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James Hansen

2 years ago

She did a marvellous job

Jen Whits

2 years ago

WOW! My beagle was groomed by Amy and she is so clean! Nails are trimmed perfectly and she smells great! My go-to groomer! My dog loves Amy and she is more comfortable with her than anyone else. Thanks Bubbles and Bows!!

amy whitson

3 years ago

Amy is the new groomer for Bubbles and Bows Mobile Grooming. She has been in the grooming industry for many years and grooms all dogs with love and care. Schedule your pets next groom with Amy.


4 years ago

I made an appointment with Mavis two days ago and she has called me over 15 times to review the time and date of our appointment. At first I could tell she was older so I understood she might need to go slower and be reminded a couple times (which I believe is still inappropriate for a business). After three missed calls within 5 minutes she left me 3 voicemails over 3 minutes long repeating herself about the time and date of the appointment. I even told her she needed to write it down and that she has called me more than enough times. It was mind blowing that she still receives business but am giving her the benefit of the doubt. She also was 15 minutes late which was almost comical because we’ve gone over it so many times. I almost cancelled several times due to the way it’s all been handled but decided this will be the first and last time we will be using her service. Still waiting to see how my dog looks... I am now writing another review to warn anyone wanting to use this service... Don’t!! Yes, she is a nice lady but absolutely needs to retire. I warned her my little girl can get feisty if man-handled and after a while my 6 lb girl was done. I watched Mavis pull her tale to move her at which my dog snapped back. Instead of backing away and making sure the dog knew she was safe, she slapped her so hard on her butt, telling her she was a bad girl then proceeded to put a muzzle on her without asking me first (which I would have agreed to). I decided that was enough as well and told her it was over and gave her my card. She said she doesn’t take cards and only takes cash or checks! I told her as a business she should make sure that is known as most people use cards for everything! She thought that was absurd. I gave her what I had in my wallet which was a little under her asking price yet the job was not finished at all!!! My husband came home and Mavis asked for the rest of the money but he took a look at our girl and decided that what I gave her was more than enough for the job she did. They had a altercation right in our driveway and he asked her to please leave. She did not leave and stood at our door as she continued to ring our door bell. When we didn’t answer as promptly as she wanted she opened our front door!!!!! My husband was beyond himself but she said she had been standing out there for a while now and didn’t know where she had placed the cash we gave her. It was overall one of the worst experiences of my life. Unless you have the kind of dog that lets you move and tug on them in any which way, I urge you to find someone else.

Savanna Cilingir

4 years ago

Just got my German Shepard groomed and he looks amazing!!!! The groomer did such an amazing job!! I will continue to use this company!!

Gail Sidvers

5 years ago

Our 17 year old blind love was serviced by Mavis. She Was informed about the bumps our dog had on his body, but she managed to cut a number of them. She stated he was very matted, but other salons NEVER cut his bumps. Plus she did not clip hairs in his ears. We ended up having to take our dog to the vet the next day. He had a antibiotic shot, special shampoo, and ear cleaning solution for the infection . NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! Cost at vets $175

Valiee Loring

5 years ago

Mavis has been doing my little Maltese since last year. She is one of the “BEST” groomers I have ever had! She is very kind, compassionate & gentle with my little Star. She takes her time to make sure that I am completely satisfied which I always am. I highly recommend Mavis to groom your precious fur babies. Sue is talented enough to groom for the White House!

Kristine Wahner

6 years ago

I wanted to give this lady a try despite the other reviews. We talked on the phone for 11 minutes and repeated the time and date for grooming. She never showed up and not even a phone call. Tried to reach her but no answer as well. Maybe she is good, but a no show is never good for business.

debra skiba

7 years ago

Bubbles and Bows is a delightful experience for everyone!! We have had the pleasure of knowing Mavis, the owner, for nearly a year now and always look forward to her impeccable workmanship and dedication to detail. She is simply lovely and our little puppy is so lucky to know her!!

Jim Needle

7 years ago

First time in my 15 year old 12 pound cockapoos life i've been told by a groomer she needs help from me to hold my sweet little old well behaved dog, i attempted to help but Mavis was pulling on her way too hard hurting her she said what do …

Laura Stewart

7 years ago

Horrible. She was 35 minutes late. She put my elderly blind pom/Chi up on the table in her van on the edge and turned her back with no leash tied off at one end or hand to keep my dog from falling off to the floor. When my dog got scared …

Robin Upton

7 years ago

I have been using Mavis for 3 years. The last time she groomed my elderly dog, she was very matted. Mavis was long and patient with the dog while she groomed the knots out. I have bounced around looking for a good groomer, and one my dog likes, and I found Mavis. She is awesome.

Daschle Dunne

8 years ago

I highly recommend this company! My dog looked great after having him cleaned up, thanks so much! :)

Rick James

9 years ago

I have had the pleasure of finding a groomer who's radiates her love for animals and people and can brighten anyone's day. Her name is Mavis and she owns Bubbles and Bows Mobile Dog Grooming. Mavis does amazing work and her devotion is to make her clients happy and to be the best groomer ever. She is never in a hurry and won't leave till your dog is done and you are happy.. I have used many groomers in the past and none are as patient and good as she is. Give her a try and you will love her as much as I do.

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