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Crystal Call

2 years ago

Vladae is the most professional, knowledgeable expert in dog training. Truly the dog whisperer. Our mouthy, hyper dog has been transformed with his three important steps: 1. Vladae as expert teacher 2. Hard work and homework 3. A dog with a good personality. Vladae answered all of our questions and had our dog walking off leash and following all commands in busy public places like the Irvine Spectrum center. It’s like he says, “You don’t have a bad dog, you just need Vlad!” Thanks you Vlad! Our sweet dog, Remi is truly “driving like a Ferrari” and we love that she can travel and come with us everywhere! ❤️

Paul Low

2 years ago

Being the first time dog owner, we have a lot to learn and have ZERO idea how to train a puppy. Even though we watched tons of dog training video on YouTube, it doesn’t really help when it comes to the real life practical stuff! As our pup, Charlie, an Australian Mountain doodle, grows bigger, we realize we REALLY need to get him trained properly and trained the right way. He was constantly pulling on leash when we walk him, he would bark at dogs ACROSS the street, and jumps up on strangers and people. ???????? We are so glad we found SoCal Dog Training through referral of a good friend, and after reading some glowing reviews, we decided to work with Vladae. He is the founder, owner and award winning celebrity trainer of SoCal Dog Training. We are so glad we made the decision! Vladae is a true professional and cares deeply about his clients and his fur students. Vladae has his unique but effective way of communicating and training dogs, and he is patient in teaching us all the details and answer all our questions. He has a process of interviewing his clients through FaceTime and evaluating the dog behavior to ensure a successful result. We had 4 classes and we went through essential commands of sit, come, down, how to walk with leash and work through walking without leash under tons of distractions in a shopping mall. It was an incredible journey and we witnessed an wonderful transformation of our puppy. The key to success is to truly trust Vladae’s method and teaching, trust the process and most importantly make sure you practice and practice at home between lessons. Practice makes perfect and Vladae will not accept anything less than perfect :) It’s been a very rewarding experience for us working with Vladae and we are so happy with the result with Charlie now being very well trained and well behaved. We can literally take him anywhere with us without problems whatsoever. If you are on the fence about working with Vladae, I would definitely recommend him. Go for it, you will not regret it! And you will get to enjoy your dog’s companionship for a very long time.

Gretchen Bergquist

2 years ago

Our dog, Tex, completed boot camp a few months ago and is doing fantastic. We’re so thankful for Vladae’s patience, hard work, and expertise; it made a world of difference for us. If you are searching for training and guidance with your pup, Vladae’s knowledge and skill are unmatched. His training program was an absolute game-changer for us and we’re incredibly thankful we (including Tex) are able to work with him.

mhon kris de la cruz

2 years ago

We were going on a vacation when we decided to enroll our 6 year old Labrador Retriever on a Private bootcamp with Vladae. We only had a few days notice of booking before our trip, but Vladae still accommodated our dog. Our dog had a previous 2week board and train with another trainer, but we never saw a dramatic improvement. The only thing our dog learned was the command “sit”. Our yellow lab is very friendly to everybody to the extent that he always pulls and wants to jump on every dog and person he sees whenever we take him for a walk. Walking him hasn’t been very easy. During his private bootcamp with Vladae at his home. He was treated like their own family. We received photos, videos and updates on a daily basis even we’re overseas which we appreciate a lot. When it’s time to pick up our dear Walter(our dog) he allocated about 2 hours of his time to instruct my husband and teach him his ways of training our dog. To our surprise our Walter isn’t the same dog that we left with him 2 weeks prior. Our very hyperactive dog became a service dog that we can walk OFF-LEASH! Isn’t that amazing? Vladae is heaven sent to our family, not mentioning he considers us his family too. I would say he’s very strict, but that’s what you would expect from a world-class trainer; but in the end, everything will be worth it. But of course, it won’t stop there; as the owners of our dog have the responsibility to continue what Vladae has started, we have to follow and do the homework he gives us. He follows up all the time on our progress with our dog. We love Vladae and our family is very grateful for Vladae! He truly is a Russian Dig wizard, our Walter is the proof to it!

Shannon Windsor

2 years ago

I am so thankful that we found SoCal Dog Training. We learned from the best - Vladae! He helped us understand our dog's needs and pinpointed exact solutions for various situations. With his guidance and our commitment to following through with what he taught us, our dog has come so far! We now have her following commands off-leash which we all enjoy. -Great investment for a very deserving dog that will last her lifetime!!!

