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Maria Porto

2 years ago

Heaven sent K9 is a beautiful place, Sogan is amazing with all her animals! But her dog training I would recommend to anyone in the area!

Lorenzo Chaidez

2 years ago

Sogand is a true expert at what she does, she understands the psychology and behavior of each dog and their unique presentation. She worked with our puppy Zoey and after just 1 session our dog no longer pulled on the leash and walks weren't stressful anymore. We are so impressed with her work that we had our dog go through two board and train sessions (basic training and off leash training) and Zoey is now a completely different dog and we are happy dog owners! Sogand is amazing to work with, so knowledgeable, and very creative in her approaches to any issue your dog may have. Highly recommend reaching out to her for all your dog training needs!

Rita Miranda

2 years ago

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Rescued a 1 & 1/2 old Shepard mix who came with a handful of problems: Leash aggressive , separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive in the home, hurt himself to escape the crate- to name a few. I did a few months of weekly private sessions with a different trainer and got no results. My vet gave me 2 options - sedate him all the time or euthanize bc his behaviors were too severe and he was already surrendered to the shelter once before. I found Sogand online, and figured what do I have to lose. After one private session, I saw he had hope and could live a happy life without being tranquilized. We did her board and care and it was the best decision. I got back a different dog- calmer, happier and obedient. Sogand understood what my dogs problem was, targeted a specific program for him and then gave me to tools to help him through it. I am forever grateful to her and her program and would WITHOUT hesitation recommend her to anyone I come across who needs help with their fur baby. Thank you again!

Lorena Beck

2 years ago

Having a small ranch with twin daughters and a disabled elderly mother, my husband and I decided to adopt a two-year-old female German Shepherd named Athena. However, we ended up with a WILD dog! Athena had already undergone a two-week positive reinforcement obedience program before arriving to live with us so it was quite unsettling when she was still growling, barking, nipping our hands/feet, bolting out the door, stealing/chewing our stuff, jumping on people, super hyper/agitated, being aggressive towards humans/runners/cyclists/dogs/sheep/chickens/goats/pigs/horses, chasing cars/lawn mower/vacuum, leash reactive, and being completely disobedient. At this point, we had two options either give her up or find another trainer who specializes in CRAZY dogs. We decided on the latter and found Sogand from Heaven Sent K-9. Within 5 minutes of our first training session, we knew our prayers were answered. Sogand immediately let Athena know that her behavior was not acceptable and put her to work. After a few one hour sessions and a two week Behavior Modification And Aggression Rehabilitation all of our stress and anxiety has been completely been wiped out. We no longer live in fear of Athena hurting family, friends, neighbors, and animals. Today, we are able to take her on walks, have company over, and even take her inside stores. We are so happy and thankful that Sogand helped Athena and gave our family an awesome gift! Sogand truly is a God-send!

Catrina Counts-Perry

2 years ago

Beautiful environment for any animal. Trainer is amazing!!!!

Tanya Rangan

2 years ago

Sogand is amazing! We had been searching yelp and calling different trainers, but we were highly against positive reinforcement-only training. We had tried that the first year that we got our dog and it absolutely does not work! Our dog …

Rina Webster

2 years ago

Receptionist was rude when I called

Partha Patel

2 years ago

We sent both of our dogs Dodger and Hudson to Heaven Sent! We figured it would be best to send them as a pair. Hudson went for moral support! Dodger had a streak of being aggressive towards people and other dogs. Our biggest struggle was trying to calm him down and listening. The two weeks with Sogand totally transformed his behavior. He played well with other dogs and also was kind to other people. I think aside from Dodger getting trained, Sogand also spent over an hour training us. The key to all of this is to carry what we’ve learned to our home. I am happy to report that Dodger is totally a new dog with Sogand’s guidance we were able to implement her techniques in any setting. We had a couple of friends over and naturally i was a little nervous about Dodger. We used the commands Sogand taught us and within 2-3 minutes Dodger went from barking to calm and ready to play and greet our friends! It was so amazing to see! Sogand is truly a genuine person and you can tell she is really passionate about animals and I think the coolest part is she trains them on her massive ranch with her animals as well. Overall, this experience was everything and more. Please entrust all your training needs with Heaven Sent!

Olivia Nortrup

2 years ago

Sogand is an absolute miracle worker. I was in desperate need of help for my Belgian Malinois puppy. She had extreme fear aggression to the point where I could barely take her on a walk without her lunging at runners, bikes, and especially dogs. I had gone through 3 different trainers and nothing seemed to be helping my pup. I feel so lucky to have found Sogand boarding and training program. After a quick phone call and research on the website I was hopeful this was the right place. Luna did the boarding and training back in July when she was 7 months old. Throughout the 2 weeks Sogand sent me videos almost daily and I couldn’t believe the progress I was seeing. She was hanging around the other dogs without a muzzle on and was comfortable around people. When I picked her up, Sogand educated me on her breed and behavior and explained this was not going to be an overnight fix and I would have to stay on top of the training. And wow I am happy I did. We went back for training weekly and the improvements are incredible. Fast forward two months and she’s a totally different dog. I moved across the country and was able to take Luna on the plane with ease. We now live with 2 other dogs and have people going in and out of the house all the time and she is doing phenomenal. We still have to stay on top of the training but I cannot thank Sogand and her dogs enough for guiding us through this training process. HIGHLY recommend her training program!

