. Jenny gave us all the clear paper work and his health records. It was so professional and wonderful--even in a global pandemic! We absolutely had the best experience with Blueberry and would recommend it to anyone who wants an adorable dog who just wants to give and receive love!!

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Blueberry Brook Yorkies, California, Roseville

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