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Sandrine Hill

2 years ago

This is long overdue. We got our German shepherd from Linda 2 years ago. Our kids renamed her Arlo. She is such a wonderful dog and we couldn't ask for a better companion. She is smart and very friendly. We love her to bits.

C Marie Thompson

2 years ago

Working with Linda and Julie at Lundborg Land has been a good experience. They are responsive, answer my questions and are up front and honest with me during the entire process. Highly recommend them!

Gary Newport Jake

2 years ago

Best of the best !!!

jana greenlee

2 years ago

we got Natasha way back brought her home back in October 2011 beautiful dog wonderful disposition amazing just amazing

Fred Koch

2 years ago

The best of the best.

Gwendolyn Henstridge

3 years ago

We got our boy from Linda on Jan 8th 2021 and it was the best decision we made. He's son of Arrex and Eifa and he is amazing!!! These dogs are beautifully bred, and cared for. I'd definitely look to Lundborg Land again for a GSD.

Umesh Kurpad

3 years ago

We purchased our puppy back in 2012. She is now 8 years old and just a wonderful companion. Over time, her vocabulary has expanded and she is incredibly tuned into you. She is also very regimented and has her routine every day. We still get a lot of "beautiful dog" comments when we walk her.

Orlando Acevedo

3 years ago

Very dedicated in there Dogs

marie hammond

3 years ago

We got our amazing beautiful long hair GS puppy Gracey from Lundborg Land on 9/5/2020. Daughter if Ken and Natalie. She is gorgeous both in her physical appearance and her personality! She has fit into our family perfect, we have a 10 year old daughter and a 6 year old Pomeranian too! She is smart and we have started her training two weeks ago at our house and it’s going great! GS learn so fast and want to please you! We absolutely love her! We were so lucky to find Linda and her German Shepherds at Lundborg Land. It’s our first GSD and Linda has been so helpful with all of my questions about our puppy. We would recommend her to all those serious about getting a GSD. She cares about her dogs and goes above and beyond to ensure you have all the information necessary to raise the best dog. We want to thank her for giving us our Gracey!


3 years ago

Super helpful and amazing GSDs!

Gary Temel

3 years ago

I have recently spoken to Linda and her daughter that know everything there is about this breed. We wanted the right dog and she has different upcoming litters. She explained to me everything about each parent. I now have a deposit and must say I have called her several times already and she is always more than willing to answer my questions.I My fater in law is a well known breeder from Germany and has spoken to Linda and says she is one of the best breeders out there. Best quality dogs he has seen in the usa. Look forward to getting my new puppy and already. have learned a lot from Linda.

Bill douglas

3 years ago

About 14 years ago we went to see Linda's German Shepherds. She didn't have any puppies but she had several dogs under 1 year old. She let the four of them out of their cages and the dogs went running around the yard. Except for one dog who ran up to greet us. It was like she adopted us! She was such a great Shepherd! Very trainable, kind and loving. She was well bred.and lots of fun to have. Her dad was Urban, a championship dog. It was a match made in heaven! Being new owners, Linda was very helpful and supportive. We loved our beloved Bonny Vom Lumborg-land. I need help in talking my wife into allowing me to have another Shepherd!

B Reddy

3 years ago

We got our puppy back in March 2019 from Linda. Linda is very knowledgeable about her dogs. Till date I still reach out to her with any questions or concerns about my dog and she always has better advise then the vets. She still has a genuine love and concern for her puppies. Her dogs are amazing and beautiful and it shows in the puppies. We always get compliments on how beautiful our dog is from random people. He is honestly the best dog I have ever had. Very smart, loves kids, great temperament, athletic, and a good sense of protection! If you are looking for a German Shepard that is a good family dog I highly recommend Linda. She is a great breeder

thomas smith

4 years ago

I look forward to meeting with the owner as I want a puppy

Scott r

4 years ago

CAUTION! Had a one of their German Shepard's BITE my 7yr son in the head! We purchased a puppy from them last year and had several issues with our puppy being mouthy, nipping and biting our kids. Spoke several times about our concerns of biting with Linda (Owner) and she advised its normal and will pass with time, she did say to try pinching the lip of the puppy when he bits or nips. We tried this without success, unfortunately. Our boy (German Shepard) grew up fast and was trained to sit, down, stay and come all with great confidence even under distraction. However a couple of days ago our German Shepard from Lundborg-Land bit my son in the head causing a puncture to his left temple that was bleeding. This was witnessed by my 18yr son that was with my youngest boy. They were not rough housing/play rough, when our Shepard trotted by them put his whole mouth over my 7yrs head and bit down causing the above injury. Terrified we put our 11 1/2 month old pup in his kennel. I called Linda and the conversation took a weird turn where she was almost blaming me and my family for not training our Shepard correctly, surprisingly she was never concerned about the Shepard she sold us or the injury to my son. We expressed our concern that we now have a very expensive German Shepard that we are terrified of and can't be trusted to be with our children (alway under supervision for good reason). She asked me what we think she should do, I said take the Shepard back (which is going to be super rough on our family because we have bonded with him over the last 11 months) and offer us a refund. She replied "we will take him back but we never give refunds". The conversation ended there, I texted her the next day, her response was, that again this is a training issue and not a temperament issue. Our family has owned several dogs including a German Shepard and have never had an issue like this ever! It also surprising that after spending so much money with a breeder, that has a training staff, she has never offered my family any type of refund or training at her facility so they could see and evaluate him (our german shepard). I have spoken with other breeders and they were all appalled that a German Shepard bit one of the children within its own family, and said there is something wrong with that Shepard (temperament). Just be aware that if you ever have an issue even when you have repeatedly expressed your concerns you will never get any sort of customer service, just brushed off and told you didn't do proper training or not enough exercise was provided(all false in this case). Their solution is not acceptable to my family, we will not wait for our Shepard to cause further injury to our children. Without a refund we don't have any funds to purchase a new Shepard from another breeder. So scary to have experienced this and so sad for this expensive breeder, BE CAUTIOUS!

Rich Almack

4 years ago

My Nero goes home to Linda & his mom and dad every summer. It’s heaven in Riverside County.


4 years ago

Liked the seclusion will come back

Alfonso Aduna

4 years ago

My dad and my family have purchased many dogs here she is the best German Shepherd breader in southern California. If your looking for German Shepards this is the place to go.

Vanessa Plaskett

5 years ago

Our Dog Barron Z Lundborg-Land is the most beautiful dog I have ever had bar none. I am always getting stopped by people telling me how beautiful he is and gentle he is with children. Training has been a interesting experience and we look forward to having Linda help with that as well. Thank you Linda

Scott Kearney

5 years ago

I've had gsds my whole life. Most from top shelf breeders. However, my gsd pup from Linda is hands down the best of the best.

Rayetta Philen

5 years ago

I have 3 amazing shepherds from Linda, including Axel, who is my very first dog. Linda has taken literally a 100 calls from me, always willing to answer my questions or address any concerns. I too get asked constantly where they are from. Many people have never seen a black & red GSD & are stunned at how beautiful they are. All shepherds require a ton of training!!.. these guys have been no exception. However, temperament relies a lot on genetics. My guys were not raised with small children, but nonetheless love them! Do lots of research before getting a GSD... they’re not for the lazy & not for the faint of heart. And if you decide to move forward, go Lundborg’s facilities & see for yourself.

Heath Deschenes

6 years ago

We selected Lundborg-Land after doing plenty of research and ended up feeling very comfortable with Linda's knowledge and experience. We took home a gorgeous Ken/Charlie. Linda has been very helpful with all my questions and is always thinking of the best interest for her puppies. We could not be happier.

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