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Nugs G

a year ago

Best vet I been too,,have been to Banfield, and many others, Best customer service

Jennie Roman

a year ago

I called them on Monday morning when they opened told them that my Chihuahua was very sick told them she was not eating and was losing weight they told me they told me there computers where down to call back I asked if I could just bring her in they told me no call back in a couple of hours and make an appointment for Friday so I told them am suppose to let her suffer and starve until Friday they said thats all they could do. I will never never recommend them to anyone. They have no compassion. With that I don't want to even give them one star but have to so I can put this post. I

Pat Lawler

a year ago

Very caring about our aging dog, and realistic about the dog's future. We would bring our animals here again.

Ashley Martinez

2 years ago

The service is very bad and the people are soooo rude and insensitive! Will not be coming back and canceling all upcoming appointments


2 years ago

had no sympathy for my dog that died. I had her for 20 years and a girl there literally laughed in my face. will not be going back, clearly. hire people that actually care about animals.

Tiffany Rivera

2 years ago

They told me to come in to see if certain doctor, When I went in early in the morning I found out the doctor wasn’t there. They didn’t call me to tell me or anything so I woke up early on my day off for nothing! So unprofessional and very disrespectful and they acted like it was my fault for missing a previous appointment even though I had called a day early and canceled it. They didn’t take any notes from that phone call and made me feel like they thought I was lying about it all.

Theresa Peterson

2 years ago

Love Cottage Animal Hospital Dr. Emad and his staff are great ! We have been talking our pet here for 12+ yrs.. Both cats and our dogs .Thank You for your professionalism and your great service for all these years.

Maria Medina

2 years ago

Everything went extremely well with my dog visit there last week. Finally got the flea medication that works on my pet which I was so stoked about. Super courteous and I love the fact that they come to your car pick up your dog and then they'll come out and talk to you in it while you're in your car. Super safe!

Jess Leal

2 years ago

Went to go get my dog some vaccinations. Went really well. I expected it to go worse knowing my dog but i was in and out and my dog seemed fine and well behaved with the person helping me. I had a chihuahua and he was a little scared. Good people as well.

nadia rebolleldo

2 years ago

They are always so nice and helpful!!!

Laura Ambriz

3 years ago

Alondra, one of the employees at this business treated me like a second class citizen.Her attitude was condescending and when I called her out on her unprofessional behavior, she took no responsibility for her rude behavior. According to the manager she has been employed for a while. In other words, management has allowed her mistreatment of clients continued. I wonder how many clients have been turned off by her unkindness. I wonder how much money the hospital has lost or will lose because of Alondras. If I were the employer I would not keep her. She is hurting this hospital’s reputation. This is too bad because I really like and have much respect for Dr. Snyder, the that took care of my kitten. I am a resident of Oxnard and I do my best to support local business, but with Alondra there, I am going back to Ventura with The Cat Doctor.

Carrie Clark

3 years ago

My dogs love going there so do I Great Dr and Staff

Christopher Clark

3 years ago

I took my dog in for a tooth extraction and node removal from her tail. The staff was great with my pup and Dr. did a great surgery that lead to a quick recovery. Excellent Vet

Cruz Ipatzi Jr.

3 years ago

The entire staff is great!! Appreciate all vets! Dr. Snyder is recommended!

Donna Raia Barnhill

3 years ago

I just moved to Ca 2 weeks ago, my pup had bad allergies. I was able to get him in and treated immediately. Great Staff!

Dwayne Reynold

3 years ago

Always there when I need them. Super friendly and helpful staff. They have also been very helpful in situations where my dogs eat things she should not.

Eddy Romo

3 years ago

We took our pet to Cottage Hospital and received excellent service from the staff. Safety protocols were in place and staff came to our car retrieved our pet and brought her back in a very reasonable amount of trme and our pet is feeling much better after the treatments and meds she received.

Elizabeth Chavez

3 years ago

Thankful that my dog was able to be seen same day. After reading some of the reviews I was a bit hesitant to take my dog, but two people I know recommended this place. Loved the doctor and staff!