Clarissa Ramos

2 years ago

Vladae is truly incredible at what he does! It’s been 4 months since our girl completed his two week boot camp training and we could not be more please with the results. We are so grateful to Vladae who still takes time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions or simply check in to see how we’re doing. He does a great job of bonding with your pup and building that trust prior incorporating his training methods and it shows! Our girl absolutely loves him!

Ana Morales

2 years ago

We highly recommend SoCal dog training. The quality of training we have received has been phenomenal and the results have been outstanding. The methods that was used in our training was very gentle and felt that it even bettered our relationship with our dog. We saw immediate difference after our first session with our dogs behavior. Our friends/family cannot even believe the difference our dog. What we love about working with Vladae is that you can see he truly cares about his clients. However, you must follow his instructions and do homework! He keeps on constant communication with clients and provides feedback to set you up for success for the next class. He is very selective with his clients, but this is to make sure they can be successful in the end. Before we committed, we had a FaceTime session before we moved forward. This allowed us to connect and make sure we were a good fit for Vladae’s program. With regards to pricing, when we’re comparing prices his pricing is very reasonable considering his background and credentials. Bottom line, we highly highly recommend Vladae for training.

Lissa Rosepink

3 years ago

I'm not even sure where to start. Our dog is a one year old Mal-Shi. When we first brought him home we had a trainer come to our house to help us with this crazy dog but didn't help much at all. Before we met Vladae our dog Rocky barked at …

Katherine Clark

3 years ago

My husband Justin posted a few months ago and I am here to give an update. Our daughter is now six months old, and every week we send Vladae texts of …

Justin Clark

3 years ago

I'm here to let you know you can stop scouring the web for the only dog trainer you'll ever need. …

Daniel Stoff

3 years ago

Vladae saved my life!!! Needless to say my humans are incredibly happy that Vladae at the SoCal Dog …

Afshin Abadi

3 years ago

We are first time Dog Owners and after 2 years we got a Fantastic Female Golden Doodle in Feb. We love our dog and knowing that we didn't know anything about training or Dogs, we looked for the best trainer that we could possibly get. Surprisingly from multiple sources we kept ending up with the same recommendation. We contacted Vladae few months back and started working with him on the training with our Dog. Now she is 1 year old and we either Have the most intelligent dog in the world (Probably not) or He does Magic. Our Topol (Our Dog) has become so well mannered that My Parents who throughout my entire life of 50 years hated Dogs are asking me to get them a new Poppy. Our dog has gone though such a transformation that people are constantly asking who has done her training. Vladae is truly amazing with K9's. I Wish I Could included a short Video that demonstrated what she can do now. I can give you an example. Few month back anytime the kids played Badminton in the backyard, she would chase and tried to get the badminton birdie from them. Today, when you tell her to sit and watch she just sits close and looks at the kids playing against her nature.

Richard Abramson

4 years ago

We first met Vladae 15 years ago when we needed help training our 3 Bichons and 1 Maltese. He is truly a miracle worker with dogs. He has a brilliant mind and is exceptionally kind and patient, even with puppies and small breeds. He has an …

Millie Berry

4 years ago

After one puppy session we had a well behaved pup! It takes work to get your dog to behave properly, but Vlad not only trains the dog, he trains the owners! We are still working with Vlad and our pup is showing incredible progress. Our …

Ann Weiser

4 years ago

Vladae trained us well! He trained our dogs, he trained all three Labradors. They were a pack, and were extremely pray driven. He trained them and us so well, we have complete control of them! We had a lot of trainers before, no one other …

Sean Smith

8 years ago

I never write Google Reviews, but for Vladae and SoCal Dog Training I felt compelled to. My dog had separation anxiety, jumping issues, and was a little too playful with small and elderly dogs. She easily destroyed $3,000 worth of my …

Brooke K

8 years ago

We had two Australian shepherds. Fixed male and female. They were getting aggressive so I decided to look up dog trainers. About two and a half years ago, I found Vladae and a couple other people. I've interviewed a few and found Vladae to …

SoCal Dog training

9 years ago

5.0 star rating 11/12/2013 I'll start this review by saying that Vladae and SoCal Dog Training really know their stuff. As evidenced by the other reviews here, you can see it's nothing …

jacqueline bedell

9 years ago

WOW, almost UNREAL!! Vlade is truly incredible! He trained our dog and it was THE best investment I have ever made! People everywhere are amazed at how well trained our dog is. Vlade really knows his stuff and speaks their language. When …

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