Matthew Ringer

2 years ago

I took my American Bulldog Bebo to Sogand and Heaven Sent K-9 after I had reached my limit trying to curb my dogs bad behaviors . My dog would be very stubborn listening to my commands and would jump up on you and knock you over. It got so …

Jenny Pittard

2 years ago

Sogand not only changed my life but most importantly my dog drifts life. Drift is a 2 yr old newfiepoo with a large attitude. He was the boss and he wasn’t happy being that way. Sogand taught me how to raise a thriving responsive dog. He needed rules and commands to work. She gave me every tool needed to maintain the hard work she put in to him during the 2week boarding training program. He interacted with all the different animals on her farm and worked on responding to other dogs that live there as well. She taught me that he would continue to make mistakes and although they’re hard and stress you out they are necessary in the maintaining of the training. Drift comes on command, stays on command heels on our walks and doesn’t jump out at every dog. She truly loves animals and is very strong in her training principle’s. I respect her immensely and would recommend her to any of you looking to get a happy healthy thriving respectful dog. A dog you can take anywhere with you and enjoy that time. It’s hard work and doesn’t just magically change but it does change you which can only help and change your challenging dog. I was able to contact her any time I had a question or worry and she always helped me work through it. There are ways to continue the training with off leash which I can’t wait to do. Thank you so much Sogand!

Elisa Tl

2 years ago

This is a very overdue review. I've been working with Sogand for a year. That's how long overdue and I can't even begin to express my gratitude for what's she's done for me. She's gave me all the hope in the world when I thought I had all …

Christian Clark

2 years ago

I was very hesitant to do the 2 week board and train for my one year old golden retriever Charlie, I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money. After 2 weeks with Sara, I couldn’t be happier! She truly cares about her clients and sent me multiple videos a day showing Charlie’s progress. She continues to answer my endless questions and offer advice and support. I couldn’t be happier with Heaven sent K9, and Sara! Worth every penny

Callie Voiers

2 years ago

Sogand is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with! I have tried working with multiple other trainers for my dog (most who were much more expensive) with much less success. I have a dog who has issues with aggression and anxiety and …

Asa Greenberg

2 years ago

Sogand is an incredible trainer. She doesn't just get dogs to obey -- she explains her methods very articulately and teaches you how to get effective results on your own. And she doesn't use the same system for every dog. She really tailors to what your dog needs. Over the years we have seen 5 trainers including some of the most famous, most reputable, and most expensive expert trainers in LA. None of them come close. We are so lucky to have found her.

Alyssa Nambiar

2 years ago

Sogand is simply the best!!! We adopted our one and a half year old Husky/German Shepherd mix, Summer, and quickly realized she had major problems around other dogs. Though she was great in the house, we couldn't take her on walks or even introduce her to our family's other dogs - she would snap and bark and get VERY aggressive. As a bigger dog with a big growl, this was not a good look and often scared a lot of people/other dogs, which we definitely did NOT want. Summer's excitement would bubble into aggression and she exhibited a lot of dominance issues that we had no idea how to fix. No matter how many times we tried to get her to listen, she always wanted things her way. We knew we had to get her trained by a professional and wanted someone who had specific experience with aggression rehabilitation. My husband and I were initially hesitant about sending Summer to a boot camp. Both of us were worried that she would listen to a trainer perfectly during camp but wouldn't listen to us when she came home. Finally, we decided to give it a shot after coming across Sogand - and we are SO glad we did. Summer stayed with Sogand for two weeks for her board and train program and it was the BEST decision we've ever made for her!!! Sogand sent us video updates every few days - within the first three days, Summer was being gentle with small animals like ducks and cats, and within a week, she was getting introduced to other dogs and not reacting aggressively. Sogand also helped Summer with basic commands: sit, stay, come, down, play, look, heel, and off. When we returned to pick her up, we had an hour of training with Sogand to learn the ins and outs of corrections. When we came home, we began training Summer on our own to reinforce what she'd learned. She made so much progress on her basic commands, but still had issues around new dogs. We reached back out to Sogand for a follow up session (which she includes for two months with the board and train package) and immediately we found out we'd been correcting her the wrong way. Sogand offered really valuable and personalized corrections for Summer during the follow up session. We recently took Summer to see the family dogs she couldn't be around previously and the difference is night and day. With the proper corrections and with Sogand's help, Summer listened to us and even interacted perfectly with a small (5-10 lb) puppy! The difference in Summer's behavior is truly night and day, and that's all thanks to Sogand's amazing training. She truly is incredible at what she does. If you're looking for a trainer who can specifically help with aggression and will really understand your dog, she's the one. Thank you Sogand for all your help!!!

Connor Jenkins

4 years ago

We brought our 6 month old corgi/poodle mix for a few weeks of the board and train program and could not have been happier with the results. Our dog used to snarl and bite and nip, bark, and run away from us whenever we tried to calm her …

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