Jaclyn Buzzetta

3 years ago

We have been going to Cottage Animal Hospital and seeing Dr. Emad exclusively for the last 4 years for our English bulldog and two indoor cats (1 senior, 1 kitten). The clinic is conveniently located about 5 minutes from our home. Having worked in BOTH emergency and clinical medical fields for nearly 20 YEARS and experiencing my own injuries and illnesses, I've seen many walks of practitioners and interacted with a multitude of medical office staff. My experience with Cottage Animal Hospital is as follows: VETERINARIAN 2/5 stars Dr. Emad is a wise and thorough vet with abhorrent beside manner. During pre-COVID in-office exams, his attitude to any logical questions you may have are that they're a waste of his time (eye rolls, huge heaving sighs, facial expressions and body language). He has little empathy for pet parents who advocate for their pets or inquire to options other than his original opinion. I do not feel that he ever opted for more tests, check-ups or Rx medicine than what was necessary. His surgical skills saved our dog's life. Al beit, the absence of empathy and blatant narcissism toward his patient's caregivers is grossly unprofessional and uncalled for. If the manager is overwhelming his schedule, that should be an internal issue and not one taken out on his clients. OFFICE STAFF 1/5 stars The ultimate downfall of this clinic. When IN PERSON, the front office staff is more friendly than on the phone. You can expect to be left on hold for extended periods of time or completely forgotten about while on hold. We also experienced unanswered calls, being lied to about being allowed in the room for our pet's exam, being handed flavored-medication that our dog is allergic to when the chart is clearly flagged for allergies, lost immunization records and incomplete medical charts, and attitude nearly every time we tried scheduling appointments. The manager seems to have lost control not only of the clinic, but also of staff morale. She did not return my phone call and had conveniently "stepped out" when I politely asked to speak to her. The technicians were usually helpful, not always friendly or smiling though. There is ONE gem I could count on, a short young woman with dark hair and eyes, who always has a smile and was much friendlier than the rest. That girl deserves a better working environment and a raise! It should be noted that we always paid our bills in full (or even BEFOREHAND!) and showed up for every appointment we made. CLINIC 2/5 stars The building is located off of busy 5th St and went WITHOUT fencing until just recently. I don't want to imagine what had to happen to force the installment of the fencing around the front of the clinic... The building is extremely old and is in dire need of a remodel. The equipment is also pretty antiquated. The waiting room is very small and does not have separate cat&dog entrances, nor A/C. The entire "parking lot" can't have more than 10 spaces which butt up against Richmond Dr. making backing out relatively dangerous. All in all, this clinic will no longer be receiving our business due to its unprofessionalism of the majority of staff. It's sad to see such an intuitive DVM have such a poor attitude with his clientele. *The biggest problem of this place unfortunately is the staff; the poor management, lack of professionalism and integrity...* PATRON AT YOUR OWN RISK.

John Hernandez

3 years ago

Love Dr. Emad! He's great with my dog and has treated her great for over 10 years. Only reason for 3 stars is the staff. They used to be great, but over past 2 years, it's really gone down hill. Again, love Dr. Emad, but I will probably look for a new vet in the future if the staff doesn't improve.

Adam's Outdoor Adventures *

3 years ago

This place is terrible - they are poor at communication and care more about making money and turning over a profit than the actual well being of the animals. We brought in our dog to be seen after we adopted her this past week to get a full exam. After an hour they came out and performed an invasive procedure to remove foreign bodies out of her ears without our consent or letting us know what they were doing. The provider didn’t complete the full exam. He did not speak to us directly and sent multiple employees to our vehicle (due to COVID)who weren’t fully aware of what was going on. They charged us for an incomplete exam and wanted to charge even more money for invasive procedures unrelated to why we were there. I would not recommend this place.

Marie 805

3 years ago

Thank you Dr. Emad and staff for taking care of our beloved cockatiel, Vinyl! You guys are awesome !!????


3 years ago

Awesome caring doctors, techs and staff!

Michael Baker

3 years ago

They are great. They really care.


3 years ago

I can’t stress enough how much the doc & staff has helped us regain health in our little Maltipoo. Still a work in progress but Cottage Animal Hospital has been wonderful & on top of it!

Scarlet Schmitz

3 years ago

I do not recommend taking your pet here if you consider your pet family and want them treated well and for you to have a good experience. I do not trust them to diagnose my dog and will never take him here again.

Scott Raley

3 years ago

They were very nice to us especially my wife they even talk Spanish which is great and they were so sweet to our dog I thankyou guys great teamwork.

Sherri Perez

3 years ago

My puppy broke her toe and they were asweome!

Tina Goldberg

3 years ago

Very reliable information about my pets needs. The staff members were very supportive of my pets needs. professional and very courteous. I would recommend him to anybody.

Yvonne Gutierrez

3 years ago

My husky subie Ortega ( instagram) @subiethehusky_ when in very ill and they took care of her so quick love how they are a very sweet team in behave of our family thank you so much .. her recovery is going well and we are so happy I would recommend

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