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a year ago

Owner and one of his older workers are always very rude, very short with you everytime I go in there. They don't have an customer service skills and never helpful when asking questions about my pets.

Barb Onken

a year ago

Daryl's has been a wonderful asset to our community for decades. The employees are always so helpful with any and all questions we have ever had about any of our pets. Thanks to all that work there!

Carlos Sanchez

a year ago

Not happy with this place and how they conducted business. Will not come back.

Christina Rains

a year ago

Very disappointed in this business. Poor customer service. Attacking someone verbally and lying about them because of their political views (which they encountered previously not at the time the customer was shopping) is absolutely wrong. I support small businesses and always advocate for polite and kind interactions. I sadly will not be supporting this business.

Cynthia Gonzalez

a year ago

Sign outside says Daryl's pet & GROOMING. When I walked in and asked if they provide nail clipping for my pet. The lady working said they don't provide any grooming services. Like I was supposed to know that for some reason. Not very friendly not to mention there was no customers inside either. Maybe she was just having a bad day.

Damon Hill

a year ago

I respect everyone's right to refuse service to any individual, but it's definitely not very kind and considerate. When the reason you decide to refuse service to someone is politically motivated and you verbally attack them, you should expect to receive negative feedback in return. I don't plan to ever shop at your store based on your treatment of an individual for no reason other than his political stance.

Dina Nimmo

a year ago

I love stopping by this pet store. The staff is very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. Conveniently located to stop by while I'm downtown shopping and dining. I definitely recommend visiting them and supporting a great small business.

Erin Mason

a year ago

Went looking for CBD oil for my dog. I walked in and was greeted immediately. The woman working answered my questions, recommended a product and I was back out the door with my purchase within 5 minutes.

Holly Childs

a year ago

I will never visit and spend money at this pet shop. The owner is very judgmental, bias and bigoted against people based on race, appearance, views... Big NO for this shop????????

Teresa Causey

a year ago

I would not recommend any establishment who discriminates based on race, gender, class, religious or political ideology or for any other reason. This establishment, without personally knowing my friend, refused service to a wonderful man solely due to his political views and community involvement. He simply walked in to make a purchase and they asked him to leave because "we don't like (his last name) here". Apparently in America these days, we don't judge someone on the content of their character, but rather on the color of their skin and if their ideologies match yours. I will never do business here and I will make sure to encourage others to do the same.

SoCal P8triot

a year ago

Daryl's has been exposed for discriminatory practices by refusing to allow a customer into the store simply because they are aware of and disagree with his political leanings.


a year ago

A friend and I went in the store since we were spending the day shopping in Redlands and because pet stores are usually happy places to buy pet food, treats and check out potential pet additions. The bad energy was immediate when we walked in: a sad, single guinea pig tarantulas in boxes piled up. An unhealthy looking Tegu and snake habitats too small. We went to the back since I have an aviary of parakeets and saw they were selling parakeets. When you see 10 or 12 parakeets in a small cage, with no enrichment sitting wing to wing, not saying a word, not chirping not playing with each other just blank depressed faces it's soul crushing if you are an animal lover. The cage on the top had a bit more room but you couldn't see the birds because of the seed net. When I asked the unfriendly man behind the counter if I could just pull it down a bit to be able to see the birds he looked at me not only with a look of disgust but condescension I definitely expected a more upscale, more positive, better animal husbandry for the stores location and for being in a well trafficked area of Redlands. Sadly, a big box store like Petco seems to have better animal husbandry and attention to the animals and a staff more suited to working with animals than this location. Definitely won't be back instead of it being a happy place it was a very sad experience and I feel sorry for their animals and fish

Lydia Summerville

a year ago

Denying a person into your shop because you disagree with them is not only a terrible business model, but also unethical, petty, and just plain wrong. I love supporting local small businesses, but I won’t be supporting this one. Shame.

Jenifer Rains

a year ago

Rude, hostile, accusing, need I say more? This business has proven to be discriminating and horrendous.

Jack Steil

a year ago

Daryl's is great. They are always super helpful and the customer service is always outstanding. They are a great community influence and a small business you should definitely patronize. Super proud to support them!


a year ago

Got me with the Ole bait and switch maneuver. Called and they said they carry male and female pet mice. Drove over and was told that they only sale males and keep the females to breed. Like really guys. You can't sale one mouse to a customer. Wowzer!!!!!!!! Obviously they are willing to say whatever just to get you down their. Never going back.


a year ago

Great local pet shop, they always have unique pets, and doggy treats.

Kj Flory

a year ago

Would rate a 0 if I could after my experience today. The woman behind the counter was condescending and rude beyond belief. Possibly the worst customer experience I've ever had in a 3 minute interaction. I understand sometimes people have bad days, but this was really the rudest anyone has ever been to me at a pet supply store....how can you be that miserable and angry working around animals all day??? Maybe find a new job if you are that unhappy in life, because there is no way our polite and cheerful greetings earned that attitude so all I can think is the woman hates her job or life or???

Peter Rivas

a year ago

Been visiting Daryl's at their different locations, for many years. Always friendly/helpful staff, with a nice variety of pets to purchase.

Kate Ball

2 years ago

The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. Nice place to get feeders for reptiles.

Vee Bee

2 years ago

I used to recommend them to everyone but this place has gone downhill. Prices were always higher than the box stores and I never had a problem paying a little extra to support a small business, usually getting better quality. Over the years everything has gotten so much more expensive here that it's now twice as much as other small business pet shops in the area for the same or lower quality. Employees are not nearly as friendly as they used to be, like their attitude has changed and they're not so happy to talk to you. Parking sucks at this location, it's never a quick run in unless you're lucky enough to get there as someone is leaving. I'd rather drive to the next city over to shop at a small business with more competitive pricing and happier employees.

Sarah Rivera

2 years ago

Darrell's pet shop is not what it used to be when I was younger in my 20s but it's still a good place to go

Roxas Elric

2 years ago

I come here for super worms and they are always wonderful!!

Colby Massoth

2 years ago

Great place to buy crickets

Wayne Moore

2 years ago

We get cbd oil for our pets there great price

The Results Group 909-345-0909

2 years ago

Daryl's Pet Shop is a great local pet shop which has come to be known and loved by many people in Redlands. We like the idea of being able to support a good local business so we will often times come here whenever we need something for one of our cats or dogs. However we also like to come here even when we may not necessarily need something just because its fun to look around and see what new pets they have in. For being a small shop they have a surprisingly decent selection of pets from cats to reptiles. We would definitely recommend any fellow pet lovers in the area check this place out!

Moises De La Torre

2 years ago

They always have live white mice available for my daughter's Rosy Boa.

Eris njeshi

2 years ago

My Yorkie is a very picky eater, it was by chance that I entered this store and found Taste of The wild dog food. My dog loves it.

jacob martin

2 years ago

Friendly staff, Got my tortoise and tarantulas from here. I do go here for the variety of food that they have for my tarantulas. I also go here for their cages. I had to do my own research on the tarantulas, but the store did not give me anything unnecessary. They also have sources to other websites that allow you to do you own research.


2 years ago

Definitely love the homely feeling this store brings, such as a local petstore should. They have a variety of animals that range from standard to exotic. I do love shopping here for the tarantulas. I mainly go for the exotic creatures, and this store definitely has them.

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